New Arsenal fans need to learn some history and respect

Stop this Wenger hatred now by G-Rude

There have already been two posts today by Wenger-haters who want to get rid our most successful manager, so I am now writing my first article for JustArsenal as I think someone here should stand up for our manager, and I will explain clearly why I have the right to reply.

I have been going to Arsenal games from the age of 7 years-old with my Dad and brother. In my first 20 years as an Arsenal fan we won ONE League title and TWO FA Cups and an amazing Inter-City Fairs Cup!. Then George Graham came along and we won two more titles and another FA Cup (and yes a Cup-Winners Cup – Glory Days!). That is 3 League titles and 3 FA cups in my first 30 years.

Then Wenger came along and gave us a feast of trophies! More trophies than we ever believed possible! These became stunted while the club went through the transition of moving to, and paying for, the Emirates. Somehow, despite having to sell our most talented players, Wenger managed to keep us in the Champions League every season, and has laid the foundations for Arsenal to be a rich and prosperous club for ever into the forseeable future. Wenger himself, as well as the fans, had to sacrifice some years of glory to secure our long term success. So I understand that he did it for the club, and it’s fans, so yes I am very happy with him and feel he deserves every respect from every Arsenal fan now, and in the future.

But also, being a Londoner I have friends that support other clubs like Chelsea, Spurs, West Ham, even Millwall. Tottenham fans are over the moon they have just got the chance to be Top London club for a change and Hammers fans are praying to get into the Champions League. They don’t think they are entitled, they don’t protest to sack their managers unless they get too close to the relegation zone. They SUPPORT their team even knowing trophies, never mind a place in the Champions League, may be even decades between each other, just like Arsenal fans were like when I first came to see them 50 years ago.

Since Arsenal last won the title only THREE teams have won the Premier League. So that is at least 16 teams in the top division that have been waiting longer (and for most teams MUCH longer) than us to see a trophy, including such illustrious names like Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham who have also known glory in the past. Some smaller teams have NEVER won a top title or an FA Cup. Do all their supporters gripe and sack their managers every year? What makes Arsenal fans in the modern age think they are so special?

Learn the history of the club and learn some respect.


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    1. The man has 50 years of experience supporting our great club, lives locally, a true Gooner, and all you can do is chuckle. Retrospect is lost on some people.

      1. @SOopa, hatred has blinded your sense of justice. Wenger is the reason you want more. If Arsenal were perennially a mid table team, would you be demanding the moon on your roof? Granted, as an imperfect man he has his mistakes as everyone does, should that make us be blind to the respect he deserves?. You keep hammering on the fairy tales of Leicester this season and want to dismember yourself. This is just a one off situation. Would Leicester repeat the same feat next season? You can’t beat your chest to that. But can Wenger get us to to top for or even win the EPL next season, the chances are greater than Leicester’s. So don’t kill yourself of a one season wonder and obliterate your vision toward your beloved team (that is if you are not totnum in disguise) Arsenal. Please for the love of God, stop being too judgemental

      2. This article is another reason why our club will never improve and compete at the highest level. I have followed our club since 1970 and I too am a Londoner born and bred, though now living in Wales. The fact is the club has stagnated over the last several years and many excuses have been peddled out in that time. One of the most ludicrous is highlighted in this article, blame “new fans”, this is outrageous. All fans, old or new, have a right to express their opinions. History is that and only that, history, ask Man U fans! All that matters is the here and now and once again Arsene has let us all down. And don’t say it’s the board putting the shackles on him, do you think SAF would have stayed at United if he was shackled by their board? He would have walked as any man with any pride and self respect would. Wenger is the problem and until he is removed the club cannot and will not move on. And please show some respect for your fellow fans and their opinions.

    2. A manager with Ambition will match his mission even if he’s under a board as greedy as Arsenal’s (Leicester isn’t a better example to use here, but can’t tell me they have a huge cash reserve)…..can’t tell me The board offers Wenger Less than 30mil every window

      as per say by the board’s “If he(wenger) finds the window interesting, we back him” quote [Not Verbatim]

      It’s so unreasonable when people say changing Wenger will still not do any good for us….

