My verdict – Arsenal need Saliba more than Saliba needs us….

Hello All! by Dgr8xt

One of the sagas which will apparently run deep into the summer window is the case of William Saliba’s contract. If you’re in love with our manager, you had better stop reading now cos I’m about to briefly re-open an old wound.

There has been a recent report that Saliba’s agents are demanding a lot of money to renew his contract. In fact, multiple reports state that Arsenal is shocked at their demands.

1. Arsenal FC agreed to pay a significant sum for him despite him not playing for us a full year because we saw him as being out of reach in a year’s time
2. When he finally arrived, he was left to sit at home for six months despite four competitions being available for him to play while Mustafi was stinking up the whole place
3. After his enforced sabbatical, he was loaned to OGC Nice where he was player of the month after his first six games and was effectively the best player at the club till his loan finished
4. He returned to Arsenal hoping to be given a chance to show what he had already shown abroad only for another young English defender in his position to be signed for £50m while he was sent on loan again which meant he was effectively replaced
5. He went to Marseille, led them to the Champions League, was voted best young player in France and had the highest appearance for any defender of his age in Europe while our defence was busy capitulating and missing out on the top four
6. At his return, much fan dissatisfaction, media pressure and obvious facts meant he had to be first choice in his position and was a key player for the team as we were on top of the table for 93% of the season while we capitulated in spectacular fashion when he became injured

1. The manager was trying to get rid of him initially, but we need him now
2. He proved himself over and over again, came in, shored up our defence and kept us at the top of the league throughout his time on the pitch
3. His injury meant our complete collapse
4. He has only one year on his contract
5. He’s currently on £40k p/w and is certainly worth more than the £120k p/w that Arsenal have offered him. Saka and Martinelli’s contracts come to mind.
6. If he leaves, bigger clubs are willing to pay him more than us
7. PSG are willing to pay way way way more than us

I’m of the opinion that we should do what we can to pay up because:
1. He is widely regarded as the best defender in the world within his age group
2. Getting a player of his age and quality as a replacement will cost us at least £100m in transfer fees alone
3. His presence in our team means we can at least challenge for the Premier League title and guarantee we go far in the Champions League next season
4. This might be very harsh to say, and many will not like it, but the fact is that we need him to win trophies more than he needs us to do the same because any team he goes to from here will certainly be a winning team

Finally, to be fair to Arsenal, I’m not sure how much his agents are demanding. If (and most likely not) their demands are in the Mbappe, Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo range, we should immediately pay his flight ticket to go for a medical with PSG while we get an agency to look for a suitable house for him in Paris. But we should try to meet up with them as much as we can, because we won’t have to wait for years to say he was one that got away. We would be saying that at the start of next season.


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  1. Vastly overated player.
    Decent first half of season then lapsed.
    If he wants out then please leave.

  2. Great article DG. The worry is Arsenal have been trying to get him to sign since xmas. They are worried his head has been turned. I agree, if he comes within the margins of Arsenals wage structure, he should be near the top. If he wants more, he wants out and we will have to cut our losses. Sad because he should have been in the team earlier and offered a new contract earlier. Why Arsenal could not see hus talent earlier is beyond me.

    1. The manager never rated him because it wasn’t him that signed him in the first place like wise with guendousi the only reason saliba kick a ball for us this season because when he came back to us he saw that there is no one there that is better than him or else he would’ve been sold

  3. We did and sent him on loan at 18 back to France because his parents were ill.
    Then monitoring him through each loan spell.
    Had 2 years maturing then Mikel got him back.
    Think he”s a weak character.
    Let him go

      1. Jen – the entire team collapsed. Not one of them played well in that period and I don’t think Saliba’s demise had that much to do with it. The same thing would have happened even if he hadn’t got injured. I posted about this in more detail earlier so I won’t bore people with it again. Saka’s loss of form was even more of an injury to us than Saliba’s (imo)

        1. Of course there were others that dipped in form, but to suggest that Holding and Kiwior coming in for Saliba had no real effect is ignoring just how good Saliba has been and how important he is.

          He was our most consistent performer and arguably the best CB in the league this season.

