Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal – A respectable workmanlike win for the Gunners

Considering that Arsenal was unable to field anywhere near their first team this was an impressive result on a rainy day away at Newcastle.

To some degree, it was a workmanlike performance and that is fine, not every game is going to be free-flowing exciting football with goals in abundance.

Maybe Newcastle shaded the first half but they hardly put any pressure on Leno’s goal and the much-maligned defence did well with the midfielders doing their bit.

There was a lack of energy but it has to be remembered this was the first game of the season, there were some players that could have done better but it would be slightly petty to pick on any individual when playing conditions were not at their optimum.

Satisfactory is probably the best word, to sum up, the first half.

The second half started off a bit like the first half, however, some players did start to step up their game, Willock was impressive throughout and Nelson showed significantly more energy in the second half.

Xhaka definitely improved, though I cannot same the same for Mkhitaryan who really has lost the ability to find an end product.

Aubameyang looked lively and deserved his goal, it was a great pass from Ainsley Maitland-Niles and a clinical finish from the Gabon international.

New signing Dani Ceballos and Nicolas Pepe came on in the 64th and 71st-minute respectively and while they never did anything extraordinary they did at least get a run out which will benefit them immensely in terms of match fitness.

Overall, this was not a great game of football but collecting all three points and keeping a clean sheet away from home with a team that was far from being the strongest side Unai Emery could have put out is absolutely acceptable.


  1. – Aubameyang: World class striker

    – Willock: Can’t handle the pressure in the no 10 position yet. Maybe he needs to play as a no 10 in five more games, to grow in that position

    – Mkhitaryan: Too limited to be an RW, but he worked hard despite all his limitations

    – Nelson: He still sucks as an LW and I heard he didn’t do well on the left side in Germany as well. He is not skillful enough to play on the left, but he is usually good as an RW

    – Xhaka: Nothing special and limited in playmaking as usual, but he tried his best to defend

    – Guendouzi: Highly confident and played with high risk as always

    – Chambers and Sokratis: Didn’t have too much challenge

    – Maitland-Niles: Never doubted his attacking abilities. It’s his defending I’m worried about

    – Monreal: Mr Consistent has proven he is still not too old to defend well

    – Leno: Commanding and assuring GK

    1. Do you watch games mate because all you say are the same things
      Dead leg this dead leg that
      Nelson played well ,complete upgrade on iwobi ,who just to let you know couldn’t use his left leg either ,nelsons 1st game there so I except him to come on good .
      You also said auba should be sold now your calling him world class

      1. True talk dan
        Nelson actually played well, iwobi wont have done anything special either.
        Willock isnt read yet to start ..

        The whole team is a work in progress

        1. Are you still having Iwobi here? Absolute hatred. Please leave him alone.
          We won. That’s okay with me.

      2. Stop having a dig at Iwobi. The lad has gone to where he will enjoy playing in his favoured No 10 role.(week in week out too). By the way, are you the same as XXNOFX? I have Missed his biased n negative opinions

        1. Was I talking to you two ?no I was talking to Gotanidea
          About his obsession with dead leg inverted wingers and his post on another article proclaiming that iwobi was the only winger we had who could use his left foot that’s while o bought up iwobi .

      3. I can’t say Nelson played well, because he never beat Newcastle’s RB and passed backward frequently

        If you said this Nelson is a complete upgrade on Iwobi, you are completely biased. Maybe Nelson would be better in the future, but not in this match

        Aubameyang should be sold if he doesn’t sign the contract extension. I always said he is a world class striker, but he rarely scored the first goal last season. He seems to have improved his game though

        1. Nelson did OK but he hasn’t done anything special so i wonder what warrant some funny people on here who has not kick a ball in their whole life to compare him with the poor boy who never got enough support with the 149 games he has played.

          The boy is no more here so let him breathe and people should stop hyping Nelson because he has not gotten to the level so many of them think he has reached and that will back fire if care is not taken and this same set of people will be the one coming back frustrate the hell out of the boy with their bad mouth.

