New Season, New Players – Same Old, Same Old Arsenal


It is a strange one, isn’t it? Arsenal has supposedly upgraded its squad through our new signings but you wouldn’t know it. First, we signed Shad Forsythe, a well-respected fitness guru that worked with the German national team and yet within a space of four days, we have already recorded three injuries to Kieran Gibbs, Yaya Sanogo and Mikel Arteta. Wow! It feels just like the old Arsenal. And then we signed Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy, David Ospina and Calum Chambers while welcoming back a much improved Joel Campbell from his three year loan. That makes it five new faces that have joined our squad and yet watching Arsenal labor through a cringe worthy draw against a very organized Besiktas side, you wouldn’t know our squad is five players richer than it was last season.

Nothing has changed. Olivier Giroud is still his old self. Slow, out of position, lacking composure and offering nothing to trouble the opposition. Same old Arsenal. Santi Carzola is still being played as a winger who never stays at wings, even with the Ox and Campbell on the bench. Same old Arsenal. We have no pace, no width and no element of surprise. A few weeks ago, Arsene Wenger was boasting of having so much attacking talent at his disposal but if you watched the game against Besiktas on Tuesday night, you wouldn’t know it. Wenger played the same knackered team he fielded against Crystal Palace just three days ago. What about the squad? We have good players and many options in attack yet some players are getting overplayed while others cannot get game time. Monreal and Flamini only got games because Gibbs and Arteta are injured. Looks like only an injury to about half of our squad is what it is going to take for Wenger to finally give Joel Campbell a chance. For his world cup heroics and more, Joel deserves his chance. He cannot be worse than Giroud! Or is this about hierarchy and not merit?

In fifteen minutes, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain did more than Olivier Giroud ever did in the entire ninety minutes that he played. To imagine that we have that kind of offensive power on the bench and yet Wenger just stuck with the same uncoordinated and malfunctioning forward line is beyond me. Joel Campbell, Tomas Rosicky, Alex Chamberlain and Mathieu Flamini were all fresh. They should have started the Besiktas game and if Wenger does not consider them good enough, then what the hell are they doing in Arsenal? We have no width and our midfield is saturated with four numbers tens in Carzola, Wilshere, Ramsey and Arteta. Wenger might as well convert Ozil and Rosicky into defenders so that he will be the first manager in history to field six attacking midfielders all at the same time.

Yes Sanchez did work his socks off and bombed down the right flank when he had the chance but, he had absolutely no support. Forgive me for not knowing how to contain my disgust at Wenger’s selection policy but I see so much talent in this team being wasted by our manager. Does it make sense to starve in your own house when you have so much food in your kitchen? We just spent over thirty million pounds on a world class attacker but you wouldn’t know it. Imagine a front line of Campbell, Sanchez and Ox? We have already tried something similar in preseason against Benfica to devastating effect. That game ended in 5-1. The only difference between that front line and the one we need now is that Sanchez will replace Sanogo upfront and why wouldn’t it work? Sanchez is better than Sanogo! But the boss won’t try it so we remain starved off width, pace, movement, trickery and goals. The upcoming Everton game really has me worried because they exploited these weaknesses sufficiently the last time we played them.

We have a bloody good squad and it also does not matter who we buy in this transfer window if Arsene Wenger decides not to make full use of the talent at his disposal. A new season has started with new players being brought in. But the same old problems persist. This is not good. Preseason is over. Enough of the failed experiments. Peace.

Uche Edochie

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  1. Man United Fan – Lost opening home game, back three is a combo of Jones, Evans, Smalling Rojo. Outlook? Glass half full, probably finish top 3.

    Arsenal fan – Won opening game (first time at home in years) signed a better RB, Sanchez, better backup goalie and versatile young English defender. Tied first match away on a red card. Outlook? Glass is entirely empty, we didn’t spend. Instead of upgrading 5 positions we really should have signed 15 players like the ex-Liverpool and Man United pundits suggested. Feeling hopeless. Other supporters laugh at me…I’d fight back but I’m not that type…it’s Wenger’s fault.


