New Arsenal signing now expected to leave on loan

Marquinhos is claimed to be set to leave Arsenal on loan this summer, with the club keen for him to pick up more regular playing time before trying to battle with our first-team.

The Brazilian joined in a £3 Million move from Sao Paulo this summer, and has spent pre-season with the club on their US tour where he has featured against some top sides.

Despite showing huge potential, he is now expected to be allowed to leave on loan, with him expected to be treated similarly to William Saliba, who has enjoyed three successful loan spells in Ligue 1 and is now deemed ready to take up a role in our first-team this season.

The Mirror doesn’t state where they expect the 18 year-old to play next season, but is expecting him to spend the coming years out on loan until he is deemed ready.

It shouldn’t come as a huge shock to anyone, as not everyone arriving from Brazil at 18 can expect to have a similar impact to Gabriel Martinelli.

We have a number of other wingers in the squad at present, with Nicolas Pepe amongst those unable to break into the fold, so it makes sense that we should look to get him some experience in Europe before trying to see what he can bring in the Premier League.


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  1. He should go to good club where he can have a chances to play every week so that he can develop very well there like other of his team mates that has done the same

    1. Send him to a Premiership team where can can help cause upsets against our potential rivals. He wont be allowed to playa against us so eg a Brighton Villa etc mid table team

      1. Send him to team like Everton or Newcastle united or newcomer team but I don’t want us to lone him out because I’m in love with the guy

  2. Marquinos come to us with huge potential, need a season away to get his feet wet before he can be seriously considered.

  3. I’m slightly disappointed to hear that, although not surprised – it always seemed to be the plan.

    Just to mention that both your articles tonight have said that Saliba had 3 loan spells – my understanding is that he had two because one was cancelled due to covid?

    The first was cooked into his contract as a loan-back to the selling club, St Etienne.

  4. No one seems to mention that Salinas loans seem to have been purely to get him classified as a home grown player, leaving room for experienced non domestic players in the squad. Seems that will be the plot with Marquinos

    1. Martinelli is now also home grown despite never having been loaned out. Not sure what your point is.

  5. Smart move and let’s all remember this kid is still younger than Saka and ESR. Hopefully he’ll do a Saliba and come back a beast.

    Admin I was thinking about Spursy…they’re not guaranteed top 4 this coming season even with Conte. My prediction is they could miss out, Conte throws his toys out the pram, the ownership get upset for all the money wasted on new signings and a frustrated Harry Kane moves to Bayern Munich next year. Project over.
    Arsenal have more stability and assurances regardless of the outcome next season so I’m optimistic.

    1. Linsgunner I hope your prediction comes true.
      However am but worried about Spurs this season . For the 1st time in my life I am seein a proper Spurs team with few world class players and an Elite manager . There signings have been excellent.
      To be honest I am more worried about Spurs than Chelsea at the moment . Some how I have a feeling that we can get the 4th Spot at the expense of Chelsea and Spurs May get the 3rd

  6. They should find a team with a similar playing style and philosophy. If he is good enough to get regular minutes at Ajax that could be good.

    1. I agree with you on getting more attackers for us to challenge the title,if we can secure,Leroy Sane we are good to go

  7. If he does go he needs to go to a team where he’ll actually get game time. We’ve seen it all too often when our loanees just rot on the bench of another club.

  8. I support that he should go on loan to develop him. But Arsenal should get another player in the caliber of Gakpo or Leroy Sane to boost the attack to confirm that we are title contender this season. Good job!

  9. Yes it Good for him development then return next year as mature player same as salibe .

  10. Let him move to Man u at least hes better than most of they wingers and there coach gonna play him ahead of rashford ….man u don’t have left wingers who’s better than him for now

  11. Hes fantastic player. He fears nobody and also very physique. I like him but one season loan move to premier league team is a deal.

  12. He will be under 23 or loaned out, possibly to a Spanish club in the lower leagues. One for the future.

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