      1. “as per say by the board’s “If he(wenger) finds the window interesting, we back him” quote [Not Verbatim]”

        Do you believe all the BS you read?
        I got a plot of land for sale, it is on the moon but don’t worry, space cars are just around the corner…

        Truth is Wenger doesn’t get given a limit but rather he has to work WITH Gazidis to get things done, sometimes though the yank does his own thing and leaves Wenger to pick up the mess.

        Learn the history of the club FFS.

        Learn the difference in the club management when Dein was with us and after he got forced out for wanting to invest.

        Any fan who has supported Arsenal for more than a dozen years will know how things have changed, how we have become a joke in the transfer window since Gazidis arrived, making childish bids of £1 more than a RUMOR.

        What can be done about children like you though? You think you know it all but know sweet FA, time to actually pay attention to life!

    3. The mindset of this writer sums up the problem. Wenger is bigger than the club. Wenger and his worshippers believe that without him, the club is nothing. I am afraid Wenger has brainwashed the fans so much so that they now believe only him can succeed as the manager of Arsenal FC. Let me make it clear here that I am a die-hard Arsenla FC fan, not Wenger fan, at least not anymore. Wenger was given a chance and he did what he was suppose to do, earning his wages. I cant remember a year that Wenger sacrificed his wages for Arsenal. What we are saying is Wenger has done his beat, and it is obvious he cant move the club beyond where we are now. Mourinho once said Wenger has the best job in the industry because the guy is not under pressure to perform. Instead of Wenger taking advantage of lack of pressure to build a formidable team, he rather indulge in his own world of ignorance and sees himself as the “lord of Arsenal FC” He even goes as far as saying he doesn’t pay attention to what the fans have to say about him. Then later he wanted the same fans to get behind the team. What a joker! To hell with him! On a side note, did anybody see Diego Simeoni against barca yesterday, now that is the kind of coach and team we want as fans

  1. Stop telling us about history.
    We can look it up on google.
    We need change.
    A manager can only stay this long if he has progressed and not a constant 4th best.
    Stop saying wenger is our best manager.
    He has the highest losing rate of any manager in the ucl.
    and this so called success he had must be accredited to dein and graham aswell.
    He has had the resources and chances to do more but he decided to pass it on

    1. He has played in it more times than anyone. Every other league the opponents change every once in a while. Except for Bayern Barca and Real, but even Arsenal fans know that these clubs are monsters compared to us. So all the other teams have the advantage (or disadvantage) of not playing in the comp nearly as often as Arsene has throughout his rein’s simple math.

      More simple math for you. If success is winning trophies for a person, and we have a manager who has won more trophies than any other before him, would this not mean he is our most successful, ever.

      1. Also, how many manager changes went on. Simple, no-one comes close to the number of years Arsene spent on European dugouts. Fergie? but we know Fergie is more successful. So the result is an obvious one.

      2. Managed in more than anyone, but never won champions league. Statistically speaking he also lost more than anyone, and booted out of round of 16 more than anyone.

        Tell whole story, whole truth for proper context; not just cherry pick what supports your argument. I agree with you much of the time, but not this time.

        I’m grateful for what Wenger has done, but can’t live in the past. Praising Arsene for his success is proper and right, pointing out failures is also proper and right. Have to take good with the bad.


    2. UCL losing rate. Obviously he has been in it more than any other manager!
      If you like stats like that what about his win rate of 57% for Arsenal (over 20 years no less). More than any other Arsenal manager ever.

    3. @Trevor………inotherwords………he’s only a participant, not a contender


      1. That’s a different argument soopa. If someone makes a claim they should stand by it, his claim held no water, but people like you will thumb it up even though it’s wrong. And then worse, try to twist around.

        There is no hiding that we have never won the CL, not just Wenger, because that history part that you hate so much, it says that Arsenal were never ever a European force.

        If you had of thumbed his comment down or mention ..hold on a minute, you might not like Wenger in charge but he is actually our most successful manager ever, well that would be logical. You are worse than the AKB’s, they can talk smack from time. You on the other hand may as well be saying dido every day of the week.

    4. Drop Graham, Graham didn’t build the def CB partnership of Toure and Campbell or convert Cole from an attacker to a modern day LB. That was Wenger.

      Dein is a legend, he made transfers happen, it was Wenger who built the damn team though.

      “Stop telling us about history, we can look it up on Google”
      Well get off your fat backside and do so!

      Wenger is Arsenals best manager, well at least in my lifetime, I never knew Chapman but he is a legend from what I have read. You say for us to stop saying it and then point at OTHER CLUBS MANAGERS.

