New stat reveals how Arsenal has regressed from last season

A new stat, as reported by The Sun, has revealed that Arsenal has regressed in this campaign when compared to their start to last season.

The Gunners have just 10 points after seven league games in this campaign. It is a poorer point haul from what they got last season.

After seven matches in the 2020/2021 campaign, they had already collected 12 Premier League points.

That doesn’t look like so much difference, but considering how much Arsenal spent in the last transfer window, they should do a lot better.

The good news is that they have recently returned to form and are unbeaten in their last four league matches.

Their next game is a home match against Crystal Palace on Monday and they will look to get yet another win.

Palace has had an inconsistent start to the season, but the highlight of their campaign so far is their 3-0 win over Tottenham and that result shows what they are capable of if we give them more space than they need.

The game would also see Patrick Vieira return to Arsenal as a manager after his distinguished playing career at the club.

Hopefully, the likes of Thomas Partey can spoil his welcome party in the game.

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  1. Palace are a good passing side Vieira has them playing good football I think we will do well IF we beat them

  2. End of season is when we should be judging against last season ,if we are better than 8th then obviously we have progressed.
    Personally for me and a lot of other fans we have to come to terms with Arteta being here till atleast mid season and probably beyond ,but I have still not changed my opinion of him but that’s the clubs decision to have got right or wrong .
    What I have seen this season I dont like but such is life .

  3. End of the season should be a fair assessment of both Edu and Arteta, Vinai as well.
    1. Over 200 million spent
    2. 12 player changes over the tenure
    3. Nearing 3 years in charge.

    Top 4 was and should be the goal, considering PL has never been this competitive.

    Excuses should no longer fly, for the manager, the management staff, as well as ownership.

    If they lack the ambition, owner should sell and move on. If Arteta can’t reach the goals, then he has to go. If Edu can’t identify and secure talent, then he has to go.

    Otherwise people should learn to accept and live with mediocrity, or face consequences for failing to meet goals and a standard.

  4. To be honest, my evaluation of our current administration has little to do with our position in the standings, come season’s end…of course, the higher, the better, but considering the level of competition, as it stands presently, I find it incredibly unrealistic to expect a top 4 finish…now that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen, it just means it would require several teams to underachieve moving forward…for me personally, it’s all about the “eye test”, which, minus the first-half of the Spurs game and the father/son WestBrom2 affair, we’ve failed thus far…until our current manager grows a pair, when it comes to tactics and team selection, I’m severely tempering my expectations…that said, I would gladly admit that I was wrong in my assessment, if we vastly overachieved, results-wise, and the style of play changed drastically

  5. I like arsenal club to be in top four this season to reach champion we are out of the years with out champion but I think we must try in this season.

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