Newcastle and England star recalls his early days playing alongside Bukayo Saka

Newcastle’s Antony Gordon in full praise over Saka

England are currently away for their first international break of 2024. Southgate is looking to see how he should pick for this year’s Euro’s and with plenty of English talent on offer, it should be interesting to see who he ends up picking. Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka left early this week before England’s clash against Brazil sighting that he had a “long term” muscle injury he has been dealing with and it was best if he went back to North London as England are just playing internation friendlies at the moment.

Antony Gordon who got called up to the England senior squad for the first time last week, but like Saka he has played for England at every level from the U18’s upwards, and has spoken to Hayters TV about Saka and his journey into the England side saying this: “I played with Bukayo when I was very young, maybe 17 or 18.”

“I can’t really remember when but I think Bukayo might be the only other one from those teams in this team currently.”

“We actually spoke about it the other day, just how far we’ve come, and it’s a great achievement for both of us.”

“He’s gone on to do amazing things and I’m just coming into the squad now so it’s been really good to see that journey.”

Showing clear admiration over Saka’s journey and how hard it was for him to get there. Saka is still only 22-years-old, and if you grow up playing or wanting to play professional football, it’s young players like himself that can give kids and his peers the motivation to do so. He’s shown that with hard work and time, you will get there as long as you put the work in.

For someone who supports both Arsenal and England, it’s incredible to see how far Saka has come in such a short time, and with both Arteta and Southgate clearly trusting the young winger it clearly goes a long was and he’s been oozing with confidence lately, and rightly so.

Him leaving camp early has been described as a precautionary thing and this does happen a lot in friendly games for player’s countries, especially when in the Premier League we have some massive matches coming up, specifically the match at The Etihad against Manchester City next week, but from what I’m hearing it sounds like it’s just a precaution and we should expect him back and ready for the big match against City.

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    1. An interesting concept is a player described as our “most valuable on paper”.

      I always wonder what does “on paper” actually mean?

      Surely, the only thing that OUGHT to count is HOW GOOD IS ANY PLAYER WHEN ON THE PITCH AND HOW RELIABLY FIT IS HE.
      It could well be argued that SAKA is also the best player in that far more realistic assessment of what actually COUNTS!

      1. I wonder what Gunsmoke meant by the most valuable player.If it’s monetary value,then it’s Saka- Tranfermarket value him at 130m euros which is the most of any Arsenal player. If it meant ‘mvp’ as used in American sports to mean the most impactful player in a team then Saka is in that conversation with the likes of Rice,Odegaard and Gabriel. Or perharps he meant most important player which also makes sense.

        1. A lot of debate over the most important player to the team. At this point it’s probably Rice, just.

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