          1. There is not alot of difference between us in our thoughts of Saliba. He is of course a player we should be glad we have, I just think the team failed as a whole towards the end of the season. By the way, there were always signs that we were due to possibly “collapse” as we struggled in a number of games that we were expected to win even earlier in the season when we had a full compliment. Winning against Bournemouth by the seat of our pants for example. Too often it was harum-scarum, helter-skelter, when I was longing for sound (boring ?) 1-0, 2-0 wins. It’s all good though, let’s look forward to Saliba signing the papers and continuing to be a major force at our club.

    1. As a Frenchman who watches/follows la Ligue 1,i can tell you that the people who think that Saliba was not ready for the PL can’t have been watching him.Even at St-Etienne,he was already a better defender than Fofana who went straight into Leicester team.despite being the same age,Fofana was still playing for St-Etienne academy while Saliba was starting his 2nd season for the 1st team.Saliba has also represented France U’s at every level, Fofana got his France call up for the U’21,which Saliba would captain.not only that on his first loan back in France with Nice he was already performing at high level and doing the same things is doing now.also after coming back from his loan when MA judged him not ready based on 2 training sessions/games, let’s not forget that the French season was cut short due to COVID-19 several months earlier than the it’s obvious that he was never going to be as fit as the Arsenal players. Also,the people who are wrongly giving MA credit for Saliba’s loans are doing the same thing with balogun.despite MA recommandations,it was Balogun himself and no one else who decided to go to France and specifically Reims after talks with their English manager.i have no problems giving credit where it’s due,but some on here are giving credit to MA for everything good. Unsurprisingly,when it comes to the not so successful loans,it’s the players fault!🤔

      1. 👍Siamois and it should be emphasised that William Saliba’s initial loan back to his home club St Etienne in his first season, was a condition of his contract of sale to Arsenal.

      2. What you are saying about Saliba’s readiness is simply opinion; mostly uninformed, but repeated as if it is some kind of “truth”. Whilst he was on loan there were those who had been watching him closely and felt he was not ready. There was clearly a view that he needed that extra year to continue his development. He has benefited from that year.

  4. This was exactly the case we paid the £27 Mil because we knew he would cost a fortune,

    But the kid was quite aware of his and a certain Wesley Fofana ceilings at the club, while Fofana went on to be a main stay at Leicester, Saliba was punished by our Gaffer along with a certain Guendouzi, with stupid excuses that the kid not ready.

    While Mustafi continue to make mistake after mistake and the kid develop ring rust,

    Embarrass Arsenal had no choice but to send him back on loan.

    Its was all down to the two egos, the gaffer and the kid,

  5. I’d like Saliba to stay but I can’t face the prospect of another Auba situation where we paid over the odds only to find it wasn’t worth it after all

    On another post someone mentioned a hugely gifted Anelka – whose representatives were their client’s worst enemies. If there is bad blood or total greed at work then Saliba maybe a poisoned chalice. I very much hope not as his body language this last season looked positive to me

    Tony Adams posed a question that got us all tapping into our laptops and phones; most of our players have peaked. Saliba has definitely not peaked so whilst he thoroughly deserves to get a proper premier league footballer’s wage, is he ready yet to be on top, top money?

  6. I am not ” in love with our manager” as dgr8xt, quaintly puts it.
    I do however rate him highly as our club manager and a top class man manager too.

    I also largely agree with this article and DO think that initially MA was far too slow to bring him back after what should have only been a one year loan and should NEVER have foisted such WSP* players as Mustafi , Sokratis, Mari, on us in the meantime. I think that was poor judgement and in hindsight, a bad mistake and costly too, at least in results, while he was still on loan and “Dick Dastardly and Muttley” were so called “playing” instead

    I strongly suggest that almost all Gooners see it much the same way as the writer and I do too.
    * way sub par, formerly known as dross and deadwood!

  7. Sell him to PSG for 80M and then bring in Caicedo for same price and move White to his position

    1. Bad idea.
      White lacks the physicality we much require in our defense. Saliba though not at the level I feel is required yet in terms of physicality, is way ahead of white. Just look what Mitoma did to him the other day at right-back.
      If we sell, then we have to bring in someone of equal or better quality.

      1. Twinlights – Yes I think you’re probably right about Ben White. I really like him as a player but like you, I think he doesn’t seem physically right for CB. A bit willowy I think and possibly not enough grit. He was out-muscled in the opening game against Brentford the previous season.
        Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that he couldn’t grow into the CB role. If you remember John Stones was a bit airy-fairy early in his career but he is now one of the best central defenders around. They are both classy looking players imo.

