Neville wants clubs including Arsenal punished for leaving European Super League

Gary Neville wants the Premier League’s big six to be fined for breaking their agreement to join the European Super League.

Arsenal and the Premier League sides signed a pact with three teams each from Spain and Italy to form the new competition.

The teams had staked their reputations to join the unholy alliance.

However, the outpouring of disgust from their fans who rejected the idea from the off has forced the teams to reconsider and the idea has now been abandoned.

The likes of Juventus and Real Madrid remained adamant that the competition would go ahead.

However, Manchester City led the English teams to pull out of the agreement with Arsenal and the others joining them eventually.

Neville was one of the staunch critics of the idea and he reacted to the latest development by calling for Florentino Perez to fine the Premier League sides.

He told Sky Sports: “[There was] large concern as a United fan, seeing Joel Glazer’s name on that statement and you think about what they went through with their takeover of United.

“They withstood a barrage of abuse, it didn’t bother them and they went through it. And you just thought it’s going to be difficult for them to back down.

“They will have their PR teams scrambling around now trying to make it look as lovely as possible.

“[Florentino] Perez might have them on a £100million fine. I hope so. I hope Perez has them on a massive fine and that they basically end up eating each other.”

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  1. So it is true. I saw it on YouTube earlier. Thought it was fake because you only see still pictures, and the voice was that of a dodgy Indian accent. And they made mention of that Nigerian billionaire being given first offer to buy Arsenal out 100%

  2. Actually, Stanley Kronke handed Arteta 100 million pounds last month. As it is Arteta has to pay the fine with it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄🙄🙄

  3. I dont think the clubs should be fined but the owners should on their own and given the option if they sell they wont have to pay the fine.

    1. Seems you don’t know how business is run right?

      Kroenke won’t burge to sell the club when 100M is just a change to him and he knew Arsenal can pay that.

      If the club pays, the owner pays, so what is the different? They own the club 100%

      Still buzzing by ending this no relegation shit.
      Already planning on how to reduce my subscription.

      I don’t care if he’s fine or not, what has happened has happened, he apologized and made a U-turn, that to me is ok.

      1. The owners did it off their own backs and i would imagine also backed down because somewhere down the line illegal. Who mentioned a 100 mil, i didnt, i was thinking of a lot more by the premier league, who they did this against. What the owners did had nothing to do with business, only theirs.

        1. And an apology in this instance is BS, all of these owners were told years ago, they couldn’t have secrets meetings and obviously did it completely on their own because even the players were in the dark. Apologies are hollow and baseless.

          1. Sorry Reggie for attaching the 100M talk on your page, which it wasn’t what you said.
            So sorry.

            And back to the issue.
            I know the apology is hollow and baseless but what else could they do than to say they are sorry?

            You can promise your grandson some stuffs but issue might prevent you from doing it, what else will the grandad do than say, he’s sorry?

            And on the issue of fine, I don’t think there will be fine except if Man U is not involve.
            Man U rules EPL, so I won’t believe the issue of fine till I see it.

            But apart from this issue, I agree that Kroenke needs to leave this club and sell when he get the money and never refuse the offer.

  4. I don’t think Neville really know what he wants.
    He wants them to back down and they did, yet he’s given advice to there sole culprit Perez to fine them.

    Attacking Liverpool’s “You will never walk alone” (forgetting it has been like that since Henry took over the club) makes him look stupid, so I don’t care what he says.

    1. What Neville wanted Bob’s, was the same thing that ALL football fans wanted – protection of our game from money grabbing billionaires.

      Saying sorry is fine, but what happens next?
      More hollow promises, while the name of our club is being dragged through the gutter?

      1. Does fining them change a thing also?
        This guys are billionaires and a few millions won’t shake them till they get what they want.
        The only solution is if the British Government makes all club 50% owned by fans, which I don’t think is possible cos they are all colleagues and corrupt.

  5. Neville is somewhat of a hypocrite. He played for a club that bought the league many times and he never refused to take top dollar from them or complain about the millions put into the club by the Glaziers. He also never voiced his disgust at United opting out of the FA Cup to take part in the World club Championships funded by the corrupt FIFA. The man is a hypocrite.

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