New Arsenal signing offered to Premier League new boys

Arsenal’s William Saliba has been offered to Leeds United this summer, Mail Online reports.

The 19-year-old joined the Gunners from Saint Etienne last summer and he was allowed to spend the 2019/20 season at his previous team.

He returned to Arsenal this summer and he was expected to walk straight into Mikel Arteta’s starting XI.

That hasn’t been the case, Arteta has instead been giving starts to Gabriel Magalhaes whom they signed this summer from Ligue 1 as well.

Saliba’s absence from the team so far has had fans wondering what exactly is wrong, but it seems that Arteta doesn’t feel the young Frenchman is quite ready for first-team action at the Emirates.

He has been linked with a number of loan deals away this summer, with reports claiming that Rennes wanted to sign him a few days back.

Mail Online is now claiming that the defender has now been offered to Leeds United who continue to look to bolster their team.

Marcelo Bielsa’s side has been impressive on their return to the Premier League after a 16-year absence from the English top-flight, but it seems that they want to add a few more players to their team before the transfer window closes.

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    1. He needs to go to a Club where he will be a first pick which is unlikely to be the case at Leeds.A season loan to Fulham or Brentford would be more appropriate and avoid the need for him to up sticks.Centre backs historically take more time to mature than youngsters who play in less demanding positions in terms of physicality.The EPL is probably the most physically demanding League in the game.Saliba is a talented young man who will, I am sure ,become a fixture in our defence in the not too distant future.I can understand the frustrations of our fans, particularly as the acquisition of Partey and Aohar are unlikely to happen, but we simply do not have the finance available to get deals done quickly like Man City, Chelsea and now Everton.Our Manager is not blessed with an open cheque book but I have every faith in him to make the correct decisions when it comes to the development of our young players.

  1. I thought MA and Club were being sensitive and caring that’s why they were loaning him out back to farnce. But what is this he is being put on the loan sheet for any suitable club to take him even if that means he will stay in England….lol!. What silly reason you have up your sleeves now Eddie??? I want to hear it and while you are at it can you also explain again the Aouar done deal. Apparently according to you he was done and dusted. All what we were seeing media was smoke and some sort of role play by Lyon owner.

    1. Saliba I really don’t get correctly reason y lone him out while still keep kiosks like David and Mustafa in arsenal

    2. What silly reasons do I have? I don’t have any reasons or excuses to start playing the dumb blame game like you’re obsessed with doing.
      It’s no secret what the boy went through.
      If the Manager and club says he’s not ready yet and needs to go on loan, then so be it.
      Looking at the reaction from the likes of yourself and others, it’s very good he’s going out on loan because you already have this obsession that he’s the next Van Djik and you already placed son much expectations on him solving our defensive issues.
      Your problem is not with loaning out Saliva, your problem is you’re obsessed with attacking Arteta.. They say it’s because you’re a fanboy of he who must not be named. So you’re always attacking Arteta.
      If he goes on loan to Fulham, or to Azerbaijan then good luck to the kid, we all hope to see him go ball and come back better and completely ready next season.

      Regarding Aouar, I ain’t no coward, I admitted I jumped the gun and I gave a lot of people hopes that I shouldn’t have.
      It sprung out of my excitement for the new regime and how things has been going good, sprung out of my positivity for a better summer and a better season.
      I really can’t say the same for you though who find a way to whine about everything the manager does.
      Agenda must Agend, You’re keeping good at it

      1. You come out like you know everything and you like putting others down. we are entitled to our opinion and when we are mad about our club is being maganed let’s us be.

        1. Wrong handle mate… I have nothing against people voicing their opinions, and no I don’t even know half of what’s going on and I have no time to put people down..
          Now hurry and run along

          1. Eddie, there you go again if no one agrees with your opinion or side of story you start putting them down. Stay under the rock my friend and come out when atleast one of your so called delusional theory is true. You should your name from just Eddie to Eddie the delusional one.