          Just support the boys in the Red and white jersey and stop criticism fans.

      4. @ Dan .I cant understand you guys sometimes . Nelson was bang average in this . i am sure even he knows it .
        It is his first game and he will only get better. Its one thing to assist , its another to create chances ,its another to pass your opponent and open spaces .Moreal and Kola enjoyed from Iwobi .I do think NElson may prefer playing on the right .
        The attack on Iwobi was he made poor decisions and didn’t score goals. From this match i can tell you NElson may follow suit and if not protected will be criticized by fans.
        Saka and MArtinelli should try out the LW while NElson should try the RW .
        Arsenal fans complain about everything .

      1. Nelson is nowhere near the level of right winger needed st Arsenal o. The real English talents are Sancho and Odoi, we have the wrong one. Soon the fans will see there’s nothing special about his game.

        Today the coach played Willock as the no 10, something he never did with Iwobi who I think is head and shoulders above willock im that position.

          1. No surprise he has popped up-the reason Iwobi was sold was simply because he was surplus to requirements and we somehow mugged off those scousers for £35m for a player who is unlikely to be anything than a bench warmer for them

    2. Nelson is one of the best player today, Mkhitaryan is the wost in the field. willock also did tremendously. The feature is bright

    3. You’re out of your mind.

      Xhaka was compete garbage and is always looking to sabotage a clean sheet. Did you have amnesia about the yellowcard. Put down your pint and watch the match.

      Willock was a bright spot in a monotonous drone of sidepasses. Once again, watch the match.

    4. Hey fellow Gooners if anyone has a Sun Dream Team set up feel free to join my league the pin is

  2. Swear down, I’m so much impressed with Guendouzi, controlled the tempo of the game.
    Going into this match people were saying all sorts of stuffs about Niles, but he handed us the win.
    Ceballos needs to know this ain’t the LA Liga, he needs to be quick and firm on the ground.
    Jury’s out on Nelson, Willock shows he’s ready for the season.
    Mhki, same story, and people were glad we let go of Iwobi just to keep this crap of a player.
    Not the most enjoyable game but three points is all we needed

    1. Guendouzi played with high risk as usual, but it showed his confidence level, physical condition and technical abilities

      Sometimes he made big mistakes, but his guts is commendable

      If this boy can focus in his career and improve his passing ability, I believe he is gonna be a world class DM

    2. Well last season it was Iwobi this season will be Nelson.I am happy we kept a clean sheet,brought back memories of the 1-0 to the Arsenal.I rate 8/10 for all good collective effort 9 for AMN killer pass 10 for Auba.Nothing to complain we won, 3 points that enough, win ugly

    3. Eddie Miki’s passes, I don’t know what to say except am glad we won. Loves Eddie. Thanks for watching my back.

  3. Good first game. A clean sheet away from home is a huge deal. And Chambers was excellent for the whole 90 minutes. He was very composed and handled everything that came towards him very well. Behind Auba he is my MOTM. But Auba came up with the goal, and relieved a lot of pressure in the late stages of the game. Such a fantastic player. Ceballos gave us more control over the game too, good debut for him. Willock, is ready. Simply as that. Guendouzi had a good one. Nelson, not much to talk about. He didn’t make any mistakes, but didn’t do anything impressive. Weaknesses, are the giveaways. Miki, and Xhaka the main culprits. But we’ve done enough to get 3 points and get a positive start. Well done! And hopefully more players fit for the next game.

    1. RSH I agree with most of your opinions on the players. Aubameyang and Chambers were excellent today. I`m actually satisfied with the defence. A decent performance. A clean sheet in our first game was great, remember last season we totally only had one clean sheet. Guendouzi played well and was very hard working. Hopefully our combinations will improve with a lots of fluent passing and movement. A more aggressive attitude and a clear winning mentality should be more visible. Hard work ahead, but a good start. 3 points away and a clean shit.

