Nacho Monreal is Arsenal’s most under-rated player!

Monreal has looked the part this season, so far by SE

Monreal is probably the most understated player in the Arsenal lineup. When Kieran Gibbs is fit and firing, the Spaniard hardly ever gets a game and, even when he does get sporadic game time here and there, the rustiness is very much palpable. Add to that, his lack of pace gets pointed out time and again, and it becomes a kind of an indictment against Arsenal’s second choice Left-Back. So, apparently, it’s tough being Monreal, and take everything in your stride as a person, let alone as a player.

However, this season, Monreal has unearthed his mojo and been filling in ably, during the absence of Gibbs. Yes, the attributes and the player that Monreal is haven’t undergone a revamp; but the questions imposed on him are getting the rightful answers through performances on the pitch.

I have been particularly impressed with the utility he is rendering Arsenal, with his overlapping runs and subsequent crosses into the box. The cross that was headed in by Giroud for the equalizer against Everton was a sumptuous one, and it’s those kinds of little things that has got Monreal looking the part this season, so far.

Defensively, he’s yet to be tested this season. The imminent question would be, “Can Monreal put up against the pace of Navas?” for which we will get the answer in due course, but having had a lot of game time than what he usually manages to, while Gibbs is fit, I expect Monreal to stand up and keep out his opposing winger and full back.

I also think that irrespective of the player you are, game time is paramount to how you perform on the pitch, and Monreal is a classic example to that statement. Ozil, in the 250+ minutes he has played, after returning to action, hasn’t looked his usual self and, on the other hand, Monreal, with more game time, has looked the part.

There will be plenty more challenges for Monreal to stand up to this season and vindicate Wenger’s faith in him; but the early vibes suggest that the Spaniard is thriving with each passing game.

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  1. Lack of pace? Monreal is one of the few fullbacks (especially on the left flank) in EPL able to switch to the counter with speed. Our problem is that the fullbacks play up, to high and not all midfield players are able to defend properly. You won’t see Ozil (who’s way slower than Monreal) doing a tackle and you will barely see Cazorla running back.

    1. Ozil is not slow. Did you remember that headed goal he scored last season? He basically ran the entire length of the pitch to knock that one in. Don’t let him fool you.

      1. Same as when he hit the woodwork against Southampton but these are runs done while Giroud dragged two peoples to the right and did not happened after that unfortunately.

    2. Just like fans here pretending welbeck is any thing…similary are those that keep on compalining about monreal, true he lacks in terms of pace but he is very good up front via that final pass n’ short passes. Defensively gibbs is better. But blame should b put on the manager who fields players out of position and there by weaken the team n’ get far less from the team.Carzola/Ozill, Wilshere/Ramsey all play the same roles respectively and should b used interchangably then give the left winger slot to Joel Campbell

  2. Monreal got caught out the entire match at Goodison. You could clearly see Martinez had instructed his men (especially Lukaku) to play on the right side on the counter, which caused the second goal and a few more opportunities I feel Everton should’ve converted.

    Besides that game, Monreal has been terrific, especially in the CL tie. He seems to get better because of the game time he is getting.

    1. How is the second goal Monreal fault? Care to elaborate? Monreal had a very solid game at Goodison and that includes a superb assist.

      1. It was just something I noticed when I rewatched the match the day after. When Everton gained possession before that goal, Monreal was near to the corner flag and Ozil was about 10 yards closer to Arsenal’s half, with the German ending in the Arsenal box when Naismith fired. I just think Monreal should put a little less energy in bombing forward. I’m not saying the goal is Monreal’s fault but he shouldn’t have been that high up in the play that lost the ball. I also think Wenger’s system (only 1 controlling mid) has a big part in the blame and of course the referee who should’ve whistled for the obvious foul on Mert, who wasn’t that smart diving in there either.

        Monreal tries to go as many time in the box as Gibbs does, while Gibbs (in my opinion) possesses a better accelleration and ‘eye’ for the opponent’s counter in terms of timing. His defensive game has improved well, he’s not getting caught out anymore when in his spot at the back 4 anymore as last year.

        I agree with the comment below that Ozil/Cazorla don’t help him at all to protect Monreal from Coleman, that’s something that concerns me since the Premier League is flooding with offensive rightbacks. Monreal is doing well I just thought several cases at Goodison happened where he should’ve been a tad more defensive. But Wenger can also be blamed for that.

    2. Tbf it’s a standard ploy Martnez uses with Lukaku in the team. The natural diagonal is from Baines left peg, which means the big man up top targets the opponents LB. Monreal wasn’t targeted personally for any deficiencies in his game, either fullback would get bullied by Lukaku.

      Biggest issue was Monreals winger. in both this seasons game and last seasons, leaving him isolated with Lukaku.

      Recipe for disaster.

  3. i think a lot of criticism of Monreal last season was a tad unfair. Our left wing is problematic in that the players Wenger plays there are not good defensively, in fact they are bloody awful at times. That is why I would like Wenger to give Campbell a go. He can play the left wing well including the defensive side of it.