      2. White is a simply overrated and very slow in CB, he is better as a FB. I think Gabriel is the unlucky one, he did the dirty work in 2021/22 season but all the credit went to the golden boy White, this season Saliba gets rusty soon after world cup but everyone overlooks it and hype him as the best, really. Thats why he is demanding ridiculous wages. IMO the glue of arsenal is miles. We lost the title coz of his burn out

    2. White is a horrific CB, why do you think he was shoved out to RB as soon as possible.

      Let me tell you this, if White didn’t have pace you’d realize how terrible he is at CB, his speed allows him to recover from his multiple mistakes every game.

  8. No matter what went on before and no matter who was wrong or right, we seem to be about to lose one of the most promising CB’s in europe today.
    The media are telling us that The Arsenal are “shocked” by his agents demands – how do they know this?
    Who would want to leak such information and why??

    We can certainly rule out the player and his agents, what could they possibly gain from such a obvious attempt to suggest the player is greedy?

    That leaves the club, or rather those involved with contracts and salaries – but why would they want to do this as well, especially when talks are ongoing?

    When one looks logically at this, it can only be the media trying to “invent” a story.

    Both the player and the manager have admitted mistakes in the past exchanges, but also declared that the end result has been good for both parties.

    The negotiations are ongoing and this is where, in my opinion, one recent contract awarded has reared it’s ugly head, along with a reported one that’s being offered (for the 4th time if reports are correct).

    Saliba has seen Nketiah awarded a reported £100k a week, while Nelson is (it seems) wanting the same kind of contract.
    He has seen, on the pitch, how important he is to the future of our club and feels he should be awarded in line with what Nketiah and Nelson have been judged to be worth by the club.

    We seem to have dug a mighty big hole for ourselves with regards to contracts and a players worth.

    1. KEN the bottom line- since all else is conjecture and speculation – is will SALIBA stay and sign anew or will he leave.

      My gut feeling is he will sign but for more than the club planned to offer him. They know that his is effectively irreplaceable.

      Will that be the correct decision in the longterm though? That remains to be seen. But for this coming season , IMO , it is vital he stays, IF we are to seriously challenge at the very top.

      1. Jon and Reggie,
        Agree with both of you and I think Saliba’s representatives have played a very good waiting game.
        Seeing what Zaka, reportedly anyway, has negotiated with the club, they are playing hardball and, as his representatives, Saliba is relying on them to get the same kind of deal.

        All speculation of course, but I do hope he stays as I agree with Jon in that he is the best (potentially) CB since Sol Campbell graced the shirt.

    2. Ken the negotiations have been going on since xmas, in fact, i believe they started before the WC. There is obviously something holding them up because Arsenal want to tie him down. Martinelli and Saka have signed, Saliba hasn’t. I know negotiations can take months but these are dragging on.

      1. Jon and Reggie,
        Agree with both of you and I think Saliba’s representatives have played a very good waiting game.
        Seeing what Zaka, reportedly anyway, has negotiated with the club, they are playing hardball and, as his representatives, Saliba is relying on them to get the same kind of deal.

        All speculation of course, but I do hope he stays as I agree with Jon in that he is the best (potentially) CB since Sol Campbell graced the shirt.

        1. Who is this “Zaka” you KEEP going on about ? This is at least the third time you’ve mentioned him. I don’t believe we have anyone called “Zaka” on our books. If we do please let me know.

            1. You just proved how easy it is to type in a wrong letter or miss one out 😂😂😂
              Don’t be so hasty next time and I’ve corrected my autocue, so you can rest easy.

              1. I know Ken but my mistake was funny wasn’t it. I stitched myself up like a kipper. Got to be able to laugh at oneself from time to time. I’m having a right good giggle about that.

                1. EG Kippers that stich themselves up!
                  A sort of surgeon type kippers perhaps! Or perhaps they are sturgeon type kippers with a letter missed out. And Scots Nat voters too.
                  Just teasing!
                  PS: I have always thought the expression “stitched yourself up like a seamstress , would be more appropriate.
                  Not kippers, who are known more for swimming than for stitching.
                  They are a bit short in the fingers department to be stitchers, I reckon.
                  In case Ad Pat wants this non Arsenal post deleted , I better mention something Arenal related. How about Herbert Chapman !!

