New Arsenal manager? Must know how to win away games…..

It’s so good Arsenal’s season is over soon by Konstantin Mitov

Seven straight away defeats! Think about that for a moment. Fans of other teams tell me “careful what you wish for” with Wenger leaving. I can’t believe it can honestly be worse than losing every away game. The best thing about it is that there is only one away game left and this nightmare season is over.

Yesterday, we were looking dangerous, then conceded from a simple set piece. Nobody was marking Iheanacho, or expecting the ball to come back in the box. We had like 4 or 5 players sitting about 5 yards away from Kelechi without making a challenge. This has been all season.

This has been last season too. We cannot defend. I doubt we even train to defend. For years we’ve been riding on our quality of the players to get us results, as the manager is incapable of giving instructions. Then after the goal, instead of clearing the ball when pressured Mavropanos tried to be tricky and he tricked himself to a red card.

I refuse to blame young Konstantinos as this has been a theme of Wengers teams for the past 10 years. I can remember countless of times where one of our defenders has made a ridiculous mistake that cost us. This wound will start to heal next season if we appoint a man like Allegri, but it won’t happen in a day.

Besides our approach for the future will include young players as we will not spend as much as City or United, so I get the feeling that we’d like to mix big signings with young players to balance the books, and they have to learn somehow.

There was one young player who impressed again yesterday and that was Maitland-Niles. The guy got Pogba in his pocket against United and he was sublime yesterday as well. He has been played in all sorts of positions and done relatively well in all of them. His drive and determination for our goal is something few players in the squad have.

Afterwards though we gave away another silly penalty and I’ve lost count of how often it has happened, but I bet we gave away more than 10 this year and Cech has saved just one! These things are not one offs. They are reoccurring themes that need to be addressed, by the new manager, not just counted as one-offs like Wenger does every time.

We rested some players due to the world cup, but I want to know why we are a charity again? We’re paying them the big wages and starting next season with no points won away in 2018 is a monstrous problem. Defeats like yesterday matter, especially when you have to break a negative streak.

We have a major mentality issue. One that requires the new manager to be a great psychologist as well as a great coach. And it appears that we have cut our shortlist and we’ll start talking to the candidates soon. They include the likes of Allegri, Jardim, Arteta and Vierira.

Luis Enrique’s incredible wage and transfer budget demands make him an outsider. So out of the four left I’d be devastated if we bring in Arteta or Vieira. There’s no ex Arsenal player that I think is good enough to overcome this incredibly tough task. Paddy might come with the necessary respect in the dressing room, but his experience is hardly enough.

And for all the praise Arteta gets at City, remember how when Guardiola was sent off against Liverpool, Mikel just sat on the bench. I’m sorry, I don’t want another Wenger rooted to the chair. If we’re throwing ourselves into the ‘young manager’ risk, let’s go with Nagelsmann. He’s practically done something out of nothing and that’s somewhat close to the job at hand at Arsenal.

Allegri is the one man who ticks all the boxes in my opinion. He’s taken Juve to title after title having to lose some of his best players every year. Pirlo left, Vidal and Tevez went too, also Morata and Pogba. Then Bonucci and Alves last season, but Max has always come out with a squad good enough to turn around Spurs, make Madrid’s hair go up and do it all on a budget. He’s a master tactician and he’s more than capable of sorting out the defence.

Why would he leave Juventus though? Unless he wants a new challenge, he will challenge in the champions league again if he stays, rather than battle to get the top 4 trophy, which will be the obvious priority of the new manager’s first season here. If we don’t get him though, Jardim is the second best option, due to the unbelievable work he’s done with young players at Monaco, which will fit our financial structure.

It’s only the french league, but he still toppled PSG, knocked out Man City in the champions league and played some of the most exciting football in Europe. Will he fix our defence? Who knows, but he’s the second best choice on the proposed shortlist and he’s one where I believe if we make the call, he’d be tempted to take the job.

