New Turkish champions set to save Arsenal from Mesut Ozil

Offloading Mesut Ozil has been a problem for Arsenal over the past few transfer windows.

The German signed a new deal in the winter of 2018 after it appeared that club would be losing arguably one of their best players at the time.

He managed to get the club to sign him on to a new mega-money three-year deal.

Since he signed the new contract, he has been in poor form for the Gunners and they have looked to ship him out.

The huge salary that he is on at the Emirates makes it hard for the Gunners to get a buyer for him. However, there is good news on that front.

90Mins claims that newly crowned Turkish League champions, Istanbul Basaksehir, are planning a summer swoop for the German of Turkish heritage.

Ozil has always been proud of his Turkish heritage and he has a good relationship with Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has close ties with the club.

They have just won their first ever league title and they will be competing in the Champions League next season.

90mins also claims that they have had a long-standing interest in the German and they would now look to make their move for him so that they can build on their recent success.

For some Arsenal fans, it will be like Christmas has come early if this turns out to be true.

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  1. Reports are claiming talks failed. Even if we let him go for free and subsidise half his wages for a year, we’d be winning.

  2. Why would Ozil accept the move when he’d likely have to take a paycut and actually play to earn his salary? He’s far better off lounging at Arsenal and collecting a free salary. Even the media stopped asking why he is not making the squad anyway.

  3. I wish him and the new champion well, it’s not as if we are dealing with a deadwood, Ozil is a fine player, it’s unfortunate he is not evolving with the new CAM role this days football require. Obviously he will perform well in turkey but in top 5 European leagues with high intensity, he may struggle except there is change of attitude which i doubt at his age

        1. La Liga is a two teams league. Bundesliga is a one team league so as league 1 and serie A.

  4. Sean M, one would wonder why talks would have failed, unless the amount needed to subsidise Ozil’s wages was excessive or if Ozil has a preference for Fenebache, or if Ozil’s wife is finding life in London too alluring compared to Istanbul or as QD says he has to give up his weekends to play football to earn his money.
    Such a shame to watch a talented footballer destroy his reputation and legacy, rather than plying his trade.

  5. When Ozil and Kalasniac got attacked,Kalasniac faced them like a man while Ozil hid in the car and that sums that guy up.

    1. All this shows is Kolasinac’s lack of intelligence, which he shows on the pitch time and again.

        1. You wouldn’t say that if he was killed. Safety training says always comply with robber’s demands and priotize your safety first.

  6. What i find funny is a big club like arsenal struggling to offload a player or maybe they could have if they ever wanted to…

    1. Unwanted players can be a huge nuisance at any club. Gareth Bale has refused to leave Real Madrid. Even Tevez refused to leave City. Sometimes it’s just bad luck you end up with a big earner who isn’t playing but still refuses to go.

  7. If you break the morale of the player, bad mouth him every chance you get, yeah he is not going to play as good, he is the best player,

    1. Amen brother! Even the club distanced from him when all he was trying to do was to raise awareness for people suffering. That was the only time I was ashamed to be Arsenal fan.

  8. As much as I like Mesut & been a fan of his since his day at Bremen, he has been a major disappointment since signing his new mega deal… just looks like money is more important to him than playing the actual game he gets paid nicely to do.

    When he 1st came I was over the moon, now when hes leaves, il feel the exact same way… not good on his part.

    Sooner he goes the better to get his wages off the books, a sulky selfish player out of the club & get a hungrier replacement who wants to actually play for Arsenal or better who can play under Mikel.

  9. Either Ozil a very greedy man with zero loyalty to a club that has shown him total respect, or he has an agent that is helping to ruin the game wordwide. Which ever or both means that apart from Turkey the rest of the footballing world will forget his talent and only remember the way he has treated Arsenal and the fans. Instead of looking in the mirror every day and saying I cannot believe that I am still being paid £350K per week for doing nothing and refusing to move, he will see a move for free to a turkish club as a victory ! It is a very sick world when someone has this much power over an employer.

  10. Imagine if they sign him, pity the fella will have to play twice every week – UCL and Turkish league! Unless he puts up a kiosk and sells merchandise at the venue, but there is every probability he might injure his back again! Hard days ahead for the man.
    While some blame the club (rightfully so) for his insane wages, none blame him for not putting an effort to justify his earnings.
    18 appearances, 1 goal, 2 assists! Watch the saints come out marching one by one.

    1. I DO blame him and always have, as with all lazy players including Walcott and Mkhi too. Always will. But I also blame GAZIDIS and WENGER for both agreeing to waste £17 mill a yearwages for several years in a row.

      1. 18 million for one goal, Fraud!
        Wenger wasted 8 million on himself for n number of seasons.

  11. Ozil doesn’t worry about his reputation. He only worry about £350k/week. I will always remember him as a lazy guy who want to be paid huge wages for trolling the pitch

  12. I actually enjoy the Ozil debacle. serves the board right. to think that they refused to add just a few millions to sign Luis Suarez and went for a cheaper option, Ozil. they are now reaping the fruits of their arrogance and stinginess. You would think that they have learnt from it but alas, it’s Arsenal way the standard way.

  13. Hope you are reading all these MANY realistic posts from many Gooners, KEN 1945. All these fans know how much of a fraud he is and has been for years. Only you and a few daft diehards won’t see the truth.

  14. At the fox
    Who are all these fans. Sad your amongst the few. Try making a head count. It’s sad the way the club is treating the player but it also make them look stupid.

    1. Why then do you not blame Arteta for not picking him straight after the restart? He hasn’t had a sore back the whole time

  15. Not a single Turkish team can match his wages. Ozil only cares about money so he will stay with us. A Saudi team splashing cash is the only way out of this.

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