Nedum Onuoha explains why Vieira deserved his red card against Burnley

Fabio Vieira received a quick red card after being subbed on for Arsenal against Burnley today.

The Gunners won the game 3-1 and had a 2-1 lead when Vieira entered the game to make an impact.

They eventually scored another goal through Oleksandr Zinchenko, but Vieira was sent off with a straight red card nine minutes later for a high-foot challenge.

The midfielder appeared shocked; although his high foot did not seem malicious, it was deemed dangerous.

Former Manchester City player Nedum Onuoha was on punditry duty during the game and explained why the foul warranted a sending-off.

He explained on the BBC:

“It’s a bad challenge from Fabio Vieira.

“There is no intent there as such but he is endangering the opponent. It is hurting me just looking back at it on the replay.

“It will be interesting to see what Mikel Arteta makes of that one after the game”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Vieira’s high foot looked very dangerous, and that means it was worth a sending-off, even if the midfielder did not mean to hurt the player.

It remains unclear if we will appeal the decision, but he will learn from it and improve in his next matches.

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  1. Not sure we need someone to explain why it was a red card, as I think we could see why for ourselves. It’s a pity though that other equally bad tackles aren’t viewed the same by refs.

  2. Despite not making a lot of contact, it was a red card, and it just proves the bias and corruption I have been talking about.

    Our players have been on the other end of far worse challenges in recent games against Newcastle, Chelsea and City, and not one red card!

    And wasn’t it interesting that Saka’s little push in a player’s back in the first half, WAS deemed a foul!

    How much more evidence do we need?

    1. I’ll agree about the Saka push, but where have our players received “far worse challenges” than a foot of studs straight on their knee?

      1. Im talking about contact actually made. Kovacic, Palmer, Bruno, you can throw in Sanchez on Jesus as well.

        Vieira’s type of challenge was also bad, and he was sent off more for intent, with contact minimal, whereas the other fouls on us were also bad on intent, but also strong contact made, so far more likely to injury a player – yet no reds!

        Double standards of the highest degree!

  3. It was a deserved red.
    But this nonsense that once you have received a yellow card it cannot be reviewed retrospectively is absolute nonsense.
    Kovacic’ appalling “tackles” should have warranted a retrospective red card, and the referee should have been reprimanded for wanting to keep the player on to “maintain a competitive game” – I wonder, if that was an Arsenal player would he have made that same decision?
    If it has been Xhaka, would he have stayed on in the interest of a competitive game?
    Compared to continental referees and their respective football associations Premiership referees and the FA are a bunch of incompetent buffoons..

    1. I don’t think yellows can be reviewed, rescinded or anything after they’ve been awarded, although there might be some technical reason to have another look. Wrong identity?
      And re Euro refs, did you see that clown in our game against Seville last week? They’re not all Collina.

  4. Slightly offtopic, it appears though that MA probably isnt that enthused about Viera as a player in an Arsenal shirt.

    Did anybody see his walk off after the red, walking dejectedly towards the tunnel and MA sat stony faced, decidedly avoiding any eye contact, not even a head tilt in his general direction, talkless a pick-me-up hug for a red carded player who is currently low on confidence long even before the red.

    It was made starkly even clearer as there wasn’t any sort of action going on at all during this phase that could be claimed to have momentarily distracted MA

    It was a long, despondent and dejected and vehemently ignored walk by Viera.

    I doubt MA would have done same to any of the other players on the field, even Elnenny would have hurriedly been offered a hug or an encouraging slap on the back.

    Buyer’s regrets from MA maybe?

    Or this often talked about favoritism streak in MA?

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