      Guess what, the phrase was ARSENALS best manager. Can you not read? Are you so ignorant that you believe your smart and then make BS posts where you contradict yourself?!?!?!

      Stupid attracts stupid, no wonder you have 25 thumbs up.
      Who the hell gave you a thumbs up for a contradiction?

      “He has had the resources and chances to do more but he decided to pass it on”
      Ummm resources… when?
      You mean like when Wenger broke Arsenals own transfer record even though Arsenal FC had debts? Gazidis joined a few months after…


      1. In response to the invitation to LEARN THE HISTORY’
        Here’s some history:

        Arsenal won the League Title a number of times in the 10 years before Wenger arrived
        In the last 10 years Arsenal under Wenger have not won the Premiership even once

        Before Wenger arrived we were the top club in London
        We are no longer the top team in London

        We won a European competition without Wenger
        We have never won one since he has been manager

  2. Oh right..Here comes an Article from the other side of the camp with clearly no Logical reason to stick with Arsene..Historical achievements is all that is to it huh?

    Are we seriously considering the future of this club?…change is constant, it is neccessary to ensure the elimination of stagnation in Life…If u can’t change something, Hell, u change the way u feel about it [Irony of Life]

    we acknowledge wenger’s gLorious past, and thank him for it…but these days its really not working and hoping it works only Leaves us with bad Taste and grievances.we gotta leave the past in the past and forge ahead….

    History is only for remembrance purposes and what we do today will we archived for the Future(Today is the history of tommorrow)…….and this will be the days we won’t Love to remember when we bask in the Light of a bright future….

    This is as far as Wenger could go…..He gotta admit that to himself (He knows this)…
    Every beginning has an end and every end initiates a beginning.

    Life is a CycLe it’s meant to go round (it mustn’t be stagnated for the Love of one French man)

    1. Let me guess, you sat with Gooner tetra at the back of the class wearing matching cone hats with a big D on it?

      Logical reason… where is the logical reason to get rid of Wenger and I will counter it for you, more than enough people have mentioned it but you have been to ignorant to take notice haven’t you?

      Wenger was never a transfer god, that was Dein.
      Dein talked to Wenger and got the players Wenger wanted, this meant that Arsenal spent some money to build a squad, before Wenger joined us he demanded Vieira to be at Arsenal and Dein made it happen.

      Dein wanted investment so we could continue spending and keep ourselves top of the EPL, or at least a real contender and not a club to make up the numbers. This is where Usmanov comes in, Dein found him and ended up selling his shares to Usmanov in an attempt to get Usmanov to buy the club from the old board. Usmanov set up Red and White Holdings LTD, Dein is CEO of that I believe, this is where Usmanov holds his Arsenal shares.

      Dein got forced out by a board that made a pact to not sell to a single foreign majority share holder, they wanted Arsenal to stay a multi-owner club with no individual holding more than 51% of the shares. They even made a pact, you remember that?

      After Dein the board was working on getting Deins replacement, during this time Wenger had it all to himself and he splashed the cash, breaking our own transfer record to get Arshavin and then paying over the odds for a potential.

      Few months after and we get Gazidis, we make silly bids of £1 more than a rumored release clause yet it has never happened in Arsenals history prior to Gazidis joins… and fans blame Wenger!

      Arsenal get Welbeck as we need a CF and fans moan at Wenger for not getting a CF good enough.
      Welbeck was bought by the Arsenal board.
      Wenger got Alexis in that transfer window and Alexis is good enough for us isn’t he?
      Wenger may have a say in a transfer but his words can be ignored and Ivan will go ahead and buy a player like Welbeck instead of a player of Ibrah caliber.

      I will not argue that the team has some players in it which wouldn’t have been bought into the team in Wengers early years, this is not Wengers fault, Wenger is a consistent variable here… It is Wengers support from the backroom staff and those are hired and fired by the board which is being lead by the majority share holder Silent Stan.

      I can recite Arsenals history of my lifetime over and over, I can go right into detail if you want.

      You want to talk about logic, bring it! Unless you can back up your claims, may I suggest you STFU and GTFO?