    1. If Giroud and sanogo starts for a combined 30+ league games,no matter whoever we buy as dm,we wont win the league.What we need is a striker,but seems like we will never get one this season.
      If Liverpool can buy Balotelli despite having a world class striker like sturridge and an able backup like Lambert,I cant understand wengers logic when we have probably the slowest striker in the league.

            1. 14 league goals is his best which is in Italy and Giroud 16 in the prem in I’m the deluded one in fact I be most people have barely seen him play. Balotell is lazy, wasteful and has a huge ego.

        1. He’s twice the player giroud is and 10 times the player sanogo is.
          The fact that Wenger doesn’t want a new striker and cdm beggars belef. He is wrong, he will be proven wrong and he should be held accountable but he he wont be.

          1. Yes, problem is though, even if he is a million times better than Giroud he is still less prolific – bit of an evidential hurdle to overcome wouldn’t you say? Never scored more than 14 goals in a season with a third coming from penalties. And to make matters worse he is way outside OG’s league when it comes to assists and creates.

            1. Balotelli average’s better than a goal every 1.5 games, giroud is less than one in 2. That is significantly less prolific not more.

      1. The difference between a Liverpool, Manchester United or Chelsea supporter is they don’t accept what the media always throws down their throat. They want the club to improve but there is rarely a crisis. This doesn’t happen with Arsenal supporters. Ever. Every corner and fixture presents a new crisis at the Emirates. Other supporters laugh at us. And I mean ‘us’ not as in the club itself but in fact the supporters.

        The media can suggest Arsenal need to strengthen and the supporters line the streets in panic. United lose the opening game and all the headlines read ‘no panic’. Neville comes right out and says ‘no panic buys’. And the supporters rally behind the club. What would happen at the Emirates if Arsene started a season with Jones, Evans and Smalling and bringing in Rojo late? There would be protest marches outside the Emirates…the media would smell blood and go in for the kill.

        Arsenal ties an away game during the CL qualifier on a red card and Arsenal fans fall off the wagon and fold like cheap tents.

        Man United aren’t even in the CL and some of their supporters spin it as a positive. Outside of Chelsea virtually every team has holes in their lineup.

        We might need a striker but you (along with a number of other supporters) completely disregard our attacking options in Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, Cazorla, Walcot, Ox, Rosicky. Do you know how many EPL teams have options like that? Maybe Chelsea? Maybe…

        If you want to present facts discuss all of them. If I focus on the single biggest weakness of the squad and magnify it 100 times to the point where I no longer see the strengths of the club – why support the club?

        You might be reminded that Wenger once had only Walcott and RVP at his disposal and finished third. That season saw Gervinho starting with Arshavin and Rosicky the players coming off the bench. Arteta was our number 1 mid.

        1. Did those 7 players get as many goals between them as Suarez ? Can’t be much in it…but personally the need for outright striker is overdone… Our problem is getting sufficient players in to box and to scoring positions….so many times Sanchez broke Tuesday with no support. Part of problem is lack of defensive cover forcing players to hold back…would love to see reus Campbell and cazorla combining with wilshere (on form) and ozil…cavalho seems obvious answer to me

          1. rkw – are you suggesting that Walcot, Sanchez, Ramsey can’t score more then Suarez? Do you think Walcot and Sanchez are capable of sacking 20 each?

      2. Lots of teams COULD have bought Balo.
        Cty booted him, Milan have booted him, Maureen booted him, Rogers has bought him to try to prove something, TIME will tell IF his egotistic gamble pays off.
        We ALL know the talent, but, at Cty, and Milan, he was petulant, disturbed the dressing room, lost interest when things went wrong, never tracked and has an ego three times bigger than Lord Bentner.
        It MAY work, but, it was a gamble FEW wanted, and I did not want him at Arsenal.

