New Arsenal boss: An in-depth look at Unai Emery’s career and style – Video

I would like you all to give a big welcome to Just Arsenal’s newest contributor Alfie Culshaw.
He is a season ticket holder and aspiring writer and also has a YouTube channel dedicated to the Gunners. And his first post on JustArsenal was published yesterday on how Wenger revolutionised the game in England…

Have a look at his latest video and join Alfie’s list of subscribers if you like it..

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  1. Chiza says:

    Emery is the man to take us back to our glory days.. Arsenal fans i plead with you to give him some least if we can give Wenger so much time then we can give it to a far better modern coach

  2. pires says:

    A vert eciting appontement we need to back him financially though….

    1. pires says:

      A very exciting appointement sorry

      1. Phil says:

        @Pires-Are you sure?I can clearly recall you being against this appointment as you kept stating Ancelotti was available and he should get the job.Make your mind up and stick to what you say.Remember we can go back a long way to check your previous posts.Be consistent at least.Now all of a sudden Emery is your choice.
        And you wonder why you are never taken seriously

        1. jon fox says:

          A bit hard , Phil. We are all known to change our minds in the light of events. Personally, having been forced , as I mistakenly thought, into having to accept Arteta as our manager, I was trying to re-think my anti him attitude and convince myself of his positive capabilities. At times of great change, most of us are prone to rally around whatever decision is taken and offer support. At least until that change has been proven to not work out. Fortunately, I never had to totally convince myself of Artetas “talents” but the point is that I was at least trying to do so. Others are surely entitled to do the same, wouldn’t you agree? As I have often written on here and many other sites, a certain hypocrisy is a natural and even necessary part of the human condition we all inhabit. The everyday little hypocricies we all have, and need, is quite different from the major doses that so many politicians and others in public life use to keep themselves in power. It is never wise to revisit others past comments, lest they do likewise to us. We are fallible and human and so please be glad of that!

          1. Phil says:

            JF-I don’t agree.
            This isn’t a change of mind by @pires at all.Its a completely different statement.To be so adamant that Ancelotti was the only one who could save us to now completely endorsing Emery is to admit he was totally wrong in the first place.Now if he had said that then fair enough but he didn’t.So fair game for being pulled up on it as far as I’m concerned

          2. jon fox says:

            Ah well Phil, then for once, we will have to disagree. Clearly we are not the same person after all. I had begun to think we were identical twins. But I am a lot older so our poor Mum must have had a painful delivery process! TBH, I don’t remember as well as you do what precisely was said and by whom, least of all myself. PERHAPS IN MY DOTAGE, I AM JUST TRYING TO START BEING NICE TO PEOPLE.(in this case, Pires) IT IS LONG OVERDUE. But I still have vocal claws and will use them in the future against idiots when necessary. I will tell you one man I can never forgive and that is Walcott. I was, and remain, implacably oppposed to his cissy brand of hiding away from hard work and “rough” opponents. The 12 years we suffered this fraud tested my Arsenal support to it’s limit. Under Emery, I believe those pampering and excuse ridden days are gone for ever. They had better be or my CLAWS will be shown again.

  3. Abs says:

    I think the biggest task emery has is putting the passion and determination in the players already at the club. I think it’s clear for anyone who has followed this club for the past 10 years or so that we aren’t going to make this drast If changes that we crave all at once, the rebuild to get us back to being truly competitive again is going to take 3 transfer windows at lesser. The hardest pill to swallow is when a lot of our problems last season weren’t down to a lack of quality but more down to a lack of determination, hunger and love of the club we lost too many matches down to the other team just wanting it more. Bringing emery in is a step in the right direction but I think we will have to be patient.

    1. Phil says:

      Very clear and accurate assessment.We DO have good players at this Club.We DO have a squad that should have been producing more than they did.But Wenger is now gone and Emery is charged with taking us forward.Some COACHING might be a refreshing change for some of these players and especially the defence.Sort out what we have and we are better than we probably believe.Add some class and we could be closer than we think

      1. Sean says:

        Phil ? agreed 100%! Like what you did there at the end ?

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    Wheres Kev = Resources and Remember Resources with the updates?

  5. Simon Williams says:

    Even Pep with all his experience, skill and money had a transition year

    So although I wish for the best a top 6 finish in year 1 is acceptable, top 4 is great. Any higher is exceptional

  6. barryglik says:

    I would have preferred Jardim
    but Emery did well at clubs on
    Arsenals level i.e. Seville and Valencia.
    Spartak was just all wrong and PSG
    like Chelsea sack their manager every 2/3 years
    even if they win the league.
    Arsenal in 6th place and due for a rebuild is just right for Emery.
    The top 6 is extremely tough so deciding what to focus on is an issue.
    Do we go for top 4 in the league?
    Do we go for top 4 by winning the Europa?
    Do we go for top 6 and win the FA Cup?
    Like Liverpool Chelsea and Spurs this season we went for all 4
    and ended up with no trophies at all.
    I would like us to focus on the league getting at least 4th.
    If he is going to have a high press then he has
    to rotate heavily to refresh the players.
    Play the youngsters in the cups and the seniors in the league.