Anyway, we’ll know soon. The manager would like to be part of the transfer business and we would definitely want to have him before the world cup as it will be a short transfer window. The exciting times are coming. We just have to swallow another bad away day and the banter era will end.



  1. Nayr says:

    Would someone tellme why mikel arteta is under consideration.

    what’s so great about him?..i dont see what gazidis sees.

    It should be between allegri,jardim and ancelotti.

    if it is a young coach they want julian nagelsmann is there.atleast he has some experience.

    1. Pablo Picasso says:

      So true Nayr,

      all this Arteta talk is living a bad taste in my mouth. He couldn’t command our midfield as captain what makes them think he can command a club (not just the dressing room). If the board want to loose the fans confidence let them go ahead and appoint an unproven Manager. At this stage not even Viera or Hengry should be considered.

      I swear if the board appoint Arteta I AM DONE WITH THIS TEAM. I will start supporting Arsenal Ladies football team full force, sad Scott is retiring though, she’s a cutie with big calf’s!

      1. Nayr says:

        pablo my thoughts exactly.

        1. #MAGA says:

          Bye bye then you two.

      2. Naija Jollof says:

        I believe some fans also thought this way when Real Madrid considered Zizou. But look what happened. Arteta is learning from the best in the business you think he go there by accident or he isn’t qualified? Mtcheeew

        1. Enagic says:

          After Gazidis went through pain working with Wenger, its very likely for Arteta coming in as a Manager he will be working with Sven who will be doing recruitment for him – but Wenger/Sven was not going to work and Gazidis/wenger didnt work

  2. barryglik says:

    Ospina Koz Mertz Jenkinson (6m)
    Monreal Cazorla Campbell
    Perez Wellbeck (12m)
    Salaries saves 31m. Total 49m

    Cech Martinez Macey
    Bellerin Chambers Mavro Mustafi Holding Bielic Kolasinac T Bola
    Xhaka Niles Elneny Ramsey Wilshere Ozil Mkhitaryan Willock Nelson
    Iwobi Nketiah Aubameyang Lacazette.

    Spend $0.
    New salaries. 4m.
    Profit 45m.
    Manager Jardim.

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      For the life of me I have no idea why you want to play for 6th place again? Are you Kroenke in disguise? The only thing that happens from a window like the above is that Stan gets richer. That’s it.

  3. mikki says:

    We don’t needed arteta or Patrick viera for this main reason, if they are both of them are employed or one of them Wenger’s influence will still be there…

  4. Sue says:

    The season is nearly over (there’ll be an Arsenal void in my life ☹)
    I am looking forward to next season! 6th is our lowest position under Wenger… 13 losses is the most under him, 51 goals conceded has to be the most under him, surely it can’t be this bad next season!

    1. Pablo Picasso says:

      And yet the deluded one is trying to convince everyone that just 2 to 3 players and we will be challenging for the title next season. Has he even looked at the points difference between Arsenal and City?

      Interesting comments by Allegri yesterday after the game (after every season he sits down with Management or board, they review the positives, the negatives, and they agree on what they need to get better and keep winning). No wonder they are so successful, they have a Manager and board that cares about winning. I doubt we have that at Arsenal, end of the season Wenger gives a list to Gazidis of 50 world class players and another list of 3 mediocre players he should pursue.

  5. SAMF says:

    Well written Konstantin … I am not sure of the availability of Simeone but I really rate him … With very limited budget he manage to go toe to toe with the big boys in Spain (RM and Barca) … Very solid defense, organized midfield, and deadly strikers …

  6. Chairman Gallant says:

    The next Arsenal manager should be between Allegri and Enrique, or at worse Jardim. Any other choices apart from these guys, and Arsenal will be fighting relegation next season. ( God forbid ). Our away form this season has been a total disgrace, and we shouldn’t kid ourselves that we will keep winning all our home matches come next season. Arsenal need a total turn around, and only and experienced coach can do that.

