Napoli v Arsenal Preview – Line Up and Score Prediction

Going into a second leg with a two-goal led is a massive advantage and the question for Arsenal manager Unai Emery is does he go all defensive and try to protect the lead or does he send out the team attack minded knowing that a single goal will mean that Napoli would have to score four?

There is the middle ground, which is to play defensive but to have the team set up to play counter-attacking football and I am of the opinion that is exactly how Emery will approach this game.

Cech will start in goal, there is no indication that Emery will all of a sudden pick Leno instead of the former Czech Republic international.

I imagine that Emery will most likely play a back three of Sokratis, Koscielny, and Monreal with two wing backs in Maitland-Niles and Kolasinac, who will be the outlet for us to get the ball forward in a controlled manner.

He is almost certain to bring Ramsey back into the midfield knowing that he is perfectly suited to playing counter-attacking football and will probably have Xhaka and Torreira alongside him in a solid three-man midfield,

I do expect Ozil to play simply because his sort of sublime passing could be crucial in this type of game, he cannot be relied upon to defend earnestly but he is the sort of player that excels at counter attacking football.

That leaves Lacazette as the lone striker, he is better at holding the ball up than Aubameyang and that will be crucial in this sort of game.

Predicted line-up


I have no doubts that Napoli will probably dominate possession, they are at home and have to attack, they simply have no choice and it will be a tense game but I am convinced we will score and even if we do lose I am positive we will still progress to the semi-finals.

Predicted score

Napoli 3-1 or 2-2

Arsenal to go through to semi-finals.


  1. Agree with Admin’s predicted line-up:

    ..Sokratis . Koscielny . Monreal
    Niles . Torreira . Xhaka . Kolasinac
    ………..Ozil ………. Ramsey

  2. Off topic here, way off the beaten track. Offering forgiveness to be forgiven. Some guy said that once.

    I was thinking about Ramsey and whether we’ll replace him adequately or not. But what if we wanted him to stay, he could just go back on his contract couldn’t he. I don’t know a lot about contracts but they aren’t the law like are they, if you wanted to, I’m sure you could say you’ve had a change of heart.

    The biggest games of season are right now, it’s strange that the two players we look to for nerve, Ramsey, Ozil, both looked dead and buried a number of months back.

    I think Ramsey would’ve accepted a lot less to stay at Arsenal, I think we could have offered him similar to Lacazette’s salary and add some performance related bonus’s.

    So I’ll leave it to all you good and fine Arsenal people – I’ll be expecting to see “The Airplane” flying over the Emirates on our next home game, and some banners in the stands don’t forget, pleading for Ramsey – Please don’t go, please don’t go, I love you sooo! ….am soo! in love with you!!

    1. It’s not possible though, he already signed a contract with juventus so he as to honour that contract else he’ll be sued. Why didn’t he extend his contract a long time ago? He is earning a good wage but he wanted more so let him have that at juventus because arsenal can’t afford it. Wish him good luck at his new club and forget about it.

      1. I would rather pay ramsey that works hard and take risk 200k rather than pay lazy ozil that hides in tough games 180k

  3. Auba needs to play as far as I’m concerned. His running in behind their defence and at their defence will scare the life out of them. If he doesn’t start he must come at some point in the game whatever the score is.

  4. Don’t panic tonight guys and gals, we’re in the tie all night. We could actually go 3-0 down and still qualify with a late away goal. I’d like us to keep a clean sheet for as long as possible and that will frustrate Napoli. And dear Sue, I think the green kit is too close to Napoli’s greeny kind of blue strip, white shorts with our red kit will clash, therefore I think it’s the dark kit tonight, the one I prefer when we’re away.

    1. Thanks Kenny ? I just looked on, . apparently we’re wearing the red top (with red shorts)… i would have loved the dark kit tonight though…. let’s hope for a great game & for us to go through Kenny ? COYG

  5. The Europa league is certainly what we need to win to get into the Champions league and obviously to get a trophy. Finishing fourth in the Premier League is not a guarantee of getting into the CL next season. Various permutations of spurs winning the CL and/or Chelsea winning the EL could scupper us if we finish fourth. The only guarantee to get in CL is to win the EL.

    1. Of course, you are correct. It’s a two-pronged scenario. Should Spurs come 5th or 6th, but still go on to win the CL; and Chelsea go on to win the Europa league, though failing to make top 4, both the winners of the European clubs competitions shall take precedence to fulfill UEFA’s England quota of maximum of 5 teams for the champions league.

      This also plays out for Chelsea, if we won the Europa league and they make the top 4 at our expense.

  6. Arsenal will not lose but win the match is my take for Arsenal in this Europa League Cup quarterfinal 2nd leg match encounter away to Napoli at San Paolo Stadium today’s night in Naples.

    Following the knocking out of the Italian club Juventus, from the Ucl last night by Ajax of Amsterdam, Carlos Ancelotti, the Italian Napoli manager will be left hugely disappointed seeing no Italian club side is left in the European competition competing for honours anymore this season after Arsenal will certainly have eliminated his Napoli team from the Europa League Cup competition on the night today.

    It is worth noting that Arsenal who have the required Gunners quality and team capacity to do the job successfully for the club will do the job for the club as needed. This is because the Gunners who will play in the match do not only want to win the match but also want to progress to the final of the competition to win the Cup. And this passion to win the Cup by Arsenal this season has given the Gunners an unrivalled inspiration making them more than set to beat Napoli tonight. And they will beat them comes what may in the game at San Paolo Stadium tonight.

  7. Napoli have a home record of losing only once, in San Paolo Stadio they beat Liverpool and drew with PSG
    so do we will have enough balls to leave this Stadium as a winners?
    Napoli know they were to close to score at the Emirates so we have to fight to the last ball with courage and determination….dont let them
    to control the game…COYG

  8. I am now fully convinced that Unai Emery is a germ! He has now stamped his authority on this team and he is really serious about winning Europa league.

    We are surely going to overcome Napoli with this line up. Emery has really made me day. I am so anxious right now, I have a good feeling that this game is going to be so sweet.

  9. Not happy with Cech in goal as he is too slow, would prefer Leno for a game this big, it could back-fire, I hope not, an early goal will mean they have to get four

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