  3. You have all my respect for being ‘the Arsenal fan’ for all this time g-rude but I think time also softened you sir. ArsenaI fans are not asking too much but are pushing to the right direction. In fact I have never seen any fans as patient as Arsenal. manure, and recently even chelsh#t, man city will not settle without any trophies for 13 years. We are not on the level of spurs or hammers( so we thought). And they are still pushing upwards while we are still there. What we are screaming is We need progress, wether with wenger or without. and if wenger can’t I have all the respect for him until this season but he needs to go.

    1. Time has softened him because he recognizes that the Arsenal board are not in this for the glory of winning stuff but for the safe money it gives them.

      That was the old board with the excpetion being Dein who was a share holder because he loves the club.

      Some of the other clubs fans may not accept a period of time without a trophy, we call those types of people GLORY HUNTERS, they only care about glory and have no knowledge of football!
      Instead of pointing at teams who have either had a legend of a manager (SAF) or the oil rich money bag teams (City and Chavski) then you are left with teams who have fans who will be patient as long as they feel the team is moving forward.

      Liverpool still have fans.
      There are enough demented people so the Spuds can maintain a fanbase.
      Villa have fans and they don’t know what silverware is! Let alone hope for any.
      I bet fans of The Foxes are singing in their sleep with the way their season has gone, I doubt they was crying like little children because they wasn’t competing for the EPL last season…

      If you think it is all about the trophy then I would say you are wrong, it is about the entertainment. It just isn’t very entertaining when you know exactly how we will perform but that is more of an issue.

      An example for simple minds to try and understand this…

      Arsenal could go all season winning 4-0 against all apart from 1 team and still finish 2nd if the team they lost to won EVERY game they played.
      I wouldn’t moan that we threw it away, I would be cheering the team on for the attempt they made and the entertainment I received from the whole season. I know more people who think like that compared to idiots who think silver is the only thing… and then it is usually because the idiot has no clue about football and just wants to rub it in that his ‘team’ finished 1st.

  4. tbf to the writer of this article.
    Wenger has not risen to the challenge and has fallen way below expectations.
    Look at history and it will tell you so

    1. Was you born stupid or do you try hard every day to be stupid?

      Wenger gets a pay rise because he hits his targets, the challenge handed to him by his boss is met and to the point where he gets pay rises for meeting the challenge.

      You think the challenge for Wenger is to win the EPL?

      PMSL! Are you stupid?
      Wengers challenge is handed to him from Silent Stan, MAKE PROFIT!
      Profit made, new contract offered with new target of saving even more money MWAHAHAHAHA.

      Don’t just look at history, try thinking about it as well, no point staring mindlessly at a history page if you aint gonna take the information in!

      1. Why is that this guy is calling others stupid in almost everyone who do not agree with this deluded article, but Mr. Admin is saying nothing? those who gets admin’s warnings are those that are against Wenger only, which side is our beloved admin???

  5. i could also say a lot probably in deferent words but the point is the same as Gooner Getra.

    if you like history then you will know wenger did not come build a wining team from the ground up. he has had that opportunity to build and keeps stumbling. he is like an insane genius. always close but never getting there. you would think he is doing things on purpose because he is no completely useless. its just that that he does not deal with what would be minor things if given attention but completely ignore them and they turn into major problems.

    just because u come and win a lot in a few yeats does not justify u siting on that sucess and not built on it. it has Point to a point where wenger does not seem to know what to do next other than money.

    i am even reluctant to credit him for out financial success because i don’t have the means facts to back it up considering all the bull the board and wenger tell us every year (the media included) they could all just be playing us. maybe wenger is their pupert but what has come clear of recent is that he has the power to build the team but his vision when it comes to building a team is is lacking. he cannot see a coner stone for the team when its not there whilst its obvious for people even from a far distance like myself.

    if he wants to build a team he must know the players he needs in each position otherwise he will keep rebuilding because it will keep collapsing without completing the team and he will be too busy rebuilding whilst the complete side gets older and the process will keep repeating.

    we don’t want repeats of failure but success

    1. “if you like history then you will know wenger did not come build a wining team from the ground up.”

      How many idiots today!!!!!

      Lehmann was signed when Wenger was manager.
      Cole was converted to a modern LB by Wenger.
      Toure was bought when Wenger was manager.
      Campbell joined when Wenger was manager.
      Ljungberg was bought when Wenger was manager.
      Vieira was bough due to Wengers demands for managing us, Dein got him.
      Silva was signed when Wenger was manager.
      Pires was signed when Wenger was manager.
      Bergkamp was inherited.
      TH14 was signed when Wenger was the manager.