        1. haha! Excellent typo! And yes, I think a lot of us forget how bad we were last season. Even with the attacks Newcastle had today, last season we would’ve conceded for sure. It was such a struggle last season to get an away clean sheet. So much better today. And once the new boys get acclimated we will look much better in attack than we did today.

  4. I think our new signings are still jittery. Hope they find there feet quickly in this unforgiving league.

    I don’t think Neelson will ever be a football player, kid is just too scared. Willock did ok

  5. I’m no fan of iwobi but there is no way anyone can tell me Nelson and mikhi is better or impacts the game as much as he did. The amount of hate shown to the player was unbelievable. Boring game but glad we win

    1. I see a lot of hype about Nelson, Willock & Chambers. These same morons see nothing good in Iwobi. The bias doesn’t surprise me.

      1. Follow iwobi to everton bro.
        No one brought up his name but you are just looking for attention..

        1. You claim no one brought up his name? Are you not the same lowlife that said “Nelson actually played well, iwobi wont have done anything special either.” up there? You must be a moron for telling me to follow him to Everton. Did you follow Walcott or the Ox

          1. You are obviously a dimwit, iwobi’s name was brought up in the previous post .
            Go and get your eyes checked.

          2. He’s a lowlife because he said Nelson played well ?
            How about it was his 1st proper game for us and he played good nothing special but he was solid .
            People have an odd fascination with iwobi on here ,I take it your Nigerian aswell

      2. I just don’t see Nelson making it at arsenal, he is just not strong enough. Iwobi at least had tricks to go through players, his weakness was in finishing though.

        1. ..Like he said

          Follow iwobi to everton bro. Seasoned supporters won’t ever be found lamenting Iwobi – it’s embarrassing you choose to do so.

          jus sayin

          1. I don’t even rate iwobi and was glad he was sold but my point was Nelson is not the answer. Maybe the Brazilian kid has a chance.

        2. Nelson lacks something. He’s okay in most respects, but on this level to be a first-team winger you either need better dribbling, better shooting, better passing or be faster. I don’t feel he’ll ever be better than Iwobi, maybe similar level.

          I would rather have Martinelli as a LW. The kid is faster, more aggressive going forward, and still has more possibilities of improving.

          Ceballos looked lost, BTW. He made 2 Xhaka-type mistakes in his first 10 minutes. Hope he gains more focus.

          The rest – as expected. Xhaka slightly better than usually, but only because of no defensive lapses.
          Also, glad Monreal has shown once again that he’s still good enough to have around.

        3. So Nelson played 1 game for Arsenal and you judge him as not making it.

          Yet 3 years of Iwobi and some think he has yet to reach potential.

          The bias on that simply amazing.

          So is Pepe a bust too then? Judge him like Nelson, Ceballos a bust too by your standard.


  6. The hatred for Mikhi will not allow anyone mention that he nearly hot an assist with a lovely chip for Auba. BTW, I don’t rate the player but he wasn’t the poorest on the pitch.

      1. They’re gonna come for you. Remember, to them, Nelson is already the player Iwobi will never be.

        1. This dude needs help ..
          If you need attention just say it , stop using iwobi’s name to trend.
          Nelson is an arsenal player , iwobi is not.
          If you want to watch iwobi , go to goodison park

          1. Don’t bother some already judged Nelson a failure after 1 game, yet 3 years of Iwobi was not enough to judge him.

            They are more Iwobi FC than Arsenal FC. When Iwobi is found average at Everton they’ll blame somebody for something rather than admit Iwobi is bang average.

      2. You did Celballos when he came on right ?
        But no you have a go at Nelson because he took your crush’s spot in the team

        1. ozil was certainally missed today . his running non stop and his tracking back and his willingness to tackle was so badly missed. i know we won and all but at the same time the was poor witout mesut directing traffic. the team are headless without him, there is no leader on the pitch when he is missing.let us hope he is not on his way to the americas, what a sad loss for football, and an even bigger loss for us .