  2. I think arsenal is the only club affected financially , it’s only happened with arsenal chasing two targets from first day of transfer market and we didn’t succeed in either with this team we won’t make it , one injury ( aubameyang) we’ll be in relegation battle, because there is no goalscoring mudfielders to support our strikers

  3. Total madness to offer Saliba to Leeds, without giving him a fair crack of the whip. It makes me wonder what really is going on at Arsenal? Buy a player for 27 million loan him back for a season then loan him back out again to a rival prem team ?? makes no sense at all. Whilst he played in france for his previous team he was raved about and people were saying what a signing Arsenal had but now to hear this ?? serious questions have to be asked. Considering we are trying to off load sokratis and Kolasinac. Mari for me is not the player we need and is the one we need to loan out. he doesnt look like comfortable when he has played and looks out of his depth. Saliba is three times the player Mari will ever be and Saliba will only get better by staying at the club and learning. We seems to have EDU in charge of transfers that has not clue in what he is doing, and shows his lack of experience time and time again. Now this, what is going on ????????

    1. Saliba needs to be playing regularly to improve not by sitting on the bench and play random games…….

      in additional do you expect a 19yo to be very experience, able to adapt to a new country and handle the pressure of a top club easily?

      1. Thank you John Ibrahim.
        A voice of sense and reasoning.
        Loan the boy out so he can go get regular game time or keep him here so he can play cup games every 2 weeks.
        I know what decision I’ll be supporting.
        Whatever the manager decides is the best, he’ll have my support.
        Seems the manager perceived all these misplaced expectations close to 5 months ago when he said fans shouldn’t place expectations and pressures on Saliba

  4. So EDU can only negotiate well for Brazilian players? His lack of experience in transfer business is evident now.

  5. We get rid of Torriera and our number 2 goal keeper. buy someone no one has ever heard of for 1 million to replace him? we are trying to get rid of Koslasinac, Sokratis ,Mustafi and chambers.and loan out Saliba to our prem rivals but keep Mari???? we have Holding Luiz Gabriel and Mari as our main center backs with Tierney used out of position to cover or Kolasinac who for me is a accident in the waiting every min he is on the field. Seriously what is going on at the club ??? use the whole transfer window trying to get the price down on a player we cannot afford and lose him waste more time in trying to to swap deals for Partey even though at the start of the transfer window we were told no swap deals etc meet the price and he is yours. Now we have lost Aouar and will lose out on Partey. we stick with a striker in laca that misses more than he will ever score and at 29 yrs old is for me never going to get any better.There is no creativity in the midfield, we struggle to make chances we have a defence that more than struggles with the building up play of passing out from the back. we got players on the wide that are not wingers and cannot deliver a cross and our most feared striker playing out wide, we struggled badly against West ham and were lucky to get anything. it doesnt look good for the season ahead nothing has changed …..

  6. Because we have not got a clue anymore this club is going down hill and MA is just another yes man he says this we or going for him and we end up with nothing sounds like the good old days under wenger.

  7. Where is the money we made from selling of Martinez ? If our boards are not insane can’t them add it up and sign Aouar we needed seriously in our midfield? Now they will go and sign unknown player of £1m to help Arsenal compete for trophies. sign a good players to MA so that the young man can lead us to better height

  8. Leeds worked for Eddie Nketiah,it will probably work for Saliba.I would preffer Leeds to him going back to France.

    1. Why would we loan him to a rival? Yes Leeds are a very big rival and will be a top 6 team for sure this season. I’d say loan him to Fulham as was also rumoured but the way our recruitment is going, they will also be a rival if we don’t get sorted.
      I’m hearing Gabriel will be dropped to the bench again today, why?

  9. If Arteta thinks he will benefit by going on loan then it’s the best thing to do but I would rather he go abroad or to a championship club, I never can understand why premiership clubs help rivals out by loaning them players. In my opinion loans between clubs in the same division should be banned.

  10. I don’t understand this logic. He can adjust in leeds but can’t in Arsenal??? What kind of logic is this? May be Arteta has some issue with him.

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