Neville speculates that Arteta may have fallen out with Aubameyang and Lacazette

Gary Neville has speculated that Mikel Arteta may have fallen out with Arsenal pair, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after they missed their match against Brentford.

The attacking pair were left out of Arsenal’s squad for their season opener against the Bees, with the Gunners going on to lose the match 2-0.

They started with an attacking quartet of Nicolas Pepe, Emile Smith Rowe, Gabriel Martinelli and Folarin Balogun.

This inexperienced group failed to trouble their hosts and made the absence of Auba and Laca even more pronounced.

Arteta claims that they had been left out of the squad because of illnesses without giving much explanation about the nature of the illness and Neville feels there might be a lot more that he isn’t letting on about.

He says the Spaniard may have given a reason both strikers didn’t play the match, but he sounded as if there was more and that is something to worry about.

He told his podcast: “You can see tonight in his interview after the game I don’t know if there is something in the Aubameyang and Lacazette in the pre-match to be fair.

“I thought there was a little bit of something there where he talked about they are ill earlier on today that’s all I can say. It was a bit short.

“I never quite know if there’s some problems deeper, whether he likes his players and I really worry when a manager doesn’t like some of the dressing room.

“I can feel that he might not, knowing Mikel Arteta who wants really good professionals who are going to do everything right.”

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  1. Anyone that slightly questions MA will be ousted, plain and simple, even if the question is meant to improve training/tactics.

    Arteta’s ego won’t allow anyone else to have an opinion. Get it, got it, good!

  2. The owner is absent, the manager is useless, the director of football has no idea and the players couldn’t give a toss. But we still have hope, trouble is it is of the NO type.

    1. @OnceGreat
      This right here makes a whole lotta sense. Seems like the move was to get AW out of the way and then ransack AFC, since the owners are clueless.

      1. And we helped them by yelping “Wenger Out”, “Wenger Out” at the top of our voices.
        Now we are reaping the whirlwind

  3. Although it’s pure speculation at the moment, to lose BOTH your star strikers at the very last minute, when they’ve bit fit all week, is very strange.

  4. I am beginning to wonder if Arteta is trying to damage Arsenal….a kind of revenge. Especially as it is being reported Xhaka has signed a new contract. Is that true??!!.
    If he has a beef with Auba/Laca like he did with Guendouzi/Saliba/Torreira then we have a maniac as manager.

    1. Next thing ive heard is he is going to give players detention and lines, if they dont pass sideways and backwards. Seriously you cant run a football club like he is doing and that is why we are failing. Get the dictator out!!!!!!!

  5. Certainly something that this pompous “show-pony” seems to be making a habit:-
    and now both Aubamayang and Lacazette.
    He also seems to have consigned Willian to the rubbish bin.(somewhat late in his case!)
    I’m not saying that some of these players didn’t deserve some form of “dressing down” but part of Manager’s remit revolves around getting the most out of your playing resources…With very few exceptions Arteta seems to have absolutely no idea how to maximise his assets….Arsenal are certainly no where near being “the sum of their parts”…Friday’s game at Brentford was as strong an illustration of Arteta’s ineptitude as you will ever see!!

  6. Now the only thing we’re good at is dishing out contracts to players we’re unable to sell, Roma refusing to pay 15m for Xhaka shows how bad our players are, and what this Dictator com Coach has turned us to, So we’ll be stuck with Xhaka for another long years. Arsenal is doomed for sure.

  7. Arteta is just busy chasing away the players who were meant to be here… this 2 player is a real deal LucasTorreira and Guendouzi they are the typical type of player arsenal need because they are fighters but our inexperienced coach chased them away because of his pride and ego

    1. It is a good idea regardless of what goes on a club nowadays has to keep the fans happy. Only one team can win each competition but signing or selling the players fans obviously want or dont want creates revenue interest in merchandise and shirt sales. Arsenal seem intent on pissing the fans off by making decisions that at best are splitting the fan base or upsetting the majority with outrageous decisions. Signing Ben White created no interest under the circumstances, extending xhaka and giving him captain, is rediculous and controversial. Treating a player everyone once to see (Saliba) like a leper. Selling Martinez, buying runarrson achieved nothing excpept making us weaker. The events over the years involving Sanchez and Ozil were unforgivable but we seem to be getting better at getting worse and upsetting the fan base. Planes and banners are going to be returning to our ruined club.

  8. I doubt that Arteta will be around to see it but I do think this cull of soft, self-entitled players will benefit whoever comes in next

    Too much player power for too long at Arsenal. Wenger was probably able to manage it better then UE and MA because of the aura he had.

    1. UE, tried but had no support from senior management or the Board, in player discipline or transfers in or out. One only has to remember the furore when he dropped Ozil and then was forced to play him. Ozil’s performances did not improve either himself or the team.

      1. I think the Board learnt their lesson with UE and are determined not to do the same with Arteta. The fly in the ointment is that recent performances are showing they may be backing the wrong horse.

        So, to mix my metaphors, do you continue down this rabbit hole or do you risk putting the foxes back in charge of the hen house.

  9. Very disappointing if this is the case. Heaven knows we want harmony
    Don’t know the circumstances but Arteta should be keeping his captain and senior players on side

  10. Let’s just hope that it’s all speculation and that the two will be back this weekend because if it’s true that they were deliberately sidelined, for whatever reason, then I’d say our beloved club is in deep shit

  11. Let’s just hope that it’s all speculation and that the two will be back this weekend because if it’s true that they were deliberately sidelined, for whatever reason, then I’d say our beloved club is in deep shit 😭😭

  12. My oh my whatever next??
    Very odd how nothing has been mentioned online from the usual go-to sources; Wheatley, Watts etc about their illness. Already seeing they’re doubtful for Sunday… hmm….

  13. Mikel Arteta doesn’t know what he wants out of his team,he’s just playing them because they are players. No tactics, no good formation, no first team squad etc. Arsenal is no more.

  14. All blame should not be on Manager, Auba has not be performing since last year, i think is high time they benched him and make Laca main striker until his form improve.

  15. cant believe that some of feel that Ozil, Mustafi,
    Guendouzi, Torriera, Sokratis and AMN are good enough for our squad. Very laughable. I want Arteta out but spouting nonsense just makes you look silly.

  16. so the failed manager pundit confesses to not knowing what the truth is but decides to publicly spread the poison anyway.

  17. Same old Arsenal I’m afraid, and it’s looking like Arteta was a bad move ,I think he has lost the senior players support, Leno looks like he wants away, and i think we will more about what has gone on with Auba and Lacca, were they ill,or sulking, or have they had a disagreement with the manager, Arteta is not the man for the job,we actually look worse than last season and with three very tough games ahead of us I am fearing the worst.

    1. T58 be very afraid coz with the lineup we used against Brentford be sure we are losing every EPL match.
      That team can only win in academy matches but not in the EPL.
      The only solace is that Arteta will be fired soon,although he has already messed us up for yet another season.

  18. I think it streching belief in coincidence much too far to say that if both strikers ARE genuinely ill at the same time , and given their well known bromance too, that this so called “coincidence” stinks to high Heaven and is fishier than the Atlantic Ocean!

    I do not buy it as true for a single moment and I DOUBT MANY OTHERS DO EITHER ON READING THEIR COMMENTS

  19. Enough is enough!!we can not waste our time,our money,our eyes waching this fiasco game. an actiong must be taking this week against chelsea

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