New Arsenal star PRAISES Wenger and SLAMS transfer rivals Hamburg

If the first player to sign for Arsenal in 2015, assuming that the young Polish midfielder Krystian Bielik passes his medical with the Gunners today, wants to make a good first impression on his new manager, then he could hardly have made a better start.

As reported by the Daily Star, the 17-year old has been speaking about making his dream move to the Premier League with Arsenal. And despite the various Arsenal transfer rumours this week suggesting that the Bundersliga club Hamburg were a serious rival for Bielik, the teenager has made it clear that there was not even a decision to make in his mind.

One of the main reasons for that is the starlet’s desire to work with the Prof, whose reputation still seems to be as strong as ever outside of England. Maybe the fact that Bielik has been hailed as the new Patrick Vieira, whose own career blossomed under Wenger at Arsenal, but the praise for his new boss will not do our new young Gunner any harm.

He might not be quite so popular in Hamburg though, as he was a bit scathing about the size of the club and his belief in the manager’s ambitions there. If you are a Hamburg fan, look away now.

Bielik said, “First of all, because of Arsene Wenger. He is a legend, ‘The Boss’ as they call him at Arsenal.

“In Hamburg, the team has a very young coach and their target for this season is to avoid the relegation from Bundesliga. This also had an impact.

“Yes, Hamburg coach [Josef] Zinnbauer assured me that in the new season he would be putting emphasis on the young players, but such plans could be risky. Things may go the wrong way.

“Certainly it will be harder for me to get through at Arsenal. But if I succeed in three or four years, I will be at the footballing top.

“After all, this is one of the best clubs in Europe and certainly better than Hamburg (ouch).

“I’m going to London to fulfil my dreams. I want to prove to the manager that he did not make a mistake by signing me.

“But it does not mean that my goal is playing in the first team right away. I’m not ready yet.

“Only a fool would not be. Of course I am [nervous].

“[It’s] nothing major. I believe in my skills, but I’m going to a new place, a big club and I do not really know what to expect.

“They will certainly be ups and downs. But I already experienced some of them despite my young age.”

The kid certainly seems to have his head screwed on and his feet on the ground and hopefully the boss can prove him right and turn him into a top class player. Welcome Krystian.

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      1. Yes, I see no problem with that. Chambers is valuable.
        Ask Man City how much they are willing to pay for homegrown product.

    1. As do i however…the player himself has a plan of 3-4 years until he reaches the right level. Hopefully that slaps some reality into the morons saying he’s going to come in and play 70% of our remaining games as he’s the next Pogba.

    2. Gooner bet among you football experts.

      The delusional football guru who successfully predicts the next player to walk in Arsenal’s door gets to go over to MuffDivers house for intimate experiences.

      Who is the next transfer. Come on experts who?

  1. it takes Arsenal half a window to be able to sign a 17 yrs oLd “BALD-EAGLE” for a meagre fee of Less than 3miL………. This is ARSENAL

    1. BeiLik according to a poLish source is said to be translated as “BALD EAGLE” … Aha!…… Amazing!

    2. I wish Wenger would get these two guys: Gundogan and Van Dijk!!! Slap a 20 on Gundogan, stamp a 10 on Van then get Sneideilin in the next window.

      I’m very certain that Choir Director (Flamini) and the hair stylist (Arteta) won’t be with us next season, Flamini in particular.

      1. wenger has already said hes not in for gundogan.
        defensive players he claims to be hunting with a spear and warpaint

          1. It appears that you and Mertesacker have the same understanding of Wenger’s commands otherwise he wouldn’t be caught off position so often.

            1. Yayayayaaahh, whohohoo, 😀 😀 😀 I am laughing so hard am gona fart big, lol 😀

      2. Flamini…Choir Director, hahaha 😀 😀 😀
        whoaaah, my stomach is will burst from laughter 😀

      3. Flamini is unlikely because he always leaves at end of contract but he is still a good squad player to have, same with arteta as long as it doesn’t effect our 25man squad.

    3. Why are u so cross about it ? It’s investing in future.
      People moan abt not signing Zlatan or Ronaldo when they were young and, now this.
      Everyone knows what we need right now but nothing wrong with this signing imo.