                  1. Jon -Yes I see what you mean about your bizarre sense of humour ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL.
                    My mum was a seamstress ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL.
                    HERBERT CHAPMAN was never a kipper, a seamstress or my mother ! ARSENAL ARSENAL etc etc. Ken doesn’t like it up him does he !

                    1. EG Oh yes Chapman WAS a kipper. He slept every night!

                      And neither was he my mother. He WAS my Aunt though. Oh how I miss Auntie HERBIE!

  9. Can we pay the entourage to shut the f up? I really hope they meet in the middle and get it done quickly

    1. If Saka can get what he want why not Selina they are of same age and both very important to the team.

    2. The leaks seem to come from the club.only negative rumours like Saliva asking too much…blah blah blah!!
      Saka’s negotiations took a long time too and I don’t hear anyone complaining about his 290K/week.

      1. Siamois, as a fellow Frenchman I thought you at least would spell Saliba’s name correctly. I too have problems with “fat fingers” 😁
        In any case the reported £120k per week won’t be enough to keep Saliba.
        How can someone his age earning such wages empathize with the supporters who financially support the game through attendance, season tickets or pay for view subscriptions?

        1. Ozzie, Why not instead ask “how can ANY PREM PLAYER possibly empathise with supporters who earn less in a year then mostplayers earn in a week?

          And some , like Ozil used to receive,though not “earn,” in a single day?!!!

          1. Jon – You know what, Mesut Ozil always looked literally sick to me. I don’t think the guy was well. I actually think late on in his time with us he was physically spent for some reason or the other. What was his real issue with us ?
            I’ll tell you something though, he was a staunch Erdogun supporter and he probably had some resentment in him about “Anglo/Saxons” (that includes Germans as that’s where Saxons originated of course). He made some comments about racism in Germany’s press. He had issues that were making him feel bitter ……. while he received his £300k per week !!
            Also in order to keep a calm peace this evening I better not ask you about your thoughts on Mourinho’s latest outburst ! Bait bait bait. Pull those kippers in.

            1. EG, Oh who wants peace when we can have controversy!

              I am almost certain Mourinho will be heavily punished, as well as the club where thE final was played. Correctly too.
              Hopefully the cowardly idiots who attacked Anthony Taylor too, assuming they are caught and charged and do not escape justice.

              1. Jon – no “punishment” of Mourinho will be effective or enough. He could be fined as much as a million pounds and it wouldn’t affect his pocket or indeed his pride, one iota.
                The only thing that could really properly penalise him is if he was banned from managing in football for a number of years, but of course it couldn’t happen because his employers and their lawyers would have something to say about that.
                He knows he is untouchable so his terrible and spoilt behaviour will always surface when things don’t go his way.
                However, after leaving Roma if all clubs boycotted him thereby excluding him from the game it would really hurt him because he is no where near wanting to retire from football.
                In the meantime his terrible behaviour is likely to continue as long as he stays in the game.
                It is fortunate for the world that I am not in charge of dishing out punishment to those who deserve it. Talk about sledgehammer.

          2. Yes jon I should have added that, but it goes without saying re relativity of wages to general population with the average professional footballer,

  10. He worked well paired with Gabriel & is no doubt a very promising young player. However while he was being bigger up let’s not ignore….

    Man U V AFC 3- 1
    Southampton V AFC 1 – 1
    AFC V Man City 1 – 3
    Everton V AFC. 1 – 0
    AFC V Brentford. 1 – 1

    …all games that Saliba was playing…a total of 13 points dropped.
    Arteta has worked wonders getting the disruptive players out of the club & forging a team spirit the likes of which has not been seen for well over a decade. If Saliba doesn’t want to be part of that & it’s all about the £’s it’d be best to let him go.

    1. Yes a very young CB in his first season in the EPL will not be perfect. Most goals conceded start higher up on the pitch, basic knowledge of football.

      Are you blaming Saliba for all those loses? Or do you think a perfect CB never loses a game in a season? Your post is so ridiculous is hard to comprehend.

      Then tell me who the best 5 CBs are in the world and how many points their teams dropped this season?

    2. Ukesox, just consider that defending is a team responsibility. A mistake losing a ball or a misplaced pass in midfield can be the major contriburor to conceding a goal, with a CB or goalkeeper doing everything right.