    2. Sorry mate but before the summer, everybody said and KNEW we need 3 players to strengthen our squad. Maybe more if rotated players ought to be sold.

      So we’ve bought 3 replacements (who all are better than the ones who left, agree on that) and one actual addition – Sanchez. I assume Sanchez will play striker role at one point, otherwise it’s kind of weird with OX and Walcott who are both right footed right wingers, to buy Sanchez (who’s main position is RW but very accustomed to ST too).

      So still, we are 2 players short – 3 with our injury problems. CM/CDM, LW/ST and a CB. Optimal would be a player who can play CB and CDM but anyways, we’ve gone one Alexis Sanchez forward from the “positions needed to fill” -goal.

      1. 2011 Roster – Finished 3rd.
        Starting 11
        “““““““““““Robin van Persie (captain)“““““““““““
        Gervinho““““““““““““““““““““““““Theo Walcott

        “““““Yossi Benayoun / Rosicky “““““““““““Arteta / Ramsey

        1 world class player on that squad during this run. Do you really need me to even bring up the bench squad? It’s painful.

        2014 potential Roster




        Bench players – Cazorla, Ox, Wilshere, Campbell, Podolski, Chambers, Rosicky…it’s not even close.

        The 2014 squad is vastly improved. Vastly….people forget what we’ve come from and where we are headed.

        1. True but it is not a competition between the 2014 and 2011 arsenal teams right?
          The competition is with the other teams and they have “significantly” strengthened, and if we want to be anywhere near them, we need to add similar quality as well as depth (given our injury record). Having said that I agree with you that most Arsenal fans are prone to knee jerk reactions. One day we are a team who will the BPL and CL (after thumping city) and in 2 weeks we are 4th position contenders and need to sign cavani. Let’s get real- Cavani/Falcao will never happen.

          OG will come good- he is rusty yes but still does not deserve to be the first choice. I would say buy Remy- a slight upgrade to OG but much hungrier at the moment and once there is competition for places, Giroud is bound to step up- right now he just sleepwalks into the team ! If Athletico can stand toe to toe with Real madrid and Barca- what is stopping us?

          1. referees
            no but in all fairness I had seen many calls (doubtful ones) that decided the games (RvP sent off for not hearing the beep, and the like)

          2. Only an Arsenal fan could say Liverpool strengthen while still losing Suarez. You likely told people the spurs spent well and strengthened last summer after buying average players and selling their best.

            How have united and city improved vastly? Are there signings better then ours??

            No they aren’t, you’re overrating Pool, City and United signings. Quality not quantity.

        2. We don’t need to be able to beat our 2011 squad we need to be able for the Chelsea 2014 squad!

      2. Campbell IS another new player, though he was, in principle an Arsenal player, he has only just come here.
        Chambers is a massive improvement to the squad, for several reasons. a He can play RB/CB/DM. b He is 19 and so gives us many years, as opposed to TV/Sagna c He looks to be a class player that will get better and better, and, d He is on a much lower wage than those that have left.
        Still believe a couple more WILL arrive, but, no idea who, though £40 million players, I do NOT see it.

    3. Ya. Exactly. Why all these negative shouts!! Its just two matches. Our depth is improved except at cb. We will win next game against everton. This will be a suucsful season

  2. Transfer News Live ‏@DeadlineDayLive 21m
    Arsenal are preparing to offer €40m plus Olivier Giroud for Paris Saint-Germain striker Edinson Cavani. (Source:

  3. Deadly Duo

    Man City: Dzeko and Aguero
    Liverpool: Balotelli and Sturridge
    Man Utd: RVP and Rooney
    Chelsea: Costa and Drogba

    And then you have our strikers.. Giroud and Sanogo

    If nothing changes in tems of new players to come before 1st september, forget about the CL and BPL title.

