‘Negotiations are already well advanced’ – Arsenal set to miss out yet again

Arsenal look to have missed out on the signing of Raphinha as Chelsea close in on his signature, and Richarlison now seems to be in ‘advanced’ talks to join Tottenham also.

While we are expected to announce the signing of Gabriel Jesus, we are still believed to be in the market for a new forward also, and it had seemed as though we may have been prioritising Raphinha for that reason.

We now look set to miss out on him after Chelsea swooped in to agree a fee with Leeds United this week, and to add further woes to our bid to strengthen in attack, Spurs now appear to be closing in on Richarlison’s signature also.

The Everton forward seems ready to move clubs, and Tottenham’s ability to offer Champions League football likely leaves us at a disadvantage with them already further ahead in their bid to sign him.

The former Watford man would have been an exciting addition to our attack, with him able to play in any of our four most advanced roles, and the fact that he is a complete menace for rival defences.

I can’t lie, missing out on both Brazilians is going to be a big disappointment, but there is still plenty of time to get a top recruit as a replacement. So far our club appears to be acting wisely in the transfer market, so we have to trust that they will also have other players of a similar level on our watchlist.


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  1. Come on Patrick, when were we ever linked with him? Very good player I agree but just another made up rumour that has no basis in fact at all. Perhaps you can enlighten us where it confirms we wanted him because some of these assertions are getting somewhat monotonous and annoying?

    1. Agree 100%.

      There’s a story going round regarding Jack Wilshere returning – isn’t that a rumour worth investigating, rather than saying we are missing out, seemingly, on every player being transferred?

      This only causes wild speculation regarding the plans of Mikel and Edu and resentment when it doesn’t happen.

    2. Couldn”t agree more.
      There is an enormous amount of crap spoken about Arsenal transfer targets, most of it completely without foundation. Why an Arsenal site has to propagate this rubbish is beyond me.

  2. He said he wouldn’t sign for us
    Good solid player and can see why both spuds and Chelsea are after him but for that price absolutely not
    30 million pound at most player playing for a team that just escaped getting sent down .

    1. 30m ??! Same price as we paid for some skinny kid named veira out of a farmers league?? No mate, Richarlson is a proper player, an elite Brazilian national whos goals kept Everton up. As for raphina he was never coming to a non CL side.

      1. Yea cool story you gave that went completely over your head and mine as well buddy .
        Point completely missed on your post but eh it’s late so I forgive that rant mate

  3. You want the team to have this volatile character? We shouldn’t even be linked with him in the first place.

  4. Missing out again? C’mon, every player that signs for some other club is now a reason for much wailing and gnashing of teeth on this site.

    Let other clubs buy at inflated prices from sides that almost got relegated. They were in that position for a reason.

    I heard very little to suggest Arsenal were ever interested in Richarlison in any real way – and I’m glad because I don’t see him as an Arsenal player.

  5. Bit harsh on Richarlison, Dan, you saying that we shouldn’t have gone for Rafinha cause he nearly got relegated too?

    I just don’t think he’d be a good fit for us anyway, shame he’s going to Spurs, but you know let’s hope he ruffles feathers playing 2nd fiddle to Kane. I’d rather we look elsewhere.

  6. We were never going for richy..besides, those two cannot not play football (haha). raphinha is just too expensive for that price…but, building upon the players we got last season..im trusting the Judgement of Eduteta……Artedu.

  7. Now this Is just sad Don’t you have anything else to write about ? Instead you post dubious articles to discredit your OWN club.This annoying it’s like he’s taking us for fools

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