  7. okiror says:

    PLAYED 18 WON 3 DREW 4 LOST 11

    1. Admin says:

      He meant we have lost every away League game in 2018….

      1. okiror says:


      2. Mobella says:

        The little of his article suggests otherwise. If I hadn’t know better i would think our outgoing manager had not won one away game in his entire 22 years.

        1. Phil says:

          What-and you believe we are concerned with what Wenger did a decade ago?Do you not feel concerned with why we have been humiliated this season with the performances away from home?Are you seriously trying to defend Wenger over this seasons results?
          He was SACKED because he was unable to produce results.It really is as simple as that.If he had got us into the Top 4and Champions League for next season there is every likelihood he would still be in a job.But he didn’t.He lost his job. Get over it

    2. enda says:

      is that all just 15

  8. Ray says:

    The away form is a reflection of the lack of commitment by the players to both the team and individual performance. All of the team should take a good look in the mirror because there are so many that have simply switched off!

    At home they could not get away with it! Away was easier but, ultimately they let everyone down (including them selves). Some were worse than others. In the end the manager got the brunt and rightly so! Wenger could not stimulate or motivate the squad to perform any more.

    My hope is that, a new manager (who ever it may be) will be able to reverse the problem and get some of the players we have to fire again! I personally feel we need a new spine though at the back and midfield areas.

    A new manager will bring new drive I feel!!!

  9. Midkemma says:

    I read that one of the board members has said that Wenger was always given a budget, it could be £5 million or £50 million and Wenger wouldn’t complain.

    Sounds about right…

    Just remember people, the next manager isn’t a sure thing to win us stuff and we have to hope that AFC are willing to invest in the squad, while coaching will do a LOT there is the matter of needing some better players.

    1. jon fox says:

      So glad you reminded us we also need better players. I am sure most of us had forgotten this pearl of wisdom. Hmmm! So it seems better players make better teams then! Well now, at long last, we have the missing link that WENGER OBVIOUSLY OVERLOOKED.

  10. Redandwhite says:

    Just a few weeks back the WOB were willing to take anyone over arsene, wake up, Coleman has been released from Sunderland, mick McCarthy ,Alan pardew are available. Wengers exit has come as a surprise to them, not many to be seen around. Wake up to the reality that Ivans still in the building.

    1. Phil says:

      Surely it’s a good job Ivan Gazidis is still in the building.He is the one who introduced the “Catylis for Change”and took on the Board and Kroenke.He is the one who challenged Wenger by appointing Raul and Sven to bring about the change behind the scenes that were always under Wengers control.He is the one that has put his job on the line by taking the responsibility to implement a new Management structure that would have scene Wengers total control diminished as it was obvious to everyone that it just was not working.
      Let’s give him time.He deserves that.

      1. Sue says:

        I read that Ivan wants Arteta as manager….

        1. Phil says:

          Yeah that’s worrying to read that Sue.Im more inclined to believe he wants him back at the Club as a Coach possibly being groomed for the future but I’m not sure any incoming Manager would agree to having his back roof staff picked for him.
          Gazidis must know what is needed is a proven Manager.Now is not the time to gamble on someone who may or may not make it.

          1. Sue says:

            It is worrying Phil…. who knows what goes on behind closed doors… Surely ‘they’ must have an idea of who they want, and must have it all sorted because this isn’t Accrington Stanley we’re talking about, this is the mighty Arsenal!!
            Maybe Ivan wants another watch ??
            Like you say they can’t gamble on this, they have to get it right & I don’t want Arteta or his hair!
            How was last night for you?? Result was crap… yet more disappointment ?

          2. Phil says:

            Yeah Sue the result was disappointing but you couldn’t argue with the effort the team put in after going down to 10 men.We actually played well and Mikki was very good.Shame he gave away the penalty but sums our season up really.Still.Things can only get better.Cant they?

          3. Sue says:

            I sure hope so Phil!

