New Arsenal defender? I’d take Sergio Ramos!

There is no doubt that Arsenal are in desperate need of an experienced reliable centre-back (even Arsene Wenger has finally admitted it!) and you can’t get a more experienced one than the Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, who in his ten years at the club has made won every possible trophy including the World Cup.

There have been many rumours over the years that Ramos would be moving to the Premier League, but now the 28 year-old has given his best hint ever that he would be keen on finally moving away from La Liga.

“The only thing I will say is that with every passing day I prefer the English Premier League,” Ramos told AS after Real lost to Atletico in the Copa Del Rey.

“What am I talking about? Obviously not the ball-boys…the style of play, the refereeing.”

“People enjoy watching that competition. When you lose it’s easy to focus on the refereeing decisions.”

Maybe its about time Ramos had a new challenge in his life. Let’s face it must be boring only having two or three games a year that are stressful. In the Premiership EVERY game is losable no matter who you are playing (especially if you are an Arsenal player!), and if he fancies a change, why not put in a cheeky little bid?

Ramos still has two years left on his contract but as he’s approaching his 29th birthday he shouldn’t be too expensive. Shall we encourage Wenger to make him an offer?

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  1. Pretty sure everyone would take Ramos if he became available. Personally I think Varane is closer to moving and AFC should def break the bank if Real Madrid will be prepared to listen.

    1. Well now it’s been brought up and he’s been mentioned, Arsene will never buy him. It has to be his idea, if it’s anypne elses, it’s a non runner.

      1. We might yet have a chance, wenger spoke about how good varane was in the summer and how him and pogba were the futute of french football. Does that count as his idea? I will cross my fingers and hope he thinks it does haha

  2. Sergio ramos would be a dream signing no doubt! But his price tag im sure most definitely, would scare off wenger!

    1. Boy teach have youtube google etc..
      Just tap 9/ marathon.sandy hook.kenya mail shooting.isis fundation and add hoax or false flag behind and you will understand what is going on.
      Not the place for that but don t believe the (bs)media hype and no excuse for ignorance.

        1. The drug of truth is always bitter for some.
          We know who they are.
          Truth self impose itself by his evidence despite the wish of wrong doers.

        1. Thank bro.
          I may be a slave in effect in the New world order project but i m not in the heart.
          I will not be made to hate on such or such based on the media propaganda before to find out by myself what is really going on.
          I hope the same foreveryonel.peace no all times

  3. A pairing of Koscielny-Ramos will be awesome. Best of all, the two can get two red cards between them in the same game, LoL.

    1. No. Talk about Pepe. But he has changed. Despite the red card issue I will like him as Arsenal player so that we can be feared.

  4. At this time I would celebrate if we got Schar or Van Dijk who are both under £10 million

    I have a feeling Wenger won’t get the above mentioned let alone players with values of Hummels or Ramos.

    It’s possible we may just see Person and Beilik

    On the other hand Wenger did buy Chambers and Debuchy for £16 million a piece, so who knows

    However, Wenger is known to be especially stingy in January

  5. Szczesnys father is grade A dcikhead, blaming Koscielny and Per for his sons mistake. Per has the agility of a rhinocero and the Arsenal support staff doesn’t help his son enough. Statements like this will rub people the wrong way. Grad A dcikhead i tell you, not the first time either.

    1. I dont know if you are stupid or fail to read at times. He said that blame should not put alone at his son, bec the defense is very weak ( which is true) and that Kos has to be come back as soon as possible bec he is the only one who can actually defende ( true again ).

      1. This is from The Guardian-
        “What the British papers wrote about my son smoking under the shower after Southampton game, this is bollocks,” he said.

        “It doesn’t surprise me as they are known for making stuff up. I have heard Wojciech smokes sometimes but he’s not that stupid to smoke in the dressing room.”

        The 49-year-old also called for more focus to be placed on Arsenal’s shortcomings in other areas rather than just the form of their goalkeeper.

