New Arsenal contract to get Walcott flying!

While his time in the Arsenal first team has been severely restricted of late, it would seem that the England international Theo Walcott is still very much a part of Arsene Wenger´s plans for the future. So even though the manager´s claim that the player is still not fully recovered from his long spell on the sidelines, the news that contract talks are now due to begin is a much more emphatic statement of intent.

The Frenchman is well aware of all the recent Arsenal transfer rumours linking Walcott with a possible move this summer, because of the contract situation, and the simple fact that he has not been playing. And all the speculation may have got to Theo too, as he has looked out of sorts for club and country, so the latest contract news reported by Sky Sports is very timely indeed.

With the Gunners about to face an FA cup clash against lower league opposition in Reading, most of us expect Wenger to play a few fringe players at Wembley on Saturday, and that probably means a rare start for Walcott. But it is a game that we really need to win so having Theo feeling wanted and also trying to impress in order to give him a better bargaining stance is just what we need.

And a good game with a goal or two to boot is just what our flying forward needs, so is this another masterstroke from Le Prof?

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  1. If Walcott signs and in addition to Wellington Silva getting his Spanish Passport, we don’t need anymore wingers.

    Wellington Silva
    Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey can also play wing.

    In fact, with Wellington, it may be useful to sell Campbell, Podolski.

    1. Alexis.What can I say. he has changed the face of Arsenal and the way we play. Everybody now works hard for the team and we press as a unit. That is great to see. His style of play is consuming and it has rubbed even on Ozil. YES MESUT OZIL CAN NOW BE SEEN TACKLING PRESSING DEFENDING AND WINNING BALLS. Who said he can’t do it because he is a number number 10?

      OX. he has been our best RW this season. We win most of the games he plays out wide with sanchez. His work rate is incredible. Can improve on final balls and finishing.

      Theo. has been perfectly managed after the terrible injury. No need overplaying him then you break him down again. he will get there slowly. we all know he is top top quality.

      Wellington Silva. He plays in a a very defensive Almaria team. It has been great for him as his work rate and tactical understanding has been fantastic. we all know he got skills and pace. But working hard is the name of the new Arsenal. Just like OX i feel he could improve a lot on his final ball and finishing.

      Welbeck. I consider him a Striker and having seen Giroud’s improvement welbeck will get better too. we forget he is very young. The ingredients are there.

      Podolski. Am sorry i think he is just poor. having a good left foot is not enough. Not tracking back is in the modern game is a crime. After 2 games at Inter the fansKnew they had sign a flop. He may be the best finisher but its not enough in this day and age. Podolski should be SOLD.

      Camblell. Very good player. But he has a very good thing going for him at a top club like villareal. No need bringing him and benching his ass again. we should just take a good 10-15 million for the kid.

      I agree with U . we don’t need anymore wide players at the club. Gnarby is there as well. a loan will do him so much good.

    2. Good move by Wenger to try and pin him down….. Many don’t understand the significance of keeping WaLcott ……untiL maybe a few seasons Later…… When he shines for us or 4 some other team… U’d say I TOLD U SO!

    3. Wellington, Campbell, Podolski aren’t good enough and it’s ridiculous to suggest they’re candidates

      Welbz is not a winger.

      That leaves Alexis, Ox, and Theo for LW and RW. We definitely need a winger, an Ox of LW if you will that will push Alexis for a start.

      1. Wellington and Campbell are 22 Charlie…
        Coquelin was 22 last season. Would you have suggested him as a likely candidate for our starting DM the start of this season?

  2. Can someone confirm that the FA Cup arsenal game is on at the same time as Chelsea v man utd on 18th

    Its ridiculous that the football committee have slotted 2 high profile games with roughly the same kick off time.

    COYG !! Lets get to the finall

  3. campbel/podolski we need to sell
    rosicky/flamini/diaby we need to release
    Jenko we need to loan out
    buy a DM/CB/GK

    1. Release Jenko?? that would seem strange as West Ham are rumoured to be willing to pay 10mil for him… Kinda seems like a poor business decision

  4. Is time we stop talking about walcott, we have up to 30 other players that don’t even give us headache before they sign.

  5. I do not want Walcott. He is so injury prone and he misses a lot of chances. But most of all he has not improved much since he arrived as the next thing. If around 30 million we need to cash in and spend on other things.

    1. so your saying he hasn’t improved… in the 2013/14 season he started 31 games and made 12 sub appearances and scored 21 goals and near 20 assists, thats brilliant for winger! If he “has not improved” how can you be asking for 30 million then? He gives us a different attacking option like no one else does in a team and just having him on the pitch makes defenders scared!

      Everyone is quick to hate on walcott but if we sold him, it would come back to haunt us! Why do you think other top teams would want him!

      1. Because fellaini is worth 28 million, because shaw is worth 30 million sterling is worh 50 million

    2. Over the past 3 seasons he’s averaged 10goals and 6 assists. That’s WITH well over a year on the sidelines.
      Even taking into account his injury he’s still been massively productive for us.

  6. Off Topic: Looks like Klopp will be going to Man City. Shame, I’d have liked to have him here after Wenger. If he’s leaving Dortmund, I can’t see anywhere else he’ll go other than City. Pellegrini looks like the only manager that will go from a big club.

  7. I will be glad if Walcott sign da thing. He is a goal poacher. i hope he gets over his injury problem

  8. i think klopp is coming to the emirates this summer and wenger will go upstairs why would wenger change the playing style so drastically in one season.
    if he wasn’t preparing to make it easier for another manager to take over from him(he is notoriously stubborn) the less possession style more direct/pressing style can be easliy tweak by klopp than complete overhaul in tatics from total possession to geggenpressing.

    i think the club have been working this klopp angle for some time now, (all hush hush in the background) with us playing dortmund quite a lot lately we have had a great chance to showcase the club to him as a great fit or him, city might be bookies favorite atm, but i bet if wenger was to tomorrow announce his retirement at the end of the season the odds would be stacked heavily in our favor to get him, and i would go for that it might just the quick turnaround method that might just shunt the club to long term glory.

    but we will see what the board has up it sleeve would be buzzing if we could pull it off it will be our only opportunity to get him i think its this summer or never because he will stick it out with whoever he goes to.

    1. Wildly speculative… All based around a change in tactics which, has clearly been a successful one!

  9. dont see how theo will get into the team when ox is back
    is a very useful squad player and i personally would like arsene to play him much more

    1. Flashier most definitely. But not more productive.
      I love Ox.. I think his mentality and talent will lead him to be world-class in 2-3 seasons.
      But as it stands, Theo’s final product is far superior.

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