New FFP rules will make it HARDER for Arsenal this summer

Can Arsenal even get our targets this Summer? by Galen

In the last two years, the FFP rules seemed to be shaping up nicely, with many clubs such as Arsenal, Atletico de Madrid and Lyon closing the gap on the so-called Chelsea’s, PSG and Madrids of this world. UEFA had agreed on a set of punishments to give to clubs that don’t obey the rules. We saw clubs like Chelsea, yes Chelsea making big sales of the likes of Mata, De Bruyne and David Luiz in order to balance their books. We saw the likes of City being punished last season with the squad reduced to 21 instead of 25, and some top players like Jovetic were left out of the Champions league squad. The Arsenal boss Mr Wenger later explained that there needs to be more clarification on the rules as many people didn’t understand how it works.

“We live in a society where everyone is informed.” Arsene said. “The rules have to be clear that you can inform people well. If I go out in the street now and I ask 100 people what you think of the (UEFA financial) fair play punishment, how many do you think can explain it to you? I am in the job and I cannot do it.

“They have to clarify the punishment. We all agree that if we don’t respect the rules you have to be punished, but to explain to people how that works is very difficult.”

The Man City manager Mr Pellegrini said: “The rules are meant to protect big clubs like Manchester United, Madrid and Barca.” United or Madrid could spend £200m in one transfer window and no one will say a thing. Recently French lawyers have said FFP favours the English clubs as their TV money is out of this world. Commercially as well clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, United, and City are out of this world with shirt deals, stadium deals, and TV money.

Mr Platini has said UEFA will relax it rules this summer and that is seriously going to make things difficult for Arsenal. Clubs like AC Milan’s “Mr Bee” and Inter Milan’s “Eric Thohir” have got new owners who are ready to invest 150 Million each in the summer. Then you add City and PSG to that and it is really making our transfers difficult.

Gilliani has already said that AC Milan is willing to pay 40 million Euro (£28.6m) for Knondogbia, and Inter Milan is willing to match that. That is a transfer target that could be off to Italy by next week. The players price was initially at £20m.

While Arsenal tried to negotiate the £25 million release on Jackson Martinez’ contract, AC Milan were ready to pay £25 million pounds even though the player will be 29 years old in October. It is clear to see that new owners and relaxation of FFP may ruin our summer.

Wenger said before the FA Cup final “when I make 10, I don’t spend 20”. These are basic economic principles that our parents try to teach us when we are kid. Its all about living withing your means, spending what you make. But clubs out there are ruthless, they will pay more money, bend the rules. They will cheat, make illegal transfers like Barcelona, and they will do whatever it takes to win and get the players they want.

We need to show more desire in the window with so many rivals willing to break the bank for ur targets. Maybe we shall pay £5m more for a transfer but that seems to be the nature of business this days. Debating over a couple of £££’s may make us lose all our targets. Mr Wenger once said: “My biggest regret, I was so close to signing Cristiano Ronaldo, and not only did I not get him he signed for Manchester United, so that of course still hurts today. We were a few hundred of thousands £££ away.”

Hope u enjoy reading. Have a great weekend people.

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  1. welcome to a situation where we need a back-up DM, then we go on to buy a CB, need a Striker, then we go on to buy a RB, need a supporting LB, then we go on to buy a keeper….. Its all complicated at Arsenal….. But we can’t stop Loving the club

    1. Stingy Wenger, I just cant see Wenger signing 3 top draw players in one season. Will never happen I guess. I hope I’m wrong and Wenger proves me wrong. We need to bid bigger for quality players. We always lose out on players cuz of few million. Let’s not do it this window cuz we need to make a team capable of winning the bpl

      1. People talk about lack of ambition from The club Not going for these players they want but the fact that non of the clubs were trying to catch up to / complete with show interest in these players speaks volumes. Not even one top top club after them. Not good enough to improve us that’s why.

        1. @AlanFrank,
          I can’t remember many top clubs coming in for Sanchez. In fact, I was quite surprised at the lack of competition for his signature. I think just Liverpool and Juventus.

          And the funny thing is we will not get any player that top clubs like Barca, Madrid, Bayern, PSG, Man City, Man Utd etc. will go for.
          So it should not be an excuse. We should just go and get the players we need without thinking about if other clubs want them or not. It’s not lack of ambition. It’s just being smart.
          I think Kondogbia is better than Coquelin. So that would have been a good buy. But I would rather the CF/ST position be filled first.

