Neville right about Arsenal title hopes? Can Spurs help?

Arsenal may not even be the team who are pushing the current Premier League leaders the hardest at the moment, after two defeats in a row left us nine points behind Antonio Conte’s Chelsea, but that has not convinced the TV football pundit Gary Neville from claiming that the Gunners and all of the chasing pack should be too concerned about Chelsea running away with.

Metro reports the former Manchester United and England defender, who is widely hailed as one of the best pundits in the game, suggesting that Chelsea’s current winning run could soon come to an end and given the fact that there is still half of the season to go and everyone must play each other then a lot could change.

He said, ‘I think the rest of them need to keep winning to put pressure and Chelsea and believe that the cracks will come.

‘I keep hearing the other teams saying that Chelsea are on a good run but they’ve all got to play them and have a responsibility to take points off Chelsea.

‘Ultimately it’s still in the hands of the other clubs to damage Chelsea and to beat them.

‘At the moment Chelsea’s spine looks stronger than the other teams and if they can steer clear of injury then they’re in a good position but there’s still plenty of hope for the other teams.’

Of course we know that all Arsenal can do is to keep up the pressure but as long as we do and as long as Chelsea do not get away from the rest of us then there will be pressure and it will grow. Assuming that Arsenal win our two games against Crystal Palace and Bournemouth then we will be pretty close to them when they travel to face Tottenham on Wednesday in the first of a few tough tests coming up soon.

Could the spuds help to boost Arsenal’s title hopes by taking points off them? Do you agree with Neville that Chelsea are by no means comfortable in the title race?



  1. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    If spuds beat chelsea they will likely go above us which we do not want.
    I’d rather the chavs beat the scum. Sorry but my predudice against them goes back over 60 years!

    1. Wilshegz says:

      first of all as long as Arsenal win their games which they should win considering we have the easiest fixtures Spurs ll remain below Arsenal.

      now you need to ask urself what is the priority, “finishing above spurs” or “winning the league”

  2. bran99 says:

    And when has Spurs ever helped anyone? U put ur hopes on them and thats when they get beaten handsomely

  3. stubill says:

    A draw will be fine by me!

  4. Wilshegz says:

    Spurs win. when ll arsenal fans look past this petty rivalry against an average team n focus on the main target which is the title.

  5. Jansen says:

    As Pep said; “we shouldn’t speak about big targets, we should speak about the next game”.

    This speculation and scenario analysis about how we can win the league and which results would best for us, whilst being 12 points out of first is just silly.

    If we win 10 in a row, that’s one thing, and it will take us winning 10 in row to get back into this thing, if at all, to talk about the title and Arsenal in the same breath after having just won 1 game (barely) is dumb.

    We have a tougher game than people think today, so let’s start the new year of well and get all three points whilst playing good football and then focus on the next game.

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