    1. Our strikers: Sanchez and Giroud. Wenger said he sees Sanchez as a striker and can play without Giroud

      1. Don’t give me that pathetic piece of a excuse. Even if Wenger had the ultimate choice from invading aliens to either drop Giroud in favor for Sanchez or our damn human civilization would be at stake, we all know what he would have chosen.

        1. Because in Wenger’s head, doubting his decisions is the greatest human sin everyone should avoid.

    2. Alexis and Giroud? Plus Drogba is past it, Dzeko misses big chances like Giroud and Balotelli is overrated.

      1. Wht the dislikes? Even Chelsea fans are worried with Brogba as second choice. Dzeko has the same shots to goal ratio as Giroud pretty much plus Balotelli has never scored more than 14 league goals which was in Italy and Giroud managed 16 in the prem.

        1. just leave your stats aside and tell me, is Giroud better than Dzeko?
          You keep saying “same shots ratio”.
          If you did watch our games last year, most of Giroud shots were from close range and well set by our midfielders, and I’m almost certain if Dzeko, Bony, Benteke, Remy or any other decent striker had the same opportunities he would have buried them

          1. Time to pack it in when you start spouting nonsense like “just leave your stats aside” and “and I’m almost certain if………..”. You then try and convince us all that the Arsenal midfield have been setting up chances on a plate all last season for Giroud to miss. Might you be imagining this? Might you be overestimating the ability of our much vaunted midfield? You love stats don’t you – here is some more: Chances created per match last season:

            Arsenal (OG): 10.61
            Swansea (WB): 10.00
            Man City (ED): 14.03
            Aston Villa (CB): 8.66
            Newcastle (LR): 11.05

            Looks as if your heroes must have been missing quite a few as well and our midfield not quite as creative and all conquering as you have conveniently imagined.

        2. dont waste time my friend, for some reason facts and stats are less important.
          Oh and remember, Giroud was to blame for the losses in those 5-1 and 6-0…

    3. Walcott and Sanchez would be our duo.. they are not worse than duos of other clubs you be real, only Dzeko and Aguero are then ones who are better. But when it comes to midlefield and players behind the strikers who can score and provide assists(Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Ox, Campbell, Wilshere, Diaby).. we are way better then all others… plus our defence looks really good and onother Cb will come in, two good goalkeepers fightin dor no 1 spot.. it sounds good after all.

      1. Walcott is better than Dzeko who takes more thn 6 shots a game to score Walcott is better out wide who manages a goal or assist per game like Reus. The only real difference between Walcott and Reus is that Reus is two footed.

        1. Walccott is a good finisher no doubt, but don’t forget that Dzeko has other attributes

          1. Dzeko is a Giroud with limited technique. Dzeko takes 6 shots to score and can’t pass to save his life. Dzeko 6.44 shots per goal and Giroud takes 7 shots per goal plus Dzeko doesn’t provide and other build up play and spends games in the box

          2. So, other attributes than scoring? like Giroud’s you mean 🙂

            haha no sacrsm or feud buddy just jokin, i know u r not a fan, but I think its better to laugh among all us gooners about our different opinions

    4. Build them all up as much as makes you happy buddy but I’m pretty happy with Sanchez, Walcott, Giroud, Podolski and master Yaya.

      “Deadly Duos” my ass. As deadly and brilliant as your heroes are our pathetic liability OG outscored 5 of them last season and is only 1 behind 2 others. Sturridge is still a one season phenomena – lets wait and see. One has failed in the PL already (MB) and has no recent track record, never scored more than 14 league goals and is n’t even a Pool player as we speak. RVP and Aguero are injuries waiting to happen – look good on paper but not much use if you are not playing. Drogba is a pensioner – you seriously worried about him still? Costa has one PL goal – lets wait a while shall we? Dzeko, as much as you want to big him up the numbers are no different from OG’s.