      1. Sir, the “FUTURE” does not exist. We only have a continuation of the present and presently we need men…

    4. Life goes on SoOpa AeoN – whatever your thoughts about the present there are people’s whose jobs are to think a little further down the line. Bielik is not an either or situation – we need to carry on looking for talented youngsters regardless of what the 1st team/squad situation is. If the window closes and Bielik is all we have I will be disappointed but perhaps unfortunately not that surprised. But I will wait and see before I start slinging the mud.

  2. hes just 2 years younger than little known Viera when Viera was signed and shortly make his debut and play on…..

    Unknown Fab was 17yo when he was playing for the senior team….

    but Bielek is certainly no Viera and hes not ready for any senior football…..

    Listen to the fans Wenger and spend big sign a DM, RB, 2 centrebacks and a striker!!

    1. The house of Rahman must be shown respect.

      I salute you, my good friend Rahman. A glass of cold goat milk, please.

  3. Welcome!! You have come to a great club. I would like to see in our midfield in the next two years. 18-19 is the right age. All the best..

  4. Sometimes Wenger makes me laugh. Some guys like me on this site said before now that Wenger will forever remain enigmatic, he will never sign the kind of players you think he ordinarily should.

    No one could have predicted the signing of Bielik, no one saw it coming. Now Metro’s reporting we’ve sealed a deal for another 15-year-old.

      1. Absolutely nothing AIYD – should be applauded but sadly many want to ridicule and appear to be confused, presumably thinking youth recruitment should stop whilst they are fretting over if and when the “big names” are arriving, as if the two are mutually exclusive.

  5. come on Wenger Abandon the youth and the academy and sign the real players…

    we dont need any kids….we need talented and world class adults to play and win…

    1. Said Alan Hansen, before United won the league with Scholes, Butt, Beckham and Neville, which also went on to form a core of one of the most successful teams England has ever seen.

  6. @kickassfan. Yes indeed, Martin gracia whos chech a striker is 15 but looks about 10 stood next to wenger 🙂

    1. I know nothing about the lad, but I don’t think he’s in anyway close to what we really need now.

          1. ahahaaa, Al have a perfect six pack if I continue laughing this much 😀 😀 😀

      1. Agreed but presumably we would all like to think Arsenal will be around still in 5 years time. A football club’s “needs” are geared to more than the here and now. Even the most hardened vengeful AOBs must see that – you’d start to look pretty silly to start using these buys as more ammo to beat up on Wenger.

  7. i hate when people keep saying “The next ronaldo”, “the next messi”, the next this, the next that…… And they end up becoming ultimate fLops…….. I mean, can’t players be themselves…(if they become messis or ronaldos)…….FINE……but atm, LET EM BE EMSELVES…stop the silly comparison …….stop the Hype

  8. Falcao could be available soon…

    hes in the same class with Cavani…they both guarantee goals…

    sign them both….

    Falcao and Cavani can rotate….

      1. muff – Hafiz is the crafty fox on here, the Truth Terrorist – he is taking the piss. Each and every time. He doesn’t believe a word he says. He is ardent Arsenal through and through, a traditionalist, a die-hard. He is laughing at us all with his ever repeating “buy, buy”, “Cavani guarantees goals…” “M’Bia and Diame beast” etc etc cut and pastes. I believe he is planted here by admin. And I think I love him.

  9. I think Bielik will be a good signing for us, and hope he will be able to play for us in the not too distant future

    This is at least the third signing that openly stated the reason he joined Arsenal in front of other clubs was Arsene Wenger , one day will will all feel proud that we had this man as our Manager for so long, as he will be one of the greatest managers…..I just hope when he retires his wonderful record is still in place ..and he does not leave it too long

    But for now lets be happy we have Bielik and hope we get a great defender in soon

  10. Anyone else happy with an El Nino brace ?
    I really wish he turns back the clock & starts scoring heavily.
    Would love if he helps A.Madrid win the league this season.

  11. If anyone thinks we can get a result at City on Sunday, you are an idiot. We have not beaten a top 3 club in 26 games. That is disgusting.

