New Arsenal signing admits communication problems

New summer signing Sead Kolasinac has given an interview to Arsenal’s official platform Arsenal Player, revealing that he is enjoying getting to know his team-mates, but is struggling a little with his English understanding.

The defender arrived on a free transfer from Schalke this summer, joining at the end of his contract with his former club, and looks to have been a shrewd bit of business by Arsenal Football Club.

Kolasinac was voted into the Bundesliga Team of the Year for last season, and has already begun to impress us in North-London in only two appearances, and looks like he could swiftly become a fans favourite at the Emirates.

It seems as if he is happy with his switch as much as us fans are also, and he is also keen to learn English quickly in order to continue getting to learn his fellow team-mates properly, especially when a Manc talks to a Southerner!

“That’s really, really difficult,” Kolasinac told Arsenal Player. “When I listen to the English players, like when Ox talks to Danny, I need to listen twice because it’s so quick and it’s hard through the accent! But I’ve got time to learn it and I will do that.

“Everyone has welcomed me so well and speak a lot of English with me to help me learn the language. I’m pleased that I get on so well with everyone.

“Everyone has impressed me, everyone has their own personality and I’ve got to know that. There hasn’t been a negative experience with a team-mate yet where I’ve not got on with them.

“I’m pleased to have had the chance to get to know them on tour and until now I’ve got on really well with everyone.”

Will Sead command a first-team role this season? Could he become one of our favourite players in the side?

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  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of this guy on the field! Against Leicester he certainly caused some positional problems for us, I think he was playing the position of Monster Man (run around wherever you want and think you can make a difference, a key role in my earliest youth squad but not something you usually see in the EPL!), but that should get sorted as he learns the system and team more. Otherwise, he was a beast! I can’t remember the last time I said “F*** yeah” 4-5 times in the same match for a new player like that.

  2. It’s alright.
    Saed’s English will improve with time
    The main thing right now is to understand a few words like “defend”, “run”, “tackle”, “shoot”, “pass” lol

    Kolsanic is a fantastic signing along with Lacazette.

    Hopefully, they won’t be the only signings.

    PSG have put Draxler on the market. I hope we go for him

    1. Yes get Draxler please please please! He’s a perfect fit for our style with his pace and creativity, I’ve been wanting him to join for years as we always seem to be rumored to have interest but never seem to actually move on it. Come Arsene, it’s okay to bring in more than two top quality players in one transfer window, really. I know it will seem extremely strange to you, but try it, you might just like it!

    2. no no i am pretty sure that he knows english but has difficulties coping with the speed of the slang/natives, as a fellow german speaker (from swiss) i can fully understand that 😀

  3. love him , lb ,cb, lwb lw , lmc , amd seen him pop as amc , amrc,
    a versatile rhino what is not to like?

  4. yah Sead will definitely make an impact for us, Wenger should sign both marhrez and Draxler as well as seri from Nice if he wants to win the league.

  5. Gabriel has communication issue too, its one of the reasonsnhe failed to adapt with us. Its quiet suprising that alot of footballers cant speak basic English, in my country toilet cleaners has a basic understanding in English, i mean professionals who are exposed to formal, verbal communication everyday with new people, they must have learn something right.

  6. Maybe this has been the problem with Wenger all along…when we think he has said something incredibly ridiculous again, the real message was simply lost in translation…like when he said that Sanchez would be here for the remainder of the season, he simply meant that Alexis has a home in London so he will obviously be here to visit throughout the year…or when he said that things would change at the club, he clearly meant that he would pretend to make significant changes in the hopes that people would forget in a few weeks time then he would return to the same old, same old…or when he spoke of his ingenious plan to have his best players not sign new contracts before their final year so as to motivate them, he really meant to say that some Arsenal fans are so gullible that I can say the most preposterous things and there are still people out there who will blindly defend me…now everything makes perfect sense

    1. Why are you on this website? Because judging by the way you talk about Arsenal, there is absolutely no chance that you actually support them. I heard Real Madrid are a pretty good team, perhaps you would be more happy reading their dedicated blogs?

      1. nice to see you crawl out of your hole just in time to offer your 2 cents worth once again…unlike yourself I started following this team long before Wenger arrived on the scene and will continue to do so long after he’s gone…in his earlier years I admired the cerebral elements he brought to the EPL, which at that point was more brutish than beautiful, and I respected the seemingly tireless efforts of Arsene, Dein & staff to uncover and develop talent without sacrificing the product on the field…likewise I appreciated that such a youthful manager wasn’t afraid to bring strong personalities and/or world-class players into the fold without being fearful of how said players would potentially undermine and/or dilute his authority…unfortunately this all changed about 10 years ago and culminated in the removal of all our greatest players, both young and old, without any real replacements coming in…from Henry to RVP to Fabergas and Nasri, it was easy to see that this club was no longer interested in competing at the highest levels…instead of being honest, minus the ridiculous claims regarding the new stadium, Wenger chose to side with management and in doing so became the “front man” for this corporation pretending to be a world-class soccer club…without the “front man” this organization would have been exposed numerous years earlier, so his presence was imperative if the facade was to continue…it’s for this reason and more that I despise what this once great man and Kroenke has done to my beloved club…the gutless, shameful and manipulative way they have treated the fans, like myself, is largely indefensible and this is why I felt it necessary to start offering my opinion in a public format…trust me, I resisted the temptation for many years but as long as the same shit continues to exist I will voice my opinions and if you don’t like it maybe you should look for a different team to pretend to follow

  7. The zonal marking system used by Arsenal needs a good understanding between the defenders and unfortunately has proved useless for years. So if the defence are having difficulty communicating with each other then the task becomes impossible and they come across like a bunch of headless chickens.
    Man-to-man marking on the other hand is very simple and is easily understood by everyone. Simply get Sead, and the rest of the team, to understand that they are marking one particular player when the opposition have the ball and I’m pretty sure the defensive problems would disappear. Of course this involves RESPONSIBILITY, which is something AW seems very reluctant to do and he would rather his team have a sort of ‘collective responsibility’ where no one has a particular job and so no one can be blamed when the goals go in against us. Who was to blame for the Jamie Vardy goals last week, when he was UNMARKED to score twice? Nobody of course. Who’s supposed to mark any big striker in our box when the crosses come in? No one of course… Andy Carroll help yourself!

    1. ” and unfortunately has proved useless for years.” Utter rubbish. Looks at our stats against corners and dispel that overwhelming ignorance of yours.

  8. I hope we send Draxler through the toughest ever physical before signing him. I can see him playing five games over the next five years.

  9. remember robert pires running out for the arsenal i liked him so much i had his name accross the back of my away shirt. brilliant player who couldnt speak a word of english at the time. 100% quality he gave us despite his “communication problems” he knew where the goal was – kolasinac can be a great also.

  10. Think Sead will be a more important signing than Lacazette – and more guaranteed to start every week

    You have to say Wenger done some magic here. He always said quality not the price tag makes the player – and this great example

    I pray that Lacazette becomes a special Arsenal player / legend. But with Sead – I’m already confident it is so

  11. Draxler is the only player I need now coz Wenger had failed to bring Mahrez and Lemar to Arsenal

  12. Could turn out to be one of the best signings ever for us. Even the ‘Wenger out brigade’ should give him credit for a great piece of business.

    The type of player we have been crying out for years. With Mustafi, Xhaka and Kolasinac ‘soft Arsenal’ could be a thing of the past?

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