  4. I think we lost so many games last season because of poor tactics and planning….the way both our fullbacks bomb down the wings at the same time really leaves our CBs in trouble and because of this we sometimes find BFG being beaten for pace….I say one fullback should only attack and one stays back….Then there is the issue of a DM(a proper one), if we had a DM it would slow down the oppositions counter attacks against us…opposition teams don’t even counter attack us with diagonal long balls, they just push the ball past arteta and beat him for pace and the same with BFG, or they draw Koscielny to the ball and pass it off so that BFG can be beaten for pace….Pls don’t get me wrong BFG is one of the best readers of a football game out there…..the point im trying to make is that if we have a DM it will slow the counter attacks down, giving BFG a few extra seconds to read the play, therefore getting the best out of him……im not a football manager or a coach, but its not only me who can see this flaw in our game, its the whole world…..So what happens when we come up against football brains such as Mourinho, Rogers etc…..I don’t even wnt to repeat it…….WAKE UP WENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Where would Sanchez play when Mr Walcott returns? Sanchez played on the LW against Leicester but I thought he looked little bit un-com-for-table. More reason why we should have gone all out for Reus (who can play LW) rather than Sanchez.

    1. Monreal has really made a difference to the left side Gibbs plays to many balls back and across to the centre backs he is so prone now to get injured he doesent go forward and his defending is woefull can’t see him even playing for England again,don’t get me wrong I do like him but his game has declined Play him as a sub as Monreal if one of the defenders is injured can fill in like Sagna did CB

  6. Most teams target our left wing for a reason. Wenger does not play a player who compliments our LB effectively.

    Its a whole different story on the right, be it Theo / Sanchez / or Ox we actually have a good balance on the right. Wenger needs to play the right player on the left wing, I thought this is what they do in practice and all, currently the left wing in like rehab at Arsenal, if there is a player lacking fitness or game time just throw him on the left wing!!! Sad indeed.

    Monereal has been quite good both defensively and on the attack so far this season, his buckled up too hence his not been pushed around easily anymore (him and Kos did an Italian job on Ba which was good to see).

    Continue improving and been healthy amigo!!!!

    1. Perfect example was last game, with sanchez and monreal on the left our main weakness was on the right and debuchy struggled.

  7. We all know soccer match can be fixed. When a manager disoriented a team, there were be a question in our head, is this match was fixed? Don’t get me wrong, some time I just don’t know what is Wenger tactics.

  8. wenger has zero tactics thats one reason in recent seasons

    only one style of play
    pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass
    the best passing team to the most boring team to watch in recent seasons

    you guys are very happy today you should be
    because after man city half you again will be moaning

  9. you know the funny thing is

    during world cup time in this site everybody was questioning how welbeck can get a place into starting 11 of england
    some were even calling him s##t

    i remember it correctly

    now after signing for arsenal he can be a gem in the making
    Pls explain me how this quick some of you have changed your opinion on him??

        1. If you don’t know the username then how do you know they are the same ones that changed their mind?

          Not disagreeing with you on what was said in the WC but I’m not sure if all of them would have changed their mind. From what I remember the majority of responses to the signing on here were negative too.

          1. @ Tony Montana(The Realest) At the WC and at man U he was playing on the wing and definitely and an outright winger was going to be better than him! Now that we are going to play him through the middle, its now a different ball game all together!

    1. Whether any of us love him or hate him, he’s a Gunner now. Time to give him our support and hope for the best.

      1. I think the ones who give out sh:::are Spurs Chelsea And City fans to get us going and you no what it’s working True Arsenal fans should be 100 percent behind him,why because he will be wearing the shirt and hoping he gets his goal against City to win the game CB

    2. Welbeck would NOT be in the England team, if, they had Theo back.
      Simple reason being Theo is better out wide right, and Sterling is better wide left.
      Welbeck is a Striker, as he has proved with England, if, you look at his stats.
      Sturridge however, is first choice Striker, with Rooney behind.
      So, to answer your question, is, Welbeck better, at this moment in time, than the Pool man.
      Game time may show him to be the player many Utd players and coaches believe he is.

      1. As for the post. Gibbs and Monreal are certainly one of the best LB pairing in the EPL.
        Neither may be as good as some at other Clubs, but, most lack good back-up.
        How much did Utd pay for sick-note Shaw from Southampton. A lot of money for a player that I see as little better than either of ours.

      2. I like Walcott but he to gets injured to easy name me a season where he has lasted more than 3 games,like Gibbs not strong in the right parts so will always be prone to injuries CB

  10. most of you are d###riding wenger hard and thats a very sad thing

    some people hate on wenger for no reason and their opinion should not be taken serious
    but most of you lot dont even accept fair criticsm on him(thats very sad)

    1) His tactics are completely outdated. some people point out this on forum
    and get slated
    Well then tell me how many times when we are losing a game or drawing a game does he change the formation or playing style?