      You think Wenger bought Sanchez to bench Walcott?? LOL. Where do you think Sanchez will play when Walcott returns radioactive? How is Aguero a striker and Sanchez is not? Also Walcott is a wide forward not a winger – anyway whatever label you want to put on him he outscored Dzeko, Aguero, Sturridge, Rooney in his last full season.

      And thanks for the tip about forgetting the Champions League title – any fool knows that is not on the cards this year – if that is your expectation then it explains a lot, you are gonna be whining on an awful lot more this year. The bookies give us a 5/1 chance for the PL as things stand – sounds about right to me. City and Chelsea 2/1-ish.

  4. Club is spending money to bring in quality players, did not lose a single game but everyone is slating the team and players. Be patient every one, Rome is not built in one day. This is the first season we do have money to spend

  5. Echo Edochie should be the next gaffer because he picks a much better team than Wenger, in fact he even conducts each training session and know who is fit and who is not. Everton drew 2 all with Leicester and they are a mess.

    1. I’m with you @arsenalman365.
      We spent over 30M for a wolrd class players. 3 games into the season, 2 wins, 1 draw, 0 loss and 1 title. EPL and CL, all games are a battle not a walk in the park. Result is not the best but very good. We lack the sharpness up front but very solid in the back.

      It seems, the only thing that cause all the negative here lie in one man, Giroud. There are only 2 ways for it to change
      1. We win at Everton and Giroud score and assist
      2. Wenger bring in ANY new striker

      I hope at least one happens, really tired of all the negativity.

      1. Think Giroud will need a hat-trick in every game for a season to appease some – but they’ll still have a problem with his hair gel or complain they were all tap-ins.

  6. I’m finished complaining

    I am just going to hope Wenger sees the light and gets a top CDM, CD and either top striker or top winger and make Sanchez/Walcott striker with Giroud as supersub

    After Window closes, may complain for one day to release the frustration but then support the team completely without criticisng (well until January anyway)

    1. Nothing wrong with complaining, or criticizing, even during the season, it’s just a blog where we express our opinions (like it thump up or just thump down) and release our frustration, there is no harm whatsoever

      1. i don care bout statistics im just listening to the little boy inside me (rvp style) and im covinced that hes a flop 🙁 🙁 🙁

        1. yeah….like then if you dont scare about stats then:
          1. you dont care who won what trophy or who has won more trophies tan whom, or for that matter who hasnt won the league in 10 years
          2. you dont care who scored more goals, and then , in pronciple, helped their teams lift a trophy (trohpy that represents a stat you dont care about)…(Liverpool didnt win the league, Suarez was the top scorer).
          3. you dont care about either of that this season either

      2. and please stop mentionin rvp im heart broken already and its a cloudy day now winter is comin (ned stark style) 🙁 🙁

            1. Haywill you are a nutcase but to be honest everyone continues posting the same things on here and no one gonna listen!!! your posts are cheering me up!! sorry Wenger at the last knockings of transfer window has remembered who he is and F*cked it again!!

  7. guys, i really feel that we will sign a 4th coiche cb at deadline day and that would be all.
    We wont sign strikers, Arsene himself stated this and he sticks to sanogo and giroud in CF and maybe alexis, walcott or even campbell. we wont buy DM because Wenger sticks to arteta, he even made him as captain, and sticks to wilshere too. ye and of course he thinks that diaby will play too… and he sees chambers in dm to.. so that would be 1 more signing for us i think. Is it enough? I mean we really added a wc striker in sanchez, a quality rb and a good backup keeper and a fine talent. But in my opinion we wouldnt win the PL with this squad… and liverpool are singing balotelli too…really frustrating times to me what do oyu guys think?

  8. Debuchy is just a replacement for Sagna, not a true extra player, as Ospina is just a replacement for Flappy. As much as I like Calum Chambers he is a kid. Do we want to ruin him like we have Wilshire? Alexis Sanchez has to play with Giroud…………Arghhhh. Giroud CANNOT lead the line of a League winning side, not possible. So first of all we don’t have such wonderful new signings, just Alexis. But we started the transfer window needing a CB, DM and striker, we are ending the transfer window needing a CB, DM and a striker. I rest my case.