        2. Redandwhite says:

          Hi Sue, Ivans still in the building, after having frustrated arsene all over the years. He’ll be exposed very soon

          1. Sue says:

            We’ll have to wait & see Redandwhite

          2. Enagic says:

            No, Gazidis wasnt a problem Wenger was! try to control everything by himself and buy and keep players who are not good enough to play for Arsenal and come up with excuses season after season

      2. Enagic says:

        probably he will come in as #2 for whoever going to take over from Wenger since he spent sometimes with Arsenal as a player – the entire house needs to be cleaned wenger needs to leave with his group Boro, Bould, head coach cant remember his name but keep Lehman

  11. Jeremy says:

    I think the team needs money for rebuilding.

    If it is provened that actual AH who had stifled the growth of Arsenal FC, is actual Kroenke, let us all come together once more to thrash his investment to make sure that he is poorer than he was. So please keep an eye open for further development.

    Let’s all continue to watch detestable Kroenke.

    Btw, well done Malaysia. It has shown the world, power belongs to the people. Likewise, Arsenal FC belongs to fans.

  12. auba arsenal of lagos says:

    Allegri out of contention based on the speech from yesterday’s copa Italia win.the guy’s basically insinuated his planing a better season with juve next time out.he’ll sir down with d board and plan for next season “with” guys let’s start thinking & hoping the board gets us someone the team and the fans can put their trust &hope in else we come for him after a few bad runs.but I have a strong feeling the manager is going to be young and willing to work with the new set up at d club. Personally I’d go for one of van brochorst,jardim,nagellsman,

    1. Enagic says:

      van brochorst, Arteta or Jardim Arteta thats my feelings in another hand Allegri is way overhyped he got beaten twice with spanish team in European final to dominate Italian football doesnt make him a great coach what about Zidane is he great coach no he just has proper/quality players to use but shuts are being called from above him

  13. Andrew E says:

    To lose every away game this year must say a lot about the mentality (or the lack of it) of the players. Quite frankly they should be ashamed of their performances, particularly the defence, 11 losses on the road with the probability of another one against Huddersfield is unacceptable. I can remember Wenger saying if we lose more than 5 games all season it will be hard to challenge for the PL, if only!!!

    A major defensive overhaul is required by someone who knows how to do it i.e. Max Allegri. We should go all out to get him and give him a MINIMUM of £100m plus a 3 year contract with an option. Forget experimenting with inexperienced ex-players (especially Arteta) we need someone to stop the rot now. I don’t think he will refuse it if we offered him AW’s salary!!

    1. Enagic says:

      Allegri lost to Madrid twice what about that?

  14. Ozziegunner says:

    Can anybody here imagine Alex Ferguson allowing players to be rested because they are playing in a World Cup? After all Arsenal, not the national teams, are paying their salaries.
    Unfortunately the weak mentality and inability to tough it out away from home of the current squad is a reflection of the manager.
    The injury to Koscielny was tragic for him, but potential injury is a downside of being a professional footballer.

  15. Konstantin Mitov says:

    We’re likely to get Arteta or Vieira… It’s going to be rough next season with one of those two in charge….

    1. John0711 says:

      I agree however at least Virtanen has been a manager and a winner
      Arteta ? Pros bitch maybe

  16. jon fox says:

    The reason I am almost certain the club will not appoint a novice like Arteta , Viera, etc is very clear. The club have just been given an almighty punch that floored them, by us fans who left the stadium half empty for months and who also mounted a social media onslaught, plus stadium banners, chants. This FORCED them to sack Wenger. They would not have done so otherwise, had not our noble action HURT their pockets and promised to do so long term if they ignored us. They must surely have learned how dangereous their “opponents”(us fans) can and will again be to their bank balance if they again ignore us and try to foist someone on us who will harm OUR beloved club. And make no mistake; this is OUR club , not theirs. We are the guardians and protectors of its classy long term historical past and values. They are MERELY the current legal owner and admins. They will attack OUR club at their mortal peril. THIS is why I feel almost certain they will not DARE foist a novice on us.