          1. gunningforgrandad, it is unfortunate that some on here are unable to understand irony, if not outright sarcasm. At least I hope you were being sarcastic re Mesut Ozil?

  7. Delighted with the win considering the players available….

    This team will get stronger with time. Everybody must fight for the shirt and starting line up.

    We started with an away win…..

  8. This arsenal side is not much of a threat to Newcastle. Hopefully will improve with more games. Good that we got the 3 points

  9. we won we did not convince is a team looking for identity with not football stars just to became an average team will be very hard to become the Arsenal that used to be

  10. 3 points and a clean sheet…. Nicely nicely ?

    Only players to play poorly today were Mhiki and Xhaka….. Should have been Xhaka who gave way for Ceballos instead of Willock imo.

    Willock is great and will only get better as he gets used to the league, maybe not in number 10 role though.

    Nelson got better as game went on but needs to have more confidence…. Hopefully that will come.

    Pepe was kept rather quiet but he was always finding a bit of space and calling for the ball.

    Martinelli once again looked lively for his cameo…. Would love to see him get more game time as honestly think he could turn into something special.

    And whilst the defence wasn’t perfect it certainly looked much calmer back there (amazing what happens when you remove Mustafi from the mix).

    All in all not a bad showing considering we aren’t using the strongest squad yet.

  11. They were a poor team. We put a poor team out there. Mhki played so many poor balls. Xhaka is a nut job. But I think we can see this as a sharpening up game. We need Laca back and we desperately need both Hector and Tierney back. On balance 3 points from a sticky first game and a clean sheet. Got to be relieved and happy.

  12. What an excellent result!! Away from home with a clean sheet!! I never expected a clean sheet ?
    Brilliant from Ainsley to Auba… just knew we’d see that flip ?
    That Saint-Maximin was lively when he came on.. but we dealt with it!
    Thank you Arsenal… very impressed and can’t wait for next week ?

    1. Sue, good to see a sensible view on the game…your first sentence summed it up.

      My man of the match was Guendouzi. He was terrific, he never doubted his own ability and run Newcastle ragged.

      On this showing, Xhaka does not deserve a place in the first eleven. His first touch, passing and losing the ball needlesssly were there for all to see. UE sees otherwise however and he’s the boss!

      Agree with a/martin about mustafi’s exclusion, looks like he is on his way out.

      Well done UE, Brucie couldn’t have had a clue what you were planning with that starting eleven!!!

      1. I have always backed guendouzi more than any midfielder we have he is diamond in the rough, I think a midfield of guendouzi, Dani, terrora and willock is the one for present and future. All good passers of the ball and comfortable on the ball. I know we have a fantastic strike but it’s the midfield that really excites me. If the manager plays then together atleast 3 of them in any combo. Xhaka, ozil n makhi are surplus.

      2. Yes he was good, Ken… really good. I have to say a few eyebrows were raised, when the team news came out!! ? But we did it!

        I’m certainly looking forward to next week and I bet you are too! Have a safe journey down, Ken ?

        1. I am happy with 3 points to begin the Season, especially with the side we fielded. Definitely need another 3 at the Emirates next week so we go into the games with 2 teams who haven’t won the premier league between them ?.

        2. Sue, ken and Mohsan, can the Arsenal do it on a wet, cold day at St James Park?
          Yes they can; 1-0 to the Arsenal.

  13. ..some fans (commenting here) were maybe born with nettles in their underpants. We went to St James’s Park with the purpose to secure an away win and that’s what we got – What’s with the negative outpourings?

    Wins give the entire team belief and with belief comes confidence. We’v not even gone into full throttle yet… we’re far from it. Give them their due …no fan can be disappointed at taking all 3pts away surely?