    1. “I rest my case” ha, ha. Reminds me of dimwit George presentlng the defence case for Captain Blackadder in that court martial scene – sitting down quite chuffed with himself after an abysmally inept effort.

  9. Too much negativity, I feel.

    Giroud was bad and we had one bad game. We shouldn’t think about this now.

    We should win the Everton game. Period.

  10. Arsenal fans: we win FA cup, Community Shield, win first game of the season and draw away in turkey and everyones knocking the team.

    Look forward to your support when we’re playing better again or have new signings yeah?

  11. and sometimes 🙁
    when i think bout samir nasri 🙁 🙁
    i wish we had samir nasri and sold jack wilshere instead 🙁 🙁 🙁

  12. and i always try to be positive 🙁
    but its hard knowin that we couldnt even beat besiktas 🙁 🙁

  13. How many more can we sign? I’ve heard one foreign player slot available, I have also heard two does anyone know for certain?

    1. I’ve had a think 17 non-homegrown allowed.

      1.Ospina, 2.Debuchy, 3.Mertesacker, 4.Koscielny, 5.Monreal, 6.Flamini, 7.Coquelin,8. Arteta, 9.Rosicky, 10. Diaby, 11. Cazorla, 12. Ozil, 13. Podolski, 14. Sanchez, 15. Campbell, 16. Giroud

      So we have one slot available for over 21 non-homegrown right?

      1. Diaby he is in a glass case and Wenger throws sugar at him every day. As soon as he was uninjured he should have been sold Arsenal might as well burned the money they pay him.

  14. and i still remember 🙁
    i always remember 🙁
    the turks are good but i also remember from history channel 🙁 🙁
    that the allies beat the turks in wwi so why cant we beat them again in istanbul playin soccer
    🙁 🙁

    1. and that i always believe that shootin on goal is easier than launching rockets but giroud couldnt even do that 🙁 🙁

  15. step 1- start season brilliantly
    step 2- injuries
    step 3-lose key matches
    step 4- wenger out
    step 5- put up great fight and finish in top 4
    and the cycle continues……..
    hope this is not true this time

  16. What really really gets me about all the negativity on here, is that we haven’t got that much to be negative about. We have an exciting squad and various cups to play for this season as always. We have won our first league game, and drawn our tough CL qualifier.

    It’s clubs at the lower end of the league who have really got something to be negative about.

    Honestly, people act like the season is over already, and we haven’t lost a game yet!!!!!

    I recommend people stop sulking, and get behind the team. We play with style and win with style. THAT is worth supporting.

  17. This maybe a gamble but since we’re playing Everton away and Besiktas again shortly after, I think it’s time for a few rotations to freshen things up and give some players who’ve started the last 2 games a rest. Just not fair for players like Rosicky, Chamberlin and Campbell to always start from the bench and get little or no game time when we desperately need a change sometimes. With that said, I really wish we would go for pace against Everton with Campbell-Sanchez-Chamberlin up front. At least give it a shot before the window closes and adjust from there…

  18. I know I will get a lot of thumbs down for this. But we are not finishing in the top 4 without more quality signings. Liverpool has a better squad than we have ( they signed Balo and some great players.) and Man U will definitely make more top class signing.

    Signing a top striker should be our priority. It doesn’t matter how good the midfield is if there is not one to finish the chances they work so hard to create. Don’t get me wrong, I like Giroud, but he is not the answer to our problems.

    Wenger is being naive. Having faith in your players is always a good thing but having blind faith in them is just crazy. Everyone know what needs fixing and we have the resources to fix it.But wenger won’t.

    I bet half of our cu rent first team players wouldn’t make the cut at man city, Liverpool or chelsea. Let’s be honest Flamini, arteta,monreal, giroud, sanogo, santi and wilshere woudn’t start for the other title contenders.

