Neville insists Arsenal will finish the season behind Manchester United

Gary Neville remains unconvinced by Arsenal despite the Gunners’ 2-0 win against Tottenham yesterday, which sends them eight points clear of Manchester City.

Mikel Arteta’s men are having an amazing season and after that win, the title is theirs to lose now, with most fans and pundits convinced they will win the league.

However, Manchester United legend Neville surprisingly insists Manchester City will win the league and his former club will finish second and above Arsenal.

He said via The Sun:

“They won’t win the league. Manchester City will win the league, and I think Man Utd will finish second, and I know that will annoy Arsenal fans!

“I’d rather Arsenal win the league than Man City. I think it would be absolutely sensational for the Premier League.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and Neville has the right to have his, but the ex-fullback remains one man we can trust to deliver a controversial take.

He probably believes this Arsenal team is unstoppable but wants to keep denying the truth that we can all see.

What the Gunners need is to stay focused and continue to win one game at a time before the term finishes.

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  1. Of course we know he will be ashame of admitting he misjudged arsenal.

    The annoying part is him repeating he would prefer arsenal to win the PL rather than city. Pride won’t let him even admit arsenal is doing well even if we wont win PL.

    The last time he said we won’t make top4 now he is putting us in 3rd, ok

  2. He’s 100% anti Arsenal.I have been saying for Arsenal to win games and epl,the gunners have to play against match officials,var and the FA.
    For the game against Mu,robust tackles against Arsenal are overlooked,etc.
    Arsenal under MA are mire street smart and pragmatic.His defence tactics s are so much benter.
    Expect Odeggard to be singled out for rough tackles

  3. They both have better squad depth but I still expect us to add to the squad. Even with our current squad I would back us to finish above United though.

  4. Neville is 100% entitled to HIS opinion and in the end utd will either finish above Arsenal or below. Then in May FACT will come into play. He is no different to anyone else.

    1. Such a simple but true statement Reggie.
      We should remember what he has said and, at the end of the season, either laugh at him or congratulate him – methinks our game against manure will be a feisty one.

      1. Im sure it will Ken, there is a lot at stake. A lot!!!!!
        And maybe Neville will have a lot to say before and after. He finds it hard to praise Arsenal but he does begrudgingly. Im a bit like that with utd. I wonder why?

        1. We owe Man Utd for that defeat at OT. Man Utd are contenders.
          We have Saka and Saliba not suspended. Looking forward to a feisty affair.

  5. It would be interesting to see how they would fare without Rashford for a sustained period, him being their main source of goals where as we have not been halted in Jesus’ absence.

  6. Gary Neville has been wrong on so many of his predictions. Neville has no credibility but has a lot to say about everything. Pay no heed to him.

    My opinion on Nevilles view is ” so what, since it makes no difference to what will happen”.

    Merely reporting ex-playrs opinions is not IMO sufficient to construct an “article””, whoever they are. That goes for our ex-players too!

    What would really help JA is if they joined JA AND POSTED THEIR OPINION ON HERE, AS WE ALL DO.



  8. I think his logic might be 2 losses against City, loss against Utd and a draw against Liverpool and Newcastle. That would be 13 points dropped. One cannot fully blame him though.

    1. So then, city and United will win the rest of their game for the rest of the season? Common we are all gonna lose points. Who says city and United will beat spurs, Brighton Newcastle, and us

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