Nacho Monreal needs to stand firm against Everton

Everton vs Arsenal – player spotlight: Nacho Monreal by SE

Arsenal travelling to Goodison Park this weekend presents to us the first of those almighty clashes of the season, and we could be in for a cracker of a game. Last season was all about Arsenal and Wenger flunking in those big games that dealt a serious blow to the North Londoners’ title ambitions. And, apparently, Arsenal’s defending wasn’t up to scratch in those big games against Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton.

Arsenal conceded 20 goals, which was in stark contrast to their exemplary defensive statistics outside of those four fixtures: Wenger’s men kept 17 clean sheets, and conceded a meager 1 goal in 14 other games. That makes it 14 goals conceded in 31 fixtures – a piece of stat that would have surely infuriated the whole of Arsenal.

With another big test awaiting the Gunners at Goodison Park this Saturday evening, we put the spotlight on Nacho Monreal, Arsenal’s Left Full Back:

Nacho Monreal is that Gunner, who always works under the radar when his fellow team-mates hog the limelight. This Saturday, however, the Spaniard will surely be one of the talking points, at least for Roberto Martinez.

For some strange reason, Monreal tucks into his defensive line so exaggeratedly that it becomes easy for opposing wingers and full backs to outmaneuver him. Monreal doesn’t do an awful lot wrong, but he has to get his ‘positioning’ spot on. And, with the Everton manager signing last season’s loanees – Lukaku and Barry – on permanent deals, don’t be surprised if he plays with exactly the same formation, as he did in April.

On that day, he played 4-3-3, which had Lukaku, Naismith and Mirallas leading the line for the Toffees. On Saturday, it could just be the same, and that’s why the defensive role of Monreal can’t be stated enough. Yes, you might have your Left-Winger in Podolski, Campbell or Cazorla working hard – when Arsenal don’t have the ball – in a bid to protect Monreal, but the Spaniard has to stand up for himself and thwart the Everton forwards. It would be a job ‘very well done’ for Monreal if he can see off the offensive threat of Everton. It would also mean that he doesn’t need to render much assistance, in an attacking sense, for Arsenal.

Pace will be ‘the’ talking point, and rest assured that Martinez would load his frontline with incisive pace.

Monreal has to position himself right, as a left full back, and not get dwarfed by pace and intimidating movement of either Lukaku or Mirallas, who could very well play on the Right-Hand-Side for Everton.


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  1. Honestly, I am fearing for us to finish in the top four let alone the title. If we don’t add any more players then we are in for a tough season.

    Other news, strong links suggesting we are in for Cavani, hope these rumours are true. The source is kind of reliable.

    1. 10 days ago many were talking of our chances of winning the title following a victory over city. Following a win in the premier league and a draw away in Turkey while we know the team is playing far from its best I think it’s a little harsh to now be doubting our chances of finishing top 4. We still have the third best squad in the premier league.

      1. …and we beat one of the two (granted they didnt have all the stars but we didnt either)
        ..and they had Yaya!!

        1. Monreal is top quality and 2 seasons ago my favourite La Liga players were Monreal and Ozil. I didn’t massively rate Cazorla at the time until he came for us. I thought I wish he would replace Andre Santos and it happened in January. I thought Ozil was a dream and was my favorite La Liga player. Him and Cazorla have played on the left for years.

          1. You are right, we have in our squad some dream players.
            Sad that some people dont see it.
            I did rate Cazorla and was so happy when he signed for us. A lot of people discreditred him because Real or Barza wouldnt want him…yeah we hace come to those conclusions…sad.

      2. We have the best treatment table in the PL.
        3rd best side? We don’t have a dedicated striker in that position yet, Giroud can’t cut it, been saying it since he arrived, jury is in, he is rubbish.
        Monreal is simply too slow, he was directly responsible for 3 of the City goals in that humiliation.
        Have we increased the squad depth to cover injury? Nope, only replaced players that went out.
        We need players that can play not the stable of glass trotting ponies we appear to have.

        1. Yes third best side, granted we don’t have the best striker compared to Liverpool, United and Everton, he is better than soldado or adebayor IMO though. We also have a better midfield and defence than those 4 aforementioned clubs so overall I’m confident we have the third best side.

    2. nacho nidz to be rock steady if he wants to be a gud left back,he should nt venture upfront too much,he should kip tha position

  2. Montreal isn’t the best on in the world but is he a good back up. Hell yea. The reason why he looks so weak at times is because he gets absolutely no support from our makeshift lw cazorla who always fails to drop back. For the thousandth time cazorla is not a winger and is very good when played through the middle. he is either back up to Ozil or bench. Simple.

    1. True. Hopefully Saturday AOC will play wide left, with Rambo in the middle, and that should strengthen up the left side.
      Everton however, usually play more on their right with Baines, Pienaar and Naismith combining very well, so, I think Flamini should play and cover the right side, plus Debauchy, Chambers and Alexis need to work hard.
      We need to play a counter-attacking game, with Joel Campbell upfront to give speed, along with Alexis, AOC.
      My team.
      Debauchy Chambers Kos Monreal
      Flamini Rambo
      Alexis Campbell AOC

      1. What’s this sh about Nacho being sh? What d’you expect from a player that’s almost never played save for when Gibbs is injured? Nacho is good but he needs gametime to become sharp, just like every other player! Give the guy a break!!!

  3. From our last season and those games i have seen this year i can say that something is not right with this club. The team has no chemistry at all. Atl. Madrit has not even half the talent we have, yet they play some amazing football, and that against heavy weights like Barcelona, Real and Chelsea.

    I am not sure if our team is very overrated, or our players are very to comfortable with having Wenger as the manager. Same goes with Wenger.

  4. Watch out for Lukaku. He is decent. Mourinho should have kept him and sold that turkey Torres.

    Everton is a good side and it will really be a good test for us.

    We NEED the Germans for this one.

  5. Strong rumours (not from the most reliable sources it must be said) going around that we have had a bid accepted for Cavani. We’ve also been made odds on favourite (2/1) on skybet following huge sums of money being placed on the transfer. PSG wanted Di Maria. Maybe they will sell Cavani to buy Di Maria. Ibra may be coming back sooner than thought. Probably bollocks but it would make sense for us at least.

  6. Anyone noticed Monreal looks bigger and stronger than last season? Probably has put in a lot of gym work…

  7. So far Nacho has played very well so far IMO. I think last season’s memories are hard to erase, but it’s Arsenal’s entire left side that is always weak in recent times. Wonder what’s going on in Wenger’s mind

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