New Arsenal contract policy to start this summer with two huge extensions

The loss of Aaron Ramsey on a free transfer to Juventus this summer has cost us a small fortune in terms of a transfer fee and while it is beyond frustrating to lose a high-quality player for nothing it may well end up being a blessing in disguise.

The loss of the Welsh wizard has woken the club up to the deficiency in how it handles contracts and has forced them into enacting a new policy to avoid a repeat in the future.

Rather than allow players to reach the final year of a contract and put the club in a situation whereby they can be blackmailed in to agreeing to a huge pay rise as was the case with Mesut Ozil or end up having to sell a player for less than his true valuation as happened with Alexis Sanchez, they are now going to offer new contracts up to two years before they expire thus putting us in a position where we can sell a player for his true worth or tie him down to a long term deal.

That is what is happening now with our two best players Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Aubameyang’s contract expires in two years time and he will be offered a significant pay rise taking his weekly wages to £250,000 per week, a weekly increase of £60,000 on a new four-year deal.

Lacazette’s contract expires in three years, however, the hierarchy is keen to put him on the same level as Aubameyang and will offer him a similar wage.

Doing this means that there will be no jealousy or feeling undervalued as was the case with Ramsey and will maintain harmony with the top level players.

This creates stability and provides a foundation in which we can build the team around our best players, it also sets the standard upper wage limit for any new high profile signings.

Of course, Mesut Ozil remains on £350,000 per week but there is nothing the club can do about his status but it is an error they are unlikey to repeat in the future.


    1. No way Ramsey is worth £300,000k per week. Neither is Ozil imo

      However, if I had the choice of keeping Ramsey or Ozil, I’d go with Ramsey. Ramsey is more consistent in quality

      1. Ramsey is an overrated player just like Sanchez whose most fans believed to be the best player in Arsenal and end up struggling when moving to another club

        1. That doesn’t prove anything, there are all sorts of reasons why it might not happen with a different team, stuff we might not even be aware of. Salah flopped at Che, as did Bruyne, that proved nothing in the end. The fact is that Alexis was Arsenals best player, there is no doubt about it, goals, assists, work rate, he performed at a higher standard than any other forward. Was he good for moral, unlikely, he was petulant, pissy, but he was obviously ahead of every other Arsenal player when it came to making a difference.

  1. Laca and Auba fully deserve the new contract.They are super-players,for sure the best attacking duo in Europe at the moment.Which brings me back to the lazy Ozil…do something,try the imposible,just to get rid of this useless player.He is a “ dead horse”,can’t pull the buggy anymore.He’s frustrated seeing himself useless,unable to do something for the team,almost crying when substituted.He knows he’s finished,that’s why is trying desperate not to let go(the big money contract,I mean)…

  2. Great! So Lacazette who has averaged 13 league goals per season should be put on the same £250K Harry Kane gets for scoring 25-30 league goals a season? Even Giroud averaged 14 league goals a season and I don’t remember us putting him on £250K a week! Anyway, it’s not like we already have enough trouble trying to move overpaid players on.

    1. Lacazette is in my opinion our best player, all aspects considered. He is irreplacable.

      Keeping him for the next 4 years or so is cruicial.

      Therefor the salary being discussed is a non-issue.

      If he is our best player and he is crucial to us then
      any comparison to players outside of our club is irrelevant.

      1. “Keeping him for the next 4 years or so is cruicial.
        Therefor the salary being discussed is a non-issue.
        If he is our best player and he is crucial to us then
        any comparison to players outside of our club is irrelevant.”

        I bet that is what the board were saying to themselves about Ozil when they decided to hand him that improper contract that crippled our January transfers. Look, am not saying Lacazette should not get a rise, am just saying it should be in line with what other clubs would be willing to pay him incase we needed to sell him off.

        1. I believe Wenger said that it was the cheapest option in regards to a playmaker to give Özil a raise as opposed to buying a new playmaker.

          You make a strong argument about not letting contracts be higher than what another club would be willing to take over. I stand corrected there.

          In that case, not giving Auba a raise, or making it much smaller and then giving Lacazett the same would perhaps be wiser.

    2. He has 19 goals and 13 assists for the season overall if I’m not mistaken. That’s 32 goals he is directly involved with. Aubameyang’s numbers are also terrific. What makes this even better is, they are scoring theirs with fewer chances and fewer shots compared to players like Kane who is in a settled team and has played in this league his entire pro career. The problems, the new management, the lack of creativity compared to the teams ahead of us, these lads are performing marvelously, and they’re almost up there on their own at times.

      1. @Break-on-Through
        Am not saying Lacazette is a bad player, am just saying we need some objectivity here. Mo Salah, current top scorer is on around £200k a week. Laca who is 11th on the top scorers list is to be put on £250K? Why? Based on what exactly are we adjusting his wages? The few last weeks he has been on form? What about the other many weeks he was producing nothing? In fact, haven’t seen him on the score sheet in our last 5 league games. We must consider who else will want to pay him 250K in the event we want/need to sell him off, we don’t need another Ozil situation.

  3. This is why we get in trouble with either losing players on the cheap or overpaying them.

    We get too overexcited when a player(s) has a good game here and there or good games in a patch. Auba and Laca are inconsistent. I know the semi final against Valencia has excited people but damn. All of a sudden we are going to significantly increase their wages to £250,000 a week before they have deserved it. They need to start being more consistent and scoring ar least 25-30 goals a season to deserve massive pay rises.

    Consistency should be the criteria for increased / improved contracts not a good game here and there.

    Learn from the Ozil contract joke saga.

    I know the Valencia game and the Europa league final excitement has clouded our rationality, scepticism and judgement at the moment.
    Just keep an open but clear mind.

    I say extend their contracts £200,000 a week is enough for them each and the is pushing it to the limit for me.

  4. There is no way aubameyang and lacazette are worth 250k a week. They have been our best players but we will be massively overpaying once again.How many top players earn 250k a week at their clubs?

  5. The obvious thing is to pay top rate but make it performance related in some way. They score goals, contribute massively as they did Thursday, we win things, we pay the money performances deserve (unlike Ozil). Just wish we could motivate other players to work as hard as they did as well as do the exceptional things.

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