New Arsenal star given the ultimate thumbs up

Well when I say ultimate, this recognition for one of the current Arsenal stars does come from a former Gunner who was probably the last to do the job well enough to help the Gunners to a title. Gilberto Silva certainly did that, playing in 32 Premier League games in the season when Arsenal were crowned champions of England without a a single league defeat.

Maybe Patrick Vieira would be the the one to give Francis Coquelin the ultimate accolade but the high praise from Gilberto, reported in the Evening Standard, is a pretty close second.

The Brazilian midfielder has been very impressed with how Coquelin has done since Arsene Wenger recalled him from a loan spell last season to cope with an injury crisis. And not only does the former Gunner think that the Frenchman has got his discipline just right in that really tricky defensive midfield role, he believes that there is a lot more to come as he has seen a steady improvement from the youngster.

The 39-year old said, “He has improved a lot in a short space of time, and he’s still young. But he still has some way to go.

“He does a good job and an important job, when you’re in his position you must hold the pitch for the team. He knows he doesn’t need to go forward to help out the other Arsenal players.

“He’s improving every game, he’s developing a better understanding with the players around him. But he needs to show that over more than one season.”

Let’s hope that Gilberto is right about Coquelin getting better because just like last season, his stats this time are incredible and show him to be outperforming more established EPL players like Matic, Schneiderlin (everyone in fact) in that key position.

So just how good a player and prospect have Arsenal got?

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  1. sorry but gilberto was an absolute boss, if hes impressed – everyone should be

    le coq an bellerin have emerged like a phoenix from the ashes…of mourinhos career.
    (sorry cant help it lol)

    1. we have been asking that same question in ages……..seems the only answer we keep getting is “per”

    2. Gabriel is good and getting better, and will no doubt be a very good CB in time, but he is still raw. As slow as Per is physically, his footballing brain is among the best in the EPL. He makes Kos better because he holds the line, and I have often seen Kos have to work harder throughout a game when Per doesnt play with him.

      That said, Kos + Gabriel will be a killer CB pairing when Gabriel has a little more EPL experience. Defenders are often at the peak of their career in their late 20’s (and even early 30’s) because their football brains and instincts are at their most refined.

  2. “defenders are often at the peak of their carreers in their late 20’s”


    Well, 2 a degree….


    In other cases, the bloom way earlier….

    Explain to us why Bellerin is such a 1st team asset in such a tender age!

    Gabriel may be one too…….u’ve seen what he could do……..needs no telling!

    1. by your logic, you think bellerin has peaked? you think this is the best he will ever be in his career?

      I didnt say defenders cant be first team quality before their late 20’s, but that they generally continue to get better with more experience, until the point where they cant do the job physically any more.

      1. But can Bellerin displace Alaba if he was at Bayern ? Your logic is flawed and invalid. Gabriel hasn’t displaced Per because he still lacks the composure and maturity that Per brings to the defence. Keyword MATURITY. Remember what happened in the Chelsea game ?

        1. Hahaha ??
          Wtf! Has Bellerin got to do with Bayern Munich?
          HIS OURS!
          And I wouldn’t swap him for Alaba or anyone else that You rate above him! ?
          Are you a Munich fanboy? …. Or what? ?

          And as for Gabriel standiing up to Costa!
          Well, He became an instant Hero in many fan’s eye’s!
          for doing that.
          So what is your case? … The sending off ?
          You mean the one that was wiped clean by the FA? ?

          In future… Look at your own flaws before you belittle anyone else … meeee old Munich Lad ?

  3. Coquelin Bellerin was perfect timing along with Santi evolution and Monreal maturing they arrived exactly when we had something for them to work with. Then in comes P Cech ..a recipe for success ..I hope. Allot of jigsaw pieces seemed to get filled in the space of about a year. Before them fitting in we were regularly speaking about crisis, a year ago today one might say.

  4. Time will show that he has way way way more class than both Matic and Schneiderlin. We sought for a new Viera and I think we have found him. Can you imagine his power in two years from now? I can, and believe me, I wouldn’t like to be a footballer having to deal with the Pitbull.

  5. Hands crossed! Skin yourselves. What I know is the players are competing for ‘survival for the fittest’ to get gd results for us. Any one can get a red card. May be that was Gabriel’s time to learn from his mistake of failing to control his temper. Even the composed Koscielny got a red card in his debut game vs Liverpool at Amfield in 2010

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