My transfer window nightmare is that Chelsea buy two more Arsenal players

It is no secret that Emi Martinez has stated he wants to be the number one keeper for us next season. He’s also said he’ll move if this doesn’t happen.

It has also been ‘reported’- but not officially I think/hope – that the club want to sell AMN to raise funds to buy such as Partey etc.

The departure of Sanllehi may change that of course, and Mikel Arteta has already said he wants to keep AMN, if indeed the rumours turn out to be true. We wait to see what happens.

Now let’s look across to West London and pose a couple of ‘what ifs.’…

It’s pretty well known that Kepa Arrizabalaga, the Chelsea keeper, has had a very poor season, to say the least. Some stats make him the worst keeper in the premiership. In spite of that Chelsea still managed to finish fourth, getting a place in the Champion’s league.

1) WHAT IF: Frank Lampard says to Emi “Come to us and I GUARANTEE you’ll be our number one keeper.” (as feared by Ian Wright). Moving on, it’s also pretty well known that Kante has not had the best of seasons. Injuries have not helped and I think he’s only started 23 games this season, being on the bench for others including the cup final. According to a Metro report on Monday, 3rd August, Chelsea put him up for sale, along with others.

2) WHAT IF: Frank then says to AMN “N’Golo has had a difficult season through no fault of his own. However, injuries and age are now taking their toll so I’m looking to sell/replace him.
“Come to us and take N’Golo’s place and I GUARANTEE you’ll be a first team starter for us – and in midfield of course!”

Chelsea have already made what appear to be some excellent signings, with Hakim Ziyech signed up for a 5 year stint. Timo Werner has also been given a 5 year contract. Nicknamed ‘Turbo Timo’ by the German media because of his pace, it looks like our old friend Giroud is going to miss out again.

Whether these players turn out to be good in the reality of the Prem remains to be seen but the potential is certainly there.

Add an excellent keeper in Emi and an excellent midfielder in AMN to the mix, and I fear that Chelsea will again emerge as the top club in London.

If AMN is sold I would even prefer him to move across to Spurs than Chelsea, as I see Chelsea as a much bigger threat to our Champion’s league ambitions than Jose’s team.

All this is just conjecture of course but stranger things have happened.

Hope not this time.



  1. GunnerJack, as a Chelsea fan I would love to see Martinez at the Bridge, but you guys wouldn’t let him go, would you? Surely Ozil (great player, wrong club) will be out of the door to free up some pennies?
    Though if the Gunners are looking for money, we’d take PEA off your hands, he looks to have some potential 😉

    1. Bluebrain you’ve just bought ‘Turbo’ Tim Werner – how many more strikers do you need!?
      Ozil insists he won’t be sold so he might well be here, playing or not, until the end of next season.
      Hope you don’t get Emi or AMN. I think you’ve bought well as I said in the article and if you get those two from us you will be flying high.
      Just your defence to worry about – how about you buy Sokratis and Co? 🙂

    2. So like chelsea they only buy Arsenal players so that they can make Arsenal look bad but at the end of the day the only use they have for arsenal players are on the bench….

  2. Why not? 50m for Martinez, 30 for AMN, we should sell them. AMN will be a bench warmer at Chelsea, and Martinez might be an improvement for Chelsea but we can improve a lot more with an extra 50m.

    1. AMN showed he has good work rate and physical presence against Liverpool and Man City. He’s still young, and I reckon if he keeps going in the trajectory he is, he could well be a kante replacement.

  3. AMN might still improve but I don’t think he can be a first team player at Chelsea, the truth is we have to make some football decision and some business decision, keeping both Leno and Martinez is not a very wise business decision, we can easily get more than 30 million for any of our two goalkeepers so I think the best thing is to sell one of them and invest the money somewhere else, we can use Macy as the cups keeper.

    1. Exactly. I would sell your namesake and keep Martinez. His command of the box is what drives my choice. Leno is an excellent shot stopper, and can bring in 25-30M. If AMN can fetch 30M, I would say sell, if only this helps bring Partey and Ouar / the lad from Red Bull. As you say some sound business decisions need to made.

      1. I’m in agreement with ahmad73. I wouldn’t have said this 6 months ago, but Emi is much better in the box with those floated crosses, which is where we gave up goals with Leno. I actually believe he’s better with the ball at his feet, and distributed better.

  4. Great article GJ, posing some awkward scenarios.
    I hope I’m right in believing that AMN will stay, as MA has said quite openly that that is what he wants.

    The keeper situation is more difficult to assess, as neither of them have let the club down.
    We don’t know what Leno feels about the situation and whether he would accept being the “cup keeper” or not.
    I suspect he will be as vocal as Martinez on this and, if that’s the case, a decision will have to be made.
    My personal preference is Martinez, but once again, it’s down to Arteta.

    Rest assured, whoever gets the nod, as soon as he makes a mistake, the doom and gloom merchants will be out in force, saying they always wanted the other!!!

    As for a fee, let’s be hard and ask for a high transfer number. If it is chelskie that want one of them, lets recoup at least the money it cost us to get Partey on our books – then see which part of London is top dog!!!

  5. Leno and Martinez are both good…arsenal should sell one and bring up macey to deputise whoever stays among the two…thats good business to me

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