    1. Well. It’s like this: last year we played badly but got a lot of tight results, so people were saying that how we play doesn’t matter. But sooner or later it shows on results. On the other hand – we were missing Torreira, Ozil, Hector, Holding, Luiz and Pepe not fully ready yet, ditto Ceballos and Laca…

    2. waal2waal, another 37 games with this result and we will be Invincible again.

      Negativity springs eternal with certain sections of our fanbase, so, if you want a laugh, look back at some of the comments made when the team was announced…even before a ball was kicked!!!

      1. @Ken 1945..delightful it would be were we to mirror that invincible season, i’m pleased we’ve gone an d got a convincing away win and i don’t see why others here can’t see the merit in our performance. I have seen the earlier comments – laughable indeed.

        1. Ken, you are spot on regarding the negativity of some on this site. Imagine if they had experienced some of the seasons, you, Phil, jon fox, Kenny Rolfe, I and others have seen over the years?
          A 1-0 win over Newcastle United at a cold and wet St James Park with Steve Bruce setting up in a 3-5-2 formation and the strength of the bench should be cause for optimism.

  14. 1 Nil To The Arsenal…
    3 points in the bag, a win away from home and a clean sheet i would of taken that before the game for sure. Not our best performance but we ground out a win today and its games like that which we would have probably dropped points in the recent past. Im a happy man today and exciting for next week

    1. So you are “exciting” it seems! Surely that depends on others personal taste about you. Were you EXCITED I could understand but not “exciting”! Relax though, I am only teasing you about your humourous error!

  15. Leno – 7
    AMN – 7
    Cham – 7
    Sok – 7
    Mon – 7
    Xhaka – 6
    Guendz – 7
    Miki – 4
    Will – 6
    Nel – 5
    Auba – 8

    Subs: Ceb – 6, Pepe – 6, Mart – 5

    It may not have been spectacular, but a very solid performance. Defensively sound. I keep getting told Chambers is rubbish, and not a CB, okay then! It was only Newcastle, but he, and Sokratis were solid. Great 1st half from Willock, but he dipped after the break. Nelson was very disappointing. Refused to cross at times, and didn’t seem to want to take the opposition on. Guendouzi was very solid. Great win considering how many youngsters played.

    Best player – Auba. Didn’t get a lot of service, but proved how clinical he is, scoring the only real chance he had. Great movement as well.

    Worst player – Miki. Dreadful! Overhit so many fairly simple passes, knocked off the ball easily, and blasted a very good chance miles over the crossbar. Thankfully we still have time to sell him.

    Emery – A little risky with the starting lineup, but understandable given the circumstances. Made the right subs, and tactics were very good.

  16. I’m not the biggest fan of Granit Xhaka, but what we’re you expecting from your DM? Guendouzi had to pass risky because he was playing CM and it was his role to progress the ball. DM is just meant to recycle.

    For one to say Ceballos played well but Xhaka played badly is purely biased considering Ceballos had all his first 5 touches as unforced turnovers and as AM he did nothing in the way of creation.

    Great game chambers, did well playing as the sweeper.

    Nelson and Miki seem to have been instructed to go narrow. There was a noted reluctance from them to go wide even when the space was there.

    Miki though, too many balls lost and poor defensive tracking incidents for a player of his experience.Great vision though a couple of times, I guess he can be an option at AM.

    That being that, it was an away game. I’m happy with the points

  17. Chambers never put a foot wrong.AMN Willock and Nelson all did well.A good result in conditions which make it difficult to play attractive football.

  18. It’s an okay overall performance by Arsenal as they beat Newcastle this afternoon and came away will all points in the match collected. Bravo! This’s what the Gooners want to see or hear. In our next match at home against Burnley, I believe Emery will sort out one or two lapses that was glaringly in the Gunners game against the Magipies today. Which if correctly sorted out, Arsenal might whitewash Burnley with heavy defeat in the PL next week.

