Naples police not expecting any trouble for Arsenal visit despite history of violence

Confidence is high within the Naples police that Arsenal fans will be safe, will be welcomed and that the game will go off trouble-free.

The Naples Police commissioner Antonio De Iesu has been speaking ahead of the visit of an expected 1000 Arsenal fans, he believes his officers will be able to handle whatever situation comes their way and that the public and fans will remain secure throughout.

De Iesu points to the absence of any real trouble in the first leg at the Emirates as an indication that there is no underlying issues between the respective fans.

“Our plan works, we’ve been managing situations linked to public security around football matches for years, also at an international level,” he said.

“The system is checked and my officers have organised everything with a detailed analysis of possible critical aspects.
“We’re very optimistic. I am sure it will be a great event, a beautiful match, and for the moment there is nothing alarming concerning public security.

“We estimate around 1000 Arsenal fans arriving here in Naples. Naples is a welcoming city.

“There haven’t been cases of conflict or hate in the past, and we think that as things worked in London it will be the same here in Naples.”

Let’s hope he is right, there has been a history of English football fans being attacked in Italy, Tottenham fans were stabbed in Rome, Liverpool fans were also attacked in the same city and how can we forget the Napoli fans going on a rampage in 2013 outside the Emirates.

The Italians, with their Ultras, have been causing problems for years now and the truth is, that their police are not exactly that subtle when it comes to dealing with English fans but I am sure we can take the Police Commissioner at his word and that everything is being done to secure the safety of our supporters.

Hopefully, all we will have to talk about on Friday morning is our upcoming Europa League Semi-Final and not how many of our fans have been hospitalised.


  1. Sue says:

    Bloody hell ? I hope all the gooners will be alright… it’s crazy to think how some people are over a game of football… come back safe Phil!!

  2. Gunnerphilic says:

    I wish our supported behave themselves. There is no special badge of honour for the team when the fans invite trouble in another man’s turf.

    I wish we have a good atmosphere for a very good game of football. I wish Arsenal comes back to London with the qualification ticket for the semi-final.

  3. Ochan Johnson says:

    I pray that Arsenal supporters should come back safe to london and also with the semi final gualification

  4. Kenny Rolfe says:

    They say the more south you go in Italy the crazier they get. They were no problem at the Emirates. Personally speaking, I had plenty of conversations with Napoli supporters, even took some photographs for them outside the ground, however getting knocked out of the quarter finals of any competition is hard to take. Hope Phil and all the Arsenal fans stay safe.

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