Neville singles out Arsenal star after ‘deserved’ victory over United

Gary Neville has singled out Gabriel Magalhaes for his performance in Arsenal’s win over Manchester United this afternoon.

The Gunners put in a sturdy performance which left the Red Devils with no answers to, and we came away as deserved winners.

The only goal came from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, thanks to the awarding of a penalty, but there was no argument on whether the decision was correct, nor whether we were deserving of the lead.

Gary Neville has put aside his bias for United to praise our performance, and singled out defender Gabriel as the ‘best player’ today.

“Arsenal’s defensive performance has been brilliant, from front to back, but the back-three have been good,” Neville said on commentary duty for Sky Sports (via Football.London).

“Gabriel has been fantastic, so far I’d say he’s been the best player on the pitch, for me.

“Holding’s been good in the right centre-back position as well.”

“Arsenal absolutely deserved that,” Neville added. “He was brilliant, Mikel Arteta, in the way in which he set his team up.

“Aubameyang got the goal, which his team deserved.

“It leaves Manchester United in a desperate position, but he (Arteta) won’t care about that.

“He’s won the day, and deservedly so.”

Gabriel has been amongst Arsenal’s best performers throughout the season so far, not just today, and it is refreshing to be positive about all three of our key signings this summer, while Alex Runarsson also did well on Thursday.

Will Arsenal prove to have had the best summer of the English league?


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  1. It was a brilliant performance by the players. If they could continue this aggressive approach to any other team in the league, they would surely challenge for the title. They formed a solid togetherness both in attacks and defense. Keep the momentum, Gunners.

  2. Sorry for this…

    You asked some questions which i think you need answers to…

    1. Why was Matty Smith included in the cup final squad.

    To have experience of the biggest stage(He knew Matt wont play) and since he knew Ozil was no more in his plan, what is the excess of bringing him and denying an upcoming for an experience.
    And before you say, how did i know or did Arteta tell me that? Bro, even if Arteta say it out, you wont still belive him.

    2. Why were six goalkeepers named in the europa league squad, while Ozil was left out?

    Bro i think you need to follow more Arsenal news.
    Leno and Runar were the only Non-homegrown while the rest are homegrown/under 21. Which means Ozil cant have their place.

    3. Why were midfielders like Ben Cottrell, Miguel Azeez and Ryan Alebiosu named in the europa squad, while Ozil was left out?

    Bro give it a rest already, none of this players you mentioned took Ozil’s place, they are registered Under 21

    4. Why was Ozil an ever present player in Arteta’s team up and until the corona virus.

    I bet your love for Ozil never made you realize that, Arteta changed his formation that suit Ozil more to a more defensive formation to get result more(2 trophies)

    a total of twelve games, during which in 2020, we were unbeaten

    I wonder why you only use 2020(are you trying to fight for Ozil unbeaten run?)

    Arteta took over games on 26 Dec 2019
    Since Arteta came in, he played 20 EPL matches till season end 5wins with Ozil and 5wins without Ozil

    But what you fail to know about those fixtures is that, we played more HOME games with Ozil than without Ozil, we win NO away Game with Ozil but won 2 away game without Ozil. We lost our first 2 away games because of our new formation(we never win our first 2 games under Arteta even with Ozil in the squad and the fact we played a relegation team says it all). Ozil wont win us away games anyway.
    So which means had Ozil played after Corona, we wont have win a single away game. (it happens with Wenger when we won 1 or 2away game throughout a season with Ozil in fold)
    With Ozil performance in away games, i believe Arteta will think it through that its better to have players who will fight it through both home and away(win or lose).

    So Ozil wasnt in the squad because of NEW formation change which brought the trophies.

    5. Why did it take Arteta this amount of games to realise that Ozil was not performing, despite saying at the time, he was pleased with MO’s commitment and performances?

