Nasty November? This will be Arsenal’s best one ever!

We all know that November is traditionally bad for Arsenal, but records are made to be broken and this is the Gunners year for doing just that. We broke our jinxes with Chelsea and also Southampton (and Swansea too) and there is no reason why we can’t beat the November jinx too!

Last year, November gave us two defeats, two draws and just one solitary win. 2014 gave us two wins two defeats and one draw. This season we have already had one win and three draws, but considering those were against PSG, Man United and Tottenham I don’t see that being a jinx at all!

After the PSG game Wenger was asked if he wished November was over, and he replied: “No…I believe that I have to be careful about the choice of my words because when I say ‘stuttering’ it comes back in the next press conference. Look, I think there is a special spirit in the squad and the consistency of the results… we are unbeaten for 18 games.

“Sometimes you go through a spell, when you have such a long momentum, where we win a bit less. It’s down to us to continue without losing a game but as well to transform the draws now into wins. But there is no reason to panic.”

And he right! All we have left of this month, is one home game against Bournemouth this coming weekend, and then the League Cup game at home to Southampton.

There is no reason why we can’t win both of them, which will make three wins and three draws from the supposedly Nasty November. I would have taken that in most months never mind this one!

So stop moaning everyone and get behind the team. By the end of the month we will also have gone 20 games unbeaten and will be on our way to the title!

Sam P


  1. Juhislihis McLovin says:

    A good solid 90 minutes of football is what I want against Bournemouth. And this resulting in a convincing win of course. Haven’t had that for a while now..

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Well, at least we haven’t lost or knocked out of a competition so its far from dreadful
    but we have finished 2nd in CL group (no way Lugororets will beat PSG) which means we will play a Top Team in next round. Also we have gone to 4th place

    So everything has gone to normal again LOL

    Seriously Beating Bournemouth is a great way to turn things around
    Lets finish November with a couple of wins and have a great December

    1. Budd says:

      With the luck we’re having, I can see that if we finish 1st we will draw Bayern, Real, Porto or Sevilla. So I don’t actually care. In fact I would love use to draw Barcelona. Hell, yeah! I feel this team owe an answer to their best players. And Barcelona is not flying as high as last year. So, bring it on I say!

  3. Incarnate says:

    Game by game people, game by game.

  4. Ddog says:

    if we can get through without any manjor injuries, and win to brounemouth I’ll be happy, league cup….whatever happens, happens – should be a time to rest key players……………Sanchez is worrying me. Can he really run about like that without risking the health of those mighty pegs of his!?

  5. Break-on-through says:

    We had an article a while back about our world class players. I’m thinking back on it because whenever our biggest players don’t perform the blame is always laid on someone elses shoulders. Then we hear how if Cazorla was playing then these big players would be doing the business, one player making that difference. So I’m thinking how can a world class player not perform without a Cazorla, Cazorla must be the one true worldy so, their the one’s who make players better and make things happen. So why aren’t our other top players not making players play better nor capable to do it without Cazorla during this past month.

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