New manager, new attitude but will it bring success for Arsenal?

Mikel Arteta has brought a new dynamic to Arsenal but will success follow?

Always a tricky question when a new manager comes on board. I recall Arsenal going on a 22 match unbeaten run under Unai Emery, who would have thought it would end the way it did after such a good start?

There are reasons to believe it will be different this time around but it is in no way certain but that does not mean we cannot at least be hopeful of some form of success this season.

This morning I decided to have a little punt on Arsenal winning the FA Cup, Europa League and finishing in the top four. All singles obviously.

Well, I started with finishing top-four and I accepted in advance that would be unlikely but when I saw the 28/1 available I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

Next, I had a look at the FA Cup and I have to be honest, I really do believe we will go far and my confidence is fairly high that we can win the thing. I could not believe the 10/1 on offer and snapped some of that up.

Finally, the Europa League, another tournament I do feel Arsenal have a good chance of winning. There are some tough opponents in the competition but no more than the teams left in the FA Cup. The 8/1 available I thought was a little insulting when you consider Man Utd are best priced 7/1.

Seems to me that the bookies have not taken into consideration the improvement in Arsenal since Arteta took over and that for me, is to my advantage.

So, yes, a new manager and a new attitude means to me that there is now a good chance that Arsenal will taste success in some form this season.


  1. I don’t think we could get any trophy in this season, unless Arteta dares to bench the unproductive and the underperforming players

    We need impactful attackers and creators who can split defenses. Pepe has the physical attributes necessary to produce that, so maybe Arteta has to show him how Sanchez cut inside from the left side

  2. I hope we will, step by step. I think the biggest challenge Arteta will face now is the Ozil situation. I think that’s what cost Emery his job. Let’s hope for MA to do better.

    1. Ozil cost Emery’s job?, or Emery lost the plot? Emery lost what it is to play football, defend, creativity, man management and class. Emery dragged himself down by trading words and picking fights with players. Look at the way Arteta addressed xhaka’s issue, Auba, and Ceballos. He refused to drag open words with players instead told them to do their job. Emery was not the right manger for Arsenal. His football was horrible. His term was a mess

      1. I think that the fact he dropped Ozil like he did created a toxic atmosphere in the locker room. Yes there are other areas where he failed, but managing his biggest star was the worst.
        Ozil should not be an automatic starter, I think it won’t change under MA and the coach should be aware of that.

        1. Lack of English communication skills, particularly with the media and supporters, together with the fact that he was not able to acquire the players he wanted to implement his style and phylosophy. He was expected to coach the players provided by others.
          Arteta has the communication skills; it will be interesting to see if he is supported in the transfer market to allow him the flexibility in selections to bench underperforming players. Getting an additional CB in Mari is a good start.

  3. I don’t really have any target for this season,all I want to see is improvements,a proper philosophy/way of playing,seeing playing giving their all and see if MA is really the man to take us forwards which I hope and believe and then a very busy summer transfer window ins and outs, anything else this season will be a bonus!!

  4. For me the europa league is the tougher one than the other two.
    Thats a tactical battle and MA has no european experience but i am sure he will bring success in that field as well but its gonna be tougher.

    PL top 4 is not out of reach but we have to start winning and expect the results to go our way.

    FA cup is a whole different thing.Some teams test their youngsters while others play their first team players.So theres an equal chance of winning and not winning it.

    But MA seems focused to win all 3.He is not someone who complains or brags.I love the attitude,philosophy and the clarity he has improved on this team.So have hope gooners.


    1. Shakir, Don’t agree and I think the FA Cu is far more difficult to win as all our top rivals are still in it. In the Europa there is no one left of the quality of Liverpool and City. Since we now cannot face them earlier than the last eight,ie quarterfinals, they will field strong teams by that stage, as will Chelsea, Spuds, United too. Therefore more difficult to win FA CUP, IF YOU ANALYSE IT FULLY. Luck in the draw plays a part in both comps but there is more depth in our FA Cup as of now.

      1. You have a point jon fox.I never said FA cup is easy,i said its 50/50.For me europe looks tougher,we all have different opinions and i respect yours.Lets hope for the best.

        1. Shakir, What you actually DID say, and I quote, is this:”So theres an equal chance of winning it and not winning it”. THAT IS QUITE CLEAR AND SAYS THAT WE HAVE A ONE IN TWO OR 50/50 CHANCE OF WINNING IT(the FA Cup).

          And that view is of course nonsense, as the bookies odds say clearly and they are the true odds professionals who calculate true risk, before adding on their mark up,and know better than anyone else.
          If you honestly think, as you wrote, that we have a one in two chance to win the FA CUP, with all our top rivals still in it, there is no point in further wasting my time talking to you. Sigh! I WISH I could do as you have done and respect YOUR opinioin, but you make it impossible to do so.

          1. One question jon fox if you dont mind,
            Did you think shrewsbury vs liverpool would end in a draw??And i like to know what were the odds on that match?
            Anything can happen in football,you worry so much about the rivals but you dont see the improvements we make to give them a good fight under MA…

            You are an experienced gooner and i respect your comments but i dont have to agree.As i always say,”To you your opinion,for me mine”


  5. I can see how you have been tempted at 10/1.I am optimistic of doing well in the FA and Europa Cups and it seems to me that Arteta has already instilled more determination and energy to the team.Having served his apprenticeship at Man City under one of the most successful and respected Manager’s of the current era,he has come to Arsenal with a winning mentality and although it’s too early to make optimistic forecasts the players have responded well to his overtures,particularly our youngsters.Arsenal, under Arteta, are no longer easy to beat which in itself is a step forward.On another matter, I sincerely hope there is no foundation to the rumour concerning Soares, as I have a friend who is a dedicated Southampton can who tells me that “Soares is poor” and is only in the team due to the illness of the very talented young right back Yan Valery.If we need a right back, Valery is the man.

  6. our best problem is improvement,through the end of the season. so that next season we will come back stronger, in order to win something special

  7. What is this all about? Just a post to elicit discussion, or maybe implant some negativity? So would this have been posted if we had appointed Potch or Guardiola or what’s-his-name from Juve? Is this just about Mikel? Shame on you!

    1. Huh, how the hell have you come to that conclusion? It was a very positive article where I actually made it clear I have put money on Arsenal winning silverware. You would not have got such a post with Emery in charge.

      1. Maybe I didn’t count to 10 before posting my comment, Martin, and I apologise. Just my way of reacting to posts that in my opinion do not contribute anything. Speculation is so rife, and so few discussions are based on fact – must be the scientist in me coming out.

        1. No problem, it was just a positive piece about the odds on Arsenal in the respective competitions, I think they are extremely good value for the most part.

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