New Arsenal Director tasked with two major contract deals

Arsenal’s new Director of Football Richard Garlick is set to take up his role inside the coming weeks, and he will be tasked on securing new contracts for both Emile Smith Rowe and Alexandre Lacazette.

The Frenchman will be entering into the final year of his playing deal this summer unless a new agreement could be met, while some reports claim he could well depart the club in the summer.

While a new contract wouldn’t completely rule out an exit, you would assume that it would show strong intentions from both parties to stay beyond the summer, which could well end speculation about the club signing a new striker ahead of the new season.

A new deal for Smith Rowe could be just as crucial to the future of Arsenal FC however. The midfielder has earned his place as a regular in the first-team since taking his opportunity with both hands.

The 20 year-old has been a breath of fresh air over the last six months, and he is very-much deserving of a wage more in line with his new squad role.

Richard Garlick is yet to take up his role as Director of Football, but is reported to arrive on May 17 according to ESPN, but it remains to be seen if one of the two above deals will take priority over the other.


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  1. No new contract for Lacazette. Hes on weekly 180k and turns 30 this month. We already have Auba on his cozy retirement contract so we can’t afford another one.

    Thanks for memories Lacazette. We paid almost 50m for him and we want to see any return for it, sell him this summer.

    1. You made a good point.cant have both. But would you have auba, 32 on 250k until 34 or try to renew laca until he is 33 under 180k if possible ?? Auba lack motivation. He elevated last year for fa cup and made us wait and wait for renewal. Without covid, he would have signed to any big club with CL football. Just did not have any offer. He is not a leader and absolutely not captain material. Seems more interested by extra stuffs like all his luxury cars. i don’t say he is a bad football player at all. But given his enormous contract, his age, if an offer come, i would renew laca and let auba go.
      250k per week (if the real number) is a lot given what he brings now and what the clubs situation is.

  2. I’d like to be Arsenal director of football..
    Let’s see what I have to do on the transfer side of things..

    1. Identify and confer with manager on securing top talent and retaining top performing existing players.

    2. Get rid of underperforming players

    For part of 1. Money is needed (replace money for TRUE ambition). We will have some summer spend but it won’t be enough in reality but it will sweeten some of the fans and paper over some cracks..You could say a ‘Token’.

    For 2. Whilst the same manger is in place some under performers /just not good enough for AFC will remain.

    I expect our bargain basement and let’s get em on a loan strategy will continue with perhaps a couple of bigger money buys to placate the masses..

    Another season, and more of the same I expect.

    Revolution is required sometimes for a Phoenix to rise from the flames of the old kingdom!;) otherwise it’s business as usual for Satan Kroenke and Co!;)

  3. We would need ideally to get rid of one of auba/laca and Willian. Two of this player is 400 to 500k a week for a mere contribution. This is more than 20 millions a year. We have to rebuild with younger guys. Stick with some deserving youngsters, UK players, on a mission. Willock may not deserve playing 90 mn week in week out but he showed scoring against top teams that he has a place here, even as a super sub. AMN does deserve same game time too players like Willian, or loanees like Ceballos and odegaard had. Balogun would have deserve some more minutes to develop him. He did not even got 45 mn of top football the whole year. Insane. Martinez was also DNA material but he is gone unfortunately. bring these yougsters back along Saka, esr. Resign chambers. He is very professional
    Deserve minutes here and there. Bring back some foreign youngsters too like mavropanos /saliba. Bring back guendouzi who has a big ceiling. Try to snatch maybe a powerful midfield that likes arsenal to play next to party or guendouzi (bissouma?). I always thought than one of the reason of our decline was the decline in number of British players like when we awfully went to a full lineup bench included with 0 British LOL !!! Absolutely no others too 4 or then 6 ever experienced that. We need now to go for more youngsters like what did Dortmund, Leipzig or even ac Milan recently. And english if the option is possible. Stop making stupid loans like Ceballos. He is very professional ok, but he only wanted minutes of football. This is absolutely not the kind of longer term project we need from now.

  4. If we’re ever going to turn the proverbial corner, he’s got a lot more difficult tasks to contend with than the one’s you’ve suggested…signing ESR is a clearly a priority, which should be easier considering the fact Arteta used him in a variety of capacities…this might be the only benefit of Mikel’s propensity to offer minutes guarantees, like he did with Ode, which didn’t allow ESR to carve out a regular starting position in the middle of the pitch…if he had, ESR’s agent could have demanded considerably more than what will likely be on the table

    Laca must be sold, which should have happened last off-season before he was allowed to enter the final year of his contract and we lost considerable leverage…he never truly lived up to the hype, albeit if we had brought him in when we first made our approach, almost two years prior, we might have got more out of him and sold him for a tidy sum a few years back

    of course, there’s no logical way to move on from Willian, so we can only hope that he takes his off-season training seriously, which he obviously didn’t last summer, and earn some of his ridiculous wages by recapturing some semblance of his “super sub” status…it’s clear he can’t be a regular starter anymore, he looks considerably slower on and off the ball, which is why he struggled so mightily in 1 v. 1 scenarios this season…sadly this and his ability to score from set pieces were his greatest assets, which seems hard to believe if you only saw him play in an Arsenal kit…this move alone was justification for termination, in my estimation

    finally, and maybe most importantly, no more loans without an option to buy

  5. Very important player to tie down for the next years – Kido Taylor-Hart!

    If we can hold on to him and Reiss Nelson can’t make a breakthrough by December – it’s time to cash in on Nelson in the January transfer market.

  6. This is what I was hoping for this season but as soon as we signed both Soare s and Willian on long term contract s the alarm bells started to ring.Guendouzi has fractured his metatarsal which could rule him out of any transfer.Apparently he tried to play on with it.

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