New Arsenal contract? But will Wenger sign it?

Arsene Wenger should certainly be used to the annual protests from Arsenal fans that think he has outstayed his welcome at the club, and one of his most vociferous critics over the last few years has been the TV motormouth Piers Morgan, who regularly calls for Le Prof to resign like many knee-jerk fairweather fans.

This years protests against Wenger seem more widespread due to the crazy results in the Premiership, which has been perceived as Arsenal’s best chance of winning the title as the other top sides have fallen by the wayside, so you can imagine how annoyed Piers Morgan was when he got told yesterday that Wenger has already got a new contract offer on his desk.

And he followed that up with…….

Obviously Piers has a lot of high up contacts, at Arsenal as well as in the media, so if he believes what he has been told then we must assume it came from a reliable source, but I’m not sure that I understand why he is so upset. But another thing to understand is that Wenger never signs a contract until the end of any season, and he may even prolong the wait into next season, as he has always made it clear that he would step down if he couldn’t take the Gunners any further.

This year Le Prof has seemed more riled than usual by the fan protests and may decide he is too old to put up with it any more, but then again, what else would he do if he resigned? He has lived and breathed Arsenal for the last 20 years. How would he cope without the football and the pressure?

And what would Arsenal do without Arsene?

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  1. Arsene being given a new contract at this time when most arsenal fans don’t want anymore is provoking.
    The board didn’t even wait till the end of the season to offer the new contract to absorb arsenal fans anger.
    They don’t respect us anymore

    1. Why would Kroenke care about us? We’re only an obstacle between him and his profit from Arsenal.

  2. Kroenke has told us what his aspirations are, spend within our means, top four in PL and last 16 in CL, he has not invested in Arsenal to win championships. Last summer we had £30m to find due to clauses in existing players contracts (Deferred payments to their previous clubs). Hence no money for outfield players.

    Wenger looks set to achieve the aims set by Kroenke despite not signing any new outfield players in the summer, so the offer of a contract extension looks plausible. I have no idea how Piers Morgan knows this, but it has the ring of truth about it so we tend to believe it. My suspicion is that piers is guessing, or he is being used by Arsenal to test fans reaction to a contract extension.

  3. That’s why the Boss has said, to displaying that anti-Wenger banner at Hull is a farce. It’s actually a farce since Arsenal board are not going to be moved nor impressed by such a Stadium anti Wenger banner displaying.

    And notwithstanding, the Boss will continue to reign as the Arsenal Boss for at least up to the Year 2020 irrespective of whatever are the Arsenal fans disappointments. I think Piers Morgan should consider piping down and join the bandwagon,

  4. Two statements I don’t like with this article.
    1. …who regularly calls for Le Prof to resign like many knee-jerk fairweather fans.

    These knee-jerk fairweather fans have supported Arsenal and bought expensive season tickets and merchandise without a BPL trophy for over a decade.

    2. …And what would Arsenal do without Arsene?

    As much as I respect Wenger, he cant remain manager forever. Arsenal was there before him, and we will remain Arsenal after him.

  5. Arsenal has millions of fans globally, not a handful of bile posters here. So to think that all Arsenal fans do not want Wenger to remain as manager is as idiotic as Morgan twits. You can wail over and over again over the net till you die of stress but that will have no effect of the direction the club is taking.

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