My Top Ten subjects I want to see in Arsene Wenger’s autobiography

The media used to love an Arsene Wenger press conference. He was a manager who you asked questions about a degree of subjects and he would go into depth with his answers. If he could be a storyteller in pre match, post-match interviews, imagine how entertaining he can be in an environment where he can put all his thoughts and feelings into one book?

Many gooners will be aware about Mr Wenger, he’s always been open with the public, and since leaving has given a few details about behind the scenes at the club, yet to make money there’s got to be some information we didn’t know before?

So here are 10 subjects I am looking forward to being addressed in this upcoming autobiography……

10- Life Stories
Mr Wenger started managing in 1984 and didn’t leave us till 2018, that’s an incredible 34 years of coaching at the highest level. So not just would he have seen lots of changes within the sport but in life as well, such as the rise of TV, social media, politics, etc. A deeply knowledgeable man he’s capable of sharing insightful opinions…

9- Tactical Insight
There have been books, sit down dinners, etc, where Arsene Wenger has offered fascinating insights into how he sees the game. Even though some (even in our fan base) try to say differently, tactically this man made some amazing decisions.

What made him see that Henry could be a striker? Or Kolo Touré a centre back?
Why did he have such strong footballing principles about the style of play?
What made him believe that could work?

8- Family Life
The Frenchmen and his team always did a good job of keeping his personal life private, no doubt led by some tasteless rumours when he first moved to England (which he might address?) While of course it’s his prerogative to leave his loved ones out of this project, it would show us another side of the man.

He’s obsessed with the sport so much, some fans really worried how he would cope not doing the same routine he did every day for the last two decades.

‘Arsene Wenger – the family man’ would be a good read?

7- Fans
Briefly before the FA Cup Final win over Chelsea, Arsene Wenger spoke about his hurt from a minority of our fans, ‘disrespect I will never forget’. For him to say that so close to a game where his team were underdogs and already under pressure, shows you how seriously he took it. The man had to tolerate verbal abuse, signs, planes being flown over, even being filmed and mocked when once falling over at a train station. Maybe the juice isn’t worth the squeeze but maybe this is his platform to one more time remind us about the values we are slowly losing?

6- Was He Pushed Out?
Officially it was mutually agreed, most think he was forced out, yet we never got the full story. Mr Wenger announced he was leaving with a few weeks of the season left, but didn’t want to talk about himself as he was focused on trying to win the Europa League. He was dignified till his last day in office but what does he really feel?

5- Right To Reply
Let’s be honest most players only have good words to say about working for Mr Wenger, some even addressing him as a father figure. Yet naturally not everyone is going to like you.

The likes of Gervinho have been overly critical of him and you sense there was a breakdown in his relationship with Tony Adams? In his own book, Adams talks about Wenger going back on his word to let him come back and coach, and not returning his phone calls.

I don’t think he’s the type to do a Sir Alex Ferguson and break down his opinion on every player he’s worked with, but maybe to those who have had their say this is his right to reply?

4- Transfer Window
Over the years we heard the stories of who Arsenal nearly signed, but surely we can get a glimpse of what transfer deadline day looks like in the Wenger household? If he can add anything to Sol Campbell’s account of how he secretly met up with him and David Dein, that would be a great chapter.

3- Behind the Scenes
Why I think this would be fascinating is because I can’t see it happening. It would go against his biggest strength yet biggest flaw, he’s too loyal to his players. For much of his time in North London he spoke about an amazing spirit in the squad, but nowhere is perfect all the time.

I want the gen behind the scenes of Gallas’ melt down, Anelka’s Brothers, Ian Wright on rolling skates, Cole being tapped up, police showing up to speak to Pennant, Sol going AWOL, Bendtner’s night out, did Ramsey square up to Sanchez? Etc. I am a bit worried he might have too much class though?

2- Job Offers
In his own words he promised one day he would write a book and prove how many times he had the chance to leave us … The time has come…

This will be his most open chapter, where he won’t mind naming clubs, dates, etc. This will be where he can bash a few around the head and remind some how loyal he was when we were on our knees.

The narrative he was happy to just finish 4th was false. If it were purely about medals, instead of helping pay off stadium debt he could have won titles at PSG or Bayern. The board played on his heart strings to stay. How could he leave us in such a position? The banks would only loan us the money if he were manager. Loyalty and love he didn’t get back?

1- Will He Still Protect Stan Kroenke?
This will decide ultimately how great this book is regarded. Does Mr Wenger approach it with honesty or does he do what he always did, cover for the owner? Stan Kroenke took advantage of his love for us and let him take the bullets. Maybe that was a smart way to keep your job, but he doesn’t have to worry about that now.

Protect your legacy and make it clear how hard it was working for an employer with zero ambition. Remind fans how well you did to finish in the top 4 in that environment.

Only this week, Van persie has again insisted he was never offered a contract extension, and when he presented a 7-point action plan he realised there was no desire to keep him. At the time though our manager said the intention was to give him a new deal. Who’s lying? Was it the boss on behalf of the Kroenkes? Could we have kept some other talents? How bad were we financially?

Gunners, what incidents or opinions would you like Mr Wenger to cover in his autobiography?

Be kind in the comments

Dan Smith


  1. I am very much hoping your no. 1) will be a big part of it.
    Although, I don’t want to use the same angle as you, because you already seem to have it as a fact, that Wenger was “protecting” the owner.
    But maybe, they were very much in agreement on the way things was done?
    I think, we should be open minded about what his views are, but also remember, they are subjective as well 🙂

  2. I can only imagine Wenger will have great words of gratitude towards Kroenke.

    Yes Kroenke doesn’t care about the club, but he left Wenger, along with Gazidis, to get on with things, which actually gave Wenger a lot more power, and freedom, which he must have enjoyed. Not to mention keeping Wenger on as one of the highest paid managers in the world. Any other owner, who actually cared for the club, would have moved Wenger on at least 8 years before he eventually went, so Wenger must surely realize how lucky he was to keep his job for so long, when he was clearly under performing?

    If I were in Wenger’s shoes, Kroenke would be the first person I would thank!

    The number one subject I like to see talked about in the book, is why he never replaced Gilberto Silva? It’s almost as if Wenger just abandoned the DM position at Arsenal after he left.

  3. First up would be:Tactics or lack of.Now that would be interesting 🤔 Explanations of the “ humiliations” suffered by us under his “ tactics”I.e like going to old toilet with an almost 2nd string eleven & defence & instead of parking the bus( like any sane manager)would do.decides to attack manure.leaving us open to counter attacks & a humiliation.which of course duly arrived.secondly would be the “ I nearly bought him squad” 😂. Must be approaching 20 or so who were or went on to be world class.why we ended up with none of them? A book full of excuses no doubt….

    1. Can you name 20 players who were not world class with us and then went on to be ?
      After that I’ll give you list of players not world class when he brought them but were by time they left ?

  4. I have no idea what Wenger will wish to explain or to leave out but Dan does a marvellous job in this article posing good questions, all of which real Gooners would love to know more about. My opinion for what its worth, is that he will say nothing that stirs up REAL fan hostility to the club, in general. I think he will be very honest with what he says but will leave out MUCH that WE really want to know.

    1. ‘Much that we want to know’.

      Working with the strangle hold of The PIGMOL,

      Working with the ignorance of the media and its contempt for the truth.

      Swimming in the pollution that comes down from the top elite of English Football.

      Much we want to know but can only surmise.

      But we know the shameful way he was treated by so many, They made us ashamed to be English.

      Merci, Arsene. Thank you for making us proud to say the name ‘Arsenal’.

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