New Arsenal signings need to stop dreaming and start playing

Player transfer interviews, are they scripted? 

Like a lot of things on TV these days, I find myself asking the question of, do players also have a script in interviews when it comes to joining a club? 

I say that because up to now every single player or most of the players that have joined any one club in the world have at some point or another used the words or there abouts of “I have always dreamt of playing for this club.” Or they say they have “been a (whatever club they are joining’s) fan all their life.” 

Can a player not join a club and not say those words? Is every player a fan of every club they join? Have they dreamt of playing for EVERY club they have joined or will go on to join?  

Surely not… 

If they are genuinely a fan then that is fair and if they have genuinely dreamt of being a player for that club and wearing the shirt then again that is fine but don’t say it if you don’t mean it.  

I am sure fans would rather players turn up, play and give their everything without having to lie about if they’ve been a fan of the club or not.  

Fans aren’t too bothered I would say, whether a player is genuinely a fan or not, they just care about the player turning up, playing their game and helping their club achieve great things!  

I mean it is nice to hear that they have always wanted to play for a club they are joining, but it becomes a bit boring because you know there is a lack of passion and truth in what players say and do these days! Maybe this is not the case for all of them but for most of them at least. 

Why can’t they just say the deal they are getting, the wages they are getting and the pull of a big club (if it is a big club), is 90% the reason why they are joining a club?  

I know we will never get the days of passion and loyalty as what we had years ago as we know a player can sign a five-year contract and commit their “lives” to a club yet leave two or even less years later. But where are those loyal players? And why are they so hard to come by? 

Footballers of course have to keep an open mind, as they very rarely stay at one club for the whole of their lives, but not one transfer window goes by where you do not hear a player join a club and say they always “dreamed of playing” for that club. Yet it doesn’t take them long to have their heads turned when another club comes calling, hence the lack of loyalty from players nowadays.  

If they mean it then that’s good, but if not, maybe players should do genuine interviews and stop being fake when it comes to their careers because let’s face it, fans want truth and loyalty and that is very rare to find during recent times but there is a first time for everything…  

Really though, all fans want is for players to come and make an impact at the club they are joining, and if it turns out that they are also fans of that club then that is a bonus right! 

Shenel Osman 



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  1. Interesting read shennel, players just like the clubs take fans for granted. You can put it down to PR or scycology… players are here to one,make money , two entertain. They will never come out and say “lm here for the money” . Just like you will say you are passionate on your current job but in reality you are more passionate to that pay check😄 let’s say a player is honest enough and says ‘ hey i joined this big club because they offered an insane amount of money ‘ and boom he flops! Will we fans understand?

  2. That’s exactly what the current regime is all about.stay morally proffessional and trust me every other things will fall to place.

  3. Hi Shenel…

    I honestly find this article to be genuinely unique, fresh, and befitting of the transfer window season! You have discussed an issue that may sound trivial and expected (in particular, as the standard introductory speech of many newly signed players). However, it is good to mention that many of these stereotyped messages do not necessarily translate into genuine commitment, discipline, or performance, and should probably be replaced by more truthful statements like the temptation to earn huge salaries 😀!

    In spite of this, I am of the belief that these are the types of statements that we as fans would want to hear, and as a result, these players are merely a product of our desires.

    Nevertheless, you have sent an interesting call that players should focus more on delivering great performances than many of their supposedly scripted introductory statements.

    I look forward to reading more contemporary and intriguing articles from you!

    Great work!


  4. This is absolutely not necessary. The expected conversation around the period a team and a player are coming together matter a lot. No player ever wishes to play in a team they don’t have a liking for. Kindly

  5. It’s unfair to put this on players. They come from a fake world. There’s no passion in what we do generally, hence it is easy for a player to say that. But we do have many players who really say what they mean. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming to way a jersey due to massive status of that jersey, but not necessarily supporting the club. Whether they are lying or not, we shouldn’t read too much in what they say because we know that is the world we live in today-fake. If he delivers we will all be happy.

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