New Arsenal target opens up massive questions over further signings

There are more and more reports coming through that Arsenal are genuinely interested in signing Gremio forward Everton Soares with some claiming that the club has already sent a doctor down to Brazil to carry out a medical.

Everton would cost a cool £36 Million and that would more or less wipe out the transfer budget and would surely put in jeopardy other proposed signings.

It would definitely put an end to any chance of us signing Wilfried Zaha and as for William Saliba and Kieran Tierney, you have to wonder where the money would come from for those two.

No doubt the 23-year-old forward is talented, he was probably recommended by Edu, but he is not a defender or box to box midfielder or even a winger. So why go for him?

If the club thinks that the fans will be placated by this signing they are wrong, almost all of us know our defence must be a priority followed by central midfield.

If there is one area we are well taken care of it is up front, in fact, we have already signed a Brazilian attacker in Gabriel Martinelli.

Whatever way I look at this one it just does not make sense.

But the reports of a doctor and representatives being sent to Brazil to complete this one is a worrying development.


  1. It’s probably just another meaningless rumour like all the rest we are being fed. We are in a sorry state it will be a long season.

      1. that’s why Sven left. He pushed for promoting Willock instead of going for a loan spell of Suarez. Supposedly the manager does not rate our youngsters enough to trust them.

        Don’t be surprised to see Bielik leave despite our shortage in CD and DM

      2. Forget about the overhyped u21/u23 we are a bigger club we need established players to compete with big European clubs the so-called give youth a chance didn’t work with Wenger because they were not ready for the 1st team

    1. Both would cost a fortune, because they still have long term contracts

      Better chase EPL proven players with expiring contracts like Fraser, Hudson-Odoi and Sessegnon

    2. Every one is an alternative to Zaha. The way we will afford all 3 targets is simple, it’s called structured payments.

      I believe this is why any signings are still in negotiations. If the budget is genuinely tight the first payment for each player is going to crucial. For example if we end up paying as rumoured a first payment 7m for saliba and gremio and Celtic accept 12m and 10m respectively we would still be left with around 15m of this summers budget. Perhaps we are also going to talk to gremio about hanneman? Whilst alves, Cahill and Ibrahim, should not be ignored.

      However, with the confirmed promotions to the first team of No. 33 Macey, 28 Willock,
      32 Smith-Rowe, 24 Nelson,
      30 Nketiah and 35 Martinelli there is an obvious desire to promote project youth, whilst reducing the wage bill and replace the already departed.

  2. Everton Soares is a right-footed LW, but we already have similar players in Iwobi, Martinelli, Nelson and Aubameyang

    Everton Soares’ left leg doesn’t seem to be as good as Zaha’s. Zaha is an EPL proven winger, taller, stronger, doesn’t always rely on his stronger foot and has plenty of tricks

    If Arsenal cannot get Zaha, they had better look for a left-footed RW instead. The one that has excellent first touches and a decent right foot

    1. Man, Zaha is stronger…i can give u that…but the left foot thing..zaha use it for dribling or pass…Zaha can shoot well luckly with his right foot…to me zaha Is just another gervinho… Everton has a better shot from distance, better finishing and is smarter with the ball…Zaha is not world class… Everton has the potential to be

      1. U really watch cupa America….Everton is pure talent knows what to do with football ….well,am scared of my arsenal this days

  3. What I am wondering is why there is so much dead wood still on the team.

    Elnany – sell for 5M
    Jenkinson – sell for 5M
    Mustafi – loan sell anything get him out
    Ozil – understandable
    HMK – loan or sell and sub wages
    Kos – sell for 5M

    Simple really. Could easily add 20M to the 70 or 40M we have and make a quality signing like nicolas pepe.

    I understand things are tight but damn. No movement at all is what I think is the worst. No selling. No cheap buys. Nothing.

    Players we should be trying to get

    Dani Alves
    Nicolas pepe
    Bale – on loan or with wages subbed

    Doesnt seem so difficult to me

    1. Mustafi refuses to leave due to his high wage. No offers for him anyway
      Rabiot has signed for Juventus
      Pepe is too expensive for one good season
      Bale is way to injury prone now
      Dani Alves wants first team football and his wage demands are way too high for a back up.

    2. Rabiot signed for Juventus
      Another aging rightback?
      Bale ,never going to happen
      Pepe ,poor man Zaha

    3. Why do you refer to Ozil as dead wood .Ozil is on high wage and the manager has no choice than to get the best out of him and use him ,cos He is to expensive to be bought by just any club .this that can afford Him don’t need Him .Ozil can be classified when playing with quality players ,don’t ever expect him to defend that is not His game.

  4. Everton is a winger who can also play anywhere across the front line.
    He scored in the Copa final and was voted man of the match.

  5. Firstly the budget is 70 million NOT 45
    Secondly most targets being touted about by press are not on radar.
    We have three main targets in mind including Everton Soares and KT plus a centre back. Talks are ongoing with all three players clubs.

  6. Watching his clips on Youtube and he looks decent. As much as our defense was weak, we also need a winger to stretch defenses so for me a winger should also be our priority signings. However, I believe Auba, Nelson, and Iwobi can occupy that left wing so we should look for a right-winger. Chikwueze, Mahrez, Sarr, and Malcolm are just some of the names that come to mind.

  7. This may only be a rumor, but I’d take him over Zaha any day. I’ve watched him several times & most recently in Copa America & he’s an upgrade on all the choices we have on the wings. He’s young, got tricks & an end product. He was a nightmare for defenders, most especially Peru at the CA. You don’t break into the Brazil national first team because you are “just good.”

    1. Well said shinoda. I only watched the Copa America final and he impressed so good that I had to do some research on him. Our need for quality wingers is equally as important as our need for defenders. We played the whole of last season without a proper winger. Only iwobi came close to being that but was short of end product.
      I think he would be a massive upgrade to what we have. He is more like cazorla 2.0

  8. OT
    A huge mistake was to give Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka too high salaries
    Why would they want to leave for lower salaries?
    They must be very happy here

    Even if we found buyers, they are unlikely to pay same or higher wages. The players will just refuse to leave

  9. More pie in the sky I hope.Before the Copa America final I had never heard of him and without ever seeing him over a period of games I cannot pass judgement on his ability.What I do know however is we do not need a right footed left winger.

  10. Emerson can play on both the left and right and will be an excellent buy at about £20 million.
    How many South American players, and Emerson is a Brazil international, only become known once they play in Europe and their value escalates?

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