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      I can unequivocally say that the last thing on Josh’s and Ivan’s minds right now is us. There is Josh, and Ivan and Sven and Raul all trying to get their ideas accepted by Stan the money man.

      The fact that the Rams had a decent season with a young coach and the fact that the Kroenke family have no idea of football and how different it is from its American version, makes me think that they will try to put in a cheap youngster and try to repeat their success. And i do hope to be wrong and see Allegri with a 200M kitty.

      I just hope its not Arteta. I would prefer Viera or Nagelsman.

      1. jon fox says:

        Have to strongly disagree with you! We are a prized financial asset of Kroenke (and Josh). He sacked WENGER WHEN HIS FINANCIAL ASSET WAS UNDER DIRECT THREAT FROM THE REGULARLY ABSENT FANS. NOT UNTIL THEN THOUGH. EH? Fact of corporate financial life for your consideration is that multi billionaires never , EVER,have prized financial assets as the “last thing on their mind”. Think again and think properly this time.

        1. Arsene is Out says:

          Ok Lets think properly together and you can stop being condescending. Arsenal has a 20K people waiting list for season tickets., which rarely become available, So the money has already been paid. The place will be full with Allegri or Viera at the helm. And if there are a few games at the end of a season where the stadium is empty ( but seats already paid for) so be it. It makes a very small difference monetarily if any to the club and to Stan.
          What is an issue is not being in the CL because we miss a lot more income there than a few empty seats at the end of a season.
          Big name players sell shirts and create income – coaches dont.
          Is it better for Arsenal as a whole to be more competitive and have fans excited and buzzing and buying shirts and packing the stadium – for sure it is.
          But you would have a hard time convincing Stan that the difference between making money and not making money is the choice between Viera or Allegri.

        2. Ken 1945 says:

          Your last sentence is the CLASSIC of what I eluded too concerning your Atletico Madrid wish (awaiting your answer by the way).
          Your comments about “prized assets” makes perfect sense and is true. “Arsene is out” has replied in a perfectly civil way with equally valid comments don’t you think?
          This then opens the door to a sensible debate, without, it seems, the incessent need by you to have to try and belittle anyone who dares contradict you.
          Most of the time I can ignore your contempt of those that disagree, but, believe me it is so hard not to react sometimes.
          Can I suggest you read carefully what you have said, ask yourself if you would like to receive the barbed comments (I know you wouldnt Jon, remember “HOW DARE YOU”?) and then post?
          You have an enormous amount of experience and knowledge to offer, just try and do it in a more friendly way there really is no need to antagonise people you know.
          Yes, I have also been at fault, especially in the early days, so that is why I always read before submitting. If I get it wrong I apologise (Just ask Sue)!
          As an example, I have rewritten this four times to try and make it a positive critique!

          1. Sue says:

            Ken I remember when I hadn’t been on here long & I called someone an I d I o t… you questioned me about it & that made me think…. so now I think we are all gooners, we may not agree on everything but we support the same team, so I will not argue with anyone on here or call them something nasty, I just love talking to fellow gooners! Excuse me tonight, been to darts had a few pints! I probably won’t make any sense! I like reading your comments Ken…. what a gooner you are ?

          2. Cosrules says:

            I disagree on viera, I think he’s ready and will surprise alot of us given the chance, not sure about arteta but I’d like to think the higher up peolpe have a lot more knowledge about him if he’s being seriously considered

          3. Enagic says:

            I wouldnt be surprised if Arteta or Vieira given a chance after wenger both or either one can be a coach and shots will be called from above same as real Madrid or barcelona model where a manager is just an employee and needs to listened to other people opionion.

          4. Ken 1945 says:

            Sue, That means an awful lot to me, so thank you.

  17. Enagic says:

    If wenger had Allegr brain we wouldnt have discussion going on here

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