Naughty Bayern Munich nab Arsenal star on the cheap!

Bayern Munich may not be as bad as Barcelona when it comes to tapping up Arsenal players, but it would appear that they have gone about securing our young German star Serge Gnabry in a very underhand way, and surely it must be considered an illegal approach under ‘tapping up’ rules.

Last summer Gnabry, who was entering the last year of his Arsenal contract, amazingly scored six goals to end as top scorer in the Olympic football tournament, and was subsequently sold to Werder Bremen in a cut-price deal before the transfer window closed. There were rumours that Bayern Munich had used Bremen as a conduit to get a better price on the 21 year old, as even Wenger admitted in January in a pre-match press conference….

Well shock horror. Bremen today sold Gnabry on to Bayern, with a tidy little profit for looking after him for a year. Munich announced on their official website: “FC Bayern München have agreed with SV Werder Bremen on a transfer from Serge Gnabry. Gnabry, 21, will receive a three-year contract with FC Bayern.

“Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the Chairman of the FC Bayern Munich Board of Management, said: “We are delighted to see another young German national player in FC Bayern in Serge Gnabry. Serge has developed very well in Bremen. “

“Serge Gnabry says: “It is a great honor to be part of FC Bayern. Before me lies an exciting time, which I am very much looking forward to. “

Well what can you say to that? Cheeky sods!



  1. SV Werder Bremen EN @werderbremen_en
    BREAKING: @SergeGnabry has activated a clause in his contract and will leave #Werder at the end of the month.
    1:02 PM · Jun 8, 2017

    No one is stating the actual clause he had in his contract, the speculation was that Hoffenham were interested in signing him.
    Now some reports are suggesting that Munich paid €8 million for him.
    Smells fishy for sure.

    1. The clause was for a team who finished higher will be allowed to bid for him, basically as Bayern was obviously going to finish above them it was a clause which IMO would suggest an arrangement with Bayern, why would Werder give such a contract otherwise?

    1. He refused to renew his contract, with less than a year left on it, Arsenal were forced to sell… As always, money comes first. Obviously!

      1. We should never allow contracts to run below 2 years. This is what gets us into problems (RVP, Sanchez, etc)

  2. It’s also funny how he didn’t perform well ( lazy) at the club or out on loan at WBA, while his contract was running down at Arsenal. Yet he scored 6 goals at the Olympics for Germany and then forced a move away from AFC. Yeah, sounds like it was a long term plan with B.Munich to get him on the cheap.

      1. That’s just the truth mate…he showed signs of improving before been loaned out to a team that plays nothing close to Arsenal type of football,how did they expect him to cope (name three players who came back as success after completing loan spells)…you think Bayern are naughty because they were able to convince him sign for them?…what happened to Ivan and Wenger putting a buy-back clause in his contract when they sold him to Bremen(Madrid, Barcelona and Juve do this)…mate i think you should also add the likes of Debuchy, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Walcott cos if you can keep this dudes and not send them on loan, rather give them new contracts then this guy should have been given ample opportunity in the first team…Bayern only acted wisely cos they know the young lad who scored 11 gaols in 27 bundesliga appearances is more like the future of the German squad and since Sanchez’ weekly pay is just too much for a German club to pay Gnabry can offer them something close to it(Sanchez any day though)

        1. Bellerin, Coquelin and Ramsey.
          Well, they haven’t won us the UCL or EPL but we have won the FA Cup with them and they went out on loan, came back and became 1st team players. Successful for them.

          Some people say “it is only FA Cup” but go back 10-15 years and it was “THE FA CUP!!!!”.
          There was pride in winning the oldest cup in football, now it is dismissed, why? IMO winning it is still success.

          I will agree with the buy back clause, we do need to put them in more sales for ‘kids’ just incase they step up after being sold.

          Not just Gnabry buy Ozyakup has done well since getting settled and playing regularly, rumors are UTD and Spuds have been scouting him and interested…
          Also Afobe, he may have fizzled out since his move away from Wolves but at the time… We could have activated the clause and sold him on for profit and adding in the clause again just incase.

          Shame as I really liked Gnabry, I do think he could become better than Alexis, with the right development he could become one of the best in the world and it is sad to see that happen in other colours apart from Red and White 🙁

    1. You make it sound like Gnabry wanted out for years.
      IMO it was the bad loan we got him and playing under Pullis is what drove him away from us, if we rated him so highly then why loan him to Pullis? I do not care what team that troll works at, he hates Arsenal and would screw us over every chance he could… and he did with Gnabry.

      Gnabry wanted playtime, we couldn’t guarantee that and we could look to get him a loan…
      Last loan he got no game time, I doubt he would accept a 2nd loan.

      Look at it from his perspective, he may have felt like he HAD to move to develop his career.

  3. Worrying times lol. Not much happening with transfers IN’s but there could be plenty Rats ready to jump ship! .. Maybe?


    Sunday 11 June

    12.06: Laurent Koscielny says he has “no idea” whether or not he will join Marseille.