    1. No reason to watch now, the Gunners future according to Matt has been spoken.
      All due respect bud, not sure if this ironclad claim is nore idiotic than us buffoons that can now thankffully attend to domestic activities come tomorrow.

  12. I’d rather have had another Polish DM – Krychowiak. But one for the future I guess, let’s hope he turns into a real star!

  13. according to news we were in for him for quite some time negotiating for price, however the proceedings accelerated once set back of arteta ws known, this gives me a feeling that wenger might use him in fa cup so that our remaining fit CMs dont burn out playing 3 times in a week.

  14. This site is so funny today, whahapapajakakalayahahaahaaa 😀 😀 😀
    I have laughed so hard 😀 😀 😀

  15. poor old N Y GUNNER never seems to be able to control himself with such familar outbursts . what a wonderful grasp of the english language this child has for one so young !. he has learned off all the swear words now and is quite capable of chucking them at whoever dares comment contrary to his childish writings . i have often wondered what N Y must stand for . at first i thought it might be NEW YORK , but our american cousins surely do no use such coarse language , surely not ?.i have my own theory on those initials , i do believe they mean naive and young !!.i am assuming that he must be teachers pet as he gets away with such insulting remarks , if it were you or me we would be given a yellow card no doubt . Ny GUNNER creates an athmosphere in here that is not plesant or happy ,i wonder is he as smart in school , or is he just a failure all round . cant wait for his words of wisdom to be hurled in return at me , i am ready ,i can take it , i can !!!.

    1. @ger burke
      Good to know your keepin tabs dude. You need to stick to your day job, instead of tryin to be the internet Frued…

      1. NY GUNNER , seriously !!, is this the best you got dude . freud !!!, wow , that is so deep i could almost sink . but at least i got you off track , no cursing and swearing in the reply . which , in my opinion is a bit of a minor miracle , now back to your homework , theres a good lad , off ya go , go on , you know what to do .

  16. Arsenal will not win the Premier League
    this term. However winning the Wenger
    remains entirely possible. The ECL is
    a vey long shot but a quarter final birth
    is in the offing while the FA cup is definetly winnable.

  17. Wenger said he is trying hard to get 1 or 2 players.

    Does he mean that literally?
    Does that mean either just Bielik (1 player) or Bielik and another player (2 players) or do you think he means 1 or 2 players not including Bielik?

    I think we can forget an experienced DM now. Bielik has played in first team and Wenger will bring him directly into our first team. Wenger will then say that we have Coquelin, Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Wilshere, Chambers and now Bielik. Wenger will say that we have plenty of midfielders.

    I think he will just get a new Defender. That’s it.

    1. “…Wenger will bring him directly into our first team. ”

      Did Wenger tell you this, or did CaughtOffside tell you this?

    2. I think he ment one or two as in a signing and a we could sign a defender and loan a player in like Mario Suarez from athleti.

      Personally if we sign KRYCHOWIAK we have a dm and a cb in one this guy is a tank but very agile with his 85kg frame. In my opinion he is better than matic,schnederlin.sevilla have another excellent dm in Iborra who has only started 5 games plus they have Mbia so they won’t be short if we went in for him.another thing he speaks French asŵell as polish (kosceilney) and we have a polish int team mate in szezney.

      For me he is the best defensive mid in football this season by far.he is excellent at blocking and in the air. He is strong in the tackle and a good tackler. How immense would it be for young Beilek to have a role model in krychowiak as the player to beat both internationally and in the leauge?i think he would make an excellent role model for him.

  18. I believe 12 players will be phased
    out over the next 18 months.
    Diaby Mertz Kos Monreal Rosicky Arteta Flamini
    Sanogo Ryo Podolski Cazorla Wilshere (injury)
    Bielik Hayden Chambers Bellerin Zelalem Crowly Niles
    look set to join Sanchez Gnabry Chamberlain Wellbeck Ozil Gibbs
    Ramsey Coquelin Jenkinson Szcezny + Ospina. in the next 18 month period.
    12 additions over the same 18 month period and I believe
    2016/2017 is looking to be when Arsenal retun to the highest level.

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