  11. Your article is very interesting and looks at the situation from one perspective but I believe there could be other perspectives that might also explain what happened with Saliba. Any of them could be true and it could be a mix of different factors.

    What if it isn’t completely how you are looking at ?

    We see Players purchased by clubs everyday because the clubs see their obvious potential but when the managers of said clubs start working with the players daily in training sessions, they observe areas of the players game that need fine tuning, fixing, coaching etc so some of these players come in and sit on the sidelines for different periods of time depending on the player/manager/what work needs to be done.
    Also a player could be great but he might not just fit into the managers tactics and he needs a lot of training and time to adapt to formations, speed of the league, intensity of the league, weather and a host of other factors, even language could be a reason to keep a talented player on the sidelines because if he can’t communicate effectively with his team mates he might not be able to show his full potential.

    In the case of Saliba, if I were Arteta and I observed Saliba had any of these challenges and from a thorough evaluation, working with him daily, other coaches also working with him, I could decide instead of keeping him sidelines, it’s better to loan him out so he continues his development and gets the experience and coaching he needs.

    New Players are loaned out for reasons such as :
    Needing more game time to gather more experience
    For the player to build his confidence and hone his craft
    For squad limitations when there’s no room in the team.
    It’s not always for a negative reason.
    The gaffer could have even been protecting the players mental and emotional state by not fielding him even though the player believed he was ready to go.

    The risk here is once the player is put on the field when he he is not ready either in terms of ability, consistency, mental and emotional strength and stability etc at such a young age, the damage done could be permanent.

    Look at players like Viera, Lokonga, Nuno Tavares and there are many more examples out there. Jack wilshere is another example of a player who all fans wanted to see play weekly and the gaffer gave us that, how did he end his career? If Wenger chose to give him limited game time I’m certain the fan base would have eaten him up for it but in hindsight now we all probably know better, he needed somebody to protect him from himself, from his passion for the club and sport, maybe today he would still be playing football.

    It could be an attitude problem, maybe he isn’t training hard enough, maybe his work rate is low or his temperament could put the team at risk, it could also be the player is divisive in the dressing room.

    Now to the current situation, some people have come out to say Saliba was ready, some people have come out to also say the loan spells helped him to be ready. I know a few talented players that came to arsenal with bags of potential but didn’t realize their potential for different reasons (some players I believed turned average because of the poor quality of players and characters they had around them in the squad at the time amongst other issues).

    The reality I see is Saliba is talented and has great potential which if not properly managed he might not realize.
    He had 2 loan spells in France, by the way being a success in Ligue 1 is one thing, the EPL is a totally different beast in terms of quality of players that would be attacking you week in week out! And the overall quality of all the teams, yet I watched Saliba make some errors that are inexcusable,

    so I started to wonder if 2 years after his arrival with all the game time and experience he gathered in Ligue 1 he is still making these type of mistakes, then where was he in terms of his readiness 2 years ago? In terms of level of concentration? Ability on the ball? Reading the game?

    Or do arsenals fans believe the current Saliba would walk into Manchester city first team? If he won’t currently, what were his chances 2 years ago?

    I love the guy and would love for Arsenal to tie him down but I think it’s unfair to Arteta and the coaching staff at arsenal when some fans choose to only see the Saliba situation from one perspective and form conclusions about how Arteta did wrong by the guy.

    See Viera (introduced too soon to the league, needs more coaching, more confidence and needs to bulk up, a loan would be good) , Lokonga (needs more confidence and coaching and a loan would do him a lot of good), Tavares (was given his chance and didn’t take it, sent out on loan and still having issues) , Guendouzi (I loved this guy but we all know how this one played out)…players who Arteta gave a chance and I would say he destroyed them or is destroying them …. How about Xhaka whom everyone gave up on? Today he is celebrated.
    Martinelli whom we complained about Arteta not using, he kept getting injured, since he was left out of the team for an extended period did his injury record not improve this season?

    I can go on about different players and their unique situations, let’s just trust the manager pls, he is not perfect and he is learning everyday just like the players and fans are too, but let us not presume to know better or see things clearer. We only see these players once or twice a week, the coaching team see them almost everyday, interact with them almost everyday so I strongly believe they are better positioned to see a bigger picture than we are.

    Bless Arsenal!