        1. Especially thinking of how our keepr-trainer left us for Swansea, combined with Cech most likely bringing his own trainer to the club.

  2. sometimes it hurts me, we don’t show more burning Desire……. And we just sometimes give up the fight in snapping incredible talents spotted

  3. For me Kondogbia moved backwards the day he moved to Monaco. He was playing in a better league at a better club. He chose money like a few others over His career progression. Don’t really rate him in all honesty yeah he had a great game against us in the champions league but he’s not at that level all the time. Martinez for me wouldn’t get into our stating line up either.

  4. we’re bout to lose out on Kondogbia to a has-been club. No way Kondogbia would reject Arsenal so I’m guessing we never showed interest in the first place. Not a good sign.

    1. We never showed interest. Sky Italia said it was Ac Milan Juventus Spurs and Inter Milan. The 4 clubs all met Monaco’s valuation. i guess Inter and Eric thor outbid the rest in Wages.

    2. Who cares, pretty sure he is more into the money. He moved to Monaco, now media are saying Inter. Looks like a money grubber to me. We need passionate players who are there for the team. Just look at City, the amount they have spend and the success they have had doesn’t match up. Still have got nowhere in Europe. Even Madrid. Have not won much over the last decade. Arsenal isn’t a money club. A club of passion.

  5. Am just a lil sad todAY. Both Kondogbia and Imbulla are Off to Inter Milan. What makes it worse is that Inter was competitng with Spurs Juve and Ac Milan. New owners and new money in Italy is killing us.
    Inter Milan are not even in champions league. So is Ac Milan.

  6. Its not done yet, but 90% kondogbia to inter, he wants to play for inter cuz we never even bid for him.sad

    1. Kondogbia is a player who is motivated by money as opposed to the stature of the club (Obviously im well aware of the historic significance of Inter) need i remind you of his move to Monaco, it doesn’t matter weather or not we bid for him, If someone like the new owners of inter promised bucket loads of money, First team opportunity (in the sense he would just walk into a match day squad) its a no brainier.

      1. so if a player is waiting for a decent team to bid for him but no bid….and then a big money teams bids and he accepts….. That’s the definition of motivation by money……. Great!….just great! *applause*

        1. No not at all…. what i mean, what i mean is that money is a stumbling block for most sides to negotiate a deal with with him. A few sides of significant reputation, with European football were after him, he could have easily said “I really want to go there” like Sanchez did remember Liverpool outbid us. Inter offered him a bumper paycheck, no prospect of being anywhere close to qualifying for any European competition or winning the league. So @SoOpa AeoN what do you think the motivating factor was?

  7. If what I’ve been reading via multiple sources bares any fruit supposedly. Wenger is after Benzema as Real are looking to finance a move for Sergio Aguero. At first i thought it was a bit stupid but then i remembered the Suarez deal whereby we helped finance that deal for Barca buy signing Sanchez.

    1. Maybe. Aguero has been constantly denying those rumors though saying he’ll be at City no doubt. I kind of believe him too, doesn’t seem like a guy who would just mess with the City fans like that.

      1. Well the problem with City is that, with there money they have never managed to progress beyond the stage their at and in all honesty its whats holding Aguero back. He honestly is amongst the Caliber of the Ronaldo’s and Messi but is never acknowledged because he hasn’t really achieved anything on a Global stage worth recognition and if he wanted to be considered a realistic candidate for Ballon d’Or.

    2. Do you guys really think City are Liverpool ? the amount of money city has got has no end. real cannot even dream of signing aguero. There is no contract Real can give Aguero that City cannot match them.
      The benzema deal may never happen because real may never ever buy Aguero. City are so rich they could give Aguero a blanc Cheque to put any figure he wants.

      Inter Milan spoke about yaya Toure for months and nothing happened. City just have too much money . All those 250k a week ?? try converting them to Euos and you will be getting 350 thousand euros a week. lol

      1. Your Point is irrelevant, Man City were after Lionel Messi last year and where contemplating paying his 250 million buy out close, they could have written a blank cheque for his wages, But obviously its a nonsensical move. Its not about the money with Real its about furthering your career, English sides in all honesty are a couple years off winning the Champions League or even being considered potential threats to the likes of Real, Barca and Bayern.

        1. City and PSG payed 60 mil for their FFP rule breach last summer and because of FFP rule they were allowed to spend around 50 mil.So they were, never in for Messi.
          And Aguero said he is committed for City.That means Real will not let go Benzema if they don’t sign a replacement.

