Newcastle appear to have moved on from interest in Kieran Tierney

Could the luck of a serious bidder for Kieran Tierney see him staying at the Emirates? That question may pop up in a Gooner’s mind after hearing the claim by the Daily Mail that Newcastle has moved on from their interest in him, with Chelsea’s Marc Cucurella now their top left-back target.

Whenever there was a conversation about the Arsenal No. 3 leaving this summer due to limited game time, Newcastle was always mentioned as his next stop.

I bet the club hoped to boost their transfer kitty with the £30 million sale of the Scottish international, but it now seems uncertain.

Newcastle wants Cucurella, whom Chelsea is willing to offload the Italian just a season after he joined from Brighton.

Aston Villa was also keen on the Scottish international. Unai Emery was thought to be seeking a reunion with a player he bought from Celtic while calling the shots at the Emirates. Anyway, the Villa links have grown cold.

Tierney’s agents, if they are sure their client wants to leave Arsenal, have a big task in getting him a team.

But even so, Tierney can accept he is Zinchenko’s deputy, save Arteta the trouble of searching for his replacement, try to change his game to offer what Arteta’s style wants from him, and who knows, he could still end up cementing himself as an Arsenal legend after showing excellent promise when he first arrived.

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  1. Still Zinchenko is only good going forward, he is the weakest link defensively. He is definitely not a left back, I don’t care how many times he cries after his costly mistakes. Tierney is 10x better defender than Zinchenko

  2. It would be good to see Tierney stay, if we could add Cancelo to the mix, would be lovely, so we can have a back 3 of


    With su s for a formation change in the 2nd half, Odegaard, Tavares, Nelson, Havertz, Jorginho,
    I would prefer a 3-2-4-1 formation though to accommodate Havertz in AM.

    Wishful thinking 🤔, 🤣🤣

  3. Stories about who is leaving, staying or arriving abound. There have been a fair few articles about Tierney’s departure but I’m yet to hear anything close to being conclusive that he is going.

    1. @SueP
      Long may that continue till the end of the transfer window as I do not rate OZ in that position. Good thing about OZ is that he can easily slide into GX position.

      1. IGL
        I went from being sceptical about how last season would pan out almost before it began and yet we nearly cracked the league. Arteta is not a fool and will have seen what has and hadn’t worked. I fully expect him to have found answers to key problems 🙂 There has been so little that is really in the public domain apart from our out and out interest in Rice. I was surprised when Partey popped up and I may well be surprised by the comings and goings this close season. I hope that Tierney stays.

    2. What I heard is that Arteta is not letting Tierney leave. He’s very much part of the team going to the new season. I celebrated LOL.

  4. Tierney leaving is hard to call, it’s as clear as day the gaffer doesn’t like his style.

    However I do think the last campaign has taught the gaffer an awful lot more than any other campaign, and a part from that steely determination the gaffer is as stubborn as a mule.
    So its going to be interesting what happens to the Scotts.

    In my opinion it is better to make a mistake keeping him than selling, though one could argue, look what happen to Maitland Niles.

  5. “However I do think the last campaign has taught the gaffer an awful lot more than any other campaign,”
    I’m hoping for it to be true,sadly when it comes to KT the last few games showed that he fell down the picking order.i mean MA played TP as a LB,if this wasn’t a message to KT then I don’t know what is.anyway why would you keep a player who will barely play?do you want a repeat of the AMN saga?lastly,KT has been a model professional and is too good to sit on the bench.he would also command a pretty good fee,lastly, Brendan Rodgers is about to be announced as Celtic new manager on a long term contract.a reunion may suit all parties!!

    1. @ Siamois
      There is no doubt the gaffer has reap tremendous success with his inverted left back system.
      And just to add to that the only two teams that did not use the conventional system finished first and second comfortably.

      So the gaffer has overwhelming ammunition to support his claim, having said that, if you happen to have one of two of the best player in the land somthing must can be done.
      What happens in games we already won and just need to see it through?

      1. Man City never use our inverted style.
        They play with 3 at the back and you will never see Ake or Akanji bumping forward or shifting to midfeld, that is what Stone was there for.

        That is the different between us.

        Jurgen Klopp was found out by using TAA as a RB and an inverted RB but at the end of the season, you see him using TAA as a midfielder.
        That is to show you that all this inverted stuff without been defensive is nonsense.
        Team get founded out and if we still depend on Zinc next season, then we will be lucky to escape. Pep has a reason for not using Zinc much (his highest appearance is 20 with much subs) which says much about his defensive quality and not his offensive quality. If we are going to use an inverted LB this coming season, then we have to get a proper defensive LB or get a proper defensive RB and let Tierney play his game.

        People criticize Tierney cos we never make Top 2 when he plays. change only Tierney in that team and put Zinc and see if we will make Top 10.

        Prime Ronaldo and Messi won’t do anything in that Tierney’s team but they will win everything with this current team.

        You think Zinc won’t be expose with formal Xhaka form? Zinc was lucky Xhaka and Partey and the Saliba came to form. This 3 are our Defensive fighters including Gabriel but Tierney wasn’t afforded that luxury cos Xhaka and Partey are not in form or even available to play and no Saliba.

  6. I treat almost all “reports” as unreliable and probably untrue,that is untileither confirmed or becoming so constant and widely reported that they become likely, I habve thought that NEWCASTLE WERE inded serious about chasing Tierney. But IF, I say IF, they are indeed, stupid enough to switch interest to Cucurella, then more fool them and lucky old us, I say.

    I never understood how we could possibly afford to lose Tierney and still dont.

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