        “He made a mistake for the first [Southampton] goal, coming too far from the goal, but please look at the Arsenal defence – how these guys are playing is a disaster, but for some reason, nobody pays any attention to it,” said Szczesny Sr.

        Laurent Koscielny should immediately have run [back] to protect Wojciech, and Per Mertesacker should have stood in the goal.

        “Unfortunately they did not do that and gave him zero support, and in that situation Mertesacker showed the agility of a rhinoceros.

        “Wojciech is often paying for it [the mistakes], and that he really cares. He needs someone who will critically analyse every game with him, but also remain positive.

        Someone should support him but the coaching staff at Arsenal are not doing that; meanwhile the entire defence this season is an embarrassment.”

        Here read this. And either give a civil response or don’t reply.

  6. Perrin, Paulista……WTF?

    Scharr, Reid, Van Djik are all better, younger and lower maintenance players that are available in this window and wouldn’t demand a kings ransom to acquire.

    FFS Wenger this isn’t F*€&#%G brain surgery.

  7. Just to make it clear. I have listen to many great managers saying the same thing.

    To have succesfull team you need to have a strong defense first. The basement is the defense and then you work your way up. Moro, current best manager in epl, mayb also in the world.

    attack wins you games, defense do win you trophys. Ferguson. Legend of a manger.

    Wenger is an incompetent old man who once won some trophys where the competition was weak and where he inherited a good team with strong defense to work with. What he had to do was to get some new faces in to make the team complete. Woala good old times. Those who had the killer instinct in them got old and replaced with french frys and and the rest of our history is know to us.

    Wenger, jut go away.

  8. @ks gunner, did you just write he won trophies when competition was weak? I know where you are driving at.nothing wrong with constructive critism but to state lie as fact is wrong.

  9. New defender? Sure, ill take messi and ronaldo and make them left and right back.

    Or what do ya say, wenger? Sounds like a plan!

  10. Defenders, I’ll create two pots based on the level I think they are at.

    Pot A: Hummels, Varane, Ramos,

    Pot B: Schar,Reid,Van Dijk.

    Arsenal should pick one from each pot to compete with the best.

    Then for defensive midfielders:

    Pot A: Gustavo,Schnerderlin, Martinez, Wanyama,Khedira

    Pot B: Sissokho, Diame,Krychowiak,

    I feel we need to pick one from each pot again.

    If I had it my way I’d pick a defender from pot A then a defensive midfielder from each pot.

    So I would pick Hummels and Martinez and Krychowiak…that will cover us for CB and DM even during injuries.


    1. cb
      Pot a; godin,hummels,Ramos
      Pot b; laporte,varane, nkoulou,howedes
      Pot c; djibolji,schar,perrin
      Last resorts; Reid,van dijk,rannochia

      Pot a; schnederlin,krychowiak,khedira
      Pot b;wanyama,carvalho
      Pot c; we have too many of these
      Free agents; toulalan,mavouba,diarrra

  11. Just checked transfermarket co uk

    Ramos has a value of approximately £40 million. That’s £10 million more than Hummels.

    If that’s true, there is no way in Hell Wenger will pay that kind of money on a defender. He paid that kind of money on Sanchez and Ozil, but will never pay on a defender like Ramos or even Hummels

    Howedes is possible. He is roughly £15 million (Wenger paid around that for Debuchy and Chambers)

    Wenger is more likely to get someone under £10 million ie Schar, Reid or Van Dijk.

    Also, he could get someone even cheaper or on loan. ie Perrin or bring back Squillaci

    It’s a gamble figuring our what Wenger will do.

    1. Nicholas nkoulou = value for money arguably the best performing cb in Europe this year he is 24 and is the defensive leader for marsielle meaning he is very attainable. He is the 2 nd best defender in frAnce behind t.silva and is a long term defensive target. He has unrivalled tacking stats this season and is excellent in the air.physically this lad is strong and has champions leauge Xp and isn’t cup tired.

      He won’t cost more than 15m

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