New Arsenal system is made for Ozil says Walcott

Quite a few Arsenal fans and the majority of the footballing media seemed to be a bit underwhelmed, to say the least, about the impact made by the Gunners’ record signing Mesut Ozil in his debut season in the Premier League. I was not among them but I can see their point.

Others made the point that the German playmaker had very little to play with, hardly getting any time with Theo Walcott on the pitch and with Arsenal missing other key attacking options like Lukas Podolski, Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for large parts of the season.

And no disrespect to Olivier Giroud, but the Frenchman who is not blessed with pace in the first place had his hands full holding up the ball and being a target man to run on to any clever balls from Ozil. And that is what Theo Walcott is getting at in his interview with Arsenal Player, where he suggests that Ozil is going to have a lot more to work with this season.

Walcott said, “When [Mesut] was at Real Madrid and he had Di Maria, Ronaldo and Benzema, three very pacy guys, the number of assists he got was absolutely key. It’s a massive season for him personally and I think the likes of us guys will help him tremendously.

“There’s a lot of pacy guys in this team now and we’re thinking that’s what we might have lacked last year, especially when I got injured – there weren’t as many players to get in behind [defences]. Defenders then double up on you, which creates space for other people.

“You have us bombing on and then you have the likes of Aaron, Jack, Mesut and Rosicky, who can all spot a pass, so that’s only going to help the team. We’ll be very dangerous on the counter-attack.

“It’s very exciting for Arsenal fans to see. I think it will maybe bring back the years where we were so successful. It’s all about pace now and that’s what you need in a team and we have bags and bags of that.”

Don’t forget Goonbers, that Ozil was the knig of assists over a period of years, not just one good season. He has also had a huge influence on the success of Germany for years and was also their top scorer in qualifying for the World Cup which they just won. It seems as though he just needs to find his place in a team and if Walcott is right, Arsenal are about to start reaping the benefits. Do you agree?

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    1. Exactly, I just hope Walcott and the Boss are on the same wavelength and he really uses our pacy players on BOTH wings. I’m sure this would transform the way we play.

      And don’t tell me pace doesn’t matter because as much as I don’t like them Liverpool are the prime example of what pace can do.

    2. Why do people keep making a fuss about him playing on the wing,thats where he played during the world cup,if he prefers the right play him there but not no10,he doesn’t,have the aggression 4 that role

  1. Yes agree. If Ozil can find these speeders in the form of sanchezz, walcott and Welbeck. Then goals will come and he will again become the assist king of Europe.
    Now wenger has given him the ammunition. He has to shine and if he shine then we would be winning a lot of trophies

  2. ‘I think it will maybe bring back the years where we were so successful’ kinda had goosebumps reading that line…i’m not sure if anyone realized this but theo was the last player to score a hattrick for us in a ‘competitive game’ and that was against newcastle dec 2012…

  3. i think weve all been saying this for a long time
    having a player with the ability to split the defence with a pass so well is great when you have players to run onto that pass
    we will see the best off him when sanchez walcott campbell and ox are firing on all cylinders

    getting really exited for sat now come on boys show em some teeth !!!!

  4. Don’t forget Goonbers, that Ozil was the knig of assists over a period of years, not just one good season.

    Unforgivable mistake Bob. 😉

  5. The new frontline is made for Ozil, not the new system (4-1-4-1) though. Ozil hasn’t got the work rate to defend for 90 minutes and can’t really be put in the LM position. Back to 4-2-3-1 ASAP and let these guys race for the goals Mesut!

  6. The question is, 1) can they stay healthy? 2) can they get behind defenses (walcott does it the best) 3) can welbeck finish the passes he will undoubtedly get.

  7. i just hope wenger abandons the 4-1-4-1 formation and stick to 4-2-3-1. when everybody is fit i will like to see this starting line up
    ……………………………. Szczesny………………………
    Rotation is key to avoiding injuries. And we need to abandon the slow passing possession game to a fast possession/counter attack style like in the early wenger days.

    1. And who in this formation provides the link from attack to defence? Not mert Kos arteta nor Ramsey that is for sure

      1. this is the best we have right now man, expect wenger makes additions in january. I believe its a good line up, all we need is a better dm than arteta, a better cb to rotate because i think three is not enough and to trust welbeck, sanchez ,walcott, ramsey and others to get the goals.. that’s all

        1. Walcott is for any one with half a football brain not a starter in a top three team … For 4th place junkies maybe… No interest in that anymore… Nor for that matter is mert…if Ramsey gets back to end of season form and wilshere stops his progression can talk about putting the Welshman back but not on current form so no not our strongest line up … Though sadly failure to sign a dfm is an obvious massive failure of cheese eating surrender monkey … 8m a year…. Jesus

    2. Like to see Chambers get increasing playing time in Arteta’s position.
      Chambers may be young but if he loses a ball he has the ability to get it back.
      If Arteta loses the ball it is like watching a pensioner who missed the bus trying to run after it.
      He is just too slow and is definitely targeted by a number of teams.
      Arsenal should not have weak links.

  8. Ozil in the number 10 role is the best position for him, imagine our first 11 and bench when Walcott is back!

    Debuchy Mert Kos Gibbs
    Arteta Ramsey
    Walcott Ozil Sanchez

    Subs: Ospina, Monreal, Chambers, Wilshere, Ox, Santi, Giroud

    Next summer we need a new Dm and Centre back most definitely, Arteta is 32-33 now and Flamini is about 30 so we desperately need some younger blood in that position.

  9. Been thinking about something like:

    Debuchy____mert ____kos______Gibbs

    I like this form action as flamini will be in the centre of the pitch enabling Ramsey and ozil do what they do with a roof front three to fire the ball to.

    I’d have ozil sitting further forward than Ramsey being the linch pin between defense and attack. With Ramsey helping flamini out and getting forward at the right time. Flamini to tuck in for whichever fullback flush forward.

  10. I hate this pace thing.If it was about pace Usain Bolt would be playing for Manchester United.
    And Arsenal’s problem at the moment is not someone getting behind the defenders,Arsenal’s problem is actually the balls ever getting to the striker or 18 yard box.
    As for what Walcot said i believe he has spent enough time listening and reading some crazy comments from Metro,Just Arsenal and all the other blogs with some people who can’t distinguish a volleyball from a football!

    1. Nonsense!
      When Liverpool, Citeh and Chelsea raped us like a prison bitch, it was on the break with fast incisive runs.
      It works pure and simple.
      Tikka takka has been assessed and the weakness’s exposed.
      Football has, as ever, evolved, we need to evolve and move with the times or risk being left behind.

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