“Never speak of this year again” Some Arsenal fans won’t accept the club’s thanks

Arsenal’s dreadful 2020/2021 campaign has finally ended typically negatively as they miss out on European football for the first time in over 20 years.

They replaced Arsene Wenger in 2018, but the Frenchman was in Europe every season that he managed the club.

Since he left, they have been on a downward spiral and even Mikel Arteta is struggling to stop the slide.

They would now look to rebuild their team and look to end next season inside the top four.

The club’s players may feel relieved that they have had to play this season without fans in the stands because it would have been dreadful to watch and no one knows how the supporters would have reacted.

After their last game of the season against Brighton, the club posted a video of Arteta and his players clapping and thanking the returning fans for their support.

But the tweet didn’t go down well with all their supporters with some of them making their feelings known and at least one fan says they should have done better for the support they got.

Below are reactions:

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  1. Positives from this season;
    1. Saka, SmithRowe & Martinelli
    2. Pepe has improved loads
    3. Teirney & Partey are starters
    4. Holding has stepped up

    To come back;
    Willock, Dino & Saliba

    Luiz, Danny & Martin

    Can sell;
    Matteo (injured)?
    Laca or Auba – both?

    Options anyway to work with to get a few transfers done to get funds for a Bissouma, 2 wing backs, attacking mid & possible another Forward depending on who we sell.

  2. Glad to see angry and Ambitious Arsenal fans out there..

    Players to sell..

    Players to come in
    Wilfred Zaha
    Y. Bissouma..
    Trophy to Target!!

    1. Vinnie then who would be our strikers next season if we sell both laca and auba and dont replace either?

      1. I love your question, Sir!!
        Let’s get a more Aggressive n clinical striker in d summer..
        My choice is
        Andre Silva of E.Frankfurt!! Or
        Raul Jimenez of wolves.
        They are both bullish, strong and can score with both feet as well as Headers,..
        Auba n Laca plays like 35 yr olds!! We can’t progress with one or the two of Dem in our team!!..

        1. Vinnie, what does Wilfred Zaha offer Arsenal at 29 yo for the transfer fee and wages to contract him?
          Who does he play instead of given Arsenal has Pepe, Martinelli and Saha?

          1. He has Premier league Experience Dan d boys you mentioned..
            Even ability wise, he’s still better dan Pepe, Saka n Martinelli!!
            Sir Alex Ferguson signed RVP@29yrs, so signing an experienced EPL star@29 isn’t a bad thing!!
            Dats how Wenger n some Arsenal fans backed out to sign Jamie Vardy in 2016 saying he’s 29 n therefore old..😏😒

  3. I’m certainly glad to see the back of this “annus horribilis.” Arteta has got to go. This club deserves better.

  4. Would you rather have Tuchel managing, who lost today despite having players like Werner & Ziyech at his disposal?

    Would you rather have Zaha than Pepe? Where did Ancelotti’s team team finish? Fancy being a Spuds fan next season with no Harry Kane?

    Exactly. Onwards and upwards.

    I think it will be much better next season, and no European football will be good for a season, so Arsenal can focus on the basics and get back to being good in the League & domestic cups.

    Come on you gooners!

    1. Oh yeah… Still want Brendan Rodgers so his team can choke at the end of the season? It not all doom and gloom. I’m optimistic about next season. In the long run, the grass is not always greener on the other side

      1. I’m so underwhelmed by all the tip top managers that a variety of supporters have clamoured for.

    2. You mean the same tuchel who eliminated Real Madrid and reached the CL final and finished fourth? Yes i would love to have him managing our team

  5. The only positive….and we all know the ONLY positive has been ESR, Saka, Tierney, and Martinelli…..youngsters. Sad that one of our players Bellerin wouldn’t get in a Hackney Marshes side. Still we can build a team around those four and hopefully Folarin Balogun will join them to give us some good moments. That Arteta is still manager is hard to believe.

  6. No body should mention Brenden Rogers in this site again.
    If he’s bottling top 4 almost every seasen, then he is nothing special.

    Positives this season
    1. Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Tierney and Pepe.
    2. Better defensive structure.
    3. Jenuary transfer window clearouts

    We need to do serious work this transfer window, this talk of we not being an attractive side without european football is clueless talk, outside the money we can offer, this team is still very attractive for any player who will want to build a career for themselves.

    1. Brendan Rogers is miles a better manager than Arteta. Leicester have played much better fooball than we have. Don’t know what you have been watching?

      1. Let’s be objective Sean, Leicester has core players from epl winning team, they have a team that has been together for long with few smart addition who do we have?
        We are just getting players established, in fact only Leno Auba and xhaka could be counted as mainstay, and even Leno hasn’t been here for long , just 3seasons

        1. Schmeichel, Vardy, Albrighton… maybe 1 or 2 (?) others who rarely play are from the PL winning team.. so not many.
          Since then, they’ve bought incredibly well and like the Sky Sports presenters said yesterday – Rodgers makes players better! They may have just missed out on the CL, but at least they’re in Europe and with a cup win to boot, it’s been a successful season for them – one that I’d have loved!!

    2. Son, Look who Brendan Rodgers is managing, he gets everything and more out of Little Leicester.

      1. Reggie, what people don’t consider with Leicester was the size and lack of depth of their squad, how deep they went in various competitions and the impact of injuries to key players.

  7. I estimate that Bernd Leno cost them enough points this year to make the top four. His playing out of the back is abysmal. His red card was the silliest decision of the year. At the end of last season the team stabilized under Martinez at goal. Management had a choice to make and it was a poor one. That is what this season came down to.

  8. @Sean Williams
    Story for someone else.
    I repeat there’s nothing special about him, if he can’t get the job done at Leicester, i doubt he’ll be able to at Arsenal

    1. 👍 Arsenal have to arrest the slide into accepting mediocrity.
      The higher you aim, even if you miss the target you finish high.

  9. Having been at the game (article to follow) I can only report that what I SAW, was a damp squid with regards to the protests.
    I was in the North Bank and, apart from a few black balloons, some “Kronkie Out – Fans In” signs distributed in the ground, the protests were muted to say the least.

    There were chants of course, but they never seemed to grip the crowd to sing as one voice.

    All in all, one of the most bizarre and frustrating days following The Arsenal.

    1. Ken, if the British of old were dismayed and disrupted by a bit of rain, there never would have been a British Empire.
      Unfortunately it appears that apathetic acceptance of the status quo has taken hold of Arsenal supporters.

        1. Absolutely OG – It was as if we (the fans) were back in the 50’s / 60’s…no passion whatsoever.

          There were some good signs to take away from the players, but it just seemed to be a feeling of complete resignation coming out of the club…. so depressing, boring and, quite frankly, frightening for what the future holds.

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