“Needed after a tough week,” Journalist sums up what most Arsenal fans were thinking

The Evening Standard’s Simon Collings admits Arsenal needed that win after the 3-0 victory over Southampton today.

Mikel Arteta’s team had been on a tough run of form before the game, having lost three of their four previous matches.

The Saints aren’t doing so well in the league, but they are tricky opponents and the Gunners knew they had a lot to do to get the win.

Despite the distraction of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s disciplinary absence, the team earned a good result to keep them close to the top four.

Goals from Alexandre Lacazette, Martin Odegaard and Gabriel Magalhaes were enough to earn the three points and Collings says we needed that victory after the previous results.

He tweeted: “A comfortable win for Arsenal, who also had a goal ruled out for offside and hit the woodwork twice. Much better performance than recently and needed after a tough week. West Ham at home on Wednesday next.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It has been a really difficult few weeks for the club and we did need that win, but we have to get more three points on the board.

Our next game is against West Ham and it is a fixture that we simply have to win.

Beating the Hammers would go a long way in proving the team is truly back to form and it should give the players even more confidence going forward.

The JUST ARSENAL SHOW asks if Super Aubameyang has finally lost his superpowers?

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  1. Win against Wet Spam and it keeps our top 4 hopes for alive for another week or two. Lose and it is Goodnight and Goodbye to top 4 for this year. Todays start to the game was scarily bad, they will punish us if we do the same, too slow, too negative and too open. And we were at home against an out of form team.

  2. Hw I wish, we had won against Man united and Everton😩. Can’t just get my head around the fact that we lost those two matches from a winning position. Let’s hope we get it right, this time against Westham

  3. I’ve read how since last Christmas we are 3rd in the table or so. It has never felt like that though.

    It is time to actually be in the top 4. We need to be getting results consistently. Never mind West Spam we need to win all remaining games this year, and start next year strong.

  4. That was what I call a silver platter affair, which is when the opposition provides little resistance and manufactures few if any real bona fide chances of their own…in these types of scenarios we simply must prove that we have the ability to post a 5 or 6 spot, especially when we’re playing at home…not to mention, these matches are vitally important from a plus/minus perspective

    as I’ve always said, I’m all about the eye test and until we produce on a consistent basis, with a formational sense of purpose, we will have to rely too heavily on the kindness of strangers, like today, for results

    all I know is if anyone believes that we can be successful against anyone of consequence with Xhaka, Ode and Laca leading the line, you’re going to be sadly disappointed, as that’s a recipe for predominantly negative football and incredibly mixed results

    I simply can’t imagine that this will be the same lineup in our mid-week fixture against the Hammers, as their work rate will make it very difficult for our manager’s favorite speed-challenged selections to contribute in such a positive manner that it will offset their obvious deficiencies

    so good on Ode for finding the back of the net in recent matches, but once it’s absolutely pertinent that he contributes from a defensive capacity, I very much doubt he will see such advanced positions, with space to boot, unless he’s abandoning his responsibilities entirely

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