    Cos he has to give him enough game to know if truly hes right or wrong(and he said, in his interview that he wish to help him because hes having issues not playing. So with that, i dont think you expect him to critise Ozil but to complement him to give him confidence) and i believe 10 EPL games is enough to prove that.
    And if that doesnt satisfy you… Then

    I can say, it took Arteta the same amount of games to realise he has to change his formation to suit his defenders more.

    So those are your answers.

    And if you can answer this question too.

    Do you believe Ozil will be omitted in the squad if he’s having the same impact as Auba, Ronaldo, Salah, De Bruyne, Kane, Mane, Zaha etc in there various clubs?

    And since you believe the board are behind his been axed…
    Do you believe the board can tell the coach to axe him if he’s having same impact as this guys?

    Since to you guys, he’s the only worldclass players in the squad and the only impact World cup winner, then he should be performing like one.

    1. Well said Bobs, but I think it will fall on death ears unfortunately.

      Ken isn’t a fan of facts, and doesn’t understand what a quality performance looks like. Apparently Ozil isn’t responsible for his own performances, just like Wenger played no role whatsoever in Arsenal’s downfall.

    2. Ozil fans should go to court or give up bcz Arteta is a no nonces man if they dont then they develop serious heart attack .Orzil even know very well that he can no longer perform as usual thats why he is not interested to go any where.

  3. Gabriel has been a revelation and i pray Holding stays injury free.
    He chose to be injured whenever he’s picking up.

  4. Fantastic performance by Gabriel, Partey and Elneny, boy they were commanding. Agree that hope Holding stays injury free, has a good partnership with Gabriel, and also with Saliba to come, Arsenal’s long standing defensive issues will be solved. I am so happy that I was one of the rare gooners who predicted a Arsenal win(although I predicted a 2-1 win). Also, I feel the 343 system suits Arteta and Arsenal best, the team is solid as a unit and attack in packs. Bring on Villa, Up the Gunners!

  5. Gabriel, Partey 💪 I absolutely detest MU and beating them so comfortably is such a great feeling.. COYG 😄😄

      1. Oh Sue how good was it ? I never once felt like we would concede yesterday I was so relaxed, I was more nervous against Vienna and Dundalk lol. I watched utd stand and some Irish girl came on called Mary and I was literally embarrassed for her.. she sounded like a female Roy Keane Arsenal are a terrible team, awful team with soft underbelly.. absolutely embarrassing losing to them and the other manc guy follows up saying worst Arsenal team ever and apparently we defended for our lives? Must have watched a different game to me because we bossed that game low block my Arse

        1. Oh ffs talk about sour grapes, Kev!!!
          The first half was the best I’ve seen us play in ages!! They’re just gutted over all the money they’ve spent, they were expecting to be up there!! Quite funny really!
          Some people just need to wake up and admit their team really isn’t as good as they think it is – and what a joy to watch 😂😂 They’re 15th!! Pogba will be on double figures for conceding penalties at this rate 😂 And long may it continue!!

          1. Haha Sue they were saying after the Leipzig game we’re back 😂 tbh I think in their small minds they thought, you know what we’ll wipe the floor with this team, we beat the mighty Leipzig! Let’s get real here Leipzig are no Bayern Munich, if we beat Leipzig I would say decent result, nothing more! Hahaha on pogba Sue, Thomas Partey is the midfielder United fans think or thought Pogba is or was.. we have an absolute Gem Sue and I said it from day one when some people (not naming names) said he needs time and unfortunately we got partey over Martinez! There is nothing unfortunate about having that man in your team I would have sold 2 keepers for him

            1. Pogba’s only just made his way out of Partey’s pocket 😂
              Totally agree, Kev. Love watching him, so good at everything he does… that presence in midfield we’d been craving all those years!! Hey, he was even aboard the show boat at one point 😉
              I’m gonna have to see if I can find it – guzzling a pint, or was she crying in it?!! Hahaha!!