    2) never substitutes in time.
    60 min and if its not working every manager changes his players
    but he never changes the players till 75 minutes( even if the game is crying for it)

  11. Because he shouldnt play on the left wing. He’s better as a striker but that was the role of sturridge.
    And now that he’s an Arsenal player we back him all the way.

    1. You have some good points, but men CAN YOU PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT MAN U ON THIS SPACE!!!! its Justarsenal mind you.

      – Yes we are not the biggest club in the land

      – yes we they have more money and a fan base than us

      – yes they have won more trophies than us.

      – Yes they have better strikers than us

      – Yes they have a richer history than us

      – Yes they have a fat captain

      – Yes they play in a stadium with rats

      – Yes they are not in Europe this season

      – Yes LVG looks funny

      – Yes they pay ridiculous wages even to average players

      But for some of us, we would rather get relegated with Arsenal than support Man U.

      Shut your Arse go support Man U, would you like it if your girlfriend constantly compare your d!ck with one of your rivals at work!!!! I respect everyone’s opinion out here but YOU are not helping

    2. I think you will find its 8 trophies in 17 years, so why draw the line just to support your comment?

      Try being a spurs fan with one league title in 60+ years or a happy hammer without a trophy in 34 years

  12. Arsenal has a large pool of
    midfield/attack players.
    The competition for game time
    will be immense. Just how
    Wenger uitlises these resources
    at his disposal will be fascinating.
    There are so many permutations.
    All the top clubs have powerful squads.
    To me the Premiership will
    be won by the best manager.

  13. jeez….this article really clutching at straws….monreal is a decent sub for this position…nothing else…he is not strong in the tackle and easily confused by tricky wingers, can put in a decent cross but he cant go past players in the way top attacking fullbacks do…if bellerin can play left back would give him a run there if gibbs is out….need some creative thinking from the cheese eating surrender monkey that will get us beyond 4th or 5th place which is where we are heading at moment

      1. wow more profound football philosophising insights from a 4th place junkie…need to keep the cheese eating surrender monkey feeding you his shit i guess..monreal is a decent bench player…he is a notoriously weak tackler and lacks the pace and basic footwork to be a quality attacking fullback…dont have a problem with him being in the squad but because i want arsenal to be a team the wins stuff i dont want him as a regular starter…that simple really

    1. It’s true that Nacho got embarrassed a few times last season. But this season so far so good. He player sharper and wiser and so far is prob the most consistent player on the pitch.

    1. Fergi Vs Arsene rivaly . Arsenal 11 tittles at that time. Manure 11.


      1998–99, 1999–2000, 2000–01, 2002–03, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2010–11, 2012–13 Epl = 20 tittles

      1998–99, 2007–08 – Champions league- 2

      Arsene Wenger:

      1997–98, 2001–02, 2003–04 = 13

      Champion league- Not found

  14. OT: According to the BBC – Danny Welbeck: Ex-Man Utd striker ‘envisaged’ Arsenal move
    Striker Danny Welbeck says he had pictured himself playing in the Arsenal team while still at Manchester United and “couldn’t be happier” after his move to the London club.
    “I’ve been at United ever since I was a little boy and I had a great time there,” Welbeck added.

    “I just think this is the next stage of my development – to come to Arsenal, to really show people what I can do as a footballer and hopefully get to the place where I want to be.

    “I really do believe that coming to Arsenal is the right decision.”

    We all pray your coming is the right decision for both you and the club lad. Atleast now you can play some real football and progress!!!

  15. “It’s exciting times for me. It’s great to be a part of this club and it’s a team that I’ve always watched in the Premier League. I’ve envisaged myself playing in this team before. For it to finally happen is very exciting”.


  16. Off topic
    I know Welbeck is a gunner now so we must support him and all that but lets stop making ourselves believe stuff here.
    1) Welbeck in the last 2 to 3 years has hardly improved.Diff positions but Welbeck have been lelt behind by Shaw,Ox Barkley and more which begs the question is his current best his best?
    2) Welbeck doesnt not have an eye for goal,missed clear and open chances the same thing we accuse Giroud of.
    3) Welbeck can do a sturrige but stop making it seem they had similar ability when they left their parent clubs.Sturrige at Chelsea was always a skillfull, stylish and tricky finisher.He as always let down by his immense selfishness.Welbeck doesnt compare to sturrige.

    1. last week your comment would get 100 likes, now the truth is not welcomed here. He aint the best, but he is better then what we have. Wenger will force him to play as Lw anyway

  17. My player of the month.
    Only person whos been consistent this month.
    Sanchez has been great aswell but he took 2 games to find his feet.

  18. If that’s the case how come they got relegated to the old div 2 in the disco years not that long ago And having a ground to hold 70.000. CB

    1. ???? based on what?

      I think he has looked far better than any of our recent right backs, especially sagna and jenkinson.

  19. You just did that. The Manager is also obligated to do his best for the fans. Respecting and trying to give us the honor and pride. Instead he does the opposite of it. So why should fans be thankful to Bs? Its not Arsene Fc for faks sake.

  20. Monreal has played well this season. Looks good. Just shows what a run in the team can do for a players confidence.

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