New £31.5m Arsenal contract for Jack Wilshere?

I am not sure if this rumour is even believable considering that Jack Wilshere has hardly played for Arsenal in the last two seasons, but knowing Arsene Wenger’s fetish for keeping all his English players in the squad it wouldn’t really surprise me…

So apparently Jack is going to be with us to the end of his career whether he plays or not, and it is being reported that he has been given a five year extension and a new wage of £110,000 per week, which is going to cost the club over 30m GBP up to 2021. There were rumours in the summer that Wilshere was a major target for Manchester City as they were desperately chasing home-grown players, and just a couple of weeks ago there were reports that Wilshere had sold his house in London, perhaps in preparation for moving to pastures new…

Since Jack broke into the Arsenal first team in 2010/11 he has managed just 100 League appearances (including as sub) so the reasoning behind his new contract is a bit of a mystery, but then again, Abou Diaby managed to stay at the club for nine years despite averaging only 10 appearances a season!

As we all know Jack was cruelly re-injured in training just a couple of days before the Community Shield game against Chelsea at the start of the season, and since then we have been promised his return in the New Year. Wenger’s latest forecast came on January the 4th when Le Prof said: “I maintain what I said that Jack could make it back for February. He will be available again. Considering you play the Euros on June 10, that is a long way.”

In the prematch conference for this weekend’s game, Wenger didn’t even mention Wilshere although Coquelin, Rosicky and Welbeck were given a new forecast. Maybe February is also looking a bit hopeful for Wilshere’s return…

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  1. Jack is a talent and a true Gooner through and through. The only things that upsets me is his injuries. If we are looking to keep him for the rest of his career we need to find away to keep him fit. I do not want another RVP situation where we ends up leaving and we did not get the best out of him (God forbid).

    Jack would be Vital for them matches against teams like Stoke where its a fight and we need a fighter with drive.

    We need to really fix this injury taboo of ours and fix it ASAP!!

    1. That and also I’ve got too much pride in me to see him leave for a title rival. I’d rather he stay injured with us than with City. I know it sounds crazy but there’s still a chance for him to recover and he has the no10 shirt, surely Wenger sees him as a future Arsenal legend.

  2. What a waste! ?
    We could have bought a better player, with that money ?
    Or better still. … 5 Elneny’s for the price of a wheelchair! ?

  3. Pay per game played or at least half of the pay when out injured which is still at £55per week.

    Good deal if you ask me considering he misses most parts of the season anyway. I like Jack but his injuries are something else, the club has put so much hope in him I hope it pays off someday.

    If Jack was at another top club with his record he would have been sold by now and probably playing for Swansea.

  4. Who is Goncalo Guedes? Well, he’s the name linked with Arsenal by just about every news outlet this morning.

    According to the Daily Mirror,Benfica’s young winger was watched by club scout Luis Boa Morte during his side’s meeting with Oriental Lisboa in the Taça de Portugal on Tuesday night.

    The 19-year-old winger has been described as the ‘new Cristiano Ronaldo’ since becoming the youngest Portuguese goalscorer in the Champions League group stage earlier this season and the Águiaswould want a hefty fee for his services, potentially in the range of £45million.

    1. Stop deluding yourself into thinking we would ever consider an overhyped player. There’s no such thing as “new cristiano” or “new messi” it’s bull agents say to rip off teams with a record of spending foolishly.

      1. Hahaha
        Don’t panic Lady ? it’s not my story. . Just a copy and paste, for all to see ? I am far too open minded, to be that deluded son ?
        mentality disturbed, Yep, that’s more like me! ?

  5. Only at Arsenal this things can happen, can someone explain to me why he get paid 110.k/week and Coquellin get 35.k/week? ,Nacho 88k/week? Bellerin 25k/week?Kosovan 90k/week?

    1. Bellerin and leCoq are getting new contracts in the summer and Wilshere has been at the club longer than they have not to mention has more experience than them despite his injuries (international, CL, FA cup, etc.)

  6. would wenger pay that much for a 19 year old christiano-like player? i doubt he would pay that much for CR7 himself LOL!

  7. It’s utterly disgusting to pay that money in players who spend most of the season injured and not contributing to the team as whole.It is understood players get injured but teams also have a track record of injuries and how to prevented them but we have become a laughing stock .One of the fellow bloggers said it correctly that he would have been sold if he played for a middle table or bottom team.those players should have a clause in their contracts like pay as you go..players with lot guts and have delivered more in the last 5 years are in a pitiful 30 or 50 max per week and I do agree pay salaries like this to top class players like Ozil, Sanchez, aguero, suares..people who make the difference just being in the pitch..Diaby spend years pocketing good money and I’m not saying they do intentionally but hey..with 30 millions plus..add 5 or 20 more and get Benzema or WC DM or on thos over rated and injury prone players behind curtains..send them on Loan and wen they show their worth then pay them that money..Arsenal is a team to be recognised on emotional attachments for loyalty or how much the kid loves arsenal.. but performance..otherwise let’s keep Arteta..Rosicky and Flamini end of season.

  8. Wilshere still has two-and-a-half years remaining on his current deal, but the new contract has already been agreed in principle and will likely be signed in the coming weeks.

    The deal works out at £31million, as he would see his weekly wage rise to £110,000-per-week over a five-year period…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    we can buy a WC DM with that salaries..who is going to increase shirts sales and marketing specially in Asia..i saw an article in spain on Monday which shows the biggest top players shirt seller in the world.. and Ozil and Sanchez where on list top that’s business and why? because they WC and Arsenal bought them to profit .nobody else form arsenal is mentioned ..unnaceptable..I’m not a Wilshere hater as you lot will come down but I do see why we cannot compete.

  9. I would love that, and I hope it is true. It is not a waste, it’s a risk, and we have money to risk and Super Jack is worth the risk

  10. Arsenal have rejected an approach from Valencia to sign Jack Wilshere on loan, according to Arseblog.

    The report claims that Gary Neville had asked to sign the midfielder until the end of the season, as he looks to boost his squad and help the 24-year-old’s chances of making the England squad for Euro 2016.

    I think it is not a bad idea..same for OX to send them on loan.Jack was on loan..Ramsey was on Loan..OX needs to go to Norwich or Bournemouth or sunderland to improve..I’m in favor of sending those who we think have potential but have not prove themselves on loan..we need squads to compete in both fronts..I watched SPUDS against Leicester the other night and boys they got a good second team..i think they need WC ST like us to fight for 4 place..we are used to move to the next level ( means WIN EPL and UCL ) this is a must WC DM and WC ST..our bench is lame..and angers me becuse we got the resources..stop some of you saying we do not waste money like SHITY or Chelski..we ARE ARSENAL..period.

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