      I will not say Wenger done it all by himself, he had Dein to help him. Dein was the guy who got transfers done. Dein was a share holder and was on the board. Dein didn’t inherit his shares but bought them due to his love of the club. Dein and Wenger worked magic together.

      Like building the team I just listed from the ground up, something you claim never happened. .. and what did that team do? Do they not hold a record for something which no other team has managed to do in the EPL?

      1. We have been waiting for him the past 12 years to build from ground up again. See my friend, I have to doubt about Wenger’s achievement at the club, but when are we going to realize the fact that everything has an expiry date? Wenger has done his bit and he needs to move on. We the genuine fans of Arsenal FC do no want him to ruin his legacy. I mean which serious team concedes 5, 6 goals in a match regularly every season. To mark his 100th game in charge of Arsenal, we all know the embarrassment we went through. The man has outlived his usefulness and he is simply becoming a joker. Arsenal FC existed before Wenger and it will surely exist beyond Wenger. Trust me

  6. funny how all the posts to not support the views expressed by the writter of the article but there are thumbs down. who is responsible for it. let us vent please lol

    1. Not everybody signs in, I myself will instead sometimes read a few comments before heading to the medicine cabinet to sort out a banging head-ache ..or worse ..depression.

  7. Seriously those supporting Wenger..might have been brainwashed by his lies…after the emirates project that there were financial constraints…if Wenger realized that stans target For the club each year was a champions league spot…he as a true arsenal fan wud have either tld Stan to invest more in the club to enable him compete or come out open ND let d fans know what’s up…i bet you there wud be a revolution by the fans to throw Stan out of the club by selling his shares…stan is not bigger than the club and there is no club without the fans…..but truth is Wenger is just as bad as stan or worst by lying to the fans each year and covering for stan, knowing fully well that stan does not have the clubs best interest at heart…..but for 8mil a yr most men wud accept to be called a specialist in failure or worst…but a true lover of the arsenal! Wouldn’t…even if Wenger loses his job for coming out to let the fans know how things are, he wud still be seen as a true lover of the arsenal…

    1. “Seriously those supporting Wenger..might have been brainwashed by his lies…after the emirates project that there were financial constraints…”

      You mean the BS that we couldn’t spend because we had debts yet Wenger broke Arsenals own transfer record in 2007? to buy Arshavin and paid over the odds to get Nasri.

      The only reason why Arsenal didn’t invest more is because the board was too busy planning on bumping up the share prices SAFELY so they can sell them for a nice payday.

      Along comes the pact made to not sell shares to a majority share holder.

      Please remind everyone who owns the club now, what nationality is Silent Stan?

      Oooh seems like history has shown us true fans the BS handed out by the board for year after year.

      “he as a true arsenal fan wud have either tld Stan to invest more in the club to enable him compete or come out open ND let d fans know what’s up”

      Wenger will not split the team by pointing fingers to the media, he isn’t a little child. He is a gentleman. Gentlemen do not go around and scream about things not going their way. They take the blow from peoples complaints and get on with their job.

      Although Wenger did come out and say Welbeck wouldn’t be here if he stayed at home, the closest I’ve seen Wenger to saying anything bad about any signing. Now fans moan we do not have a good enough CF and blame Wenger for Welbeck.. Wenger could speak out and you idiots would ignore what he says in favor of the Daily Mirror or The Sun.

      Wenger broke Arsenals own transfer record while we had debts, does that not tell you that Wenger will spend if given a chance?
      Do you need to be reminded every 5 mins like a child?