    1. I read this wonderful,at 6.30 pm on JUNE 2ND.

      Plainly, not a single other Gooner wishes to congratulate you on writing such a detailed and wonderfully wise post.

      So let me do it now , instead! I salute your wisdom sir!

    2. Good points Dapo
      Unfortunately, there are lot of people who seem to believe they are the only ones who know best.
      Sadly, some of the usually more circumspect contributors are also piling in insisting that Arteta should have brought Saliba back earlier.
      I bet most of them did not watch Saliba when he was on loan and probably only saw the headlines. Saliba has clearly got talent and potential to be amongst the best. However, even at Marseille there were weaknesses noted in his game early in his season there which were gradually ironed out over time. Some of these surfaced at times during last season before his injury.
      The simple fact is that he needed more time to develop his game and given the situation at Arsenal at the time the best thing was for him to back out on loan.
      That this is actually being debated all over again is silly if not ridiculous.

    3. FANTASTIC post
      So interesting
      So well thought out
      So pleasant in tone

  12. Another moody ANELKA 2.0 with greedy agent. We should sell him for £80 million to PSG and then buy KIM MIN-IAE from Napoli who is Less injury prone and also world class.

  13. We have back ourselves into a corner, I said at the time both his and Guendouzi contract should renew before going on loan whether you like the players or not, that is call protecting the value.

    We lost big time too off Guendouzi but it seems not to cause the same uproar maybe because of obvious reasons.

    Now Edu must first find his self back around the bargaining table and salvage what’s left out of this deal by doubling his reported last offer up from £120 to somewhere between £250 – £290 gran a week it must not exceed Saka ridiculous deal under no circumstances.

    That’s the best I can offer as a disappointed fan.

    1. G – the guys have seen Starboy prosper so they all want a larger piece of the pudding. Now talk is that Odegaard is going to get the same as Starboy, and it is only fair that he does, I suppose. But then what will Jesus want next ? What will Martinelli want next ? BIG MONEY.

      1. Evgunner wake up man and smell the coffee, lol

        No you are a little off here, it’s not since Saka signing his entourage have been demanding this pisspot load of money.

        Have mention it many times before as the two parties was so far apart it had made me nervous.

        One fan rant it is not wise to be nervous as there was nothing to be nervous about as the kid is going nowhere.
        In another rant a fan said he had never herd anything about money as the issue, just over a week ago, I responded telling the fan am certain the kid is not negotiating over better working conditions,

        If my information is correct, the massive demand was part of the reason why Arsenal had to use up the one year option as the two parties was and still miles apart.
        This pisspot load of money granted to Saka will in my view only strengthen his connections resolves.

        1. G – it’s funny ‘cos when I read the first sentence of your 2 a.m. post I thought you were literally warning me to get out of bed because there was a fire or some other emergency. You know we sometimes live in different time zones. I would have been back in Dreamland when you posted it. hahaha.
          G you probably know alot more than I do about the background stuff relating to contracts, agents, money etc. I don’t really get much involved with those things as there is nothing we can do to affect what goes on “backstage”. It’s an area I know very lttle about.
          By the way I prefer tea to coffee, so next time you want to wake me up, please offer me Earl Gray. God bless you brother.

  14. Sell him to PSG for £80 million. He wants to play in France and they can afford him. Then buy KIM MIN-IAE.

  15. Some fans are blaming Arteta for being too slow in bringing Saliba into the first team. But I think his loan spells were always a part of his planned development.
    Apparently, after the first one at Nice, Arteta wanted the second one to be at a PL team, but the young man preferred to go back to his home country.
    Arteta always maintained that the club was monitoring his progress on loan and that he would be inter
    grated into the first team when he was ready.
    For me, the club and manager did their best for Saliba as evidenced by his hit-the-ground-running performance in his first full season in the PL. Perhaps if he was rushed in earlier, and he had a bad start, it could have harmed his confidence, and he may not have reached the heights he has. Nuno Tavares comes to my mind in this regard.
    I don’t agree that our business-end collapse was due solely to Saliba’s absence. That may have contributed. But the truth is that for some strange reason, virtually all our players took a backward step in on-field performance; from the goalkeeper giving away cheap goals to star-boy Saka going predictably one-dimensional in his game.
    So if Saliba doesn’t want to stay, let him go for good money. No player is greater than the club

  16. If Saliba was English most of you guys would have been talking of paying him 200,000 pounds weekly or more. Currently Partey earns 250,000 pounds weekly and Nketiah earns 100,000 pounds weekly, so why can’t Saliba earn at least 160,000 pounds weekly or more.