          1. I never mentioned anything about getting him, They could have easily sold off some of their players to finance that move and break even on the FFP rules. The point i was making is that if Messi really wanted to go to City, they would have made it happen, THEY CAN AFFORD TOO. What i mean with Aguero is that he is a person motivated by success he believed City could provide it and they did, But they would never be capable of winning the Champions League within the next few immediate seasons. That means if he wants to move from under the shadow of Lionel Messi (His best friend) and Diego Maradona (His Father In law) he will have to move, success and accolades that they have don’t come from teams that are constant disappointments on an international scale.

        2. I think Last season barca was far ahead of everyone. is not just the english sides. I feel like that barca front 3 would have toyed even with the premier league 11 or serie A 11 or the Bundes 11. They are that good. I don’t think English teams are far away from the top side.
          But like Diego Simoen said barcelona are 1 step ahead of all the other teams in Europe. They can counter they can keep the ball they can park the bus they can play every system.

  8. ” Martinez for me wouldn’t get
    into our stating line up either”.Are you kidding? Its not like he is going to compete with Messi, Neymar and Auarez for first team line up.He is going to compete with Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott.So if he sign for Arsenal, he will not get any problem to get into the first team.

    1. @kam
      hahahahaahah . Messi Neymar and Suarez. Giroud walcott and welbeck. Stop putting stuffs like this on thesame line. But that was funny.

    2. That’s what I said. His goals per minute is only slightly better than Giroud playing in a Much weaker league. Giroud also offers far more to the team than Martinez does. He isn’t the player people make him out to be.

    3. Martinez can’t get into Colombia’s starting lineup. He’s behind Falcao (who sucks) and Carlos Bacca (a decent player but not world class). There’s another guy Colombia brought off the bench before Jackson when then needed a goal so he is not even their version of Chicharito.

      So no, I don’t think Martinez would be ahead of Giroud, Walcott or Welbeck. And contrary to what this article says, AC Milan have not agreed his buyout clause. They are trying to negotiate it down, which is why the deal hasn’t closed yet.

  9. Agent Edward on Twitter confirmed Cech is an arsenal player. He is the most reliable transfer source around.

      1. Guru Sai Krishna on Tumblr says it has already happened and it was a dark blue ball point biro that signed the signature.

    1. I don’t know why follow these people. All it takes is a twitter account and them to say they have inside information in transfer market.

  10. So far we’ve apparently lost Schneiderlin to Man United, or at least that’s the last I heard, which was a couple weeks ago, but he still hasn’t actually moved… And now we’re supposedly losing Kondogbia to Inter too.

    They’re the only two DM’s we’ve been strongly linked with, so losing both of them isn’t a good sign. I’d like us to get Krychowiak, but we’ve only been linked once or twice so it doesn’t look like that will happen sadly. Though of course, this is Arsenal, you never know what’s happening…

    1. What makes you think we have any interest in either player? If it is because someone on here says so or because the Sun says so….I’d forget it.

      If we buy, the last people to know will be the bloggers on here or the papers till it’s nearly done.

      All the press and fan speculation is just pointless. Wenger will do his own thing.

      Thinking we’ve lost out is what creates the discontentment.

      1. According to John Cross, Wenger was very interested in Schneiderlin but changed his mind after Coq emerged. We didn’t lose him to United we abandoned interest.

  11. Why winge. It looks like we are going to land Cech, that would be a massive upgrade to our defense.

    I am sure we will have 1-2 more coming through.

  12. Frankly I don’t think it matters – you buy whom you think you need. If you’re shoppin gfor the best players in the world..then you have no idea how to build a team..much lie most fans!
    From what I gather most fans think – buy the best GK, backs, mids, attackers…and we win. I am so glad they don’t manage our teams. I sit and read the diatribe about buying this and that player…i applaud the sentiment…but clearly they know nothing about football.
    Over the past 30 years, I have found that t fan knowledge has diminished substantially…they dont know basics. They don’t know their club history. They don’t understand tactics. I am not going to defend my statements…this is what I see. When they can talkj intelligently about football I will engage!

    1. @Tj
      I totally get what you are trying to say. I have also read some of your articles and you talk alot of sense. But talking about squad building? how long have we been building teams for? look at the team with RVP Cesc Nasri Song Denilson Adebayor Diaby etc. All those players gone. In 2 years mourinho has made sales of over £100 m while buying quality players and Chelsea has broken the manchester domination to win the title.