      1. He breaks records buying players that we barely want and leave gaps the positions we really need filling, you still called him genius? He bought cheap players but majority were very low quality like the likes of Arteta, Per, Chamack, etc. and whenever he buys quality he leaves gaps and never completes the whole squad and end up short in the near future, thts what he keeps doin. Leicester bought cheap but quality and watch what they did this season. The specialist in failure really suits Wenger, Mou was very spot on here

  8. I laugh at shortsighted people who think that the club’s success is down only to the manager. It’s the same with transfers.. let’s get that guy, and that guy… no, that guy. There’s 3 pieces to that puzzle, and that’s 1) club’s desire to purchase the player; 2) another club’s desire to sell the player; and 3) actual player’s desire to go club that wants to buy him. Same goes for when it comes to club’s success. There’s an owner. Then there’s the board. And then there’s the manager. Do you know what’s going on behind closed doors? I sure don’t, and wouldn’t even begin to speculate. But what I do know is that we have Kroenke for an owner, a guy who couldn’t give a rat’s arse about our history, football in general, fans, and everything else, but treats Arsenal as business which makes him money. I also know that we have Gazidis, who’s just a puppet in Kroenke’s and board’s hands. He’s a Yes man, and can’t do anything on his own. And then we have Arsene, who in the last decade or so prior to be able to spend any money performed miracles by keeping our club relevant. I have no doubt that any other manager would either quit, or miserably failed if they had been asked to oversee club’s transition from one stadium to another while selling all of your best players to your main rivals. And if you ask me, Arsene has done more than an admirable job of what’s his been tasked with. So I think he deserves some credit, and more than anything else I think he deserves respect.

    1. Yeah AW loves arsenal very much; and yet still working for the same person who doesn’t have arsenal best interests for 8 milion a year. For me that’s even worse.

      1. For you it is worse.. and who the fcuk are you?

        I think it could be worse if we didn’t have Wenger, we could be like Villa!
        Villa have had decent managers, managers more than capable of keeping them in the EPL, they fail because the clubs owner doesn’t care.

        Silent Stan cares about money and if we do not make CL then do you think we could keep Alexis or Ozil?
        How long before we lose Iwobi to a CL team? And all the next stars..

        You think it would be worse yet you couldn’t be bothered to give a reason.

        Tory voter?

  9. “But also, being a Londoner I have friends that support other clubs like Chelsea, Spurs, West Ham, even Millwall”

    You’re not supposed to be friends with fans of other clubs bruv.

    1. Eh?? Should we be fighting with them you narrow minded person you!
      Is it time to remind you that football is a game. Not a war…..

  10. I love wenger, and I will always respect him. I have my gripes, he has his place in arsenal and premier league history. But I believe now may be time for him to hang it up, I know it will hurt him, but he has too. He put this pressure on himself and the team by refusing to buy, rolled the dice and it didn’t come off. If he does stay another season and fails to win, his place in history will be cemented as a bottler, and I think he deserves better.

  11. G-Rude, yes, Arsenal fc is a special club in the World. The name Arsenal is unique, save some clubs in Argentina and Russia who have copied the name of Arsenal from Arsenal fc because of the uniqueness of the name Arsenal which is so special. That’s the reason why every club locally, in Europe and in the World cherry playing against Arsenal.

    Arsenal supporters have to be patient with the Boss as Arsenal can still win this season Barclays Premier League title despite Leicester City currently topping the League table with 10 points ahead of Arsenal.

    Results can start to change at the top of the Premier League table to the favour of Arsenal begining with these weekend games.

    Besides, the Boss still has a year to run on his current deal after this season. And I believe he will revamp his squad in the summer with talented top quality players to win bigger titles for us next season irrespective if Arsenal finally won this season BPL title. And the Boss could have his current deal extented by another 3 years.

  12. i would like to congratulate G-RUDE for his support&loyalty(i know “blind loyalty”) to WENGER when a lot our fans are queuing up to slam him,it would be`much easier for him to jump on the wagon or even to stay quiet for that he gets my respect,anyway i just wanted to say that i completely agree with G-RUDE and hope that his article will encourage more people to express their support to the manager (that includes me as well) by writing articles too,showing that the manager still has our support,COYG&IN WENGER WE TRUST!!!

  13. Seriously Wenger leaving @ the end of this season is In his own interests….because with his bottling ND stubborn attitude next season might be his worst….and Might dent his legacy

  14. I am a north London boy too and have supported the team all my life (I’m 45).

    But I think differently…

    Having a manager after 12 years of no success in the domestic league or European arena in the modern era is insane what ever way you want to paint it.

    With the resources and opportunities he has had at his disposal he should have achieved more.

    But while the board are content with ‘making up the numbers’ and where the brands growth of the field is more important than success on it then we are pretty stuffed. That said, there are better coaches who could still under them (the board) do a lot more.

    Brian clough did, ranieri is about to. Simone has…etc..