    As of now my top 5 are: Man city, chealsea, Liverpool, united, and arsenal

      1. Can you list the Liverpool players that would start in Arsenals best 11?

        Sanchez, Ozil, Walcot
        Ramsey / Wilshere
        Gibbs, Mert, Kos, Debuchy.

        Outside of Wilshere and Giroud I’m curious to see how Pool players get into this starting 11. PLEASE HUMOR ME.

        1. Dejan lLvren would start ahead of Mertesaker, countinho ahead of wilshere, sturridge ahead of Giroud, santi, sanogo and all our so called striker ( except maybe Sanchez), Sakho ahead of Kos as he did for france, sterling ahead of Podolski and Santi on the left wing and few more

          1. You’re switching Liverpool and Arsenals best players to defend a dumb comment. Liverpool have switched to a 4-2-3-1 formation like Arsenal will likely use with Ozil back.

            So I ask again – Sterling or Sanchez ? Courtinho plays as a 10 so him of Ozil? Does Henderson kick Ramsey off of a starting. 11? Who takes Walcotts place at Liverpool? Dare I say Liverpool have one starting player at striker that would bump a starting Arsenal attacker…Arsenal have Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey and Walcott. Not many teams in Europe are blessed with these attacking options and still having a bench like they do ….

        2. Any of their strikers. I might not be popular for saying it but Both Henderson and Gerard are better than wilshere at this moment so take your pick. There’d be an argument for Sakho or Lovren over Mert also I guess.

          For me that is it and notice how they reflect our transfer needs in the spine of the team. Striker, Center Midfield and Center Back

        3. sturridge up front at least ahead of giroud on current general form
          and coutiniho there somewhere as well not sure who ahead of thought you would have to squeeze him in somewhere, henderson potentially could get wilshere out of c/m on current form and he works hard has improved a lot since he first joined looserpool but apart from that no chance of anyone else

          consider yourself well humored lol


  20. i honestly believe without a shadow of a doubt we would have c/l winners by now if we could have hung on to the players we had and what we have now but the greed and inpatients got the better of a lot of them and we are the quality of those players short of doing anything major in europe in this present time

    van persie (ozil would have loved to have him in front of him 30 goals a season guaranteed)

    that is a formidable attacking side potential invincibles 2 it makes you wonder what could have been in another life time but hay ho we are where we are now and have to move on and win it the long way round COYG


  22. We have a good squad, but Wenger is playing the wrong players. I don’t know why he doesn’t see what everyone else sees!
    Yes we need a DM, a CB and a striker to round off the team, but we have a better team than what he is putting out currently.

  23. Why do we always praise the team when they win and condemn the team when they lost, it is always strange to me, where the Sa4nogo , where are all those hailing him after he scored 4 during Emirates cup. All the comments here will change again if we win at Everton, Same old fans!

  24. we dont need a new striker .. cambell is better than giroud n sanogo.. n so is akpom.. we dont need a target man, wenger is bad in managin target man.. cambell or sanchez should be ahead of giroud…

  25. The truth is very clear, we need a fast/decent CF, Defensive Midfielder, and CB. If we failed to get especially CF and CB this new season, we should be kissing Premiership crown goodbye. Even signing SAMUEL ETO as a free agent is better than any striker(OG, SANOGO) we have presently. I assume AW is trying to convert A. Sanchez as a striker! Am really awaiting how things will unfolds in the next couple of days. In all, In AW we trust!

  26. Everyone needs to RELAX we are absolutely fine! WE HAVE PLAYED 2 GAMES AND HAVE NOT LOST

    @ everyone who doesn’t think we’re title contenders is ridiculous. WE WERE IN FIRST PLACE FOR SO LONG LAST SEASON AND ONLY LOST IT BECAUSE OF INJURIES. We Have the most passion and the best midfield in the epl, so stop doubting our team and get behind them.