    1. @Wayne, you’re spot on,why not indeed??
      Another thing why no one knows/asks about Ramsdale/Martinelli new wages?even the figures of 290/300K for Saka are just rumours nothing official??

  17. @dgr8xt:you were absolutely correct yesterday when talking about unwanted players,players refusing to sign a new contract..being called names.despite not knowing Saliba the person,some are already calling him greedy,Anelka number 2,troublemaker….Saka only signed his new contract last week but negotiations started closed to 12 months ago.somehow,i didn’t hear anyone calling him greedy or questioning his character,someone even called him overrated if you can believe it.

    1. Siamois, as a knowledgeable Frenchman, where does Saliba stand in terms the current group of French centre backs.Konate of Liverpool has improved a lot in the second half of the season and I would have thought he was ahead of Saliba as a first team pick for France?

  18. Well imho, Saliba deserves more than the reported £120,000 when we put into context what someone like EN earns.
    I think the club opened the Pandora’s box when they handed out those resent contracts. It is not out of place to expect his representatives to push for something higher than been offered after seeing what is happening around them.
    In the end, it will all depend on the club. If they can come to terms with the demands fine, if not they should cash-in on him and do it fast.
    Whether he stays or leaves, I don’t think any sane person will argue against Saliba’s quality.

    1. Spot on with the Pandora box comment Twilights, especially the Nketiah nonsense of £100k a week!!

      I find it so disappointing, when one remembers the claim that MA and Edu had finally sorted out the grotesque Ozil and Aubemeyang type of mismanagement.
      One must remember that we have a board member solely for the purpose of contracts, but I do believe MA has a very big input into what he thinks the player is worth in monetary terms.

  19. I guess it would be different if he was a rank average player with standard or limited ability. But in the case of Saliba he’s tried and tested, a cut well above a lot of defenders both of his age and some seasoned ones too.

    Indeed there is a dearth of talented football players throught the sport who are already employed by their clubs and who’s abilities, standards and worth to the team/club make it an easy decision for the club to continue to employ them and pay them accordingly. Again, if the player is rank average then you’ve got cause to not meet his demands. Saliba is far from that type of player. He is a ready made, stalwart and classy defender and worth the investment.

    The sport accepts that in order for your club to progress to the elite stages, recruitment of the best players is vital as is player retention. I don’t think (if it is a principle of Arsenal) to be worried so much about finances that we would cut our noses off to spite our face. Or, if it’s about competing ego’s of players over the manager/board. Every other club is spending to ensure they are in the best possible position to improve their club and make the highest inroads in their league as possible. It can’t be alien to Arsenal that they have to do likewise and spend also. We can’t keep doing things on a budget, hoping to find that rare diamond that no one else has spotted or, thake a piece coal at make into that diamond. Unfortunately, time isn’t on our side when all clubs, not just the elite are willing to buy themselves success or even continued premiership football in a lot of cases.

    Okay, we have to be careful about creating another Aubamayang or Sanchez and not be held to Ransome. But that’s where the club has to box clever during contract negotiations and get the best possible deal for both parties. I don’t what the real deal is between Saliba and the club but I hope they get it sorted!

  20. Every fan on JA agreed that arsenal capitulated soon after Saliba’s injury. One had thought by now his contract issues would have been sorted out. Going by his body language, I think Saliba wants to remain a Gunner. Let Arteta and Edu give him his worth. I also want to plead that they should resist the temptation of thinking that White will replace him. They are not on the same level. It’s a fact that we can not get his quality any where cheap. Let’s make haste to secure players that are still in our hands.

  21. To set Saliba’s salary looking at Saka and Martinelli model expects that Saliba should emulate the duo as his seniors in the starting XI not by age. He should have the patience to establish his stability in his defence department just as the others have done over the years. One year flash performance is definitely not enough and could be risky as basis of judgment take him for what he and his negotiators claim. Saliba should know that he could have his way to PSG and fall down the pecking order very soon. Rewarding his performance in the past Season with an improved contract is reasonable but not a pound of flesh.

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