    Wenger is clearly living off past glory from early years but after 12 years his time is nearly up.

    Out with Arsene and on with Arsenal.


    1. It’s like pissing in the wind when you hear some of these comments that have pathetically branded Wenger as more important than the future of Arsenal FC, OUR beloved club. No one on either side of the aisle can question the contributions and legacy of the Frenchman, he is an Arsenal icon and his place in the hierarchy of Gunner greats will never be undermined by the most blind of the AOB


      To base the future of Arsenal FC on the past glory of a stubborn, self absorbed control freak of a manager who cares little about the fans and there reasonable expectations of a supposed BIG club is ludicrous. If is time, and Arsenal fans deserve better than the present Wenger.

  15. The only thing the so called modern age knows about Wenger and arsenal is a team and a coach who crumble at the slightest of pressures and a team that has not won a major title for 12 years….so tell me what does this kind of club portray to the younger generation coming up…..or we are supposed to remain in past forever and never to progress or move 4ward….u have tasted how it feels to be a champion sir…..doesn’t the younger generation deserve to have the same feelings of being a champion…..cos with Wenger and Stan….the future ain’t that bright…..change is inevitable

    1. Worse is that my 6 year old is losing interest in Arsenal while some people are still basking in the glory of 20 yrs ago. We are losing out on the next generation.

  16. didn’t you do stats in school, its based on season average, not how long.losing two an average of 2 games yearly is bad, just to bow out in the 2nd round.

  17. LOL, what a hilarious and brave article to post, well written Arsene.
    I too have been following Arsenal since I was a small boy.
    I have never been AKB or AOB just tried to judge him and the team on each performance/season.
    However football rightly or wrongly is a very volatile and success driven business.
    So we’ve all given Wenger the allowed post stadium period which has meant a few passing questionable transfer windows and this year the first season we have regressed as a club.
    We do owe a lot to Arsene but he is now fast embarassing himself, the badge and us!
    So why oh why is he bulletproof? Because he balances the books for Stan so well.

    During this season I have started to fall out of love with my beloved Arsenal which I hate, however I feel sometimes it’s the only way not to pop a blood vessel in my head!

    I want us to challenge again, I want us to be feared again, I want us to have battlers on the pitch again, I could go on.

    This article sounds like it’s written by someone who would stay in a sour relationship because it used to be good.

    The past is the past, we can only liive in the now and plan and positive for the future.

    All said and done we should be very greatful and mindful of what AW did for us, (mind you he inherited a good sqaud and George Graham had a big part in shaping our defensive solidity).

    1. Many of us support Arsenal since we were little boys. You saying? In case you forgot, the squad Wenger won the first title had less than 50% of the players from Graham era. BTW, some of them came when Bruce Rioch was coach and had nothing to do with Graham.

  18. I’ve just read this again and you talk about other clubs fans being more forgiving but with our financial strength and the history you talk about, (the invicibles) we have set the bar high and we are nowhere close to it!

  19. @geniusgooner………we’ve waited Longer than a decade for this glorious moment under mr wenger(which is exactly not happening)……now don’t try to play genius like u haven’t stucked around Longer

    I Love Arsenal more than i Love wenger and i want us to move forward at all cost….now my mention of Leicester is for sample/reference purposes only

    so, don’t come around strutting with sugar coated delusion….cuz i dn’t buy any of it

    our problems didn’t start today…

  20. I choice not to partake in the in\out (often) childish debate.

    But there is clearly a few facts that can not be denied.

    1. The Board clearly lies about transfer budgets.
    2. David Dein was forced out over investments.
    3. Over the last 20 years Arsenal has and still does play some of the most entertaining football on the planet.
    4. I pay a lot of money to be entertained. (Tropheys are a bonus)
    5. Fans paying the highest prices in the world should see more money invested.
    6. Wenger makes some strange decisions (but what manger doesn’t)

    Lastly, on the enternment v trophey, would I have taken Chelsea success over the last few years, over Arsenal if it meant us playing (the chosen ones way) style……. HELL NO!!

  21. History is that, it’s history and today is today . We need new leadership from the side line. I am a supporter of 50 years and enough is enough, it’s not only the new supporters but a hell of a lot of oldies. No one man is bigger than a club whether it’s wenger or the messiah himself, Arsenal need immediate changes and I am sorry if offends some people wenger must be the first.

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