      I just feel like we are very close to something special. its all about getting the Right pieces. To be honest if you ask me what the right pieces are? I will say I don’t really know. But i hope Mr Wenger knows what we need to take us to the next level.

      People talk about how great our team is but I don’t fall for that. Our best squad in the last 10 years finish behind a rubbish City team and 12 points behind Chelsea. I believe we have so much work to do. City and Chelsea will be way stronger next season. We can be sure of that.

      1. galen: I applaud your efforts on here, you contribute well and do a fair job in trying to liven the place up and also try hard to appease and accommodate some fairly disparate views. But I agree with TJ, bottom line is – JA is still a difficult place to have a serious discussion. Yes, I know, I could f*** off to another forum – but many of the guys on here feel too much like family for me to give up just yet!!

        My single biggest gripe is the commonplace detachment from reality, and how very complex and intricate matters are distilled down to almost infantile simplicity. When people talk about finance I swear most don’t even have the experience of running a cheque account. When we talk about buying players I swear some genuinely see it as a process involving little more than a few mouse clicks on a footie management game. And whilst it is an all too human trait never to be entirely happy with what you have got – the way that some just go with the flow every time a name is linked with us by the media and then add them to their wish-list so they can recite the list ad nauseam. We are not quite there yet, but when football becomes entirely, and I mean 100%, about spending I will be finding other things to do in my spare time. At the moment it is probably only 80-90% about the money and Wenger is one the few who has an interest in the other 10-20% of ways to make a football club better without being seduced by the quick-fix of spending. And that is why when you say “City and Chelsea” will be way stronger next year I naturally think why, and how can you be so sure? You are re-confirming the belief that heavy spending and immediate improvement are natural bed buddies, perfect cause and effect. But we know, because we have seen it so many times before, it is not an infallible truism. LOgic says you cannot get continually better through spending. The team with arguably the smallest amount of changes between 2013-14 and the 2014-15 season was Chelsea, and was the top team 7 that improved the most.

        I don’t think it requires much wit or imagination to stand back a little and see 3 distinct phases to AW’s time at AFC. Phase 1: 1996-2006, a time when life was a whole lot easier in the PL and also probably the time when 75% of the posters on here became Gooners. Phase 2: 2007-2012 when things got tough for reasons that weren’t fully obvious at the time and even now the financial constraints that accompanied this period appears to have been air-brushed out of history by the media and some fans. Or it could just be selctive memory failure. We effectively spent nil money in that time – the evidence is there, there is no dispute. Why, how and should we of gone down this road are different questions but the nil spend would have been a board decision and nothing to do with Wenger. That is why when you talk of “RVP Cesc Nasri Song Denilson Adebayor Diaby” and the inability to build a squad you are being a little disingenuous – you know the reason and you know it was AW having to juggle the minimal resources, qualify for UCL and all the time knowing he was not able to build off a solid foundation. In retrospect it was close to miraculous that we had players of that quality in the first place – cost around £25M in total! Phase 3: 2013 onward, even the most die-hard AOB has to acknowledge there being a different feel to AFC, and whilst the two FA cups will be derided and progress is not fast enough it still feels very different in an entirely positive way. Aside from a few fringe elements, there appears, despite all the angst and hand-wringing, a sense that we are closer than we have been for at least 8 or 9 years to achieving something. And who has bought us to this position – close but not quite there? For me Wenger has probably 2 seasons to go and the next season he will have nowhere to hide should the wheels come off and there is no credible challenge for the PL title.

        Anyhow, not sure where all that came from – keep up the good work fella.

    2. here is simple tactics for you…
      why would Arsenal want to play the way Barcelona plays or play intricate football and put Giroud up top (one of the most immobile strikers Arsenal has ever had) as their main striker?
      How can they expect to win the EPL and CL?
      Do you think Barcelona in their right minds would play a striker like Giroud? or will they go ALL OUT and buy the striker that fits their playing style like they did with Suarez?
      Go figure.

  13. Wenger needs to get one or two more players from Chile, which will spark our team. Chile attack very fast when they get the ball, always looking forward. It would also benefit Sanchez a great deal as well.

  14. This Cech to Arsenal rumours really needs to materialize or just cool off…… Its Tiresome already

  15. Don’t worry, Alexis is using his Bro-powers to Bro-mance his Bro Vidal and Bro him over to Arsenal.

  16. Other teams are being stupid and overpaying players so we have to match their stupidity? Or, we could be careful and spend wisely like Juve and Athletico.

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