    1. I would love that, but I need something from Wan-Bassika as he’s in my fantasy football team.

  19. A win away is ALL I wanted
    3 points and a clean sheet is actually MORE than I hoped for in an AWAY match

    Can players improve: Of course
    Can Emery improve his selections: of course
    Am I currently wearing no underwear and naked on my bed: of course (just seeing if anybody read this)
    Was this the best lineup: in my opinion NO
    But we still won with a clean sheet

    I could care less (with all due respect) if people don’t think they were convincing. Sometimes a champion needs to grind out a win when they aren’t convincing. Liverpool and City will have unconvincing matches

    The PL is about points and the Top teams will win “unconvincingly” or even lose to lower teams.

    This team was very green with two teenagers and we still won

    My advice (again with respect) is to save your anger for a match that deserves anger.
    Nothing wrong with Criticism
    I think you wouldn’t be a real fan if you didn’t criticise
    During the match I criticised Emery for not playing Torreira and was critical of Xhaka. But now that we won I’m feeling happy and positive
    My advice is at least try to get to grips with the bigger picture
    It really isn’t the end of the world

    1. Totally agree and we should be very happy. We did the 2 things, we haven’t done for “ages”; keeping a clean sheet and winning away.

      1. Surely Emery and his staff are in the best position to assess which players are fit to play?
        Imagine the reactions on this site if players end up injured in the first match.

  20. Have we officially become the mid table team? I mean, lpool mancity and totts demolished their opponents, and we say this was a fair game? Usual shit as ever in previous few years. No leadership no nothing. I’d like to be optimistic, but it looks like if there wasn’t almost 2 months break, it looks like we continued from where we stopped last time. Hate to say, but if those reinforcements don’t integrate asap, God help us and let’s gear up for a long season

    1. Bugger off then Vlajko if you don’t like us celebrating an away win. We had an under strength team so stop moaning and save your criticism for when it’s really needed.

          1. Goonster…buggered if I know!!!

            Perhaps the one with one leg, who plays as a inverted No. 9 winger?

            Are we the ONLY fanbase that moans after winning away from home , without conceding and with seven players injured?

            Watch m.o.t.d. tear us apart tonight!!!

      1. Sue and ken, people should check the EPL points table and see that all winning teams are on 3 points regardless of the score.
        I believe a lot of teams will come to Newcastle and wish they got the same result as Arsenal.
        Vlajko needs to realise that it is difficult to play exhilarating football in the wet and cold when the opposition sets up 3-5-2.

  21. But it’s very obvious the new signings don’t gel yet. There were some runs and movement that is synonymous with arsenal that we failed to see today after they came in. But I think with time though. Very nice win with a clean sheet.
    I also liked how Pepe was eager to run and score. I was really hoping he got the ball those times.

  22. How about celebrating a difficult win away. We had one away clean sheet in the whole of last season and have started this season with a clean sheet and an away win.
    Do we need to keep dissing players who are no longer here? Leave Iwobi alone for eff sake and as for people still slating Walcott and the Ox, well just get a life eh!

  23. Satisfying result. We didn’t look all over the place with end to end football and plenty of scares, so that for me was a big plus. Kept it simple and tried to move the ball on quickly, first game of season and away from home things could’ve gone a lot worse. CC and Sok looked comfortable, on the whole we looked comfortable with everyone pitching in defensively, I was worried that a bad defensive display could set the tone for the season so I was glad to see things looking unexciting, that for me was the big plus. Auba, I loved that he went to Lacazette to celebrate his goal, you gotta love how those two are with one another, and I hope to see them include Pepe in future. In our very first game we started with some of our young guns, this is what fans wanted for them to be included, you don’t get more included than starting the first game, glad it went well, result. Well done lads, job done.

  24. The MOTM award is a bit bizarre, almost looks like a bottle of shampoo… although I guess it’s very fitting for our team ?