              1. And also Kieran Tierney what a signing he’s been Sue 😃 oh he’s brilliant, he’s got everything and imo the best midfielder in the PL 💪 the whole midfield was in his pocket 😂😂 yeah just go to united stand Adam you should find it Sue, it says Man utd 0-1 Arsenal time to give up ? You’ll have to forward it on until Mary knows nothing about football comment 😂

              1. Complete meltdown 😂 but to say we are an awful team then you obviously do not know football one iota, it sounds more salty than anything and she’s guzzling down a pint of beer with the face of thunder ⚡😂 there is no awful teams in the premier League that’s just bitter talk I think Sue 🙂 if I had a channel and heard that kind of sour grape talk I would just disconnect them, show some decorum, and stop being mouthy with a few drinks in you 😂

              2. I replied too Sue and getting mod, but yeah get on for a laugh.. best defence in the league 😉 Leeds Leicester tonight, should be good 😃

  6. The whole team is the best selection that Arteta has ever presented on the Pitch without any sentiments attached. Except for Lacazette who missed simple goals that Nketiah, (aFox in the Box ) can very easily slide into the net..
    Look at the final third pass from Aubameyang to Lacazette that he flung his leg over it!!! Nketeah CANNOT miss that kind of opportunity. That is Nketeah:s role as a Fox in the Box. The earlier the coach realise it and put SAKA, Obameyang, Willian,and Nketeah upfront to start seeing goals . If not there will continue to be GOALS
    DROUGHT with Lacazette there as “Striker”.
    Lacazelle can always come in when Nketeah is exhausted say in the 2nd half to finish a game.

    1. Bro. This is a game where I’d have preferred not to be the fact checker, but you can’t blame Laca for missing any chance yesterday. He worked so hard. Why are you willing to blame him for an intercepted ball, (because lindelof deflected that ball out of his path) , and you’re not willing to blame Auba for all the opportunities that came his way? Laca actually created a chance for Auba too. I expected Auba as an elite striker to control the ball and get off a proper shot. Instead, I can’t define what he did.

      1. Joe Allysons it’s obvious you are a Lacazette fan, please tell me “all the opportunities” auba had in that match, the only real chance aubamayang had in that match was the Lacazette pass outside the box and aubamayang tried to put it in the corner only to be deflected for corner by the back of lindelof (though the assistant referee didn’t see the corner) or are you talking about the bellerin pass that aubamayang strech to but was unable to get to. Take it or leave it bro, Lacazette will eventually be dropped, I will remind you when it happens. Lacazette control is too poor for an elite striker, he can’t make a simple pass and to cap it all, his positioning is just too poor,I pray Martinelli comes back quick because with Lacazette we are going nowhere, thats the bitter truth.

        1. There was another, a Willian pass into the box, which got slightly veered off course by Lindelof or Maguire. If you watch the lineups article or the match report article SueP mentioned it.

        2. Both Auba and Laca played central yesterday . In attack, Auba was actually ahead of Laca. You’d if you were to rate the performance of both in yesterday’s match, who actually played well?

          Auba really offered nothing but the penalty. Almost every time someone played the ball to Auba in an advanced position, we lost it.

          If you blame Laca for poor positioning , How about Auba? There was a moment, maybe 64-66 minutes or somewhere in between that Willian cut inside. I saw him glance at Auba twice waiting for him to spin off of Maguire, but Auba just stood there looking at him. I was looking at my screen asking “where’s the run man?”

          Credit where it’s due. Yesterday was one of those games where everyone put on their Sunday best and Auba showed up in sandals but still got food because people know his face.

    2. The pass you are referring to took a deflection off Lindelof, so it was not completely Lacazette’s fault. Also, Eddie Nketiah would not have enabled us to win the game, the only things going for him at the moment are his pressing(sometimes) and his positioning. His first touch is atrocious, and so is his holdup play. As much as I am disappointed in Lacazette, he did help in the midfield and his aggressive approach helped in turnovers. Doubt that Nketiah would do that. He needs to go out on loan IMO.