  7. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Unlike some other highly rated managers with big teeth, Emery likes to reach a final and actually win it.

    I actually see that the Board have not only gone for someone competent but also someone that carries himself with class and dignity without the need for making huge amounts of noise that doesn’t amount to much.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. Phil says:

      RVP-Stop it now.
      Klopp is being mercilessly ridiculed over his “Hampstead Heath’s”and it is not fair on him.He must be feeling very down at the moment as I believe it was totally his fault his goalkeeper made the two mistakes.
      Goal One-The keeper was going to roll the ball out to the left but was aware of this MASS of white coming from that side of the pitch.Believing it was the entire Real Madrid First Team squad plus substitutes and reserve/youth teams attacking on that side he did the right thing to roll it out to the right.But it wasn’t the entire RM playing staff at all.The keeper was mistaken.It was a reflection of Klopps TEETH and it is totally wrong the keeper should get the blame.It was a COLGATE moment the like of which will never be seen again.
      Goal Two-Bale Shot.Klopp shouts “Karius der katcum bawl”and with the reflection of the floodlights on Klopp’s Hamsteads and the keeper was totally blinded.It was not the keepers fault.It was all down to Klopp and you are being very very nasty ?????in mocking him this morning.And to think-all he had to do was wear a gumshield

      1. Ingleby says:

        Love it?

      2. jon fox says:

        Perhaps I should have played instead of Karius! My(removable) teeth would blind no one! Great banter though. I was actually supporting Liverpool , though I realise many Gooners wanted them to lose. I have no love for Real Madrid and the way they run their club. They are a great club in trophies gained, less so in how the club are administered with the constant managerial sackings and the egotistical President, fans white hankies and how some of their players behave on the field. esp the filthy and cheating RAMOS. PLUS I LOVE KLOPP; HE IS IRRESTIBLE AND LET’S BE HONEST, WE WOULD HAVE KILLED TO HAVE HIM AS OUR MANAGER WHEN HE WENT TO LVERPOOL. Also, Phil, if we will soon be as successful as we all hope, RM will be as big a rival, at least in CL, as will Liverpool.

    3. jon fox says:

      Agreed! It would also be refreshing if our new man , unlike the old manager, refrains from making unnecessary comments on all and sundry when asked. WENGER WAS A HIGHLY AND WORLDLY WISE INTELLIGENT MAN IN SO MANY WAYS BUT HE SHOULD HAVE LEARNED WHEN IT IS BEST TO SAY NOTHING. HIS CONSTANT AND INCREASINGLY LAME EXCUSES MADE US NOT ONLY ANGRY BUT SOMETIMES A LAUGHING STOCK FOR OUR CLUB REFUSING TO FACE REALITY. I really hope this is now gone for good!

  8. inkfight! says:

    Most successful manager in Europe in the last 4-5 seasons. Talks a very good game, young / modern and willing to play attacking football while being pragmatic.

    I think initially some of us might have been underwhelmed because in our minds, PSG’s CL Round of 16 exits stick out a bit – but I am very confident he will be taking the club forward in the next 2 years.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  9. jon fox says:

    Firstly, a warm welcome to baby faced Alfie and I hope your exams went well. I found your video, Alfie, full of sound common sense and sensible analysis. You speak with the true passion of an “Arsenal mad” supporter, even swearing at Kroenke , which will endear you to most on here. As someone easily old enough to be your Grandfather, it is heartwarming to see a very young fan , so clued up, both technically and in Arsenal sense. I look forward to seeing many more of your articles on here. I found my own optimism about the coming season rising even further – from it’s already existing high point – whilst listening to you. So WELCOME ALFIE!

    1. Jah son says:

      Yep big shout out to that guy Alfie truly inspirational and rational

      1. Alfie says:

        Thanks very much mate!

    2. Sean says:


      Alfie has good knowledge of the club for such a young age, not many videos keep me tuned in but this Kid speaks very well & detailed. Kudos to young man. Keep it going

      1. Alfie says:

        Cheers mate!

  10. Jim wall says:

    Team next season…
    New goalkeeper…….
    Bellerin ….New cb…New cb……..Montreal

    ……………………..New dm…………………

    New right forward…lacazette….Aumba

    Sell ..cheq..mustafi..wellbeck..kos..


    1. Sean says:

      Wheres Mesut? We selling him also? If we replaced him with Fekir then no probs. Looks like Sokratis & Söyüncü are coming to fill those 2 CB positions. Is Seri a cm or dm? Looks like we are back for him!

      1. Jim wall says:

        Sorry Sean ozil to be sold too

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Can’t agree with selling Lacazette; utter madness even if Arsenal only play Aubameyang up front, what happens if he is injured? Players do get injured, especially at Arsenal.
          Also if Arsenal sells Ozil, he has to be replaced with another #10 or CAM, otherwise the team you have selected lacks creativity.

  11. Thomo says:

    In unai we trust

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