New Arsenal takeover rumours emerge that could make club richer than Man City

Arsenal could be the subject of another takeover effort in the coming months, with a Qatari royal claimed to be of interest in buying the club.

The Gunners was the subject of an offer from Spotify owner Daniel Ek earlier this year, before the Kroenkes opted to reject the offer and claimed to be serious in their bid to make a success of their ownership.

We’ve since seen our club outspend the rest of the division this summer, although it remains to be seen whether our investments will bring us higher in the table or not, but the owners may now have to fend off interest from another cash-rich prospective owner, who has a larger fortune than Manchester City’s owners.

Qatar Sports Investments Mohammed Saeed Alkaabi admitted that he has heard that there is interest in buying the club, posting on social media(as reported by the DailyStar): “I received a lot of questions about Arsenal yesterday, and some were upset because I did not answer them.

“In fact I do not have any definite information, but it is said that there is Qatari interest in buying the club during this year, but the process will not be easy.

“This and God knows.”

Some have put two and two together after hearing of Qatari royal family members last social media activity also, with two posts about the club reading: “The rest of the time. 7 months,” alongside the crest of Arsenal’s, while another tweet earlier in the day read: “I think it’s time to sell. The situation is getting worse than bad. London red.”

We still need the Kroenke family to get on board with selling the club, but fingers crossed the Qatari family make them an offer they cannot refuse.


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  1. I doubt this will happen but if it does 7months is too long to wait, only 7days left in the window so get this done quickly. £2.5b will get Stan to the table!

    Could have our own wee Robinho moment like City did when they got took over!!

    Would love nothing more than a new owner at Arsenal. That’s where & when the proper rebuild starts at Arsenal.

  2. People dont want Arsenal to become like PSG or Man City, I understand their concerns.

    However, our manager, an American, is much worse. He has ZERO interest in football. In fact he calls it soccer. Our owner is the one who bought a club and TRANSFERRED the whole club to another city! At least that Qatari-sheikh seems to be an Arsenal fan to some extent.

    Our history is greater than Citys or PSGs. I’m all for any other owner than the current one. Just take a look back at when he took over and where Arsenal has gone ever since.

  3. Sell sell sell…can’t wait for a passionate fan to own the club….we will break all records, win all cups cuz this is arsenal and kroenke can’t drag us down ..never

  4. I pray it happen today,so that all the arsenal fans in the world can see the best football again both inside the Emirates and outside the club…… Qateri Royal all the way

  5. infact my new born is an a chelsea fan now because of the stress the kroenkes are giving arsenal and the world…….. Can’t wait the qatar to take over and my son will come back 2 arsenal. I think 3b will make them sell. Moggan ug

    1. Mogga- tell your son we don’t want him back. You support your club through the good times and the bad. Remember this. and you should be responsible for allowing it to happen

        1. Let’s face it JF- we with many others have seen far more years of the bad seasons but are still here. Wouldn’t have it any other eay

  6. Soccer is not a term originating in USA. It was widely used in the UK until comparatively recently as some of my old football annuals demonstrate.

  7. We the fans regret kronke, we are true diehard fans let him go for a different business now. Let him leave this club to someone who loves football, plse sell.

  8. This is one of the most tenuous links I’ve ever seen!!!! Throw in the strange comments being made here by some fans and this whole article is surreal…
    Ingleby is right – soccer was the original name for football used In Britain. WE later changed the name, not the USA. Kroenke has enough to answer for without being made responsible for being American and so calling it what American fans call it!

  9. I wish kroenke accepts to leave our club in peace we are tired of that family which has declined our team in Arsenal I believe for ever & ever more.

  10. I advise all serious minded Gooners to put this non confirmed rumour out of their minds, as that way lies madness; hoping in vain for a miracle to utterly change our club.

    It is extremely unlikely that there is any truth whatsoever in this rumour. If there was any such intention it would have surfaced long ago.

    All my instincts scream out to me that this so called story is fantasy and nonsense! Simply wishing for the impossible or incredibly unlikely is foolishness.

    IF it happens, it will happen without our wishing and hoping but merely wishing and making yourself excited over an almost certain false rumour, is harmful to your mental health. Put it out of your minds is my mature and considered advice.

  11. Normally I would agree with the eternal optimist Jon in this regards, but this might not be that far-fetched of a proposition…it’s clear that Kroenke isn’t so much opposed to selling our club, as this was simply another low-risk, long-term investment, it’s the fact that no one has come close to hitting his magic target number…he’s not going to walk away unless someone is willing to offer up the kind of coin that actually exceeds his financial expectations…this is purely a portfolio piece, unlike the emotional equity he’s invested in his pet project, the Rams, so the only real considerations are the other financially beneficial implications involved in this equation…as such, he undoubtedly would want a little gravy money in return for the “inconvenience”…so the only question for any investor is can I pay over the number, like we’ve done several times in recent weeks, and still project considerable returns within a reasonable amount of time…if the answer is yes, which wouldn’t be too unreasonable considering how our market value has ascended over the years with little to no investment or big money trophies to boot, then it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility…just imagine what you could make if someone actually gave a sh**

    1. TRVL A sensible post and i find nothing to gainsay, save only your first sentence(up to….. proposition), in essence. But though your post makes theoretical sense, in this world where corporates and venture capitalists, (AKA VULTURES) rule, and true fans who are also mega millionaires seem to be in our fantasies only, IMO we are barking at the moon.

      Daniel Ek has been showing serious interest but in the mega rich league he is merely a Brighton or Palace by comparison to Sheikh Mansoor and Abramovitch.

      MORE IMPORTANTLY, it seem both of those ahem, cough , cough, “honourable gentlemen” are now true fans of their clubs. I just do not wish self hurtful false hopes to be raised by the many self foolers and dreamers we have on this site.

      1. I agree with the notion that Daniel EK will likely never personally acquire the club, as he’s not in the financial position to pay over the number, but those individuals who have considerably more readily “available” funds, the purchase represents them with a rather unique opportunity, which, for members of the Billionaires High Roller’s Club, is the functional equivalent of a Champion’s League trophy…as we’ve seen in City, they likewise protect said investment by bringing in the best and the brightest to run the operation, without interfering in the process

  12. hi newcastle fan here if Stan kronke is that bad hope you dont get someone like Mike Ashley and only buying one player a year then you know you got one hell of a bad owner but genuwineley hope its the Qatris for you supporters

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