    Marseille are supposedly interested in signing Arsenal centre-back Koscielny.

    He said: “I have a contract with Arsenal, I even signed an extension last November until 2020.

    “I feel very good over there (at Arsenal).

    “I have always said that I was a Marseille fan when I was younger.

    “When a mythical club like Marseille contact you, it is good.

    “But will I sign for them? I have no idea at all.”

    11.50: Liverpool want to sign Arsenal midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Express Sport can reveal Oxlade-Chamberlain is available if the Reds stump up around £40m.

    He has a £100,000-a-week contract offer from Arsenal ready to sign if he decides to extend his stay at the Emirates, with his current deal expiring next summer.

    Liverpool have moved for Oxlade-Chamberlain after missing out of Roma’s Mohamed Salah.

    They Merseyside club have already failed to sign Virgil van Dijk this summer.

    1. Many of you called him dead wood and said we can’t win the title with such players. Bayern rated him and they now have him. Why are you complaining again? Always moaning about something.

      1. Hahaha ?? Who’s complaining? Not me you loon?
        I’m just sharing news from the web and voicing my opinion on it, which is more than what you’re doing.. moaning about moaning lol?? Nice!

        1. you mostly report negative news. You are very set on Sanchez leaving for Man City so you can stamp your feet. Haven’t heard you bring up the news that an Arsenal site reported Sanchez is set to sign a new contract with us. Is it true, who knows, but it’s clear you only report news that sells off all our players.

          1. Maybe Fatboy is practicing to write for the mainstream media, we all know they love good smear stories as that is what people buy, forget about truth, truth is just something that gets in the way of selling stories.

          2. @ RSH
            Take your medication Grandpa ?
            You’re delusional if you think that I’m picking and choosing the news to share lol ?? Theres no way That Sanchez is renewing his contract, maybe you should start reading fairy tales instead, they normally have happy forever after endings. ??

    2. Seems every club wants to kill Arsenal. If Liverpool wants Oxlade, make a bid for Coutinho

    1. Coman? Lol you mean the Coman I know. Kid is worse than Sterling. Dribble past players but know nothing next to do. Costa instead

  4. I wish him all the best, while he was here i thought he was on par with Ox and even better than Iwobi, but unfortunately not in Wenger’s eyes and i can not blame the manager. Injuries played a part in the decisions to send him out on loan, his time at West Brom i thought was the time he made the decision that arsenal did not care for him and began looking for away out of England. The Olympics was a perfect show piece for him and when arsenal started taking notice the horse was already out the gate. Bayern had planted the seeds in his brain and i think the upcoming world cup also was a drawing card.

    Now we know some backdoor deals went on, between at least 3 clubs in germany, but its nothing illegal on paper, so nothing will come of it, in terms of him choosing bayern munich i think it will not be good for his future, WHY? well Bayern tends to stockpile young players similar to Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus, most of their mature players have had quality playing time at previous teams, therefore earns a starting role when at bayern, i do not see Seg getting playing time over these mature players anytime soon

  5. At least this time it isn’t someone he nearly signed. This time he had the player and let him go

  6. Naughty Bayern???

    More like clever Bayern

    We let a player with real Talent like Gnabry go

    But we keep Sanogo for four years and pay him £4.1 million

    Let that sink in

  7. I hear people mumble over split milk all the while, however, not all the players we let go are going to be super stars and and not all the players we keep are going to be super stars, but it is a gamble we will have to continue to do so.

    I remember man city buying Stones and we got Holding, its a gamble sometimes it pays off a lot of times it does not, but that is life in general, but as i have said i wish Serge the best i do not think Bayern is the right choice for him in the terms of game time, when there are other clubs in germany where he would have received more time to develop, but that is his choice, lets talk about our players or prospective players.

    1. Exactly, you win some, you lose some. Gnabry made a smart move. He was out for almost two whole seasons and it was vital he went somewhere where he would start without question. Smart guy to revive his career in that fashion, now I just hope he doesn’t sit on bench all of next season, which unfortunately is very possible unless Ancelotti rates him very highly.

  8. I don’t see this as a loss, Gnabry is not going to make Bayern first team. Walcott was more deadly last season. Perez is better than him and we can’t even accommodate him. Gnabry and Campbell had to go. We need to open up places for better players. I’d like to see Walcott go next, but it looks like it might be Perez.

  9. Not a big deal. He was injured for almost two whole seasons and didn’t want to renew his contract at Arsenal, despite us trying. Went to Bremen and made a name for himself in Bundesliga. Good for him. I hope he’ll at least get playing time at Bayern though. They have a lot of wingers that are better than him and I can’t see him playing much. Glad to see one of our academy players at a big club though.

  10. Quality player. I wish him well.

    Like Jo Campbell never got enough chances, impressed the few times he did play

    Only assume Wenger didn’t like his commitment in training or personality – in both cases

  11. Its like selling Gervhino and keeping Giroud. Some say, sell Walcott and keep Ozil. I don’t like snails

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