Negotiations begin on Ozil departure – Will cost Arsenal at least 7m GBP

There are clear signs that Mesut Ozil is very close to ending his 8 year adventure at Arsenal, as it is being reported that the Gunners are negotiating with Dr Sogut and Ozil regarding a fee to allow him to walk away as a free agent and to sever all further relations with Arsenal.

The Daily Star has been citing a Turkish journalist, Yağız Sabuncuoğlu, as saying that Arsenal owe the German midfielder 8m Euros (7m GBP), which is believed to be his “loyalty bonus” if he stays to the end of his contract and possibly adding any wages due if he stayed until the bitter end.

Ozil can finally go and live with his wife and baby in Istanbul if the Fenerbahce deal happens.

Mikel Arteta did not deny that there were talks in progress but said that any move would not spoil Ozil’s legacy at Arsenal. The boss said: “What Mesut has done at the football club is unquestionable and that will stay,”

“It doesn’t matter if he plays two more games, 10 more games or none.

“I think what he has done is there for the records, the history of the club and his contribution, I think nobody can discuss that.”

The report says that talks will be ongoing today, so perhaps we will finally get an announcement this week , and we can finally put this long-running soap opera to bed once and for all….

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  1. Why are not Fenerbahce offering a fee? This way they don’t have to give Özil such a big wage and sign on fee.

  2. Ozil gets a loyalty bonus what a joke,he has done very little on the pitch since his mega contract,shit stirred many situations off the field and…..
    Well lots more lets just give him whatever it takes to get rid of the Flop and learn from the biggest financial mistake in Afc history.

    1. Artera said: “What Mesut has done at the football club is unquestionable and that will stay,”

      “It doesn’t matter if he plays two more games, 10 more games or none.

      “I think what he has done is there for the records, the history of the club and his contribution, I think nobody can discuss that.”

      1. And the law of the land says we must all believe every word implicitly or go to jail, I suppose ?

    2. Well, in mitigation, and only because I ADORE Ozil so very much(COUGH, COUGH) I must point out his loyalty to Gunnersaurus. That excuses his laziness these last five years of course!

  3. The very latest is Arsenal have no intention of paying any wages if he signs for Fenerbace or whoever between now & end of season.So if him & his shifty agent think he’s trousering £8 million for remainder of contract plus a loyalty bonus😂they’re taking the piss.

    1. Or it could just be the Agent reminding everyone that there is a legally binding contract that clearly states Ozil is due every single penny owed to him under the terms of this document. Would you personally walk away from money due from your employer if this was you in that position? Don’t think so somehow PAL do you?

      1. I won’t because money is number one priority for me. Not making fun of MO. It really is.

        That is why I think Sanchez made a mistake for taking a pay cut to leave Man U.

        He was entitled to every single penny in the contract and should have stayed on to get every single penny and not waste the lucrative contract.

  4. Let’s hope it ends soon no matter how.

    MA recognizing Ozil’s contribution to the club is a nice send off. It shows perhaps the the decision to exile him come from the higher ups.

    1. Exactly lcw – let’s ALL remember what Mikel Arteta has said about the player and just move on, wishing him all the best for the future…Onwards and Upwards!!!

    2. Arteta has no choice but to say something nice, otherwise he’ll have huge issue with the press on his hands.

      I’m not saying Arteta didn’t mean what he said, but it’s always tough to know in that situation. Although I do find it quite telling he just standard things. He didn’t go out of his way praising Ozil or any thing like that.

      Whether you like Ozil or not, I just think everyone will be relieved when he isn’t an Arsenal player anymore.

      1. What Arteta says and what Arteta really thinks and would like to say are obviously two different things. A manager is always the diplomat. Plus he doesn’t want to upset the poor little thing.

        1. Reggie, so your in Arteta’s head now then?
          He didn’t have to say anything – or he could have said negative things, as MO is leaving.
          Anyway, as we’ve been told (and I’ve no reason to believe otherwise) MA is completely honest, I’m taking him at his word – I obviously don’t have an insight into MA’s mind.

          1. Well Ken: Some pathetic and illogical reaction to what MA said about Ozil.

            The thinking goes like this: If somebody does not agree with you they must be wrong, lying or being too nice.

            You really have to have an immense ego to think that way.

    3. YYes it is nice that he said that and I have and do still believe that MO hasnt played for us because it came from owners / board.

      MA says about Auba and his form that we should remember what he has done in the past and that is pretty much the reason he sticks with him so i ask why did he not do the same with MO?

      Let’s all remember what MO has done for the club in the past, how he is he any different ??

      It’s not, MA has principles and likes to have experience in his teams, he likes what players have done for the club in the past and sticks with them, even through drops in form etc etc

      But he didnt do that with MO so for me he’s either a 2 faced liar or it wasnt in his hands to begin with – I would rather go with the latter in that regard

  5. No team will pay a cent for knowing very well that they’ll get him for free in six months time. What is the rush for when they can have a pre contract agreement with the player as early as this minute?

    As for the player, it is foolish now because;
    1. He’ll lose the loyalty bonuses
    2. He’ll have a higher bargaining power if he’s a free agent than if he leaves now at a fee.

    If Özil leaves now, it’s because the club has bought his contract out.

    I wish özil all the best!

    1. Buying out MO’s contract lump sum now or at the start of the season would cost more than just continue to pay his wages every week till his contract expires.

      I don’t mind letting him go to for free and continue to pay his wages and loyalty bonus, just not lump sum now.

      All the best to MO.

  6. Arsenal can only blame themselves. They knew Ozil was a leech and offered him a luxurious contract and have been punished ever since.

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