    COYG can’t wait to get out revenge on everton

  27. at the end of last season i said to myself that i will never give my humble opinion again.
    but to see our beloved club going from worse to worse, changed my mind.

    i agree that its the same old story. unless you are french you dont have any chance to play as long AV is in the helm.
    campbell is much better then giroud and sinogo together. give the lad a chance mr. stubborn.

    all the players that are with other clubs that played in the world cup final has featured in their teams. our three germans are special? he says that they are not ready. ha ha

    we need them against besiktas or other wise the elimination is on the door.

    i know that some will not agree with this: i think it would had been better if we did not win the fa cup last season, so that Av would have left us in peace.
    come on you gunners come on you reds.

  28. @ Shah
    We are panicking because the transfer window closes in next week. Seeing the last two games with current squad and what the opposition have it will be very tough even to finish in a fourth place. Trying to get the info somehow to AW there are are some steps to be taken. We are not too far away from achieving something, I feel at least two world class players required, especially a striker. The good striker brings in confidence to the whole team. If you watched the Chelsea game, Costa was dominating the opposition half with crisp passes and by creating spaces even if the midfielder were not able. I just wish that we would sign somebody like Reus or Cavani, our 80% of problems solved.

  29. You write like you’re surprised about Wenger being the worst ever manager when it comes to tactics and team selection. Don’t get me started, geeeez, where have you been, under a rock?

  30. I wouldn’t cry over little boy inside of me, he’s burning as it is n I like Wenger for that, even snubbing Fab 4 isn’t as bad as I thot earlier, a player must never walk in and out of Arsenal willy -nilly. Flogging Bendtner wasn’t bad either,,, but…… Giroud?????????????????????????
    In 10minutes AOC did 10 times what Giroud couln’t do in 90…
    Why not throw in that Campbell boy?
    If he’s sh****, then Sanogo and Giroud are X20 more than sh***…
    Giroud is honestly taking this team backwards..
    Come to think of it, we have a striker whom defenders give all the space, coz they know he’s full of sh***, unless in the box.. Thus honestly not Arsenal material. Give Campbell a chance, prove us wrong as fans…Wenger, u breaking my heart…
    If only you could stop being stubborn, u can surely take us to the top…
    Good luck at not-so Goodson Park….

  31. New season, new players – same old, same old Arsenal fans who get their panties in a twist at the first sign of trouble. FFS.

  32. I understand the reasons to worry, but i don’t understand the high levels of negativity. We signed some good players, we need more, yes, but it doesn’t this season will be a disaster. Besides our weaknesses, i think we have some great talent in our teams, players that can make a key difference. We need a prolific striker and strong cdm urgently! I think at least one will come with the confirmation of our champions league standing. We also haven’t lost any of our opening games, we could have played better but we haven’t lost and there is still more room for improvement. . Also comparing our team to liverpool is absolutely ridiculous, a risky player like Ballotelli can either make or ruin your team, our team has had a clear problem with lack of morale over the years, players not turning up, for once its looks like we a playing like a connected team hungry for victory and to restore our pride. Sure we have many weaknesses, but we will strengthen , we have too. COYG

  33. I think we should refrain form hasty judgments until the transfer window is closed – it seems that everyone forgot last summer. I do not think that we will sign anyone until after the return leg of CL. AW said that he wants to qualify for CL, not for money but to compete with the best. I suspect that there is another reason for that as well – his transfer targets delay signing for us until they know we are in the CL. That’s why, if we beat Besiktas on Wednesday we may see some more arrivals – Rabiot, Manolas, who knows… I would not be surprised if AW had another huge surprise up his sleeve – Falcao anyone? But for now he is technically correct – there will be no imminent signings

  34. AW HAS HIS TEAM AND NO ONE WILL CHANGE HIS MIND ON THAT NOW. We have the blues this weekend in more ways then 1. They will do us end of mark my words

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