New Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta made his presence felt at Goodison Park

Mikel Arteta waited for and spoke to Arsenal players after Everton draw.

Mikel Arteta is set to start work full-time today as Arsenal’s manager after being appointed on Friday afternoon. However, the Spaniard didn’t wait until his official start date before speaking to his players.

A report from Metro Sports claims that the Spaniard was waiting for his new players after their drab draw against Everton and he spoke to them before they left Merseyside.

Arsenal’s game against the Toffees was the first league game of the Premier League weekend but it was a poor game from both sides with Arsenal only mustering one shot on target.

The report claims that Arteta had given a short message before the match to inspire some confidence, and he was on hand to give them another message after the game.

‘He came down after the game and said similar things to what I just said,’ Freddie Ljungberg revealed after the game.

Ljungberg also added that he believed Arteta would help Arsenal get back to form.

‘For me, of course we’re a big club,’ Ljungberg said about Arsenal’s chances of breaking back into the top six of the Premier League. ‘We’re a bit low on confidence and it’s been a difficult time we’re going through, but we won away at West Ham and that was the first time we won away since the first day of the season at Newcastle.

‘That changed us a little bit. Now here, we kept a clean sheet and got a draw away from home. We feel a bit stable.

‘For me, the important thing is that we’re Arsenal Football Club, we need to have possession. We should be keeping the ball and dominate. ‘I know Everton were really strong from their long balls, their throw-ins and their set-pieces. ‘That was difficult but that’s what I’ll take with us. I know Mikel is a great coach and he will make us even better.’

Hopefully, Freddie is 100% right and Arteta does turn out to be a great coach, he is certainly giving off that sort of vibe.

It makes sense that Arteta had something to say, waiting on protocol and respecting Freddie’s position is, of course, important but it would have been madness if Arteta did not make his presence felt yesterday.


  1. I like what I have seen from Arteta thus far in his interviews. I am excited to see what he can do and I will definitely give him to the end of next season before I judge him negatively.

    Hopefully we can all get behind him and the team, especially at home games.

  2. Emery got 5th in the League and made the Europa League final in his first season.
    This despite no English and no PL experience not knowing the Club or the players.
    Arteta has 12 years experience in the PL knows the club and the players.
    Arteta must win the EL and get 5th in the league by May otherwise he should be sacked.
    If Arteta gets any reinforcements at Central defense in January
    then he must get top 4 in the league by May or go

      1. Hey Bro calm down! Don’t you know he sucks Emery’s cock for a living?

        He’s been repeating the same thing for the past three days now, I swear it literally gives me headache whenever I come across it.

        1. Eddie, I agree with Lenohappy that Agu reiterating the same thing over again is boring.
          However why do you lower yourself to be abusive towards Agu, rather than using reasoned argument?
          How about everybody moves on, as Unai Emery has with class, and support Mikel Arteta as head coach with the wish that the owner and Board does as well.

    1. When Emery started managing Arsenal, Arsenal was position one (of course all times were on zero points zero games and alphabetically Arsenal came first).
      Arteta is starting to manage after Emery has turned the team to a clown organizations, where each player tries to outdo the others in clowning

    2. Agu at least if you want to keep sounding like a worn out bass drum, at least be creative. Find new words and arrangements to recycle this crap you keep saying everyday.
      Come on man! where’s the Shakespeare in you? The Beethoven in you? Man come on! find new creative ways to bore us to death.

    3. Broken Record Opinion grounded in
      nothing but fallacy.

      Have you watched any Arsenal games
      this year?

      IMHO even when all players are
      available for selection Arsenals 1st
      11 need an immediate upgrade @ CB,
      RB, CDM, and CM in January to make a
      serious run at the top 4. IMHO
      Bellerin, Xhaka, Guendouzi and
      Torreria are simply not good enough
      to be starters in an Arsenal team
      that aspires to be in CL futbol next
      year. Now if Kroenke was willing to
      open his wallet in the winter window
      and MA replaced these marginal
      players with the likes of Thomas
      Partey(£45M), Youceff Atal(£25M),
      Dayoy Upamecano(£50M) and Ibrahim
      Sangare(£25M) then expectations for
      MA and AFC would definitely be

      Pigs will probably fly far sooner
      than Silent Stan ever giving a toss
      about the club so I would suggest
      to you Agu Eman that the sooner you
      embrace the reality that is AFC atm
      the better. Arteta isnt going
      ANYWHERE regardless how the team
      performs the rest of the season.

