Nervous Wenger happy to take win ahead of Olympiakos trip

Arsenal’s never-ending injury woes left Arsene Wenger feeling nervous ahead of the visit of Sunderland yesterday, but his rag-tag collection of understudies came good and finally came away with the three points to leave us second in the Premier League.

It was a good audition for the new first teamers and Wenger is now happy to take the same squad to Athens on Wednesday for our crucial Champions League match against Olympiakos.

“In my mind I was a little bit more nervous than usual because I felt it was a pivotal game,” Wenger said on “It was our first game without the injured players and we absolutely had to win.

“We played against a difficult team who were well organised and good on the break, so all the ingredients were there for a disappointing result. Because we hadn’t won for three games people would have said we were in a crisis, so it was important to get the win.

“We were a bit edgy, a bit nervous, in the first half but in the second half we played with more freedom, fluency and incisiveness which is how we won the game. It was a tough one and if you look at the results in the Premier League it was like that.

“It’s been a good day for us, because we have won the game and that makes helps us prepare for Olympiacos. Secondly it puts us in an interesting position again and that’s all positive. The squad that was out there for Sunderland – the good news is that we won and that we don’t have any injuries. It makes it obvious for the media to guess who will go to Olympiacos.”

I didn’t there was much doubt which squad would go to Athens as it is simply the only players that are not on the treatment table, but it is defintely good for the team’s confidence to not only win but to score three goals in the process.

Roll on Wednesday and the last episode of The Great Escape!

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  1. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Nowhere to run…we either stay and get rid of olympiacos or be blown out by olympiacos…COYG!
    i wish i can see a trailer of Wednesday night’s show..
    Avengers 3 coming to you on Wednesday night, don’t miss out on this thrilling episode

    1. Colin says:

      Ironically, I think I prefer knowing we need to go out and get 2 or 3 goals rather than a draw.. We have to go for it do or die. COYG

    2. Roe-hahn says:

      More like A.Wenger’s 3 Redemption Road.

  2. Twig says:

    Hope Walcott gets to start on Wednesday. He was an absolute nuisance when he came on against Sunderland. The OX might be better as a sub when we need a shot up the arm.

  3. Krish says:

    admin I agree with wizardry if you want to have lively debates its contraproductive to release so many articles people switch from one article to the next one after 10-25 comments..
    well maybe the other guys like it in this way but i am of the same opinion as wizardy i like debates and arguments and discussions and maybe it would be a good option to put all the articles with the same topic together and be released at once in one article with names of the each writer

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Why don’t you just exchange personal details with wizardry and debate with all your hearts content, You probably both get sick of each other , within the hour lol ??

      As for our trip to Olympiacos,
      I think that It is important to start with Campbell,
      Since he has a good year’s experience of playing at that club and stadium.

      1. JamaicaTopGunner says:

        Campbell will surely start. I hope Wenger starts Walcott over the Ox also

    2. G-Rude says:

      Maybe we should have an article about the amount of articles each article writer can write in one day!

  4. Mo1 says:

    @krish, agree with you mate, think it’s ridiculous the amount of articles they are in one day. Surely discussions,debates are the whole point of this are they not?

    You comment on 1 & 30mins later 5 more articles have popped up lol

  5. G-Rude says:

    I agree on Walcott though, if he’s fit enough he has to play. And give Ospina a chance in goal (ducks quickly!)

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