    1. If Guendouzi and Luiz both grow mustaches the could become Scousers !………………calm down calm down !

  25. We really do have some negative people posting comments on here which are totally out of proportion. It will be good when these “Fans” can move on from players past comments and comparisons along with the wenger bashing. A win is a win, wasn’t the greatest of matches and it’s obvious to all we still look likely to concede a fair few this year and I wish Leno wasn’t so keen on punching rather than catching. I’m really hoping chambers gets more game time, always rated him, and Mikhi gets a lot less. I think we have a lot to be hopeful for going into the next few games and I’m excited to see where we really are in terms of our competition given the games coming up.

  26. Congratulations for the win! I am really impressed with Chambers. I see him as a regular starter.

  27. Can I safely say that most of us would have taken any win when the team sheet was revealed ?

    We would have won easily if we had started RVP and Alexis !………..what the f##k am I saying !!!…….they dont play for us anymore…………neither does Iwobi !

    We won away from home whilst carrying Miki and Xhaka, so thank f##k Mustafi wasn`t playing aswell !…………..Always thought that Chambers was going to start ahead of Mustafi, but then again I would have started my Mother-in-Law ahead of Mustafi and she`s currently occupying the internal space of an ashes urn on the fireplace mantel !

  28. Credit where due, Emery secured the 3 points, even with a weakened line up. Good job to the boys for the win!

    ON: The MU – CHE game is far more exciting. I hate to admit it but Wan Bissaka looks worth the money. Chelsea’s youngsters as well look good. Abraham will be a lethal striker. Zouma is just rubbish.

      1. Luiz and Cahill were sold because of lampard’s insecurities as a young manager I guess he didn’t want to be undermined that’s what I think anyway.

  29. We won and some fans here are arguing about who is better between iwobi (by the way he left the club) and Nelson…I know everyone is entitle to give their opinions but my problem is you guys spray a negative vibes on the ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB…JEEEESUS

  30. I am laughing just right now,only few days ago I said to wait for the game no matter the result to see some fans slamming the team,coach, individuals….some people need to get a grip,this was the first game,for some reasons we couldn’t put our strongest line up, you just need to look at our bench and the players who couldn’t play,the least you could do is to give them some time and you will be able then to judge them fairly,there are so many factors to take into account I’m not going to list them they are the same as usual new players coming to a new team and league,injured players,you have to slowly introduce them….we won just get over it and move on,where all that positivity from a week ago gone??

  31. Willock may not have created much. But I think he showed a lot of steel and hard work centrally and he played a big part in us not being outmuscled in midfield as we have been before.
    So give the guy some credit, and I look forward to seeing him grow even more.

  32. A good performance, under a very difficult condition,with a fully fit squad we will do better, coyg

  33. Thoughts on the game generally. I was surprised how poor Newcastle were and predict a struggle to stay up if they play like this regularly. We were clearly the far better side but with little penetration. Only really poor players were the ones I never can stand, Mkhi and Xhaka. I missed Mustafi so much that I feel like opening a champagne bottle to celebrate his absence. Guendouzi was clear MotM for me and I saw no one to seriously challenge him for that award. Willock unlucky to be subbed and he naturally looked choked. So he should, while Xhaka and Mkhi the coaster stayed on. I even prefer OZIL TO THIS IDLE LAYABOUT! Defence looked more solid- not sure whether this was PURELY down to Mustafi’s welcome absence or to Chambers, who looked much better than Sokratis. Once our new imports are fit and once we get the vitally important LACA back, things are looking better than I thought they would as yet. COYG!!

  34. United 3:0 chelsea
    I told people not to write off united so soon they didn’t get many players but for a long time I can say they they made the right signings it’s not always about the name or number of players but about the players that suits team.. they may not have best midfield or attack or manager but watch them out

    1. Waaaah United were just lucky… There’s nothing special about them: they were dominated all over the pitch only to score stupid goals..

      Amy team with better strikers and defenders would have punished them.

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