  3. Like I said, Tim Cahill rumour as assistant coach is Bùllshît.

    Steve Round as Assistant manager..
    Inãki Cãna Pavon as Head Goalkeeping Coach.
    I don’t know about the rest yet, I’ve heard or read nothing about that.
    Arteta’s gonna surround himself with experienced people.
    I really really want Freddie to leave off to Malmo if they’re serious about wanting him as coach.
    Staying as U23 coach is a step backward and means staying in his comfort zone.

    Chelsea will be hitting Liepzig hard for Timo Werner in January.
    But their main rivals are RB Salzburg, who wants Werner as Haaland’s replacement.

    I’ll be happy to sell off PEA and Lacazette, bring Werner in.
    I’ve always been a big fan.
    Let him battle it out with Martinelli.
    It’s almost as if what we need is a set of fresh blood, players not coated in the laziness our senior players swim in.

    Utd lost, I didn’t see the game as I was busy watching Netflix’s newly released, The Witcher. Damn That’s a pretty good show for Fantasy and Adventure lovers.

    1. Hi Eddie.. I love how you’re straight to the point, no pussy footing around “Tim Cahill rumour is bullsh*t” 🤣🤣👍

      You missed a great game! De Gea howled again… Deulofeu was brilliant yet again. So our draw there isn’t too bad now, hey?!
      I’ve seen that series on Netflix.. not sure if it’s my cup of tea or not.. besides I’m watching Stranger Things (again!!) 😀

      1. Lol… Sue, Wenger said he needs to surround himself with experienced people. That’s what he’s done so far with SR and Pavon.
        Others are still unknown, I’m sure it’s the only reason hr refused to give a straight yes or no when asked if Freddie will be on his coaching team.
        Man is looking at all the best options, Freddie might have a role to play, yes, it depends on what MA wants.

        If you weren’t of Lord of the rings and Game of Thrones, I doubt you’ll love The Witcher.
        Strangers heh? It doesn’t get tiring for you.
        Right now I’m cheating on my series, as I’m so much dedicated into Mr Robot also.
        Mr Robot is one of the best TV series for the past decade

  4. Arsenal was in 3rd place 1 point behind Man City after 8 games.
    Then the fans demanded that Unai play Ozil.
    So Emery was forced to play Ozil.
    Now Arsenal are 15 points behind City.
    The Europa League starts with every one on the same points in Feb.
    Arteta has so many advantages over Unai..12 years in the PL for starters.
    No excuses for Arteta.. 5th in the League and win the Europa League.
    Otherwise sacked in May

    1. I think you are an attention seeker regarding your relentless adoration of Emery
      You probably have something interesting to write instead of the same old stuff about him so just give that a go and remember Emery with affection and leave it at that

    2. You taking the p1$$ right. You are having a bit of fun right. You are pulling our legs aren’t you. Because if you aren’t, you dont deserve replies to your posts. Nobody can be as shallow as that, right.

    3. AGU (dullard) EMAN, After this latest of your regular stupid posts I have decided not to bother reading ANY more of yours. Frankly, Idd rather do the ironing! And I hate ironing, with a passion!

  5. Eddie,

    I just cant see RBL seriously
    entertaining offers for Upamecano
    and Werner in January. The Bundesliga
    giants sit atop the standings in
    Germany at the winter break and have
    a real chance of taking out Spuds in
    the next round of the CL.

    Are either of these quality players
    unwilling to commit there futures to
    RBL or are they simply looking for a
    fresh challenge outside of Germany?

    Enjoy your posts mate

  6. Ace I’m sure both are in very good situations now, both are happy, like you said, RBL are in pretty good position so far, everything’s looking good so losing an important player liker Werner or Upamecano would be a huge risk.
    BTW I don’t think they’ll let go of Upamecano this Jan.
    I’ve always admired Werner before we got PEA. Werner is in pretty good form right now so it’s only logical lots of teams would be interested.
    Eventually if they choose to let him go, I doubt we’ll be getting Upamecano this Jan because it’ll be a suicidal move for them.

    The board will back Arteta, it’s just a mattr of when, they have to agree with him. It’s either this Jan or he waits till the Summer. I’m with waiting till the summer, except we sell some of our underperforming players.
    I’ll gladly sell PEA and get Soares, as he’s a natural Left winger.
    That way we stop playing players out of position. Martinelli and a new Striker would battle it up front.
    We really need specialist players in their positions all around the pitch

  7. Arteta seems to know exactly what he is doing and seems to be intelligent and passionate. Hope we have happy days in the offing. Off the topic, I was really impressed by Chambers in the Everton game. The lad played his heart out. Sad he will be missing the next game due to suspension. He will be a sure starter under Arteta and hope he puts up a great partnership with Holding when Holding is fit.

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