New injury blow to force Arsenal into transfer market?

On the face of it this is bad news for Arsenal, but for those fans that have been hoping that Arsene Wenger would sign another deep lying central midfielder during the summer transfer window, it might come as a welcome bit of news.

One man who will definitely not be happy is the Arsenal club captain Mikel Arteta, as the Spaniard has suffered yet another injury setback according to a Metro report. The Spaniard was just getting fully fit again after a succession of problems effectively wiped him out for the whole of last season but has now picked up another calf problem.

The report claims that it is not a recurrence of the problem Arteta suffered last year and we do not yet know how serious it is or how long he will be out. With a shorter summer break than usual because of the Euro 2016 tournament next summer, this pre-season is more important than ever, especially for someone like Arteta that has played hardly any football recently.

Now Arsene Wenger has a decision to make as top whether to use the transfer window to strengthen our options in the centre of the pitch. We have Coquelin and Flamini, of course, and there is always the option of getting Wilshere to reprise his England international role, but if Arteta is likely to miss a chunk of games, do we need to sign someone?

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  1. Haha metro knows, didnt Arteta say he signed extension when he was sure he will be fit for next season? pointless metro rumor

    1. The mirror have an article on how Arsenal improved their injury record by more than 25% already and are about to get even better and head off our rivals once more (similar to how we were streets ahead from 98 to early 2ooos)

      I think admin should post the article. It was encouraging until I returned here so to mention but then find out Arteta is injured.

      1. Just sign sign Krychowiak or Wanyama because William Carvalho is out for 3 months and we won’t have to worry about Arteta!

  2. Fact or not, true or false, would it really be something we have not seen before. Business as usual at Arsenal, nothing new… Next!

  3. maybe its true maybe its not but we cant buy a new player everytime someone gets injured..we are Arsenal not Chelsea. nonetheless, you will hear no complains from me about buying a new DM ..coquelin maybe outstanding but if flamini and arteta are the ones covering for him the whole season then we are doomed.

    1. We missed out on a number of targets, Morgan,kondogbia and imbula just a few names we missed out on…

      1. If I read this “missed out” nonsense one more time I will puke. Not signing a player does not mean you “missed out” on that player.

        You have no knowledge that Wenger is or was ever interested in any of these players because he does not speak about these things.

  4. The worst time to be an arsenal fan is during transfer period. If only Wenger will appreciate the fact that buying a world class player in either mid field or striking position has not just quality disposition also merchandise.

  5. Many of us see this as a chance to bring in a new quality player. But supporters are realising Wenger has “Transfer Paralysis” allied to a false sense of loyalty to over the hill players, rather than to the supporters. There is no way Arsenal can challenge for the title under Wenger. He is to far gone.

  6. city have recreated the S.A.S :- Silva Aguerro SterlingWhilst Liverpool have Lambert Markovic Firmino Allen Origi :- L.M.F.A.O. :(;););)

  7. Wenger please sign Wanyama. Trust me the guy will b a good complement to Coquelin. He know understands the league and not many DMs are better than him in the league. He will serve as a worthy back up as well as a competitor to lecoq. Am not taking away anything from coquelin, but Wanyama is a more proven DM than coquelin. He reads the game well and is more of an enforcer. Five or so tomes he has played against arsenal. He has outshined all of our CMs

  8. I dont believe we will ever challenge for the EPL AND CHAMPIONS LEAGUE with Wenger, truth be told this man is gone. Chelsea might end up getting both pedro and Witsel, while Man u are ready to bid 60m for Ramos nd still want otamendi, Man city already got sterling and are after Debruyne too. Wenger keeps waiting for opportunities, if we dont sign a DM and ST we are doomed already. Fourth position and likely a carling Cup so wenger can say 3trophies in 3season.

    1. @Cappieee: spot on mate! I actually feel nauseous when I see Wenger on TV giving reasons for not wanting to strengthen the squad. Like you said rightly, the man’s gone!

      Say no more!!!

  9. Arteta injured again, another calf injury, really?!
    Does he spend all his time running around on his toes?

  10. @arsenal-steve.
    I tend to agree with you. Wenger prides himself on his relationship with his players and almost treats them like part of his family at times. I think this personal aproach is good and can draw new signings, however sometimes we need to be a bit more decisive and ruthless like LVG and Jose’ M.
    After all it’s a business, a business where winning and sucess makes money.
    4th place makes money too though 🙁

  11. Blame this unwise Manager to think that Arteta would’ve provided adequate cover for Coquelin based on his age and injury history especially of late. I told you our Manager is either losing the plot or just gone senile.

  12. I am not surprised……Arsenal and Injuries are like best of friends but i said it here few weeks ago that Arteta is now injury prone and doesnt have the legs to cover for Coquelin….Yes, He is a great lad and dont get to see him on negative news but We need another DM

  13. finally I can find some fans who also agree that wenger is far gone n d best he can give us is d epl n d way he is going this transfer window, I don’t see that happening. Before I forget, Akpom scored a hatrick n I suspect wenger will be considering not signing a top striker

    1. @Paros: Our Wenger is so predictable now! Yes Akpom scores a hat trick in a meaningless match and all of a sudden we have an answer to another Thiery Henry! Senile Manager!

  14. @Paros
    All Arsenal fans have realised (if not openly) deep down that Arsenal will remain where it is forever; as long as wenger remains in Emirates. The problem is that; some fans are now so used to top 4 finish and CL round of 16 exit that they no longer thinks it is possible to compete with the likes of United, chelshit, manshitty and madrid, bayern, barca etc abroad

  15. Glad he got injured. Last year I was glad to see Giroud get injured as well because its only the injuries dat forces Wenger to buy new players. Arteta hardly played last season and dis team he got injured even without any competitive games. I wonder even if he fully recovers how long will he really last in an epl match without getting a calf injury! Flamini and Arteta are done.

  16. I hate to say this but wenger is making us look like an average team, an arsenal fan was even telling me that we need to play in Euro league not UCL, hw long will this go on. What we need is clear to everyone but wenger seems not to see it

  17. Actually,i dont expect to see a fully fit Artheta all season long,i think we need to strenghten in that area

  18. Chill my fellow Arsenal fans –

    It’s football, there will be injuries. Would you prefer to hear that Sanchez or Walcott was injured for example?

    If someone has to get injured I’d rather it be with one of our less vital players

    1. So they don’t want Arteta in the team and they do want Sanchez in the team, yet they thumbed down your comment.

      For what it’s worth your comment makes absolute sense. If there have to be injuries, everyone with a head on their shoulders would want it to be to a player who is not a key player. Basic pragmatic thought and why other teams’ key players get wrapped up in cotton wool when they’re looking a bit prone.

  19. All the more reason to sign a top quality DM and striker


    If Giroud, Walcott and Coquelin are injured, then we are screwed

    Yes new signings could get injured too but at least Wenger can say he did everything he could to win us the title. We would not blame him for that.

  20. As always we are just one injury away for not achieving nothing else but what WENGER has got us use to…..he is once again relying on a injury free season which has never been the case, the same case year after year just to keep the owners happy not spend money…… we badly need to reinforce the team with a solid DM to back up Le Coq and a world class CF anything less than that will bring us the same result, how everyone sees it but him is just beyond me.

  21. Ffs we have been saying for 3 years get a DM simple. We have Francis but he can’t get any better if we don’t have world class to look up 2
    I just wish AW would go because he can’t see that we were 15 points of the EPL champs

  22. @arsenalkid1970: 12 points actually but your points were well made! By the way what does Ffs stand for?

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