“Negotiations are going well” as Arsenal close in on top winger target

Arsenal made no secret of their interest in signing the Belgian international Yannick Carrasco in the January transfer window ,and according to numerous reports the 25 year-old is still extremely keen to come and join Unai Emery at the Emirates.

Carrasco, who is curently plying his trade at Chinese side Dalian Yifang, has made it very clear that he has not settled in China and is just as open about being in talks to return to Europe, specifically to the Premier League. “Negotiations are going well,” the ex-Atletico Madrid winger said. “I am aware that I am an important player for the team but I hope they let me leave. From a personal and family point of view, I would like to return to Europe.

“The Premier League is more physical, but there are also a lot of spaces to run into.”

The Gunners are desperate for a winger to join to provide better service to our two main strikers, and the early signing of Carrasco may be a sign that Arsenal are trying their hardest to start strengthening the most problematic areas of our squad.

It would certainly cheer up Arsenal fans that are feeling a little nervous about this transfer window….




  1. abutrikka says:

    not fascinated by him but atleast more productive than iwobi and mkhi

  2. Malcolm Townsend says:

    I would get this deal over the line as quickly as possible and then concentrate on other deals instead of saying we are interested in so and so and nothing happens let’s have some action from the board

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Carrasco? Lol..never wanted him during the Jan window and I don’t want him now, if we can’t get a better winger then I’ll rather have Nelson and Saka share the wings all throughout next season.
    We can get Malcolm easily if we want to, Brazilian, tricky, loves taking shots at goal, left footed, best option for the RW.
    I’m tired of having right footed players playing from the RW unable to shoot at goal when the chances open.
    If we can’t get anyone better than Carrasco then I’ll rather we don’t get anyone for the wings at all.
    Yes beggars can’t be choosers, but this beggar called Eddie Hoyte ain’t ready to accommodate more average players who might turn out to be another Mhiki, Ozil Elneny later.

    1. Wait, did you just say Ozil is average?! @Admin, somebody hacked Eddie’s account!!! Do something!!!

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        QD, Ozil ain’t average, never been average, I do defend him a lot and yes I do enjoy watching him play but I’m not gonna pretend players don’t reach their peak and decline.
        That’s Ozil, only difference is, Ozil’s declination has been immersed. It doesn’t mean he was an average player.
        Like I said, I don’t want any player who will turn out to be Mhki and Ozil, (Both players who in their peak were starters in whatever team they could’ve walked into)
        Carrasco is already an average player, I don’t see him peaking, hell the man ran off to China, we’re currently trying to get rid of the players not good enough anymore, and that’s why I added Ozil to that list, he should move on, Carrasco to me is already in the same list as Mhiki, Ozil, Elneny, he’ll just be another waste.
        I never called Ozil an average player.
        Pepe was a world class defender, but because he has declined currently at Porto, you don’t expect me to call him average do you?

        1. anti-kev says:

          Eddie, have you seen witsel? from China o Dortmund. he played good.

  4. My concern is that he plays on the left and we already have Aubameyang there. Will he adapt to the RW? Or will Aubameyang be shifted to the RW? Does this mean finally Mkhitaryan is leaving? Could we have possibly found a buyer for him? No way! You mean we could actually get rid of Xhaka and Mkhitaryan in one transfer window?!

  5. Mihado ? says:

    10goals 7 Assist in the in 10match if am not mistaken… Malcom who? He was a Panic buy for Barca after they lost Neymar they needed some1 to spend the money on…He is not performing am not surprised

    Carrasco left Althletico not because he wasn’t performing… He was a starter, but a feud with Simeone and a bid from China make it difficult for him to stay it was a better offer for Althletico and him…

    I would chose Carrasco any day over Malcolm

    Those of you wanting u he youngsters to be a stater in the team,you guys are something else,You will be the 1st to criticize the Manager and the Player when they play badly…

    I want them in the squad not as starters but as backup/Subs who are easily integrated into 1st team… Not putting too much pressure on them

    1. Ingleby says:

      I agree with this. Why assume that all players are ambitious only for football objectives? Carrasco at the time may well have been excited at the thought of living in China and all the positive experiences that could bring. Such a move may indicate far greater strength of character by wanting to try something entirely new.
      Having the youngsters in the squad and being slowly given first team playing time makes a lot of sense.

  6. Nero says:

    Leave these people their never satisfied..saka nelson are all a bit still too raw..their not mbappe exactly so why the fuss?

    Some one even said caraasco is lazy,humans are insatiable..carasco is tiresless,perharps he burns out after 75 minutes..thats when iwobi can step in ..and we see the impact iwobi makes as a sub many at times.

    Lest we forget carasco also left athletico, because the bought…cant recall his name..that winger from manocao who was one of the best during that period, also carasco and hazard play wings for Belgium,competing for place against hazard is hard to win unless your messi or ronaldo.

    Brand, name wise hes a bigger player than fraiser..sometimes you need big names to strike confusion and fear in the hearts of the opposition.

  7. luckyville says:

    thank you for this comment… we have the chance to sign a quality player at a low price in this over inflated market, and there are still people on here complaining… Carrasco is quality and I know it cause I have watched him play several times… I pray this deal goes through.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  8. ForeverGooner says:

    He’s not a Top winger we wanted but with only £50!million budget he would probably be good enough

    He would be an improvement over what we have: Aubameyang, Ozil, Mkhitaryan are not Wingers and better than Iwobi.

    We would still need another winger though.

    Reiss-nelson, Saka, Amaechi and Iwobi should be given opportunity to fight for winger positions too.

    Also Smith Rowe should be given a chance at attacking midfield

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