‘Nervous’ Arsenal desperately need 3 points against Bournemouth

Arsenal may be feeling nervous after losing 2 of their first 3 games and conceding zillions of goals, but at least tomorrow we have a chance to get back on track against a team that has lost all three of their matches this season and have only one away game since Christmas, beating relegated Sunderland.

Our defender Nacho Monreal revealed his concerns. “I have to say that in the last three games we have conceded eight goals and this is a lot,” he said.

“Obviously it is not only the fault of the defenders. Every single player has to defend, but conceding eight goals in three games is a lot and we have to improve. We can’t concede three or four goals because it is then impossible to get something.

“In this moment, everything is a bit difficult, because after losing the last two games, you have talks about how to play and not. In the past, playing with this shape, last season for example, we won games.

“This year we won the Community Shield. The problem is the last two games we lost and the atmosphere is a bit nervous, but I think from tomorrow if we play a good game and get three points, we will have more confidence and we will improve.

“We need to improve a lot. Our target is to win the Premier League, and obviously we can’t win it if we keep playing like we did against Liverpool.”

On recent form you would have to be mad to think we can win the title, but obviously we have an improved team from last season, and once we get over our nerves we should grow in confidence again.

But let’s be honest, if we don’t get the three points we can probably say that we are definitely in a crisis!



  1. lola says:

    next match Arsenal will draw or win. Next 5/6 matches Arsenal will win convincingly. In the meantime utd will win most of them.1st Arsenal disaster time is Decemember 20 to january 1st. Next disaster month is march. In April Arsenal will ne 15 to 20 points far from united.
    Repeat the cycle next year, replace utd with city/chelsea/liverpool.
    Repeat the cycle until Wenger passes away naturally.

  2. sniper says:

    I want to see a front three of Nelson,laca, and Alexis

  3. sniper says:

    Today show your love for team,manager and the club you support.we need a positive atmosphere in the first place.We all the fans here who act like rebels against the the club they claim to support, the season is here we support the team and judge at the end

  4. Arseneout says:

    i think we will win, but i am afraid from wenger post-match saying its all okay we show togetherness and coherence bla bla bla.

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    Reiss Nelson should be given a chance to play…hes fantastic

    He can be our Mbappe for this season

  6. iffybright says:

    Its time We unleash Jack Wilshere in that central midfield….We need players who can easily dribble through tight spaces in that central midfield….Iwobi should also be playing regularly….Wilshere and Iwobi are more dangerous to handle than Ozil and Ramsey….I will prefer facing Ozil and Ramsey than to play against Wilshere and Iwobi…..Wenger sentiment won’t allow all this….His sentiment and arrogance are the things killing this club…..Imagine casting out Joel Campbell and Perez and keeping That useless Theo Walcott…..I weep for my dear club

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Perez Joel Walcott Wilshere Ozil, none of them deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt, talking first team shirt and then I’d include Ramsey. I don’t care about what they can do when things goes right for them, I care about when things are going wrong what can they give us.

  7. Yossarian says:

    I don’t want to hear “Obviously it’s not only the fault of…” and “The atmosphere is a bit nervous” and “This year we won the community shield”

    I want to hear “Yes it was bad, and I will take responsibility for not making the same mistakes again”

    I want to hear that from the players, and I want to hear it from the manager & coaches.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      What I want to hear from AW after a match is: ‘Today was great! That’s because I abandoned my usual bias towards my little darling favourites and stopped shuffling the team round to fit them in. Instead I just PICKED OUR BEST PLAYERS AND PLAYED THEM IN THEIR CORRECT POSITIONS. I wonder why I didn’t think of that before . . .’

      1. GunnerJack says:

        … and if the first names on the teamsheet read: Ramsey – Right Wing, Welbeck – Striker, Bellerin – LWB etc then we know AW won’t be making the above statement anytime soon!

  8. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    Well if we can’t win Bournemouth at home, we really are in crisis then…for guys going to the game please let the team know we fans are behind them just as much as you let wenger and kronke and who ever cares to listen know that we want them out and won’t stop till we win the league or have our way.

  9. Break-on-through says:

    I hope Wenger’s happy now, what did he expect. Did he expect us to look like a team who have played together for years. Or did he expect us to aerially dominate our own 20 yard area. Did he expect us to instinctively organize ourselves at the back. What the heck did he expect. And why is he using three four three in matches that we done well against in the old formation, the new one is supposed to solidate us for tough games esp away, or versus a tall set piece specialist. Arsene tried to make the three four three more attacking, he knows very little of tactics, if you didn’t realize that before, this now shows you that he has no clue about tactics. It’d be good to have a overly defensive tactic to use instead of his possession based tactics which has everyone almost in the opposite half. From time to time even he should be able to see that. But he wants us to look one certain way, so what are tactics to this man.

  10. Nothing changed says:

    Arsenal’s results are always hard to predict. They can be good one or two games in a row and just when you think they have mastered their way they lose to a “smaller” team without much of an effort or fight and with old mistakes returning to rear their ugly heads.

    There is no result that can surprise me today whether it is a massive win or an embarrassing loss or a useless draw.

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