      1. Sid bro, I can assure you Nketiah is not going anywhere, the boy is a little aubamayang, which means he can score goals and his positioning is excellent. The first Arsene use him I think it was Norwich in the league cup I told a friend that Nketiah is our future. The boy will give us 15 goals a season if he plays every match, I can say it very body that if we had Martinelli against Liverpool we would at least draw. Lacazette takes too much time to think when he’s through on goal but if anyone is trying to compare Lacazette goalscoring ability to aubamayang, then I don’t know what to tell you.

        1. Yeah, Lacazette and Aubameyang are quite different players. But that said, in the game, as much as I felt disappointed with Lacazette, he did come back to the middle and started some turnovers. He came back to receive the ball many times, and though he lost the ball in the attacking areas due to his poor ball control and the opponents’ pressure, he did run into the box today quite a lot. And I can’t seem to fault him today except for his usual useless touch and ball control. Regarding Nketiah, I think he will stay, but IMO he needs a loan with a Southampton or a Burnley, a team where he can play regularly. He still needs a lot to improve and once Martinelli is fit enough, I expect most chances to be given to him.

  7. Partey and Gabriel plus the return of Holding have made all the difference to this team,those three were immense yesterday I can’t split them for MOM they were equally deserving, also Elneny impressed me as well as Arteta’s tactics,I disagree with Keane he never has anything good to say about anyone,he said Utd were poor but Arteta’s tactics stifled them into that performance, utd are no mugs we were that good at doing our job that they wre made to look a poor side.

    1. Exactly Tom. They were not poor at all, we were better, unless watching a different game…

      I just hope Arteta saw it as well, do not bring back Luiz as CB.

      Indeed middle and all defending were great, We can indeed improve same way with attacking.

      He must stop do Luiz mistake; play our 3 best players in attack.


      He can lay it in one word on his sheet; I can us all sing that hit song, put some African & Brazilian beat drums and its a party all year long.

      Arteta must stop make it so complicated sometime, but simple; one word, effortless, Aubalacasaka! Scary for any defense…

      Play Ceballos behind them and we are extremely threatfull and in control…

      He had it almost right, hope Luis injury and this game teaches him lesson. We were secured, not scared as we are when those hair flies on pitch running wild.

      He knows Laca Saka Auba must be there, don’t have to play them this way but lose Willian.

      Bellerin Holding Gabriel Tierny
      Elneny Partey
      Auba Laca Saka

      .Ceballos will defend, hold and provide more than Willian.

  8. Partey looks a class act to me ,strong,athletic ,calm on the ball a good passer and a great engine, he can inspire the players around him especially the youngsters,he hasn’t put a foot wrong since coming into the side.

  9. It was not a miss, defender touched ball just enough for Laca to miss it.

    This center defense area was a huge issue that is now getting fixed.

    Gabriel & holding are a good pair and they had a winning outstanding pair above them; Elneny and Partey who brings so much strength, physicality and power to this middle and team.

    He reminds me of Essien at Chelsea, so commanding.

    Saliba, Mari, Mustafi, we are covered for season.

    Luiz should never appear as CB unless everyone else injured.

    That is what must be retain in this game. How secured and settled we are without Luiz who brings opposite.

    Niles can perform as well as Elneny in middle, Luiz is best as a DM too, we should be fine in case of injury of our DM magic pair.

    Let’s keep it up, not bring back Luiz at no cost… Think it will create tension but he is not good enough and Arsenal FC not a beauty palace.

  10. If Ceballos plays along with Partey and Elneny it means we will be playing a 433 system, but when we play 343 with saka on the wingback position, he can drop into the centre to provide creativity as and when required. Of course it depends on the opposition and I doubt MA will use either 343 or 433 on a regular basis. He will study the opposition first and than deploy the formation. For example on Thursday I feel he may go with a 433 system. Technically both Partey and Elneny fit the bill for both systems which is great since the versatility of players to switch positions is also important.

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